Memorise Tabarak #14

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The 14th verse of Sultan Luke the 67th chapter of the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah. Allah Allah man holla Allah Allah movement man holla Anya Alamo man holla whoa whoa whoa la t foo whoa whoa whoa whoa

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whoa whoa well Loki full Hobie La la la man holla Whoa, whoa whoa a la people call me fukami if you stop at the end of hallak you have to do the color color, which makes the cop Oh, Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Moomin Kala ko wahoo wah wah hoo wah wah hoo a lovely, full hobby. But if you're gonna join it, you don't have to make that echo. And I am woman Hala power hawala t Fuu. hobby. Li Allah woman Hala wah wah hoo Wah Latif, foo kabhi. And I Allah movement masala power who were lucky for new hobby.

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Allah Allah movement Kala Kala one lopi fu hobby. Li Allah movement Salah power one la t Fuu. hobby hubbie Allah Allah momen caulipower Houma la de PUE hobby Li Allah woman Hala wa one la t Fuu hobby, Eliana woman Kala Kala Hua lopi fu hobby keep an eye on mo manakala power Hua lapi fu hobby, Allah Allah, Allah Allah one Lottie fu hobby, and I on mo Salah power Hua Latif kabhi Allah Allah woman Hala power Hua Luffy full kabhi Allah Allah woman Hala power who will not be full hobby wahoo Luffy full hobby, while one Loki full hobby wahoo one Loki full hobby wahoo well Lucky for you hobby Li our level man makalah Kawa who will lobby for new hobby, Allah Allah woman Hala kawahara lopi fu

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hobby, Allah Allah, Allah Allah who was Hua lopi fukami