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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Oui, oui. Oui. Oui when they want

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to run fusina woman say Dr. Medina, me and de la medalla

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de La Moneda to Allah Allah you the hula Sheree cara, Vanessa Nirvana, Mohammed Abu ameba protocol along with the Baraka with Allah material for corneal Hamid.

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Ministry Pani Ragini Bismillah R. Rahman Al Rahim, Minami la sala Hamid occur in

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City Macedonia amaru Wakanda tada Pema chodron aka woman, the creeper in Malibu Marisa banca one absolu young man, the

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father of Billy maharsha 22 basura baleka Danica etica tuna pennisi de Vaca Danica Leo, mutton chop Wakata, Allah Pina Tanaka, you submit along with Medina, amen. Oh, we'll call it

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done dounia What will

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it mean to LA manga? According to bu sallallahu taala Allah University lamb, Allah, Nabi Mirza Gianni barbaric Lee okoma palani Salatu was salam, Salam ala NaVi masakazu Luna bu will carry him when

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he did our Sakina Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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Honorable Ana microm, respected brothers elders, do it Karima that I have recited before you in this verse a lot of people is that it gives us the recipe and the formula of something which every human is desirous of. Allah gives us the formula and the recipe of something which every human beat the believer or the disbeliever every person that came in this world is desirous of that. And what is that? A good life, a blissful life, a prosperous life. In this it karema Allah explains, who will become deserving of this blissful life and this prosperous life. Allah says Manami, lasagna Hamlin, Zachary avanza, whoever does an action of good righteousness, beta, male or female. And this is the

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beauty of Islam. When we speak of gender equality, then the beauty of Islam is, in fact, at times a lot of people is it has been so kind to the woman generally the stress is that Islam undermines the rank and the status of woman. But if we really want to grade and value equality, then

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the the yardstick of measuring equality would be that the very action if a male does how much reward does he receive any female does that action how much reward will she receive? Now, if we really analyze then at times the men have to exert themselves to attain a particular rank, for example, in the time of whether it at the time of further Salah in the winter morning, when the husband will stand up, perform bozo take his car out, rescue himself more so in our country because of theft and crime. Come to the house of Allah and perform Salah this sister this mother this daughter will get up in the comfort of her bedroom, perform buzu in her en suite and perform pajamas next to her bed

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and after future she will object into her bed. This man prostrating before leaving the house of a lot and this woman prostrating before leaving the comfort of her bedroom. They both will return with the same reward for performing project Sarah.

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The woman came to me via Kareem salatu salam ala rasulillah Jihad catchable llamada return for info Cebu Wayne cuchillo can one afternoon mountshannon Nisa na Kumara him from a dynamic value? The men they strive in the path of Allah they slay and they are slain, and they earn at the hirings of martyrdom. We sit at home we see to their children, we attend to their domestic needs. What is our share of reward? Maybe at a certain tone this woman she was sent by a delegation a woman, I believe a man lotrimin and Nisa and Natasha zote will have to often be happy. Yeah, I deal with Anika polynomial una manga who served the husband at home, attend to his needs, see to his children so

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that it is easy for him to thrive in the path of Allah, He will be standing in the thick of battle, he will be hurling himself into the midst of that battle, and yourself and your husband will enjoy the same length in gentleman's. So this is the beauty of Islam, Minami la sala, whoever does an action, mill Vickery. olsa, beat male or female, of course, what we mean, provided he or she be the believer, for any virtues, to earn your eternal bliss, and for it to become rewarding in the life to come. A man is the prerequisite. Allah does not deny

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Perhaps the disbelievers at times in social activities might even accept the believers. But for them, the reward will be granted to them in this world. In the name of fame. We see it happening around us. People who strove for their people fought for the people, Allah has given them fame, Allah has given them long lifespan. But as far as our greatest concern, I got four verses before you know, we are left America with Allah explains the regret in the sorrow and the despair of the carpet, when you will come before Allah thinking assuming, hoping that I will have somebody over for it in this world, Allah police that says in the 13 verse of the 13th use of the Quran machalilla

