Ibrahim Hindy – Glad Tidings To The Strangers

Ibrahim Hindy
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We are living, no doubts in difficult times. times that we feel are deeply removed from the era in which the Muslim world was in strength, and in power and in dominance. And as time goes on, it may be that things become even more difficult.

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When we think about difficulty, difficult situations, we tend to think about famine, and war, death and illness.

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Yet nearly every time, not every time but nearly every time. The Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, you're sending them spoke about things that were going to become more difficult hardships that were going to be tribulations that were going to arise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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would speak primarily about the tribulations that would affect people's faith.

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So when we look at difficulty, it's important that we look through that lens. If we see people with wealth, and safety and security, but they are not praying. These are people in difficulty.

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And if we see others in hardship, and difficulties in terms of the dunya, facing hunger and insecurity and their Eman in Allah is strong.

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We realize they're in a better position.

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Our prophets of Allah, wherever you're sitting them,

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primarily spoke about hardships in our deen. That was his first and foremost concern, and that should also be our foremost concern.

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He tells us for example, bad util. Amanda sawed it off to convicted

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him. He says hasten to do good deeds before they're come to tribulations. That will be like pieces of the darkness of the night. There will be difficulty so severe.

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It's like you're stranded in the middle of the night. No flashlights, no city lights, no stars.

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You have no idea which direction to go in.

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Is the Prophet speaking about our dunya? Or is he speaking about our

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speaking about our dunya or our deen?

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He says he he uses use.

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We don't see caffeine.

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Or you'll see more. We'll see how caffeine

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you'll be. You'll be Rosalina who dunya he says in this Pfitzner a person will awaken a believer and go to sleep a disbeliever or they will wait they will go to sleep a believer and they will wake up in the morning and they are a disbeliever he says man a man will sell his religion for a small offering of the dunya for a little bit of peace for a little bit of money

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for a little bit of notoriety or fame for a little bit of followers will sell their religion.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam also informed us better al Islam or even will say Yahoo or even command for true believer Kurata he says Islam began as something that is strange.

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Imagine a time when the only Muslims on Earth. So Prophet sallallahu I knew he was sending

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his wife Khadija Radi Allahu Allah.

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His cousin Ali radi, Allahu

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Ababa for the Allahu Anhu in some of the other, so Haven combat and be that just a few people on earth in a city full of idol worshippers, and the rumors start to spread. There is this new religion,

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the strange people, mostly poor, mostly slaves, like Habad and builiding. To Haven the acid and sumiya.

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Islam was seen as something strange, something different, something radical. They were seen as, obviously, they are wrong

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because they're the minority.

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Because the majority sees them as being wrong therefore they are wrong.

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They are wrong because they go against the grain and the majority rejected

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the Prophet sallallahu

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usnm is predicting

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a day in which the believers will feel just as strange, just as foreign, just as isolated.

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As the earliest Muslims did.

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That we will live in a time in which corruption becomes spread.

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Righteousness becomes rare. We will live in a time in which evil becomes normal, and good, become strange.

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We'll live in a time in which the liar is believed.

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And the truthful is belied will live in a time in which lusts are embraced, and duty is disregarded.

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A time in which the one who holds on to his religion as as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, like the one grasping hold of burning call.

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The Prophet says, felt all bad and

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glad tidings to the strangers. This is both a promise and a prayer.

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Glad tidings to the stranger.

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To those who don't care about what is said about when they're striving for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. We see this hadith manifest in so many aspects of life. How the believers constantly told something is wrong with you.

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You want to dress modestly.

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You want to wear hijab, you want to cover your body, something's wrong with you. Why are you so different? Why are you so strange?

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We don't want to deal with interest and usury. Is it really, you're gonna give up this money, it's free money.

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You're gonna give up all these opportunities to make money.

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You tell them you want to fast the whole month. No food, not even water.

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Anyone has spent the evenings in prayer. 30 days straight, fasting in the morning standing in prayer at nights. What's wrong with you?

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There's something strange about this. You refuse to gamble to drink to smoke. They say you want to waste your youth. Not having fun.

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You want to restrict yourself to worship. You're a radical.

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You're strange. You're a fundamentalist.

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We see it even when we stand up for our brothers and sisters being brutalized, being killed in line for food for being killed, subjected to a genocide.

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And we're told

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you're strange for even caring about this.

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These are people of 1000s 1000s of miles away from you. You don't even know them personally.

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Why do you care?

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Why do you want to be labeled a terrorist? sympathizer? Why do you want to be harassed? Put on government lists. For people you don't even know. You're so strange.

