Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 131B Tafsir Ibrahim 35-37

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Now inshallah we're going to learn about Ibrahim are they Sinha and Ibrahim? One is the one thing that we learned about him is that he was a very grateful servant of Allah subhanaw taala share Kieran Lee and early in the Quran we learned about Ibrahim renessa them that he was a very grateful servant to Allah for the blessings that Allah had given him. So let's look at these verses and see what we can learn from them. Lesson number 131. So that Ibrahim is number 35 to 52.

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What if Allah Ibrahim? And recall when Ibrahim said when Ibraheem Alehissalaam said little baby oh my lord Ager, I'll make * ballad, this city, Armenian secure, safe What do you know money and protect me, save me keep me away, while Baniya and my sons meaning my children, my offspring, my descendants keep us all away and not whoodle or SNAM that we worship the idols meaning keep us away from the worship of the idols. In this iron the following I add some of the doors of Ibrahim Ernie salon are mentioned. Ibrahim is Sam, the Prophet of Allah, he was one of the Russell one of the Gambia and in this surah which is Surah Ibrahim, which is named after Ibrahim Relief Center. In this

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sutra, we learned about the prophets in general, that how Allah subhanaw taala sent various prophets to various people. Why for the purpose of guidance, and generally what was the reaction of the people. And on the other hand, we also learned about the persistence of the prophets, their Tawakkol their reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala and how they did not give up conveying the message despite the opposition that they faced. And it shows to us the determination of the prophets, how sincere and well wishing they were for their people. This is why they suffered so much hardship, and yet they did not want anything bad for their people. And the perfect example of this is Ibrahim on his

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after new Hyundai salaam, until the time of Ibrahim alayhis, salam,

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almost all people, all communities, all civilizations, they practiced some form of shit. Remember that, at the time of no holy Salam, there was the great flood. And after that which people existed, the people who were upon though hate upon the religion of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. But soon after that, what happened Champon misguided people again to shake began again. And Schick is the first thing that Shavon calls mankind to why, because she is such a deed because of which a person's good deeds are wasted. It's the key to misguidance if a person does check, then he is misguided. And Shavonne He belittles the crime of shit, the sin of Sheikh of associating partners

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with Allah subhanaw taala. And this is how shaitan has led many, many people astray. So after know how they Salam, what happened, should spread everywhere. And by the time that Ibrahim alayhis salam came, ship was prevalent in all societies, in all communities, it had spread everywhere, and it had become deeply rooted in the very culture, in the very traditions of the people ship was the only religion that people knew. It was the only religion that people knew. And each people each community followed, you know, their ancestors blindly.

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And the only proof they had for sure was that we found our forefathers, our parents, our ancestors upon this way, and this is why we do it. And this is a very big problem, that when you do something because of a person, and not because of what they're saying, then it's very difficult to move away from it. It's very difficult to leave it. So people practice schicke not because it made sense. They practice schicke because their parents were upon schicke their traditions, their culture were based on ship and this is the de Lille, the evidence that they took for themselves. So Allah subhanaw taala had Ibrahim Ernestina established the center of the heat, a place where only though heat was

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practiced, meaning people worship Allah alone. There is no sign of idolatry. There is no trace of associating partners with Allah subhanaw taala. It's a center of hidayah it's a center of guidance. People come from far and wide. Why? Only for the worship of Allah soprano data. That's it.

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And when people come there, they realize this great truth. They take it back to their communities. And this is how their hate would spread under hate would be prevalent. And this center was what it was the city of Makkah. So Ibrahima Sinha was instructed to take his son is mareel. And ohm is Marine. What was her name? Had her, take them to Makkah and leave them there. Why? So that a new community would come into existence and these people would be those who are upon the hate. So when Ibrahim Ellis and I'm first brought his son and Hajj to Mecca, this is the dua that he made. These are some of the doors that he made. Soon after that, when Ibrahim alayhis salam visited again MCCA

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is married or listener had grown up, he was a young boy, Ibrahim Renison, um built the carbo with him. So when Ibrahim alayhis salam first brought Ismar eel and hydro This is a door that he made what is called a Ibrahim. And remember recall when Ibrahim on his sunnah he said a lot Bidra Oh my lord make Harold Bennett, this city which city, the city of Mecca am in a safe, secure, meaning a place where people are safe. Whether those people are the inhabitants of the city or they are visitors in that city. No matter who they are. When they come here, they find security, they find safety, they find refuge they find peace. And this is the reason why the city of Mecca. What is it?