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arena for over opinion on karma. Allah says the good actions of the disbelievers because they lacked faith, the maximum it will earn them Allah the parable that Allah gives curve Ahmad, Allah says it is like ashes. Now as soon as he has no substance, it has no base it has no physical shape. Number one, it is excellent, this is the light that the similarity that Allah give. Then Allah says is that that be fulfilled in acid, it is ashes which have no shape, which have no substance, and in a furious wind blows, what will happen to that essence? Likewise, Allah says whatever good a copier does, he or she will be rewarded in this world compensated in this world with a long lifespan with

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material fame and recognition on the day of Tiamat. The first page of the 19 CFR Allah says, work Athena allama, Illumina Hamelin, for jalna onapa mentor Ah, when we will focus to the good actions of the disbelievers, we will make it into scattered dust there will be nothing when they will stand before law. In fact, Allah gives a very beautiful example in the 18 Jews in Surah Noor Allah says Casa de it and oma Allah likens the good actions, social activities, helping the poor, the needy, whatever it is, but because the pre requisite of that earning them reward in our case is a man which is not about Allah likens it to the Miraj. A person traveling and the reflection of the sun, you

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know, on the top or on the on the dusty desert. Allah says the man oma that person who has thirst, he comforts himself he consoled himself a kilometer ahead and I can see something sparkling it's nothing but water. Allah says this caffeine is consumed in himself. Let me die and I know I will have this and I will have that. But it is nothing What is that Mirage is the deception is a reflection of the Sun Hata evanka who Allah says distance the men he retains and resist sisters. They assume my parents will be quince Hata Elijah who look at the parables of the Quran. But when it comes to the point, lamb at the Messiah, he finds nothing there overjet Allah

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Saba, yes, you will find he is not there who is ready to take his elbow him. Fernando came when he was not a Latina, Vanessa, Phil hayati, Tanya, these are those people whose actions were rendered in vain because of denying the existence of the Lord. And the irony of the whole thing the Quran even further mentioned, they were under the impression you have to say no, and as soon as there's no one in this world doing better work than myself. This is the words of the Quran. I'm not saying it myself. We're who we are. And they were under the impression and whom that validate your sin as soon our doing good actions, but because of lack of faith, nothing will avoid them. What does Allah say?

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Hola que la Vina cafaro Biya to be him. These are those who deny the existence of the Lord Fernando de Mola whom Jamelia met he was not so there will be no reckoning there will be no scale, you will only only that person will have escaped who has good or bad but the one only has evil there's nothing to wait when there's both the time column and I'm sorry, how can I say yep, so nevertheless Allah say speaking of the recipe and the formula of a blissful life, a happy life, a prosperous life. What is it Allah says, Miami lasagna, whoever does an action of good beat a male or female briefly we spoke about this the equality of Islam in in rewarding paid the male or the female. In

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the first condition is that one has to be a believer for any action of ease to earn eternal reward. Yes, in the world, nothing will go unrewarded. You did something good Allah will compensate you but the believer Allah will give you in this world also in Allah will give you in Dr. Hassan Ravi allowed the grandson of nebulae Salaam, mounted onto a beautiful conveyance and writing with a shocked face. In comes a Yahoo he looks at him and he says Hassan But aren't you the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he says yes, but in your grandfather say that the word is a jail for the believer and it is paradise for the disbeliever Look at me in tone intented close. I don't

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have a conveyance. You are the believer. You are mounted on a beautiful conveyance. Hassan Robbie Alanna What a beautiful example. He says yes. So my friend, let me tell you what the joy and the bliss in the happiness that I'm going I'm experiencing in comparison to what might not he has prepared for me in gentlemen, this is a J

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and the agony and the stress and the depression and the tension that you are going through. In comparison, I haven't got time to open up the torment and the punishment of the disbeliever in Africa.

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At one time will pass on the dweller of journalism, and then they will decide to exercise patience in journalism. And what will they say that we noticed and observed in the world when a man had to serve a penalty? If he was, you know, a good person, he was a good prisoner. He did not violate the laws of the cell in the jail, then his penalty would be reduced. let's implement that theory. And let's not scream and ask to be taken out. Let's be patient who knows? By being patient and soft and gentle and tested? Perhaps we could be removed from the Lanham Act in years, one day of witches makran says Gylfi Santa equivalent 200,000 years yours in this manner will let with no one to

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respond to them updated, the capital will say so our

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agenda on savarna man and Amina salon Alena Ajay savarna, whether you screen or you observe silent, there's nobody to respond to your play. So what you are going through is paradise in comparison to what you will go through on the day of Tiamat.

