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Memorise Tabarak #08

Yahya Ibrahim


Channel: Yahya Ibrahim


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First number eight have sought to remove the 67th chapter of the Quran that can do that can do Tekken

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Tekken do Tasmania's Zoo tech do tema Yazoo tech Deuteronomy azumino

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deca do Tammy Yazoo Mina

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Mina Lavanya teka teka

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teka do Tasmania Zoo notice that there's a shed on the yard in Tasmania zoo? Tasmania zoo. It says zelle

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Tasmania zoo, meaning your tongue is behind your teeth that can do many years Zoo Mina leave La La it's like dying, but it says La La Demi azumino

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mina la de la it's from the back of your throat. Me Nan de la la not that va la not that that VA that va va ye

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tech can do Tammy azumino

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va va va not that they're gonna do Tammy azumino

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zoom in and

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coo coo coo coo lemma not pot not cool not cool it's cool cool Lemme

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lemme Korea now this is the fourth cool lemma Korea call from the back of your throat. Cool lemma is from the front of your mouth. Cool lemma. Clear.

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clear MEP

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lemma tip

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cool Lemme

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lemme fi hub calella tip have June fell June cool Lemme

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lemme clear all clear fi ha hoo, clear fi fi Ha.

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Salah home, Salah, whom he has

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Salah whom

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he has

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Salah whom Salah whom has an at will have Salah whom Hosanna to have Colima fee ha

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ha ha ha Allah Mia Tikun the LM lm yet tiku lm mia tiku Allah lm lm lm yet lm yet lm yet t comm lm yet t comm NaVi NaVi NaVi

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deca do Tammy azumino

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Lemma tip

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Allah whom lemma TRP ha,

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Salah whom

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Salah whom lemma kya fi hatao Salah whom has a net who have left home has a net who

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has a net will have lemma clear fi have

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Salah home

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sallahu khazanah

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lm Mia Tikun Avi decade with me as Amina lohani Halima tip

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set Salah whom Hosanna to

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Allah Mia Tikun, the

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deca do Tamiya domina La Jolla could lemme

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sallahu wa sallahu khazanah

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lm Mia Tikun nadie Taka Deuter many years Amina

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lemme Luca Happy Happy sallahu

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wa sallahu Casa de

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la mia Tikun NaVi the caribou Tama Yamuna

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Salah ha Zana to ha lm Mia t co NaVi lm yet Tikun NaVi the CAD Otama Yazoo min Allahi wa

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sallahu wa sallam Allahu khazanah to ha la mia Tikun Navy