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It is more Harlem. It is sacred, meaning the blood the property of every individual is safe over there except for the one who commits a crime in the city of Makkah. He's not safe there. But otherwise, every person even if he's a criminal outside of Macau, meaning he committed a crime outside Makkah. When he comes to Makkah, he is safe. He is safe. Because this is a city which is mean. So Ibrahima, listen I made dua, that this place be safe. And he made all that Oh Allah, what do you know bunny? And keep me away? Or do you nobody is from Jeem known but Jump Jump means side, the side of a person. So the side of a person, you know, for example, you are trying to avoid

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something? Do you face it? Or do you turn your side to it? What do you do? You turn your side to it? Why? Because you're avoiding it. And when you're not avoiding something, then you face it. So he said that oh Allah keep me away, and keep my children away from what a novel or SNAM from the worship of idols or SNAM Flora luff son of idols, because idols what are the partners that are associated with Allah subhanaw taala. So he left everything Ibrahim Atlas, and I'm left his people left his father left everything, why, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. He brought his son and Hydra in Makkah and left them there. Why, so that the hate would be established. He didn't want

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anything to do with idols, because the idols, you know, partners that are associated with Allah subhanaw taala that is what he had been avoiding all his life. That is what he had been striving to keep away from all his life. So he wanted to make sure that he was saved from these idols from the worship of the idols, him and his children. Now the city of Makkah, much after Ibrahim alayhis salam, who was it inhabited by

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who used to live there much, much after him, the Quraysh right, And to them, who was sent Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent. So indirectly, the people of Makkah at the time of the Prophet salatu salam, they're being told that this city was founded on the head. This city came into existence. Why, so that the head would be established. Ibrahim Arneson, the founder of the city, you could say he wanted to make sure that there were no idols over here only Allah is worshipped over here, and you are mercans have filled the city with idols. You have filled the house of Allah with idols. This is what you have brought over here. Sheikh Ibrahim, listen I'm sad rugby Oh my lord in

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the Hoonah indeed there meaning indeed these idols Hoonah notice the word Hoonah. What is it feminine feminine plural is being used for who are SNAM because ah SNAM is what kind of plural is it sound plural or broken? Plural? Broken, plural. Good. And remember that for a broken

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plural which pronoun is used male or female? Female? So let's be in the HANA. He said oh my lord, indeed these idols are blown they have led astray. They have misguided cathedral Amina NAS many among the people. Oh my lord, these idols have led astray. Many, many people tell me something. Can the idol itself mislead people?

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is just an object, right? An idol is just an object. Is it a living thing or a nonliving thing? It's nonliving can it say anything? Can it do anything? Nothing. So why is it Brahim? Listen, I'm blaming the idols, that they have misled many from the people, they have misled many human beings. Why? Because these idols were a cause of misguidance they became the cause of misguidance. How that when the people, they see idols, whatever it is, that they find in the idols they find so attractive or allow our loved one, that they get lost in the idols and they forget Allah subhanaw taala

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they are afraid of the idols and they forget Allah subhanaw taala they serve the idols and they forget Allah. Because if you think about it shook how is it that it always begins, that in order to seek ALLAH, people go to other than Allah, sometimes it is an idol. Sometimes it is a human being. Sometimes it is an angel, sometimes it's a spirit, whatever it may be. And then what happens is that the idol, it becomes more important to them. Then Allah subhanaw taala So Robbie in Hoonah of La Monica Filomena nurse, oh my lord, indeed they have misled many among the people from Entebbe, Ernie, so whoever follows me meaning into hate, whoever practices though hate, for in the human