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This is nothing new for Paul Bunyan. horribad so glad tidings to the strangers. Find comfort in these words of our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah usin. This is both a DUA and a promise. The DUA may you have paradise FUBA here being a reference to the trees of paradise. And they promised Poober meaning good news. Glad Tidings be happy, oh stranger, because Allah subhanaw taala is promising you paradise.

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You are meant to be looked at as a stranger. You are meant to be looked at as a foreigner as being someone who is different, because that's how the prophets and the messengers and the righteous people have been viewed. Who are the strangers?

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The people asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this question.

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In one Hadith the Prophet SAW Allah where it will send them he said, Coleman saw your own Adil Fein Asuka here. He says they are a small group of righteous people amongst the large group of people doing evil.

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As human beings we like to conform. We like to acceptance.

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We want to fit in. We don't want to seek out it

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It's natural to feel stronger when you're part of the tribe.

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Stronger when you're part of the group, to feel safer and more protected when you are in the majority.

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But the same feeling can be used to make people adhere to the falsehood. Don't step out of line, you will feel safe if you're not part of the larger group.

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And as believers, our loyalty cannot be to the crowd. It cannot be to the majority just because they are the majority.

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Our loyalty has to be alone.

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Sincere, totally, completely to our Creator. Subhanahu wa Teina This is the first description of the strangers there are people who are righteous surrounded by people doing evil.

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Although the Allahu

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once he heard a man who's walking by a man the man was making dua, he said Allah Allah, I need me to Pauline. He said oh Allah make me amongst the few.

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I'm one of the Allah and tells him where did you get this draft from? I never heard this dog before. What did you get the swab from?

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The man said I got it from the Quran.

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Homer said where did you get it from? He said, listen, Allah says what Kali luminary. Gadea Shaco he's Allah says Allah Quran how few of my servants are truly thankful. So I make dua to be amongst the few amaro the Allahu ansaid Cooley NAS after him in Arma. He said everybody understands it better than his humility looks paralyzed random person gave him insight into an idea he never thought of it before.

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And so um, are they the same to ah, oh, Allah make me amongst a few. This is the Sunnah of Allah. The believers are the few.

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The second description, the Prophet said whom is Luzon miracle that that's the prophet who are these strangers, he said, they are a small group from amongst all the different tribes, which means the strangers are not one race. They're not one to Felicity. They're from different peoples different tribes.

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And it's as if the prophets of Allah were either your sentiments telling us there is no monopoly on righteousness. There is no one group that has cleaned to righteousness, and nobody else has it.

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And every tribe, there are some of these horrible strangers.

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And it also tells us in every society, there's going to be a small group, holding on to the truth.

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The next description,

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he says, Olivia, and I use the Hoonah, either faster than us, they asked the Prophet who are the strangers, he said, the ones who are seeking to rectify, when others are corrupts. When others are corrupting, they're seeking to make things right. Which means that it's not only about being good yourself, and ignoring everything around you, being good yourself and ignoring the world around you know, you're seeking to rectify, while most people are falling into or even creating falsehood.

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Because sometimes the majority might say, we're okay with you. Having your beliefs inside of your messages, believe whatever you want, in your messages, believe whatever you want in your house, but keep it there.

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It's okay to think marriage is between a man and a woman in your messages. Don't talk about it publicly. It's okay for you to think that interest in usury takes advantage of the poor. But keep that in your Masjid. Don't talk about it in the public space. It's okay to think that adult entertainment and gambling is destroying lives of people. But keep it in your message. Don't talk about it publicly.

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There many societies like ours, which will say this, we're cool with your religion, as long as you keep it private, and you never speak about it.

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But the prophets of Allah who

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describes the strangers, you'll see food. They're not just saw the righteous people, you'll see. They are acting upon this righteousness seeking to rectify the corruption that people have spread. They're not satisfied keeping the truth to themselves. They have to spread it. They're not satisfied being Muslim themselves. They have to tell other people about the message of law either hate the law, they're not satisfied being a piece themselves. They see other people being attacked. They have to stand up

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For them, they're not satisfied being chaste and modesty themselves. They have to promote modesty and tell people to be modest. They're not satisfied not cheating other people themselves. They stand up against those who are cheating and harming others. Allah subhanaw taala This is fanola cannibal Kooning publikum overlay

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in Pali Roman melongena Minho, Allah says, if only these other nations that Allah destroyed, if only they had some people amongst them, who would warn against the facade against the corruption that they were doing on Earth in polyaluminum, except there was a few of them who were doing it.

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There was a few of them doing this. There was a few of them warning there was a few of them telling them stop doing this corruption. Stop the genocide. Stop cheating people stop stealing the money of the poor and taking advantage of them.

