Memorise Tabarak #6

Yahya Ibrahim


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The transcript describes a competitive game where players use objects to win points. The game involves players using objects to win points and players use them to make purchases. The game is a competition and players compete for points.

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First number six of pseudo till milk, the 67th chapter of the Quran. Wali levena Katha Wiley levena cafo be Rob be him. Be Rob be him while he levena Kapha be or be him while in levena cafo b or b him either booja

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booja han

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weli levena Kapha Ruby or be him bureau be him bureau being him either boo notice that I in either boo

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boo Jehan, you must flex your chest with the half Johanna

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Wiley levena Katha Ruby Ruby him either boo Jehan Jahan, well in levena careful notice that there is a shutdown on the first lap on the second lamp, while little levena while leading levena Wiley levena cafo Wiley levena. cafe cafo Cat Cat. It's not caught cat, Wally levena cafo Wiley Levene cat photo, Wiley levena Kapha Wiley levena cafo ooh Brr beat him either booja

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web B cell multisim what big big web B cell masie what B cell mall see notice it's all solid slaw saw not sad saw sad is seen saw what big sell mostly were bit sad. So that's a scene where big sell mostly Wiley levena Kapha will be robbing him when he levena Kapha Ruby Rob be him while he levena cafo rubeola be him either booja

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booja han

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webi webi cell mahseer one why big sell mostly. Why big sell Marcin Wiley levena calf out all beat up beat him either boo Jahan webit sell mostly web we sell mostly so your tongue comes between your tooth to and between your teeth and must emerge slot slot slot. Webby Sal Marcy Wiley levena cafaro will be or be him. Well in levina cafaro will be able to be him either boo Johanna.

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Webby sell mostly web we sell mostly web we sell mousewheel Wally levena Kapha Ruby Ruby him either boo jahannam web we sell mostly. We're big sell mostly. Well II levina cafa obiora b Hema dabboo Jehan will be selling mostly while in LA Vina Kappa obiora be mother Buddha Han Nam Webby sell mostly while in LA Vina cafaro will be Rob be him either boo Jahan Nam, Webby Sal mausoleum, Wali la Vina Kapha ob ob mother boo Jahan Webby Sal Marcy while in LA Vina Kapha ob Rob be him either boo Johanna.

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Webby sell mostly Wiley levina cafa obiora be him other booja

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web we sell mostly while in LA Vina Kappa will be robbing him while he levena Kapha obiora be him other booty booja

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web B cell mostly web B cell mostly weli levina cafa Ruby or beam other booja

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web B cell mol c