Guidebook to God #06 – The armor of piety

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taqwa, piety of heart, piety of purpose and action, taqwa is defined as taking the means doing the things that will protect you from the punishment and anger of Allah. It's with Kaya it is a shield your steady nulab dooby homina now, it is a shield and an armor that you put on in your life that protects you from the punishment of Allah. When he basswood taqwa higher the armor and the clothing of piety that is where you will find your goodness. I want to talk to you a little bit about cod consciousness awareness of Allah taqwa is one of those things that is easy to say but difficult to do. It is one of the eternal commands of Allah. Yeah, you have levina M and takala. Be mindful of a

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law be conscious of a law be aware of a law, be fearing of a law, be loving of a law be hoping and Allah's mercy, the great mom's at the moment melkonian For example, He describes tequila as being having equal measure of hope, what Raja will have, it is having equal measure of three important aspects of your life, love of God, fear of God, but hoping the mercy of Allah in this life in the next telephone, Habib he gives another explanation. Some of the roadmap say that this is the most precise definition of taqwa, he says, and tamela Vitara Attila Allah nudelman Allah, total juu so Allah, it is that you do your best to obey God, using the light that was sent down to us by him

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through the prophets or I sell them in the messengers of God of the past, hoping that it will be accepted and you will be rewarded for your deeds, where he and tetsuro camassia to Allah, it equally means that you abandon turn away from and stop committing sins, and no demean Allah because you are enlightened by the path of God. Total jeu de Sha acaba ly fearful of the punishment of a lot, another important definition is provided to us by ergonomical Katara the Allahu anhu and in the authentic hadith we know that the Prophet said to Omar at taqwa hoonah, Mr. taqwa is in here and the Prophet struck him in the chest, he touched his chest and he said, tuck what begins in the heart.

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It's between you and God. It's a privacy that you have with a law to privacy that you have in your dealings in your thoughts and your behaviors, in your assumptions in your good, good, your good intentions and hope that you have for Allah. It's the love you have in the heart. It's the fee or that anguishes you, but it's also the hope and the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And another explanation given in the Sahaba. The prophets I seldom is asked to describe taqwa. And ergo mahatama. The Allahu anhu conveys this when he's asked by Abu hurayrah what is taqwa? And how does it show and manifest itself? He says at Tanaka. That's all you can show. We can feel a young, he

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asked, Have you ever walked down a path that was full of things that could injure your feet? Back then, you know, it was easier to walk barefoot in certain places. Have you ever walked in a place where there were thorns or things that would cut up your feet and you know, jagged rock? And they said, Yes, yes, we we, you know, we we've all experienced that you're standing in your kitchen. You dropped the glass in the darkness of the night, in the middle of the night, you went to get a drink, and there's glass everywhere and you don't have your slippers, motherless on that, what did you do when you were in a place of danger such as this? He said, a tutorial I looked down at where I was

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going to put my feet. I stepped gingerly every step I took was measured every ounce of my energy, my hearing my sight. I tried to observe everything around me. And if I needed help, I asked for someone bring me some slippers. Bring a broom, I asked to protect myself. So the prophets I send them demonstrated this germa he hit him in the chest and he said that taqwa that is consciousness of God. That is mindfulness of a law, that you live each and every day in your life. taking small steps, being careful where you put your footsteps, being careful how you live your life, you don't big make big moves without studying it, thinking about it, calculating it. You don't invest until you're sure

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it's halaal. You don't pull out and wonder, Is this right or wrong? You don't speak about others without being sure what you're saying is correct. You don't give opportunity to other people to slander or gossip or hold words of contempt to others to you at the expense of other people. You're a person of substance of taqwa of consciousness and mindfulness of a law. What are the things that awaken taqwa in my life in your life? Well first and most

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important is to know that there's a punishment in this life and in the next life for those who take Liberty with a loss of paranoia to Allah, those who take Liberty with other people to fear the genuineness of the difficulties that we can bring ourselves in. If we live a godless life, a life that is lacking of taqwa lacking of consciousness of Allah, number two, to have hope, in the next life as much as we seek hope for this life, to look towards the next day, and to know that whatever we miss out in this life will never be missed out entirely. And that whatever we missed in this life was never meant to be for us to know that there is a greater purpose and design for our existence,

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to have hope and reward in the next life, even if we are not as complete in pleasure in this life, to fee or the Day of Judgment, to fear nor a duelist to Allah Jo Abba, to have an answer to the question that will be put for us on the Day of Judgment. Why did you do this and that authentic hadith of the prophets is lm says that Allah will ask and he will say yeah Abdi identificado mcheza worker, oh servant of mine, most slave of mine. Do you remember it's such an such a day and nikka family together work together that you did this and this in this for your federal Abdou, you will say yes, Oh Allah I do remember. And may Allah make us of those who the prophets I seldom said that

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there will be some believers who Allah will say to them consultado to Holly Kofi dunia William Alfredo hurlock, on the day of law in your life. On those days I hid it from other people judging you and seeing you and holding you in contempt. And today I forgive it for you on account of the genuineness of your heart, the things that increase our talk with a law, our being shy of a lot.

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Having a sense of higher having a sense of shyness and modesty between us and Allah knowing that a loss of Hannah Tyler rocky wouldn't be a bad he is aware and a witness over us that Allah subhana wa tada Lisa is awful. He is not unaware he has not turned away he hasn't ignored us. My azubu I'm on whom is Carla Vera, not even the the mustard seed or half of an atom's wait is beyond his his. His understanding of us is seeing of us is not only jobos suparna who went to either some of the degrees of taqwa and as you understand that taqwa is of different levels. All of us we begin on the taqwa of Islam is the taqwa of Islam, where we protect ourselves from Allah by being people c'est la ilaha

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illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. The second level of taqwa is allama Masada. The second level, you go up from just belief into the practice of Islam, you begin to do your prayers, you begin to do that which is right, that next degree of taqwa is you begin to live a good life. The next degree is not just I do the good things, but now I abstain. And I work hard to turn away from the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the extendible, my alma mater, and I turn away from the mandala mat, the next degree, it's not just that I believe in a law, and I practice what's right, and I turn away from what's wrong. But now I begin to do what is recommended. Number four, I begin to do this sooner

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than I begin to do them, I begin to do the things that are recommended. The degree above that is now I begin to stay away not just from the heart on, but I seek to stay away from the things that are most cruel things that are doubtful things that can erode me and bring me closer to the heart of them, even though I'm not yet in it. And then a degree above that is now I begin to invite others to come and join me in the good and I invite others to stay away from the evil. And finally of the things that increase our level of taqwa is that I put myself in a place where I even question the permissible times in my life, where it's not about halal or haram. It's not about sooner or later.

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It's not about Mr. habit or mcru. It's something that it's entirely permissible, I begin to think, can I change this to making it desirable, or to making it something pleasurable, that a person of tough love when they begin to eat their food, and they say, Bismillah and they ingest it, they say, Alhamdulillah, for Allah giving me this food, it will give me strength to pray in the night prayers. So now that very permissible act of just simply eating or having a cup of coffee, that it becomes a means of the worship of Allah. So that is a level of taqwa that we all see. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us insight into our inner workings of life, to lead us towards a path of righteousness

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and to make us from those who are determined in our affairs. Well, suddenly Allahumma salli wa barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Vina whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother you have Rahim was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh