Yasir Qadhi – Clearing Up The Misconceptions #02 – Interviewed By Imam Ibrahim Bakeer

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various criticism and injuries related to the media, including the media's stance on certain issues and their lack of diversity in their approach to criticism. The speakers stress the importance of finding the right people to criticize and provide examples of how reform has been successful. They also discuss the use of language and language learning to avoid confusion and distraction, the importance of understanding the art of drama, and the need for evidence to support their position. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning about the differences between Islam androws' work and finding one's own way to achieve goals. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and not criticizing anyone for their actions.
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jelly either call up the aromas the heathen da Seanie we're gonna

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a lot of fun little Hema ham the lowest level salam ala Sula, Nabina Muhammad wa and he was happy as mine we talked about 10 criticism with CIF yes sir Now inshallah in this part we will continue other getting very hot by the way share

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shell okay just we want to to clarify, it's up to you and again for the record chakra this is your initiative your questions and I'm more than and by the way anybody Wallahi anybody who wants to talk with me about any issue, failure to hobble My Messenger is here come anytime I have no problem speaking with any person of him or even anybody, just a Muslim wants to come I have no problem. I just want that ready by there was just we collected more than 100 criticism then we summarize all of them. It became law you say? Well, you mean you and your migrant? Okay. I because I don't really follow my critique. I don't really follow my critics. And I think the honest chef and again for the

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record some of the people I think it's almost useless to even defend they already made up their minds. Yes, but there are many who are open minded and again, will lie It's not from my, my shortsea but sometimes the criticism is slanderous and an outright lie. And I cannot and I cannot be it hurts will lie it hurts to say that I allow Shilka with a biller to say that I'm pro LGBT or Oh, the biller Subhanallah had aborted on our team. And again, anybody who sincerely believes that I have, you know, he sincerely believes a share horse color or whatever May Allah forgive, but anybody who propagates these Bata and anybody who is slanders intentionally, I have said on the Day of Judgment,

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we have a hisab between this person. Okay, just to summarize all of them in 18. One, we talk about 10. Now we have eight in this sport insha Allah Okay. Criticism number 11. Is that chef you said that you can pick any madhhab? Which is seems best for you? No, this is simply untrue. I challenge anybody to find any clip like this, I have always said, you have two options in front of you. Either you follow your madhhab and stick to it. Or you're talking about the Sunni mother. Yeah. So anyway, that form of the you know, the form of that, okay? Or you follow a chef and Adam that you think is qualified, and your intuition and your conscience tells you this is a person who fears Allah and is

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sincere and has been, and you ask the chef, whatever question and you follow, you don't have to ask the mathematician as long as he's a mainstream movie and Adam, you are not allowed to pick and choose your photo based upon what user tries to let people know the shakes is okay. Anyone you will love just go this with either No, anybody good for you. Anybody? Anybody whom you feel fears Allah? And has in you have to make a judgment in the end of that. Yes. Yeah. What do you expect the army to do? Yeah. And what do you expect the average Muslim in America? Who is he going to follow? He has to make a small he had about who's going to make the big wish they had for him.

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He has to make a small digital ad about which which the head I will choose. And I have been very clear, I am never calling to myself brothers or sisters or whoodle Biller, find the people of knowledge whom your heart finds comfort in, and Wallahi. I say to his Allah as my witness, if you find a group of aroma, who say to you, so called the we don't know who he is, and it's best to avoid him, avoid me and follow those aroma. As long as your heart is content. I'm not calling to myself. But if you find what I'm saying helpful or beneficial, have them in for the end. If you find it mistake, you will come to me come to me and let's have your polite dialogue. But whatever what one

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thing you don't need to do is to get involved in scholarly debate when you're not discovered. One thing you don't need to do is to get involved in internet drama. When you don't understand the back and forth. It's not any It is enough you only have a Muslim, that it is enough to be considered a liar that he considers that he sorry, it is enough to be considered a liar or profitsystem said that he keeps on regurgitating what he hears from other people. Don't talk about other people concentrate on yourself.

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Perfect criticism number 12 That usually matches your story.

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Basic check that you are denying the existence of Jewish Jewish nowadays, that you said they are there that you said that we will come at the day of beer as a sign from the signs of the Day of Judgment. You believe that became in the beginning in the early days.

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And but you do not believe the existence of your usual measures nowadays. And there is Hadith says that the art exists and the obligation from the J. And so as I have explained, this is not again a unique position to me actually, Sheikh Abdullah Saudi who is the Teacher of a minute with me and held the exact same view, and also one of my teachers in Malaysia, Masuda samurai actually have the same view as well. And also

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to be as well, and there's multiple multiple remember that once again, the problem comes again, I have said this respectfully, the majority of those who are involved in prioritizing criticism of other people they are not qualified to criticize in the first place. This is really I think one of our fundamental problems is that we've created a mass industry of entertainment via the drama of criticism. And so when people aren't qualified to discover faults yet, with the position I hold, is a minority view, by the way, with utmost respect, again, I am not aware of any book of al Qaeda, putting in their mutton of al Qaeda, that a part of the athlete of the Muslim is that they must

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believe that yeah, George and George are trapped behind the wall. There is no book of it that that I'm aware of, of the early times of Islam and I have read many, many of them. That has this as a part of its Aveda. We believe in judo modules they existed in the past the Quran says so we believe that will come in the future. The hadith says so as for the issue of them being trapped behind the wall right now, there is only one explicit Hadith in this regard. And it is in the genre of a Timothy and a half an Ibn cathedra himself says that this hadith is life and it seems to be from the Israeli yard. If you remove this Hadith from the picture, there is no explicit evidence that yeah,

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Gemma Judah are currently alive trapped behind the wall so I don't have so again, one needs to understand Sunni methodology is what is that if the prophecies said we accept it but what if he didn't say it? How do we know he said it when the hadith is life and some person says the hadith is life and I believe that this is life also one of my teachers and mentors has an entire chapter in article online you will find it about why this hadith life and you will find this

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also, what are the students had been Earth Damian wrote three articles about this hadith, explaining why it is weak, the head that the hadith is weak from it, it's not standpoint. So my opinion. When I first the first lecture, I gave about a shot Assad. I was

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follow shahada al Abadi who said the hadith is Hasson so I said the hadith is hasn't we must accept it. That is what I say if the Hadith has hasn't been accepted, but later on, I discovered actually no Shephard money could be mistaken, and had been cathedra and Funan. And fauna and they all say this hadith is weak. And so when the hadith is weak, there is no evidence to suggest that they are currently you know, trapped behind the wall. So my position is, therefore this is what I consider to be the more appropriate one. But at the same time to make this issue an issue of al Qaeda is itself a problem, because it is not an issue of al Qaeda. No scholar of al Qaeda said or no mainstream

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scholar and no authoritative book said that of the beliefs of Allah sunnah is that there are billions of people currently trapped behind a wall somewhere on Earth. And perhaps one day I'll give a library chat where I explain this in more detail. But again, what I am saying unwashed Turkish media, the famous alum of of India, shall crush you the reader within our society. All of them they held this view, of course to be has a similar view as well. Plenty of said this as well. It's nothing new. But unfortunately, any the

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call to be by the way, he has three opinions. The first opinion that the art exists, but he does not like this opinion. The second opinion he said the won't come we won't come up with it as a sign. He actually has even more Yeah, you have this No, no, not you have any of the V will come as a sign. Yes. But at the moment Columbia himself he mentioned Serbia, yes. Because there is a well known opinion. And again, people don't know this, that there is a mainstream opinion that the vs about your manager that are coming right had to either put Judo judo, how many cool they had their opinions, you know, actually many aroma said this was the title invasion, the Mongol invasion. And

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they said it is not from the shot Assad towards the end of times, it is from their softer side that is happening right now, this is a mainstream Sunni opinion. But once again, unfortunately, any hour, you know, and that's why it's difficult to say this because it really comes off as harsh, but Wallahi and I advise the brothers that look at who's doing the criticism, look at their track record and look at their

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gaining of knowledge. Generally speaking, senior onomah are not involved in these types of things. And to make it a problem and to make it an issue of acne that is itself a problem. The position I hold is very mainstream, it might be a minority, I agree. But it is mainstream, it is well known. It is well documented and it is something that also the Sunnah, affirms Walla Walla Baraka law fiction or criticism number 13. That you give fatwa that there is allowance to

