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The Essential Rites of Hajj


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The history of the Hadith period, including the importance of staying in a state of thought and devotion to Allah's honor, is discussed. The four conditions required for success in HUD, including staying in Iran, performing every action in the right order, and giving birth to a son. The importance of wedge acts, which means giving birth to a father while waiting until the sunset, and not leaving things out of the hedge is emphasized. The importance of graduation events and the symbolism of the digital clock are also discussed.

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Once again from Australia

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. To do my dear brothers and sisters of South Africa, my hosts at ITV network may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to bless you. We're continuing with our discussion about the rebirth of hijet. I'm delighted to be reborn and returned to our homelands after having made this wonderful journey of a lifetime. As if we have just been brought into this world, as is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. At the last few times that we've met and come to LA we spoke about getting prepared spiritually for the Hajj, thinking about some of the ramifications of it that haraam represents our Kevin, our shrouding for our death, that entering

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into the meat clot passing that stage. where it becomes necessary is like passing from this life into the next life, that we stand before the grandeur of the cabinet that we recognize that we are part of a greater or greater parcel, that this is the Qibla that has been adored by humanity since the beginning of time, that this is the land that Adam and Eve Salaam, consecrated for the worship of a law and its foundations were raised by Ibrahim alayhis salam that this is a momentous, momentous occasion. And we said that in sha Allah today and we begin to speak about some of that the monastic and the monastic or the rites of Hajj, and we understood from the verse that we recited

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yesterday, which was a tour of the prophets of a lot. And where they said, What Eddie Nam NSE cadet Prophet Ibrahim, and he's married to him who sent them, they made you out to a lot show us the rights of monastic as is in total basara what it is that we're supposed to do to earn your reward to earn your pleasure, oh, Allah subhana wa Tada. So this sacred journey has requirements, you don't just go and do what you want and part of the requirements is to be in a consecrated state of thought in a consecrated state of mind, in a state of devotion to Allah subhana wa Tada. So we're going to speak about it in three particular aspects. The first aspect are the root canal, meaning these are

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things that are essentials of Hajj, that if you miss one of the things, your hedge cannot be made up, there isn't anything you can do to fix missing one of these things. The second aspect that we're going to speak about today are the words you bought the compulsory actions of the hedge. Now these are things that are compulsory, but if one misses them out, for whatever reason, shortness of time or illness, then there is a mechanism within our Shetty eye to fix that mistake, and the Hajj remains valid. And that's the difference between the rook and the whadjuk. In that sense, that the rook and a central pillar of the Hajj if it is missed, there's nothing that can fix it. While the

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wedge shaped compulsory equally as it is, if it is missed can be made up and then we're going to speak about some of the things that are desirable for us to perform in sha Allah in the coming days. So let us begin with the rockin and we you know we need to honor our great imams. And I begin with the great Imam Abu hanifa no man

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made a loss of Hannah to Allah fill his kabru with nor and bless him Subhana Allah to Allah with his forgiveness and his blessing. According to Alabama bo hanifa, there are two main rochen there are two essentials for the Hajj that cannot be fixed if they are not met. The first rule is to reside in our offer in the time on the day of alpha that is necessary meaning to be there before the sun sets on the knot on the ninth day of the Niger that is a rochen it is unmissable and therefore a person who does not attend to autofac on that day, before the sun sets on. On that day, the ninth day of the hedger has not fulfilled the hedge, even if they make pull off even if they were wrong, even if

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they, you know, do their salary between self and Mandala. It is of no benefit in that sense. Other than its own spiritual rewards, it will not count towards the reward of hedge and therefore you even see those who have gotten sick, there'll be ambulances that will cross with them into the holy sanctuary that area of out of that in that blessing day of artha and they will be with them at the time of the descent of the sun, so that they can get the reward because afterward if they depart from their go to hospital go back home. Then there are there are mechanisms that can fix it. So remember, hanifa he establishes the first solution is out of the second is to make telephone calls.