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In Nepali only a few of them were doing this.

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So Allah says for NG now we save them in no time says a lot this verse fruman Kurata these few people that Allah speaking about these are the these are the strangers

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and they brought up Brahim Allah to Allah he says, the Hora there are two kinds. This man there's two kinds of what about the first are the ones who are righteous when everything around them is becoming corrupt. And the second are the ones who are seeking to rectify and to fix the corruption that people are doing. He says in the second group is better than the first group.

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The third description

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is that strangers are given more of a reward, they are rewarded more. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the middle of it, a young a young man or sub roofie Hindemith of the island. He says there are coming before you there will be coming times

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of extreme patience. Were the one holding on to his religion will be like holding on to burning call. He says the one who was working working for the sake of Allah countdown to doing good deeds. The one who was working in these times will have the reward of 50 Man.

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The Companions asked the Prophet sallallahu and he was telling me I was so lucky. I'm seeing Amina a woman whom, well they have the reward of 50 people in their era, or 50 people in our era.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Minko rather from your time from you, oh Sahaba who is the product speaking to speaking to this hada

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man, they will have the award of 50 of you.

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Meaning you send in prayer in Salah and your Salah will be equal to 50

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why? And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them the content you do when and and how you the Atlanta what he doing Island says because you also have supporters to do good. You, you have to help you. You have it you have you have righteous, strong people with you, helping you supporting you, those people in the future are gonna have no way. They're gonna be isolated. They're gonna feel alone.

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They're not gonna have people supporting them giving them words of encouragement.

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Going to be by themselves. And so therefore Allah will reward them more. And this is the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala ly so women coming into public fact. Allah subhanaw taala says they're not equal. The ones who are spending for the sake of Allah fighting for the sake of Allah before the conquest of Mecca and those who are spending for the sake of Allah and fighting for the sake of Allah after the conquest of Mecca. Well couldn't aware of Allah Krishna Allah says I promise good for both of them, but the ones before the conquest of Mecca warlord why? Because they accepted Islam when it was weak. They accepted Islam when there was few people being Muslim. They accepted Islam

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when the majority was fighting is now

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no doubt the people accepted Assam before but did have more reward than after the people accepted this number for more words than after the people accepted before. No doubt have more words than afterwards, the more difficult it is to accept Islam and to follow the truth the more Allah subhanaw taala will reward us for Hello Holly Huddleston.

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In our photo

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So welcome to Lesotho cinema Allah rasool Allah Who are the hottie he will be human Oh Allah.

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We spoke last week about the month of sola and the blessing in it.

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Allah subhana wa Tada loves the strangers.

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We spoke on how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about that month.

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And he said

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that SHA one

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your fellow animal Kathy Amina nurse, he said this is a month most people are inattentive to it, most people disregard it. And because most people disregard it, they're looking forward to Ramadan. They know Ramadan, I'm going to have to worship. So in this time, they don't care about worshipping. The Prophet says, because this month is important. And it prepares you for Ramadan. And there's blessings in this month, Allah our good deeds go up to Allah subhanaw taala. And because people don't pay attention to it, there's more reward. This is the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala. When people are not paying attention to something, when people are not standing up for what's right,

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there's more reward in doing it. When you're more isolated, you get more reward into it, when you're more alone, you get more reward and doing it. And this is something that we should be aware of taking advantage of this month. And the final thing I'll say, I don't want to go too much into this.

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But the human being even though we psychologically we want to be part of the group. There's a small part of us, especially when we are youth, where we want to be different. We want to be distinguished. We want to be the counterculture. We want to be like yeah, all of society is this way. I'm cool. I go the other way. We have that feeling. And it's it's natural to feel that way. And subhanAllah what the corporations have done, there's books about this, how the counterculture was used by corporations, as they realized young people have this feeling of wanting to be different. So they said, Okay, we're gonna make money off of it. So they go to young people, and they tell them,

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Hey, be different than society. Be strange and society, go get a tattoo that will show everyone that you're dangerous, and you're cool, and you're different, and you're not like everyone else. So the young person pays hundreds of dollars, gets his tattoo, and then he looks around. Everybody, his age hasn't tattoo. You're not different, and they just made money off of you.

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The true stranger, in the end of the day, will be the one following what Allah Subhana Allah tells him to do. The true stranger will be the one following the son of Muhammad Sallallahu

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because in the end of the day, they never make they never promote to young people to do that. They'll tell you, you're strange to do that. These other things they will brand as being strange. And in the end of the road, you find yourself just like everyone else. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst as few servants who are upon the righteous path me

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