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Whew, shaking hands the opposite gender. There are many opinions that I'm sure people will find problematic. No problem. This is what filters everybody knows this is one of the quality of the shaft very meta, which is not the standard that position but it's there that if there's no shadow, then it is allowed. Everybody knows that this is the position of many councils, including European and is also the business of chakra Dhabi and others. If somebody disagrees then don't do it. But what I said actually is that it's my crew to be technical. I said it is my crew, when there is no shadow and it is haram. If there is Shadow shadow means desire and lust. It is macros should be

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avoided don't make it the norm. So if somebody doesn't like to follow no problem, but I don't see we will. They will say that there is Hadith and maybe Salam Salam said a new father.

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himself says the hadith is weak. Jefferson he himself says his life

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she says only make this hadith weak. Yes. We don't have evidence for this spirit that hamstrings. That's yeah. Okay. Okay. Shabbat number 14, at hdwd Wallace law that you said literally that we have to make changes, compromises reforms in our religion. No, I never said this. Once again, look at the videos and listen to my context are always a biller. We don't make reform in the dean or with a biller Dean is the dean of Allah azza wa jal, but in the ideas of men in positions that were held 500 years ago, no problem. Yes, they just need this done in the community. This three item what, what exactly is every generation doing except rethinking through and representing what every

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generation is doing. So the notion of applying fit to our times in the context that we live in, this is what fit is, this is the essence of fit. Fit is meant to be applied in Walker, it's not meant to be only studied theoretically. So when I talk about reform, it is not as the religion is law, it is not of the religion, it is understanding the understanding of a previous generation. And this is well known again, in fact, and again, the irony is that even those that wish to be dogmatic and what they believe their movements themselves were movements of reform. So then there's the movement was itself an Islamic movement of its day. The Deobandi movement was a dislike a movement of its day,

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right? Every movement, it began as an Islam for the time. Now, later, scholars wanted to stick with the earlier version of the movement, but the initial movement was an Islamic and there's the the movement they had to be, or else what how would they benefit the OMA? So again, to be clear, what I'm saying, and anybody who does not understand this, all you need to do is to listen to my q&a is that I've given I have I think, over almost 300 detailed q&a sessions I have online on this YouTube channel, go look them up. Anybody who says I really do believe that I'm trying to reform Islam, or we do believe this is Gibbon Baudin. Go listen to those fatawa What do you think is reforming? I am

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faithful to the text of the Quran, and to the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal, Allahu Allah, your sentiment, even to traditional Islam. The irony of ironies that I find is that the actual progressives, who consider, you know, many things likely want to be halal, and you know, what not to be the actual progressives, they will be a fundamentalist, and those that are on the more, you know, ultra fundamental, this idea of able to be liberal and whatnot. These are labels in here last semester made to move out in the end of the day, methodology and real examples speaks louder. So anybody who doesn't understand what I'm trying to say, listen to my actual talks about my actual

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fatawa that I've given and how I make it's the law of those fatawa this is you see it in front of you as Subhanallah I mean, there are so many things I can literally a simple example Nikka have a Muslim or with a Kaffir

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Some arola are saying it is allowed. I have put my foot down No, it is not allowed by Iijima it is not allowed. Okay. And many other things in this regard. So what are you talking about reform? What what issue quote me and evidence or an opinion quote me a position that I've held that has contradicted the amount of the OMA or explicit, every filthy position I hold, you will find mainstream aroma advocating it so when I talk about reform, it's not in the deen it is in a previous generations understanding. And there are many, many examples I've actually given these examples. For example, the books of filk say the books of filth, not the Quran and the Sunnah, that the prisoner

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should not pray salata Juma,

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the Muslim prisoners of America, they have the constitutional right to pray tomorrow.

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Should we tell them the books of fixate don't congregate for Joomla? Or should we understand that given the current time and place we live in, we should fight for the right to have Joomla in prison.

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You should have you know fill up the books or fix a Joomla is not obligatory upon the prisoner massaging it should not you should not pray

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What another example they given on my Facebook, the books that fell on the mother hips say that when the wife falls sick, the husband is not obliged to pay. This is all for the hips, even if she died, this is all covered for her. This is all format hips have these types of views. And I say this is not the Quran is talking about this is the type of the Jesus mentioned Hadith and the BISAZZA lumea bathala. This is the Taj these are again, they're in the hands of men in the application of a previous generation, not our biller or who the biller in the changes.

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Changing event, I don't have the right to change the deen of Allah. Nobody has this right to change the deen of Allah. But the opinions that I have just said are not the deen of Allah. They are opinions of a previous generation. We respect them while they respect them, but we're not obliged to follow them. Okay, the show after that writer wishes Shabbat number 15 or criticism number 15. Is that you try to say that home region one and region, the same topic that home for the home wish they had home they have the rich they had. And also recently scholars they have helped either to criticize the older scholars or to have another she had, like it's different than the rich they had

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some why we don't just follow that she had of our mashallah and famous scholars, just let us follow them. And that's it. Why you have to have right? Firstly, I'm not I'm not saying this is my right I have to wait a bit. And secondly, I'm following for senior Obama than me as I have said, I don't have a single filthy position that is unprecedented. Now as for those who say that we should not, you know, break away from the former DIB we'd have to stick with what they have said in the past.

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I respect that opinion good for them. I just think it's not the healthiest for the situation we find ourselves in I don't criticize them fee him higher fee him a class fee him taekwondo. But I think if you want Islam to flourish in the Western world, we have to understand the muda hip were codified in a different time in place. And the muda hip is not what Allah revealed.

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Allah revealed the Quran and he sent us the prophets, Allah liason with the Sunnah. This is our sources. We respect them, we would not be here without the Medina. But I don't think we are obliged. I mean, how can we say we're obliged to follow a method? You're saying Allah made it wajib to follow a method called How to BronyCon we respect them a dime, and it is healthy. I say the default is a person follows either your shareholder method, no problem, or as I said this right. But to say that it is wajib This is Jana, you're saying Allah is hunting for himself? He is He is the one who said, whom ritual Allah Sahaba one and by the way,

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if it is well known, but then they will say about honey facetted, who are you? So again, you get it? Who are you

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about the sahaba? Who is here? So this is what we call an emotional argument, an emotional argument. We speak to them about it, but it's not obligation. It's not this what you say it's not

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criticism number 16. Jeff,

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I think we talked about it before, but the thing is just what is your opinion about what is your opinion about Jizya? About Jizya? You know, that it is a part of our Sharia, that Allah azza wa jal has mandated it as a default, but that given the current time in places and given the fact there is no Khilafah. And given the fact we live in nation states, not me, our Allama have understood that it doesn't make sense to apply the jizya for a nation state against you. This is a very deep issue, a nation state and a Khilafah are two different systems of government in a nation state the juncea Everybody has to be the same the liberty and the mercy and the Muslim. If he's Masuri. He's going to

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be mostly you can't have a gradation in the agency in the nation state where Illa it's not a juncea Right. Every American has to have the same orals they're not American, right. Every you know, a Mauritanian every Yemeni has to have the St. Lawrence. They're not they're not Yemeni, you cannot have a gradation within the juncea system. So the concept of the nation state of the doula is radically different than the concept of a Khilafah. The Khilafah has a totally different so now we have a problem. The problem is in the modern world, there is no hereafter we have nation states. So what do we do with the books of filth that have issues that would make sense in a philosopher, but

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don't make sense in the modern nation state? All I'm saying Go ask your Enema of the other countries. Why are you why are they asking me about Jizya? I'm living in America. Go ask your lover of the Muslim lands. Why are they calling for Jizya because they understand as we said in a previous session, today is different than modern so we never would have been, I have never and this is right to the try shift to let you get seems to your followers that you

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or rejecting the Hadith rejecting something from the this is what was at all. Criticism, my client is very clear chef and again, anybody who listens to my prepared lectures maybe sometimes in an unprepared response, I might have an incorrect slip of the phrase, but anybody who listens to a prepared lecture, I would like to say that it is impossible for a sincere person to misunderstand what I'm saying, well, Oh Allah, criticism number 17, that you have conversations with those who are enemies to Islam, and you have an agenda.

