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Alhamdulillah Europe Bilad I mean a Walkman you're walking Maliki a woman D He cannot. He cannot stying Dino Shira Paula Mr. Theme Shira Medina and Nam daddy him are you really Magoo Brd him while oh oh

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in NEMA ILA kumu hula hula de

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galley kenapa Swanee coming

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email for this setup

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Dana come in now the crow men out of I'm

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Amelia woman Matthew with

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Holly Deena fee he was

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who me a woman

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there we may

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sue you and actually Missouri mean a woman evening

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yet to never you know whom in lobbies in Ashura know Allah movie Maya una EV abou

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in lobbies in

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West LA una Kearney jiba

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chakulia seaport poor

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B nets

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failed Oh ha oh stop sofa letter Rafi Hi word Yo

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Yo Ma EV W O net.

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Awa Jalla wa hatia Tell us where to live

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well hatia Tell us where to live rock Manny palata smell in LA Hamza. Yo, man, even that

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shefa two men Ebina level

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Illa men Ebina Allahu wa Manoir all the level. Hola. Hola, Mama beignet de mama funfair home while you're gonna be here

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at Lou Hulan how are you?

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Man hammer love

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Allahu Akbar.

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Semi Allahu Neeman Hamidah

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a law

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Alhamdulillah hear of Billa lemme a rock manual Rahimi Maliki. I will make Dini he cannot. He cannot study. Dino sera Palma still theme, Sirocco Levine and Nam him are you didn't have to be Ollie him. Oh, me.

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Ah Paulina can can

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also Lilia Rob beaker one how in Russia aka who will

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tell Allahu Akbar

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Semi long Rooney man Hamidah

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Semi long halimun Hamidah

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long walk above

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semi Allah holy men hammy

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Allah who

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Santa Monica more likely will occur to

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while our shipment that comes forward and our health and our development comes forward in sha Allah

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will be leading the first step for a coffee his name Nikita

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just some quick announcements we may not hit the

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first announcement in sha Allah.

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Our security guards.

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They mentioned that a couple of neighbors yesterday I were commenting at how quickly the cars were driving out. So once our cars have left the parking lot sometimes some of our brothers mashallah are excited for school. They want to get home the biryani is waiting

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you know the law or whatever is waiting for us once Allah we're going a little bit too quickly. We asked you insha Allah to take care of our neighbors in sha Allah make sure that you are looking after them. We want in sha Allah to leave a good impression of our iman of our deeds. We are here seeking Allah subhanaw taala and of course we seek ALLAH SubhanA wa ala by treating our neighbors in the best way possible in that battle. Allah subhanaw taala grant us

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