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need, then he is off me, meaning he is on my religion. He is off me, woman Asani and Whoever disobeys me, meaning he does shit. He does contrary to what I do. What I practice meaning he commits Schick for in knock of a photo Rahim then indeed, you are yet or Allah forgiving and merciful. Meaning if you wish, you can forgive them. And if you wish, you can punish them. Notice this last statement in the idea that how about a hero? Listen, I was saying that Oh Allah, those upon shank, they are not of Me. They have nothing to do with me. Those on the head. They are with me. Even if there's a difference of 1000s of years, they are still of me. They are like me, they are upon my

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religion. They are of my group and those upon ship. I have nothing to do with them. But he or Allah for INEC of a photo Rahim yet to you are forgiving and merciful. What does it show us about Ibrahim relisten, that liberal humanism he was very, very sincere to all people. He wanted the best for all people, whether they're right or they did wrong, whether they were upon truth or they were followers of falsehood, he wanted the best for all people. Because indirectly he is seeking forgiveness for who

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Who is he seeking forgiveness for? For the wish to gain by saying that woman Asani for a nickel of overhang

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that those are disobey me and they do shake? Oh ALLAH he had to you are forgiving and merciful. What is he doing indirectly he's seeking forgiveness for them. He's seeking forgiveness for them. Resign is Salam on the Day of Judgment. We learn that when Allah subhanaw taala will ask him that or ISA did you tell the people that they should worship you and your mother

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and your ESA listen I'm will basically declare his innocence over there and say that no, this is not what I called people do I only told them to worship Allah alone. And he will say finally that into our verb home for in the home or Eva, look what Intel Fila home then in Mecca, intellia Aziz are hacking, that, Oh Allah, if you punish them, then indeed these people are Your servants, meaning you have all the ability all the right to punish them for their shook. But if you forgive them, you are mighty and wise, meaning it's not because of some weakness that you would forgive them. You are mighty and you are wise. So indirectly he will also seek forgiveness for the people. Imagine on the

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Day of Judgment. What does this show to us about the prophets of Allah, that the prophets of Allah, they were sincere people. They wanted the best for their people, for mankind in general. And this is the reason why they were so bad.

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Shinto with their nations. They were so patient with their communities. So many prophets of Allah, they were persecuted by their people. They were rejected about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in South Africa. What do we learn further? Aloka bell here, Neff Sokka, on Earth Illa, mute middleby Heather Hadith eSFR. That these people are not believing you would perhaps, you know, kill yourself. You would destroy yourself out of grief for the disbelief of your people. People didn't care about their disbelief Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was so grieved by their disbelief that this grief Allah subhanaw taala is saying that you would perhaps destroy yourself with this grief.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam also he is told by his father, stop telling me anything. If you don't stop, I'm going to stone you to death.

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His father tells him leave. Go away. Why do me Malaya Go away? Leave me forever. Don't ever show your face to me. And Ibrahim alayhis salam says still Fetullah copy I will seek forgiveness for you from my Lord.

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The prophets of Allah were loving people. They were forgiving people. They were well wishing they wanted the best for their people. And this characteristic must be adopted by everyone who wishes to be on the path of the prophets. Everyone who wishes to be unsalted Mr. Kane, everyone who wishes to call people to Allah subhanaw taala. He must not condemn people, you know, to hellfire to the Wrath of Allah immediately, instantly all the time? No, he has to be patient. He has to be loving. He has to be tolerant. He has to be big hearted like the prophets were. Because this way is very difficult. calling people to the truth is extremely difficult. Have you ever seen a mother arguing with her

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three year old convincing him to eat breakfast? I mean, the mother would literally pull her hair out. She would destroy herself. Her sleep is disturbed. Her sanity literally is going away. But still, she's after her child, please eat. I beg you please eat? Why? Why does she care so much about that child doesn't want to eat? Don't feed him? Let him starve. Why does she care about him? Because that child is hers. She loves that child. She wants him to be healthy. She wants him to be strong. She wants him to grow. And this is a reason why she will put her own sanity at risk sometimes, and prefer her child over herself. We think mothers are sincere to their children. The prophets were

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even more sincere to their people.