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I do have conversations with those who are disagree with maybe some of them, I disagreed very strongly. The point of those conversations is not just to explain to them, but more importantly to those followers who their followers who look up to them. I remember almost 17 For 15 years ago, Tony Blair offered a class and at Yale University, and it was a

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an issue for me Sure, I had to take that class or not. And I eventually took it. And I felt that overall the benefit was more because I was able to speak to him directly. And I explained to him the anger that the Muslim world feels and I told him point blank to his face in front of the class that you know, he will have to answer to his Lord on the day of judgment for what he has done in Iraq. Now again, some people can say this is no no even sit with them. That's their opinion. I don't What do you want? I mean, again, what is the alternative?

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I don't know what to say to this. It's to me this is they're living in a world different than mine. What else can we do except deal with our enemies deal with people we don't like explain to them our views, and even if we don't affect them, there are people like again in my own case, my entire class was behind me against him at you everyone is a non Muslim. Everyone is a very powerful whatnot and throughout the course of the semester Alhamdulillah Yanni. As they say, texting Cubana, I managed to get my side to the to my audience, right? So even if even if, let's say, Tony Blair, his heart is Casia he's crosswords they'll call he's not listening anything. How about the people in the

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audience? And also, I felt that nobody is telling him point blank what he needs to hear. He's surrounded by his own entourage of Yes, men we call it in English and yes, men, you know, like everybody's crazy and whatnot. In any case. I don't know. I don't view this as a criticism there. Right? I speak with everybody and I speak my mouth everybody. And I think this is what my religion caused me to do. I don't see this as a as a criticism. Is that from our deen to have conversation with our enemy? How can it not be what is the entire zero? You be harsh when you need to partially restrict when you generally need to do examples because Allah was sitting good, someone doesn't

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believe in Him.

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What do we do? The whole Syrah is what other than giving our to the Quran to represent the Sierra was less true than others.

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Even though I'm to make this How about Christians have not just on the questions of John coming to the masjid, and actually doing their rituals, as I mentioned,

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right now, it's literally the end of the process. They didn't accept Islam. They did not accept Islam, but for a week, maybe even more than this for a week. They are worshiping they were worshipping the Masjid. This is what the Hadith

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says this is what not not my point being that, again, I don't understand this criticism. What do you expect to do except you're going to sit with the one who disagrees? You're going to convey the message and you're going to make sure that the people in the audience understand now in order to do that, Yanni with Tony Lear, for example, right. Yeah. And you have to sit as a student in class, you have to dress you have to interact and smile, if somebody says or with a biller whatnot. Okay, you have I don't know what to say you have a different way of going about, you have to have a type of dialogue to have a type of gentleness when you speak and talk and get your point in a way that

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you're still in the audience. Yeah, and if I throw an egg at him, or more than this, what am I going to accomplish? What so I don't understand what Danny they expect of this type of good thing. And I don't see this as a criticism, man. Yeah. I don't understand the criticism to be honest. By the way, I have to say this and you know that Sheikh Abdul Karim Rahman, Allah, Allah said, everyone says that the non Muslim people haven't tried to come in the masjid and to have something from their worshipping in the masjid. If anyone says that, which is all those who are criticizing you and this point, we have this belief of metal claims it literally you are following someone. It's not a school

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license, the license I mean, the Sierra shows that the he allowed to say something Well, nobody mentions is what can you do any other con? Like I said, a lot of the people who are criticizing and whatnot they haven't studied to a level that gives them the right to be critical of certain opinions. Okay. Criticism number 18. That

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what is your view about those who are mocking the Prophet Muhammad said Allah? Clearly, he said,

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that you are not clear and you are not like Waldo, with these guys that I have said very clearly by Iijima of the Ummah, the Muslim who does this has become monitored and in an Islamic land the penalty of read that will be implemented against them. As for the Zimmy, even in an Islamic land, they now have a position of the minister because there's a me is the one who is a non Muslim living in a Muslim land in Okinawa, right. Now, Sania Yahudi living in Africa for them me who mocks upon His Messenger, that Hanafis have a different position the other three methods. So if anybody again I find this interesting like how what how is this problematic to mention the enemy position? As for us