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What does Allah promise good action for the highest antiva Allah promises a good life, a happy life, a blissful life? The very big question that everybody needs to know at this time and perhaps the world in its entirety is manana. Can you kindly define a good life? What is a good life, generally understood as a healthy life and a wealthy life? What's the good life, a healthy life and a wealthy life? If you have that to you, you have a good life. This is the fullest concept of many people. And this is how many of us define good life. But if we study Quran and Hadith, then we will realize that a good life is not necessarily at times, yes, it could be a healthy life and it could be a wealthy

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It could be a healthy life and it could be a wealthy life at times, but not always, for the simple reason that Allah promises a good life. When a man in America is found, every one of us unanimous unanimously will agree that a man in our mind is sorry, ha cannot be found of a higher degree in the galaxy of Umbria and Sahaba. Nobody could Excel them in these two qualities. Yet when we assess the life of these tools and servants of Allah, we don't find healthy lives and we don't find wealthy lights. Understand what has been said. Allah promises the good life. The general interpretation of a good life is a healthy life in a wealthy life. On what two conditions a man in America, he man in

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america sorry, how was found to the highest level in the galaxy of prophets, and in the noble companions of our Master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if anybody was deserving of that good life, then it was those people. However, when we assess the lives of MDR, mas Salatu was Salam. Then respected brothers and elders and ubering ceram, whom the Quran says in the novel sobre Muhammad Abdul Rahim, Allah testifies that au is a wonderful man. He's a beautiful person, he turns to me constantly. He has patience and tolerance, and our belief that tested a human a salat wa salam, that he lost his children. He lost his farm, he lost his belongings, he had to be separated

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from society. One day he his wife told him and employed him. Why not you invoke your Lord and asked him now to take away these difficulties and substituted with prosperity? Are you very solemn, cheered and he said, a lot of work but my Lord gave me eight years of prosperity, let eight years of difficulty pass and then perhaps I have the rights to ask my Allah.

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When it comes to poverty, which we rule out, if a man is poor, he has a bad life. If a man is wealthy has a good life, but go through these very wealthy people. What like Don't be deceived by that false smiles on their faces. If you go in those hearts and those arms, it's hollow. There is no happiness. There's no bliss, there's no joy between husband and wife, between father and son. They're devoid of divine bliss, and happiness bliss. Joy, as I will explain now is something that is inspired it cannot be purchased.

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With regards to poverty, just take the example of navire salat wa salam did he sit in and the color of his face has done pale Garvey ultra the alone who walks in, he noticed symptoms of hunger, manifesting on the face of navionics salaam without saying a word. He excuses himself. He goes in, he works for someone, he gets into some dates. He rushes and he comes back to LA Salaam, presents it before the VNA Salaam greets him and then smiles. The Vla Salaam realized the reaction of top because of the hunger of Mariela Salaam, he looked at him and he said our to hate Bernie aka aka Do you love me? He said by Allah I love your Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Then he says him said owner

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Mata Cole. Oh god that statement is not easy. Saying can ponder and reflect. To claim love to me will demand much from you ponder what you are saying Oh God, he looks into his heart. He says I swear by the grandeur of my law. I love your minor reseller license. Let me sell some said in quintessa data. If you are so honest in the claim that you made the little *ery teacher fapa then

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Prepare yourself for poverty then takuro Astra enam in your head boonie mina say de la Mancha haha verily poverty sickness calamity adverse condition comes first to those who love me then what rolls down a slope

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so that makes us understand that a good life for every one of us that desires it's not necessary a healthy life and a wealthy life then the million dollar question is what is a good life wanna define a good life and the commentary of this verse and then another it let me link this up the concluding verses of Surah Maryam woman are and decree fine Allah whomever a certain one cup, Allah says the person who turns his back to my remembrance, I will give him a light narrowed upon him. When

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Yama tiama and I will raise him blind on the day of Yama, he will stand up from his grave objecting on my decision, tolerance dilemma or certain Yama oh my lord here you perchance made a mistake that you have recently blind workers according to basura I was among those who could see in this world, Allah will answer in this objection of his Kanaka donica Jessica tuna finesse Sita waka Delica yo Mattoon Shah, you acted blind before my commandments. Today we are going to leave you with no one to listen to you.