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They were even more sincere to their people. Just think about it. Somebody speaks very harshly to us. Would we ever go back to them? No. We invite someone and they refuse. We are shy to speak to them again ever or we are so offended, then we don't want to see their face ever again. But Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would go to people do Dawa to them again and again and again. Why? Because the prophets wanted their people to be guided. Why? Because they knew they understood how difficult and how hard the afterlife is. If a person is not upon the truth, if a person does not believe in Allah, so they wanted the best for their people. The Prophet saw a lot of Salam also so

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many times he will be crying for his Oma. He will be crying for his ummah, praying for their guidance. Why do you think the prophets of Allah is in a win for battle and butter? 300 people 300 Sahaba are facing an army of 1000 soldiers, literally soldiers and the prophets of Allah is Allah, His people, His Sahaba are they equipped with enough weapons? No. What do they have hardly anything. Weak bodies, hungry stomachs.

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Sick, this is how they were weak because they had been persecuted for so long. But yet the prophets of Allah Islam put his life at risk. Why? To save Islam to save, though he'd he put his life at risk in danger. Why? To preserve this religion so that people are guided. So the prophets of Allah were the most genuine, the most sincere people and in this is a big lesson that the people who are working for the religion of Allah subhanaw taala they have to be very loving, very welcoming, very forgiving, very tolerant.

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because otherwise it's not possible to pass on the religion to the people. It's not possible. Have you ever spoken to you know those people who work at call centers and use calling and promoting things. And sometimes you're so rude with them, or you hear your mother yelling at them or your father telling them never call us again, we got our duct cleaned. You know, just last month, stop promoting, you know your business again and again. The person on the other side, does he ever get offended? Does he ever start cursing you back? There's rare occasions.

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Very rare. But you know exactly how we treat them and how they respond to us. Why? Because they're selling us something that will bring them a commission of maybe $50, maybe $100, maybe 150. For the sake of little money, they're so patient. They're so tolerant, they're so loving, they're so forgiving. For the sake of Allah, can we not be loving and forgiving?

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Can we not be open hearted? Can we not adopt this beautiful quality of the prophets of Allah

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will not burn out or our Lord in the indeed I askubuntu I have settled a scan to from seen calf noon. He said I have settled minzu Realty, some of my descendants, some of my children, not all of his descendants, not all of his children, but some you know that Ebrahimian is Santa. He had his Hakka s&m, and he also had Ismar, Arizona. So he said, I have settled some of my descendants meaning is married and his mother.

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Were B wedding in a valley. I have brought some of my children is Mary letters to a Valley wide in a valley that is lady that is not these other in the possessor meaning one off Zatar. What does that mean? Produce cultivation? Meaning it's a valley where nothing grows. There is no forests. There are no woods. There is no farmland, there is no agriculture. No, it's a barren valley where nothing grows. And if nothing grows, what does that mean? You have no food.

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It wasn't. You know that there were big grocery stores over there. So you could just go buy food that was imported from other places? No. At that time, nobody lived in Makkah, except for his Marielle and her Josh. Literally, they were the only two souls that were in Makkah. He said, I have brought some of my family here in the valley that grows nothing.

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But the only reason why I have brought them here. And the only reason why I'm going to leave them here. And the only reason why I'm going to bear that bait of separation from them is why they're in the bay tickle Muharram. near your house, that is Muharram that is sacred. Near the Kaaba, meaning this is the only reason why we are here. This is the only reason why I have left my children here. Now remember, Ibrahim alayhis salam when he first brought Ismar, Elan Hajra to Makkah and he left them there. As he brought them to Makkah remember there was no karma at that time. Okay, no karma at that time. No Masjid Al haram, no tents, no people, nothing, no market, you know, a few miles away,

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nothing. There was nothing there literally nothing.