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living in non Muslim lands, what do they expect? And again, I have been very clear, we do not have the right to enforce any version of the Shetty upon the people living around us not at all. We are citizens of a land that has a different law, just like the Sahaba in Ethiopian Habesha, they did not implement the Sharia, a person became monitored in Habesha, the cousin of the Father and well known we can move to inhabit a distant Collegium saying, they became worth it. You know, abdulmajeed became Burton and habitat, what did they do? Nothing. They didn't shut the hair on his head. What are you going to do? It's Habesha, you cannot employ it. You are not judge, jury and executioner to

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do this. So again, I don't understand the problem in this regard. The Shediac is very clear. The Helcom was very clear, and Samia has an entire book on it. The Muslim who does so there is EJ Ma, the Zimmy. Who does so there's two opinions, the majority and minority but the one in non Dowdell Islam, what are you going to do? We oppose? We speak out against we correct the misunderstanding. We're very angry at this. But what are you going to do? We cannot be violent and physical. Oh, the Billa. This is not our need to be violent in physical and even endowed with Islam. You don't be violent to the physical, you take it to the court of law. You go, can you imagine if every Muslim

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was told judge, jury and executioner? You decide what is? Blasphemy? You dislike what is so clear? No, even in a Khilafah and they're following the majority opinion not Hanafy position, majority opinion. You will go to the call the you will go to the Psalter you go to the maxima you go to the judge, and they will then decide. So then what do you think, as a minority in America, in England and Belgium? I don't understand what they expect anyone to what do they want? So my position is crystal clear. The Sharia is very clear the hokum is very clear, but we are living in a land where the Sharia is not being applied. And we have to correct in a way that bility isin. She's lost to

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Allah criticism that you took your PhD from Western University from Yale University. So why you did this. Actually, this was the advice of some of my primary teachers, from Medina, actually, including her show called alchemy. I had interviewed rather me by the way, he passed away earlier hameau he was one of the people who also told me that she should get your PhD from abroad. And also, she have suffered heavily as well. I knew him very well. I visited him multiple times. He knew me. He actually I went to him and especially if I'm concerned, I'm going to do a PhD you know, in a non Muslim University and whatnot. And he's literally he said to me, Lila yesterday he about Alec, and

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he is like you have to go and do it, you know, and he showed Johnny encouraged me to do so. Or people don't understand is that I'm not studying Quran and Sunnah and FCT and fix these institutions know these institutions, they teach you what is called OSU To learn more, maybe history or how to process how to analyze, it's a different thing. And again, this is a whole different topic. I've given a longer lectures about the differences in eastern versus Western education. So a person who wants to study the deen for the sake of becoming religious must go to a Muslim institution to Alaska gem Islamia Malaysia, what not. And I would not advise such a person to go to any Western

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institution because they're not teaching the deen for the sake of Deen. But if a person wants to think differently, and that has pros and cons, and wants to understand history, because a lot of emphasis on history, and wants to us just understand evolution of ideas, and wants to understand from a different worldview, they teach you a paradigm which is not relevant to any one religion, it is a paradigm of knowledge. How do you process history? How do you look at the world, this what is called a soul or paradigm, it is independent of a dean or religion, it is simply a philosophy of science and of looking at history, there's a lot to benefit, and there's also potential problems. So

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to respond to this, I say, I mean, I thank Allah for for who I am, and I don't I understand that some people find this notion problematic and it's not meant for, you know, studying the Quran and Syrah and tafsir but listen to my lectures and see what I'm quoting. And you can judge for yourself. In any case. I have said very

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

Clearly I don't advise a Muslim to study for the sake of Islam. At any such institution, you would you want the dean for the sake of the Dean go to Rhoda Ma, but these institutions have a different purpose. And if you go with that purpose, there is much to benefit. And there's also potential negatives that I've spoken about in other interviews. It doesn't take you to liberalism, like what they are accusing you. It doesn't take you to liberalism, it's up to you if you want to go that way or not Jenny, how can any Institute drag you to something you have to decide to do that there are very orthodox very practicing people in these Institute's and there are those that are liberal, it's

00:30:38 --> 00:30:45

up to you what you want to do. So you are you are your own boss in this regard. And if you want to become on that paradigm, it's up to you to do so.