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What is then a good like two qualities. Now Yeah, we say that Allah has promised a narrowed light for those that disobey Allah. Yet On the contrary, the external happenings outside is something contradicting both those that disobey your law, those that deny the existence of Allah, perhaps they are living in the most luxurious life, the most blissful life the most wealthy life, you name it in the habit and the Quran says that Allah will give them a narrowed light. Let us understand briefly what does this entail? The Allah mentioned two qualities that will determine and define a good life. Primarily, this will shape or focus on determining what is a good life. Number one, the great

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quality of contentment will be given to this person. What will allow granting contentment and what is contentment? The poet says aloud with your hurun aloud with your own Makana while for Rob Dunn mathema. The King sitting on his throne is a slave as long as he has greed and the slave is a king as long as his contents one person came to serve the other Gilani Rahmatullah Lee, and he offered a sum of money to him and he says, This is from my side, he refused and he says I don't want it and says please accept it from me. I will feel honored if you will accept my wealth says I've taken your wealth now what do you want says make dua what brought me to Allah has give me a lot of money. So he

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smiled and he said, I am better. I don't have and I don't want to have and you want more.

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And this is what the onomah say. Where the Quran says the one that is all there is Allah although certain Allah say a narrow line refers to the grain, while 70 who were who is one of the senior at Abilene, he said no, no in this world, along with snitch the quality of contentment from them. So they will own empires, they will own kingdoms, they will have anything and everything but the constant fear they have my rival, the constant fear that it will be snatched away the constant fear of the depreciation of the land, the constant fear of this and that will make their life miserable despite the comforts and the luxuries that as wealthy as they are, they will sleep by Apple. And as

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far as that pauper is he will sleep with Nope, well you don't wake him up. He'll never get up that man you don't sedate him you'll never sleep. Who is the king? Who is rolling? Who is happy? who is who is delighted? Who's enjoying his family. No time for Allah. No time for his family. How sad how athletic he owns so much but he can sit down for 15 minutes and have a decent meal. He's biting your running they're answering they're just scratching their sign in you're shouting their repairman in there. brother sister satellite, how long will this money the sub this kingdom this empire that what point will he take us when will we say enough? Someone looked at near a salon and he said ship Dr.

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sola la whenever you have a law it looks like you are aging. He says yes. Oh my Sahaba I think you are looking at the white strands on my hair according to authentic rewire. When you live this world at the age of 63. They were 20 strands of white hair. He goes on to say yes oh my Sahabi Shane yeah Bethany Lu aka the frightening description of Tiamat in Surah Hood has made the hair of my head become whites. When will the time come when the Sumit will start aging because of the fear of Tiamat When will the time come? When does own Midnight's will become restless with the fear of the torment of the grave? When will the time come when the oma will be restless in his bed, tossing and turning

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like he's doing today for payments and debts for the out of the fear of the unknown. But contrary to that, this man is aging because of his shock is enhanced because of his shop. He's got sugar because of his shop. He's depressed because of his shop is hospitalized because of his shop. He has severe ties with his parent because of his shop. Every evil associated to that man is because of that shop of his so when he's died and raised happiness

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The first quality we are only touching and time has lips. The first quality that will define a good life contentment, Allah says in lovely, Mr. Casa hula, oh my servant, if you will exercise the happiness on my distribution in your favor what I decided for you, if you will be satisfied with what I have decided, beat physically beat financially, whatever I have decided in your shed physically financially, you will be satisfied content, I promise are to come back. What are the neck, what's happening the mahamudra divinely, I will inspire you with such solace, such happiness, bliss, that even the kings of this world will not enjoy it.

