Memorise Tabarak #07

Yahya Ibrahim


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First number seven have sort of the 67th chapter of an either

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ooo fi hat. COO, COO, coo

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coo coo

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coo coo

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coo Fie? Fie.

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Fie ha ha Hee ha, Eva oofy ha semi rula ha semi rula ha, Eva oofy has me rula ha, either

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Oui, oui.

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Oui, semi rula semi

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semi Rue la Shahi con Shahi con on her show he can either

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oofy samiullah hersha he on semi Rue la Harsha he Conway here tappu eva oofy hat semi

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semi roulette hasha he can share he can share he

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flew semi roller hasha he were here. Shaheen on We're here. We're here semi rula Harsha he

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here de PUE Eva UI semi

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semi Runa Harsha he on here tappu EDA UI ha Sammy Oh, la Shaheen

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de PUE Eva UI her samiullah her Chahine.

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PUE EDA oofy has samiullah Shaheen here tappu

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EDA oofy ha, semi

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Shaheen on we're here. Shahid Khan. We're here. Eva oofy her Sami rula hasha he

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poo Eva Oui, semi Oh la ha send me your own

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fu that can do to me. Yeah zoom in and

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deca do Tammy azumino

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eva oofy has semi rula have semi rula hasha he will hear taboo either

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he has semi rula hash or he can hear semi

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Shaheed Shaheen

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Shaheen kung

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fu Eva oofy has samiullah hushai kung fu Eva. He has me Runa Shaheen kung fu Eva oofy her semi Ola Zhang kung fu Eva oofy semi Ola Shaheen

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Fu, Eva.

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Semi Ola Shaheen oh here taboo