00:30:46 --> 00:31:34

Now, finally, just before I ingest this data, you have to know it I think that you don't know it. That about your videos, Shakira so called the main 1800 videos on his social media. Now we have YouTube we have Facebook, we have Twitter, we have also an Instagram and mashallah YouTube almost have a million followers or subscribers and on Facebook 1 million subscribers and followers and Instagram half million also and Twitter half million. So these are your platforms. Number one you did shave yourself made 1800 videos And subhanAllah you will be surprised because we collected all views on all his social media for one week. Our brothers in rehab we did this for a while much TV,

00:31:35 --> 00:32:18

our much TV I have been on too much TV most of back in the day Mashallah. We collected all your ideas, okay? Okay, it's quarter billion views, all your social media or your platforms. From that since you made your YouTube like fan of the law. And this is ask Allah for a class and COBOL ask Allah to protect my false and since ask Allah to guide me and to guide others through me. Ask Allah that the benefit that I bring about is much, much, much more than any mistakes and harm now that's all we can do. We have to be proud of you Schiff for our chef has a quarter billion views in all his social media and platforms. And also there is like 50 million people that they liked the video of

00:32:18 --> 00:32:59

the chef, and there is 1 million people we didn't like or 1 million dislike to the videos of the chef which the percentage is one or two to 100 every 100 people there is 98 People liked and there is two people disliked. So we have alhamdulilah datamine quarter billion views. This is just how like benefits for everyone who is watching. I have three messages before I end this inshallah interview one message for those who are watching CTR sir, and they are liking his videos. Please be like supporting to shift gears and call the support also. The Subhanallah the reputation of surety asset quality, it's like an obligation on us. I have to interrupt you because we should have to

00:32:59 --> 00:33:12

interrupt you should I have your sphere. I don't want people to get involved in social media debates. Wallahi My advice to people is to benefit support you it's your hack on us semolina it's your hack on

00:33:14 --> 00:33:52

making the motions of Shearson generically, but only without causing more fitness No no no more fitness just I'm talking about the support the regular support of our chef. Now he declared and he clarified every single criticism as the audience for Chef he I said we should he has helped on us to defend his reputation and to support him also, this is a shaky it's your hawk on us chef is the first message. The second message for everyone who is criticizing chef yes of Kobe. Without bad intention like with good intention. Brother and Sister please put this idea in your mind.

00:33:53 --> 00:33:59

In just a confessor combinator in fetida yen and to Cebu calm and Bucha Hara for to spear who Allah MF Altona the mean

00:34:01 --> 00:34:07

before you criticize, please make sure that GPS said this this is exactly what I did.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:47

I didn't like what I watch it from all these criticisms, but I can to check Yeah, so right away, I called him right away. And I started calling him in last Ramadan even in the time of the head Judo line, check. Yeah. So did you say that? He said, Yeah, how you said it. What's your explanation of this? Then I collected all these things. And I came to him to clarify these things. For those who are criticizing with good intention. Please, before you criticize and accuse anything, make sure about what you are saying Allah will make said with you the third message or the fourth one for those who are criticizing Sharia sir, accusing something with bad intentions. It duckula Fear Allah

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

subhana wa Taala you will be facing shitty acid at the day of judgment in front of Allah subhanaw taala I remember when you are criticizing our map, do you think that the new generations will let you be free they will be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

criticize you and they will accuse you a lot of issues in the future you just have 20 years or 25 years old, how much notice that you have how many books that you read before you make this remember your forwards now they will come in one day and criticize you and accuse you with bad intentions to this is my last message it also I want to thank my team those who collected all these letters my brother use of Akira Shala is like they didn't know you're doing this fashion also my brother in Canada at the Hamburg here my wife also my lovely wife and also team in homage to your whole family and those