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We're in luck. And if by chance you're not happy on my selection, I will pull your heart and mind with such worries. And end of the day you will only get debt which I've allotted for you nothing more despite you work in and toiling and exerting and exhausting yourself. The second quality which will determine and define a good life, as mentioned by the scholars of the theory is that such a person, regardless of the condition that comes on in Allah will give him the ability to constantly focus on the reward promise on this condition. So if perchance, sickness comes his way, he will understand he will try but if by chance, he is not cured, he will understand that this is the this

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is the world of myeloma, and like it comes into play in I mean, everybody man, a man who Allah Subhan Allah says there are some servants of mines. Only sickness will keep them obligated to me, if I cure them, as they asked me they will use that very talent that I will give them against my Dean to disobey me to deny me so out of my wisdom, I delay the acceptance of the law, but rather I keep it in accurate, it comes in the Hadith, that some people whom Allah Allah, Allah did not give them the riches of this world, and Allah withheld the luxuries of this world on the day of Tiamat. When these poor porpoise will stand up before law, Allah will address them and according to somebody

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wired Allah will apologize to them. And Allah will say all my servants, miles away to dunya, uncomely harmonica Malaya. I never withheld the bounties of this world because I did not like you. But I only did it because I loved you. I only did it because I loved you today you because of the poverty and the hardship and you might suffer in you endured and you persevere for inmail and ot acumen Yama, armonico, oh my servants, you will not be rewarded proportionate to your actions, but you will be rewarded proportionate to my grandia my status, my greatness and my power is what you want to ask for in in an authentic human do nothing is restricted us and enjoy whatever you want. So

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what is it constantly whatever calamity comes their way, Allah will give them contentment they will be satisfied with this is what my Allah has decided. Now I'm going to see in the sickness of mines in this property of mines in me losing my beloved How can I conduct myself as my Allah wants me to conduct myself and constantly focusing on the reward promise this is what Allah tala will random and as I mentioned, the one that is deprived of the obedience of Allah what is meant by a narrow light, we will be deprived of contentment, whatever he owns will never be enough. I terminate with one incident which I read on one mistake bought say I will send him an RR a year Sukira like the proverb

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says, lactate is either a Yama socket a sedative is Gemini really went out of the cabin so in flame Naropa cola bill Jimmy Lee, well, Australia cesarian workover, la escuela a fellow and men are COVID at the souris con la con Alma de we locally. If we elaborate on this couplets time will lapse. we terminate with this incident, one very occupied father as he is in his business in his shop in his factory, one day comes home. So your son comes in, he taps him, and he says that he can ask you a question and proceed unconsciously and proceed. By signing this I go to sort of this I go to play this What do you want? Oh, cricket.

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It's too occupied, too busy, the child waiting when my mobile and when will my father come? Like the poet says, like suddenly at the moment into a one woman one male hierarchy aka la vida Lila, if you sympathizing with that young child who has lost his father, and you call him an orphan, the poet says come and tell you about another orphan who has a father but he's too occupied in his shop. I think look at this child with the same eyes of sympathy. He also has a father but in essence he is deprived of the love of a father the compassion of the Father that father's morning and evening day and night is in the shop. What is it? Oh quickly. Oh my father. How much do you earn per hour?

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What do you want to know how much are you got your school by? You got your your your toys, you got whatever you want? What do you want to know how much I don't? Okay on 2018? How are you happy? Go?

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to Chelsea one more question ready? What is it? Can you borrow me temporary? you asking me like this? If you are my father, what do you want the temporary if I just gave you money yesterday it goes from you. The child turns away and he goes and it goes to sleep, puts his head down. And he falls off to sleep. As the moments pass, and the farthest tension settles. The thought crosses is that after all, it's my beloved my son, if I can give him money, who is going to give him so he comes to him and he texts him and he says

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My son, my beloved Son, sorry, tell me what you want. You want the temporary heavy. So the child loves his pillow. Take the gentleman, and he puts it under the pillow. And while the child is doing that the father sees another temporary.

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So he says, Oh my son, you've been asking me for 10 rent I've given to you I apologize. But I see you have another template. So my father had been saving money. Now that you have told me that you earn 20 grams an hour. I want to ask you can I buy one hour from you tomorrow, so that you can come home early, so at least I can have one hour with my father after five months, or my father you are too occupied. You're not to engage your money means everything to you, you will left Allah you left us also brothers if dismissed You can cry if this grant can cry. One night will cry in such a way that no baby has cried.

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You left the law you deserted Allah your bank and Allah now you came on to us you left mommy you left me your shop your empire your kingdom knows no bounds. So here is my 20 rent. Can I put it in your pocket? And humbly asked you and implore you please come home early tomorrow. I want to sit with you. May Allah led this incident penetrate into our hearts and our minds. And May He grant us contentment too.