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And Ibrahim as soon as he left Hajer and is married and he walked away, and is married was still an infant still being nursed by his mother. As he walked away. hudgell asked him, Where are you going? Why are you leaving us here? What's going on? Ibrahim ready sang was silent. Because imagine how difficult it was for him to leave his son there must have been extremely difficult. And have you kept asking him until she said that, as Allah commanded you. And he said If Allah has commanded you than Allah, who will not waste us, then He will protect us. And that is exactly what happened. You know about the story of how, how is mareel earliest salaam when he was hungry, she nursed him and

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there came a point where she wasn't producing any more milk because she hadn't had water she hadn't had enough food. And you know, that's exactly what happens with mothers they need to eat food in order to produce milk otherwise, their children they can't get anything. So she was searching for water searching for any you no trace of food. And in order to do that you would run from heel to Hill. And she did that seven times and is married. He was crying and crying and crying and you can imagine a hungry baby

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thirsty baby how that baby cries.

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But imagine the pain of that mother. But yet she did not complain to Allah. She did not say what kind of religion is this? What kind of sacrifice is being demanded of us that we are being deprived of our basic rights, that we are not allowed to be with people that we are not even given food and water. She ran from Hill to Hill. And all of a sudden, when she came back to Israel, what does she see a spring at his feet,

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a spring at his feet. And she said at that time, Zoom Zoom meeting stop, meaning don't flow away and dry up. And so she made like a small, you know, like a wall or something very, very small with sand in order to keep the water you know, contained in one place. Now, with water, what happens there is life, when there is water somewhere what will come, birds will come. And when birds will come, what will happen, people that are far off in the distance looking for water, they will know that it will Wherever the birds are going, there's something there. So there was a tribe of Judah from

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the tribe of Judah home that was nomadic, basically, they would travel in the desert, a very small tribe at the time, in search of food and water, wherever they found food wherever they found water, that is where they went and lived. And when they ran out of that water, they would go and look for some other place. So they realized that there was something in this place where these birds keep going to. And so they followed the birds. And they came and found that yes, there was water, and there was a woman and her baby. So they asked her if they could also camp there. How's it allowed them? She said okay, you can stay here, but remember this water is mine. You cannot take over it. It

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belongs to me this well, this spring is mine. So they agreed. Now obviously the well of zamzam was such that it never dried up, because it never dried up Joe hum, they never moved away.

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You understand, they never had to travel away from there. So they lived in Makkah. Now had your Ismar either there and now there are people that are living there also.

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Okay. And in this you can say tribe is my reader and it's and I'm he grew up when he was 13 years old, it is said that is when Ibrahim read his Salam came again to visit and when he came to visit, that is when he built the garba with a smart reader.

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Both father and son built the house of Allah. They did not build their own house.

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They did not build their own house, they built the house of Allah, I want you to notice something. First of all, the family members are separated from one another. Imagine the father at such an old age he has a son, a baby and he does not get to see that baby grow up.

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Why? Because Allah has told him to leave his son somewhere and go back. He doesn't know if his baby's going to survive. And then at 13 when his baby's 13 He comes back and he has been told to build a structure to build a house whose house their own house so that they can live lavishly and easily a life of comfort. No, they are building the house of Allah.

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Rob bene in ni a scan to mean Zuri Yeti be wedding lady these are in are in the bay tickle Mohan near your sacred house. That is what is special because there was nothing in that barren Valley. That was a source of attraction. That was a source of attraction. Think about it. People move from city to another city from one country to another country. Why? For what purpose?

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To live a better life to make more money to have more opportunities. But here what is the only opportunity that they have? What are in the bay tickle Muharram there are close to the house of Allah or ogbonna or our Lord Leo Kimo salah, so that they can establish the prayer. They can worship you. We have nothing of this world in this city. But the one thing we have is the house of Allah. We have not come here to make more duniya we have not come here to make money to live a better worldly life. We are here to worship you.