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Or what can be referred to as falafels, Zenyatta, depending on the type of terminology that you use, and that is to make your circuits seven circuits around the Kaaba on that 10 day, or the days that follow the day of now, and until often a fallback is something that is seen as a rookie vile imaam, Abu hanifa, that if it is not done, a person's Hajj is not valid. And Eman Ahmed and an Imam Malik urashima, to lay him the add to those previous two. So the very simplest basis is the opinion remember hanifa to stay in alpha at the time that the sun has not yet set on the day of alpha and to make to lawfully fall back the next day in the day of not of the day of sacrifice, which is what we

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if we are not in HUD referred to as the day you've read, or to do so in the days that are immediately after it. And the mom and the mom Hmm. Malik, they add to this two conditions, two more conditions. So they make it four conditions are broken. And they say number three is that you must dawn the ihraam at them he caught that you cannot just come to alpha dressed in your Juba and you know you you just say I arrived by plane Island in arafa. I didn't even put her on No, you have to put them in the right place at the right time. And this is something that becomes a rookie to them. And Imam Abu hanifa sees this as being a shot. It is a prerequisite it is something that must be

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done. But he doesn't see it as being something that will render your Hajj impermissible and the validity of it will be lost. This third, the fourth condition that Lima Malik and Alamin Ahmed hold is that you must perform say you must run from a software to allawah and fulfill that seven times. So now we've established that there are four out of can four foundations of hedge for your hedge to be accepted by Allah. The first of them to be an out of that and the prophets I seldom said and had you're out of a hedge is out of it. To be there before the sunsets until the sunsets in sha Allah on the day of alpha number two after autofit The next morning the next day that you attend to the Kava

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and make your falafel fall but you must go around the Kaaba circum combi elated the seven times of your life number three according to an Imam, Amma De Lima Malik they add to those two conditions that you must be in a state of Iran and having put their home on in the Makati at the place where you come to attend to your HUD and number four that you make Salah you between Safa and Marwa those are the outcome. These are seen as the four hour can now an Imam Shafi he adds two more, but they are seen as being things that are technically not completions two these are can in the also living in Mammoth Shafi. He sees that shortening the hair and shaving the hair or shaving the hair is also

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a token it is also a compulsory act that can't be left off. And finally, he says number six is that you have to do everything in its right order. You can't, for example, do to offer the father before you go to autofit and think it's valid. No you have to do autofit first, then too often the father The next day, and then you must do the same. You can't do the SAT you before you do the toe off. According to an Imam Shafi basically most of the Imams they agree on the very first for the very first for being an alpha doing falafels the auto off with a father, being in a state of Iran when necessary, necessary as is the tradition of the prophets. I sell them at number four to perform your

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side between Safa and Marwa. Now if any one of those four are missed, then the pray and then the Hajj itself is rendered void and no reward It is something you have to return another year to stand on the plains of out of them. We're going to talk now about the second chord category which is the wedge of acts what are the wedge of compulsory deeds that must be performed for your HUD to be valid. Now why did you act if they are forgotten, or if they are missed due to any reason they can be made up or they can be expiated there's a way to fix it. And you can expiated it could be by providing them you offer a sacrifice to feed the poor or you give food to the people to make up your

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mistake of not performing that way. What are the words you bet?

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first of them is to have your firearm for the whole time of the Hajj as is required in the student of the prophets on the law to send them so to have your Iran as you depart from Mecca, mocha Rama and descend into Mena. And as you go from Mina into alpha and after alpha as you head into Medallia and spend the night and until the sacrifice has been done and you have a

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pelleted done the GMO rot, that you should be in your state of Iran that is seen as a wajib. Now, if if for whatever reason somebody exits out of that state of Iran, they have lost their firearm something of that nature has happened, they can offer a dem they can offer a sacrifice to make that up and their hedge is still valid number two is standing at alpha until the sunset.