00:35:39 --> 00:35:40

two Xactimate

00:35:41 --> 00:36:15

May Allah bless you, everyone knows the reality. I am very appreciative chef and I'm very appreciative I would never have asked anybody to do this because I don't think it's worthy of me I would never have wanted you know somebody to spend so much time but you did it on your own. And I am appreciated because Schiff I am human being in the end of the day and most of these now some of these quote unquote criticisms are somewhat valid. I have left one interpretation or another that's valid, but some of these Malaysia Bhutan slander about some of the things that you know, I love the Quran to be accused of avoidable I love the Shediac to be accused of saying something you know sort

00:36:15 --> 00:36:49

of hurts It really does. I'm a human being. So it is painful and therefore I appreciate the fact that you took the time to compile this list and allow me the opportunity to to defend and whatnot and in the end of the day, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada I ask Allah azza wa jal for a class for sincerity. ask Allah for your Daya. Idina salata Muslim I ask Allah azza wa jal to make the Quran the guiding light for us and to allow the Sierra and the Sunnah of the Prophet CISM to be our illuminating patha ask Allah for the Shiva of the Prophet says on a day to day judgment, I am not not assume I am not infallible, I make mistakes, I will make mistakes. I'm also at a time in a place

00:36:49 --> 00:37:28

where Islam is being attacked from so many different ways. I'm trying my best to preserve the dean of the next generation of this of this land and to defend the attacks. But because there's so many and so unique, there's no doubt there's going to be some mistakes. So my humble advice to those that are listening, when you find such a mistake, and you feel that the good is more allowed the good to overlook that mistake. And if you want to I would love that you correct the mistake with me directly come to me directly and wallah, he shall inshallah every single critic ever in my life that has come to me, has either left the criticism, or at least toned it down so much that has become

00:37:28 --> 00:38:01

inconsequential. Never has a person sat with me one on one and discussed a difficult issue, except that by the end of that discussion, things have changed. Either they didn't have the issue anymore, or at least they understood that I have an opinion that they can respectfully disagree with, unfortunately, share, can you sometimes people don't come directly and they find the mistake and they make it bigger, or it's not even a mistake or they spread it. And I think it's detrimental to the omission Well, I think is detrimental. We don't need more internal drama. We have enough external drama to actually worry about as we're speaking, what's happening in philosophy and what's

00:38:01 --> 00:38:37

happening to our Uighur brothers. This is what's happening in Kashmir. What's happening in India, as we're speaking Muslims are leaving the faith how many of our young Shabaab are leaving the faith as we're speaking the Shaohua attend Shabbat? Yeah, so you want to do something to my critics, I say go find these battles and weights the mashallah Tabata cola so much to do. And if you think somebody is wrong, then present something better, rather than simply finding the faults of the first person. If you think a methodology is wrong, defend the truth in a better way. And may Allah bless you when you do so this is my sincere Naziha so Allah who we want baraka and all our to Allah, Allah de CBD, drew

00:38:37 --> 00:39:11

it Allah azza wa jal, we're making our way to Allah azza wa jal, not to our personalities. So anybody who disagrees go ahead and disagree with adab go ahead and correct where possible and ask Allah for Hidin to consider before I end this I have small study in one minute and I will end inshallah with you one from Sahaba rasool Allah. He came to us with Eliza Salah means multiple time drinking alcohol, then one from the Sahaba Rasulillah Salam Salam told him Allah Anika Allah may Allah Chris you you are coming a lot and drinking alcohol you're going to have to Elber then also lays on the Allahu alayhi wa sallam told him and taught us actually with this unique statement he

00:39:11 --> 00:39:54

said, let me show you Tony holographic in the whole Roger loon. You have la hora Sula, he loves Allah Sula. Do not be with the shaitan against your brother if you have no see her come to him for the one who was drinking alcohol multiple times from this habit Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akka alumina la sua Habib, Chef before I end I know now why these minions are loving you. I discovered five things in the shell llama interview five things make this guy all these people love him Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen five things, knowledge as the first thing. The second thing Subhanallah smartness. Then the third thing Subhanallah kindness in the fourth thing Subhanallah

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

humbleness in the fifth thing and the last thing communication skills because of that Hamdulillah we

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Loving our chef Victoria son Cody are like a lowly welcome

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Zach Mala

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jelly either

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Galiana me a monster here. Doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed

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the what

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feels cool we Ruby to me. Jenny dasa, down

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