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Now think about it.

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Many times in life we give up things also.

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We have dreams. We have hopes we save our money.

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We study in order to have a career

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Here, we strive hard. Why? What's the goal? Is it to worship Allah? subhanaw? taala? Better? Is it to serve the deen? Is it to spread the religion of Allah? Or is it for something else?

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When we study, to have a career, what is the purpose to build whose life to make who's successful?

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To bring success to ourselves, right? Ibrahim in Islam, he doesn't care about himself. He doesn't care about the worldly life of his children. What is he concerned about? The House of Allah, the deen of Allah, the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And for that he bears separation from his children. For that, he is sacrificing so much for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to make the deen of Allah successful.

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Also, I want you to notice over here, the role of hudgell If she didn't accept

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if she didn't stay in Makkah, if she said to Ibrahim realism, I'm sorry, I'm not staying here. I'm scared. I'm not looking after a baby all by myself. This is not fair. You are the father, a father has to be there for his son. How could you be so selfish that you're leaving your son? No, no complaints like that.

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And if you think about it, the gargoyle was built, the center of the forehead was established with who sacrifice the sacrifice of a woman, the sacrifice of a woman, because if she did not cooperate, if she did not bear the separation from Ibrahim renessa, if she did not take the burden of looking after her son all by herself, if she did not bear the hardship, you know, of hunger, deprivation, fear being alone, if she didn't take up all of these difficulties. If she did not make the sacrifices, how would we have to hate today?

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How would we have the Karva today? It was with the cooperation and the sacrifice of a woman.

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The prophets of Allah who already was Saddam, once he said about Khadija Lila warn her when he was praising her, that she helped me. When people oppose me. She believed in me, she trusted me, she supported me. When the whole world was against me. She is the one who was his biggest support at a time that he needed strength.

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So we think that you know, the service to the religion spreading the religion, that's only the role of the men the whole. It's not just the responsibility of the men. It's also the responsibility of the women. Instead of the Toba. What do we learn? Well, me known while most minutes, the believing men and the believing women, they are helpers of one another. They help and cooperate. They cooperate with one another. Why? To practice the religion to spread the religion.

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So Ibrahima has Salam he said a lot banal up masala Oh my lord or our Lord the only reason why I have brought my family here is so that they establish the Salah federal, so you make a either 10 Hearts Mina nurse of the people, you make the hearts of the people down we lay him inclined towards them towards who?

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Towards my family, my children who are here in Makkah, the word that we is from the root letters her well yeah. However, however, is to quickly inclined towards something ultimately to fall when Najmi either, however, because when something falls through air, how does it fall very quickly, very quickly, so that we lay him make the hearts of people inclined quickly with love with fondness to love immediately. Make people love my children.

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What is the common Mina thermolon and provide them with fruits law, I love them Yosh Quran so that they are grateful. Why is the Brahim ruinous? And I'm asking Allah to make people love his children.

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Love? What does it do when you love someone? Then what do you do?

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What's the first thing you want? You want to be with them?

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Love makes you you know, cover the distances that may be between you and your beloved.

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It makes you you know give up many things. It makes you bear many hardships to be closer to the one whom you love.

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in Makkah, there was nothing that would attract people to come.