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Now, you will notice we said the rule is to be at alpha on the day of out of that, now, it is from the wild you have to be there until the sunset and you will notice that the authorities will not allow any buses to move at some some people might actually get on the buses as the sun is setting because they are forced to be the first to leave but they are not going to leave out of that and cross its boundary until the sunsets and this is by the dictate of the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed so I sell them it is our job if for some reason somebody did attend to offer made an offer and then had to leave their reward is going to be achieved for Hajj but they have to fix that

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mistake of having left before it's time number three from the things that are why'd you is to spend the night in was delivered so after the day of alpha, we descend from alpha for either about two Min artifacting and then defend his guru la angle Mashallah hora make sure you attend to all Mashallah ramen and measureable haoran is must deliver and was Delica is something that is considered an obligatory act, but if one has to leave, for whatever reason, then it is something that can be made up by sacrifice. We know one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that she was old and the departure she the Prophet gave her permission to leave before the night had come to an

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end, so that there would not be injury or difficulty upon her. Now according to an Imam, Imam, Imam Shafi, the one who leaves was Delica without a valid excuse, I don't mean it's because they're older it's because they are sick or it's because they're weak or they're Enoch, company that is forcing them to leave their their the majority of their mother for example, they have to leave with her. If not, if you have no reason to leave was dedica and you leave then you must expiate it with offering a slaughtering an animal as dumb as as a way of making that up. And this is according to Lima mathematic. Imam Shafi, Rahmatullah alayhi wa salam. If a person leaves after midnight, so if you

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spend the majority of the night in was Delica. And maybe two or three hours before dawn, we know the Prophet did not leave cisilion was delivered until the sun had begun to rise. He had prayed vegetables belly fat and began to rise. If you leave was Delica before this before the dawn, then you have not received the reward of sooner. It is something where you have been deprived from that reward at number four and number five it from the web is that we stone, we do the stoning and we do the shaving or cutting of our hair

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on the day of now, on the first day of aid, number five is that you and I should spend our nights in Mena, the days of Hajj should be spent in minute and this is from the great sooner of the privatised lm it is seen as an act that is wajib in the opinion of a man Malik in the opinion of mammoth shaffir in in the opinion of an Imam Ahmed, it is considered as sooner by Imam Abu hanifa. spending most of the night in Mina suffices. You have the obligation. So if you attend back to Mina to your tent, and you spend from Metalab until the half of the night has gone and then you walk back and and you do and then you spend the rest of the night and pray you're fed up in asiya or in shisha or in

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Mecca, then that suffices it and you do not have to make an offering of sacrifice. If you miss a night or two for each one of the night you should give a poor person a more debt which is about half a kilo of food or you give them a good meal. But if you miss all the night in Mina and you spend none of them, then you should offer a sacrifice of them. It should be a full animal that is sacrificed for expiating that thing the final two is sacrificing an animal if necessary according to the type of how to perform handwritten letter or Quran and so on. If it is something that is obligatory upon you, it should be performed and finally, that you should do pull off

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to make the farewell pull off that is seen as something that is an obligation and if you do not perform too often to adapt, you should offer a sacrifice to make it up. These are the seven obligations of why'd you bat for Hajj that are compulsory for a person to perform and if

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They are missed, they must make an expiation for their Hajj to remain valid. The difference we said between Luke and awaji is that the rochlin is a must. And if I look Nick is missed, it cannot be made up, you cannot have a second day of alpha. But that is something that can be made up, you can go back and make your call off, you can offer a sacrifice to feed the poor and so on. Whoever leaves out any mandatory action of the wedge of actions must compensate it by offering a sheep a goat or something better than it as a sacrifice and as a penance. And if anyone leaves off as soon as the act of preferable act, then there is nothing do upon them. So these are some of the rituals that

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relate to the rook and the worship. And we'll continue with our discussion tomorrow, where we begin to speak about some of them in detail. We're talking about the ROM, the symbolism of the ROM the reward of that ROM, may Allah allow us to be in a state of ROM and stand on the mountain of odd offer year after year. Allahumma Ameen. This is your brother. Hi, Ibrahim, what's up Mr. De Kumar rahmatullah wa barakato

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kucha please once again, continue