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There was nothing. There was no forest. There was no you know

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amazing animals, beautiful birds, nothing like that there was no museum. It wasn't a center of trade at the time, nothing. So why would people come to Makkah why? There was nothing of this world to attract them? So Ibrahim an s&m said, Oh Allah, please make people love my children, because when they will love them, they will come to Makkah, not once but again and again and again. And when they will come, what will they find the Kaaba and who will they worship Allah? So through the love of my children, who will they discover? Allah subhana wa Tada? Who will they find? Allah subhanaw taala who will they get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:35:45 --> 00:36:18

because there is nothing of the world in Makkah that would attract people to come there. Now you see the love of deen the love of Allah. Many times it is discovered by people it is experienced by people how through friendship through love of certain individuals, that you get attracted to a particular individual by the way they speak or by the way they you know, help you and it is through them. That you find out what the Quran is, you find out what it means to worship Allah subhanaw taala

00:36:20 --> 00:36:55

because the love of Allah is instilled by people who call to Allah. You see the prophets of Allah salaam, as a human being as individual, he was very, very noble, very dignified. His personality was such that would attract people. Why? Because he was gentle. He was kind. He was generous. He was truthful, he was honest. Think about it, her the gentle the low on her, who was much older than him. She sent her proposal to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she wanted to get married to him, there must have been something special about him, right?

00:36:56 --> 00:37:42

There were people who saw Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his face and they knew that he was not a liar. There was something special about him, so they will be attracted towards him. And they would speak to him and he would put the love of Allah in the hearts of people. recited sunnah. Musa alayhis salam, what kind of men were they strong men, good men, noble men? Don't people were naturally inclined to? And who did they find when they spoke to these messengers? Allah soprano. So Ibrahim says and I'm prayed Ya Allah, make my children such their manners, their o'clock their behavior such that people, they're inclined towards them. And when they're inclined towards them, they will come

00:37:42 --> 00:37:46

to Makkah, they will find Allah, they will worship Allah subhanaw taala.

00:37:47 --> 00:38:01

You see, there are many places in this world that you would never ever visit. Okay? But the only reason why you would go there is because there's a friend of yours who lives there. Or there's a family member who lives there. That's the only reason why you'd go.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:41

You know, for example, many times that happens when people move away from their home country, to you know, country in the Western world. They hate going back. They hate going back. Why? Because they know when they go back, they're gonna get sick for sure. Because the water is not cleaned. The weather doesn't suit them anymore. The food they know they're going to eat somewhere and they're going to fall ill it happens every time. They have the worst memories. You know, every time they go they get really sick. Why do they keep going back? Why? Because their relatives or their people whom they love, are there. This is the only reason why they'd go ask me. I know that every time I go to

00:38:41 --> 00:38:44

Pakistan, I know I'll get sick, my children will get sick.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:00

But why do I want to go? If you asked me? Would you like to go today? I'd say yes in a heartbeat. Send me five times a year I'd go the journey is long. It is difficult, but I'll go. I will never refuse. Why? Because my family is there.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:38

My relatives are there. Yes, the streets they bother me the fact that there is no electricity most of the day that bothers me. The fact that winters are very harsh that bothers me. The fact that you know my children will be sick. Yes, that's very difficult. The fact that there is traffic and people don't drive properly. Yes, it bothers me. But you know what, I don't care about those problems. What makes that place special is the people who live there. So Ibrahima has sinned and pray to Allah make my children such that people's hearts are inclined towards them. Federal of either Tamina Ness that we lay him

00:39:39 --> 00:39:48

What does that teach us that the people who call to Allah The people who work for the deen, who spread the the what kind of character should they have?

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

What kind of character should they have? What kind of people should they be loving people to whom others are attracted to? Because you know when you go to a masjid

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

And when you go to a mall, what's more fun going to the mall or going to the masjid?

00:40:06 --> 00:40:13

Tell me honestly, what's more fun? The mall why? It's air conditioned no matter how stuffy it is, no matter how many people there are.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:21

Right? The washrooms will be clean. You can get to eat. There's plenty of room for everybody.

00:40:22 --> 00:40:32

You can speak loudly. Nobody will tell you. Sheesh, right. But when you go to the masjid, then what happens? You're expected to give some donation.

00:40:34 --> 00:41:19

You are told, please speak softly. And as soon as the machine is filled up, it's going to smell. Even though the air conditioners you know, are running on full, it's still going to be stuffy and hot. You know how Ramadan is right? In a masjid. So from a worldly perspective, going towards religious places is very difficult. Why? Because it demands a lot of sacrifice, as opposed to going to worldly places. That's very easy. Even if you have to go and spend $1,000. Over there. It's still, for some reason, more fulfilling, people find it more fun. But when they go to the masjid, and they have to get $10 Ouch. That seems very difficult. So what is the only thing that can you

00:41:19 --> 00:41:25

know, make people come to the masjid again and again to religious place again and again. The people over there,

00:41:26 --> 00:41:29

the friends that they will make over there,

00:41:31 --> 00:42:12

the people over there, because if their hearts get hooked, you know to the people of the masjid, then what will happen? They will want to come back again and again and again. And this is a reality as people who study, you know, for example, at a masjid edit Islamic Institute for entire year and a half. And then when they go back, what is it that brings them that classroom with very hard chairs to sit on those bright lights that give you a headache? Is that what attracts you know, what is it that attracts you, it's the people that you want to meet again and again. And at the same time, it can work the exact opposite way. Where the masjid the institute, maybe very perfect, maybe very

00:42:12 --> 00:42:18

beautiful in every way. But because the people are not welcoming because they're not nice. People don't want to come.

00:42:20 --> 00:43:09

Islam lives in people, not books. And if even the grant itself had to be accompanied by a prophet to like spread the message properly. Of course, for us to spread it. We can't just send people a flyer and say, oh, here this is Islam. It has to be portrayed through us. Yes, exactly. So what we need more or not more buildings, bigger buildings. What we need is people who are willing to welcome others. Yes. Sounds like it just reminded me of how they say the importance of exhibiting Islam in you through your character, and your mannerisms. It's important for you to exhibit it because actions speak louder than words. And it just reminded me of how a story that Osama cannon who was

00:43:09 --> 00:43:55

like a teacher back in America, he opened this thought leave collective, which was it served a lot of converts and special service to them. And he was one of my teachers was just sharing that, of how there was a man whose wife had converted to Islam A while ago, but he hadn't. And somehow, she eventually convinced him to come to this organization, and whatnot. And he would come there regularly. And he was there for three months before he accepted Islam. And he was just waiting because he wanted to see, you know, people over there, the community leaders were actually waiting on, if they would just say something bad about someone of a different religion. And he was just

00:43:55 --> 00:44:31

waiting, and he never heard anything. And people over there just assumed he was Muslim, because he would actually pray even though he wasn't Muslim. And that's one of the reasons why he left, you know, going to the church because he was a Christian, because people were there would actually just talk really bad about people of a different religion. And that's what attracted him to Islam that, you know, the soft hardness and the kindness of people. Yes. And this is true for many people, that what attracts them to the religion is not something that is written in a book, or something that was said by an individual, but it's the behavior of people.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

It's the luck that they have adopted their kindness or generosity. This is what leaves a greater impact on the people. So Ibrahim Hassan prayed for his children that they become such that the hearts of people are naturally you know, immediately pulled towards them inclined towards them. And he said another guy that he made that was Zuko Mina thermadata Allah homage Quran, provide them with fruit so that they will be grateful

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

Why provide them with fruits? Because nothing grew in Makkah. Right? So provide them with fruits, fruits, very unusual blessing for the people of Makkah at that time. He said, give them these blessings, unusual blessings so that they would be grateful. Because, you know, the common blessings that we have or the blessings that we have on a daily basis. We don't even feel them. We don't even feel them. What makes us grateful is an unusual, very different lesson.

00:45:28 --> 00:45:54

So what Zuko Minetta Murad livermush Quran? Now notice how Ibrahim has said I'm just making his laws, they seem to be so impossible what he's asking for. It seems so impossible. How can the people of Makkah get fruit? There is no tree and maca at that time. There is nothing that grew in Makkah. But he's asking for the impossible. Why? Because he knows Allah can make it happen. He saw hopeful.

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Let's listen to the recitation. What is Paula Ibrahim be John Bella

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