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In unhemmed in learning murder who want to study and want to stop futile when our auto belay Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Medina Mayor de la foto de la one a little further ahead Jada wash

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Illa la vie de la sharika wash. hijo Mohamad Anna.

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I'm about to fire in North Dakota, DC

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Turbo turbo, well hydro Buddha Buddha Mohammed in solo bajada de wasallam was Shara Lumo Rima

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wakulla Desert intptr wakulla COVID-19 Bala that in wakulla Bala cynefin rubbish. Rahi sodbury while you're Sidley Emery Wahidullah codata melissani of Coco Lee after praising a lawsuit Canada Anna, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey, or rather completing a journey of these 42, a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be near Mati here to Tim who saw the head and why the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, righteous actions have begun and completed by Allah subhanaw taala allow the permission of Allah Subhana Allah and thus we find out which remains behind is that which will

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benefit the individual

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man in the communion for women in the law, he Burke, whatever it is, we do will perish with come to an end. Whatever is with a lot remains, those things that remain with Allah Subhana Allah are the beneficial things that we find either I'm not able to add them in Qatar, I'm alone in them in fairness, the son of Adam leaves this dunya everything of the individual comes to a standstill except for three elements.

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A subtle kajaria some form of sadaqa, continuous flowing of sadaqa for the individual, that helps that individual element into for a be some knowledge a person lays behind those leaves behind that people benefit from that knowledge. Or what I don't saw there yet the Buddha who are righteous progeny, a son or a daughter, who prays for the individual. As for everything else, a parish is away. either love it dunya Hera now benefit for the individual inside this dunya mo so inside the surah and as everyone has to leave this dunya khulumani early have fun while you go watch here Rebecca do Julia you will prom everything will perish in the face of this earth. Everything will

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leave this dunya except for the sublime face of Allah subhana wa Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah gave us the trophy and ability to see the sublime glorious face of Allah Subhana Allah would yo yo Madan. Now there are a lot of Bihar now there are faces that they would be radiant, will be glowing looking at this sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah amongst the most Pinnacle Pinnacle blessings of Allah sadhana T will Gemma is to see Allah Subhana Allah, these 4050 years 60 years old, 1770 years of worshipping Allah Subhana Allah, and a person finds the ultimate blessing, because those people who go away from the incorrect creed begin to differ away from that creed, from that belief, begin

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to reject seeing Allah Subhana Allah and as you find that the believers of Arizona will see Allah Subhana Allah, they actions will never go to waste, a loss of power, I never let the actions of believers ever go to waste, whatever they believe, or places upon this dunya Allah Subhana Allah multiplies that many times over and returns that back to the individual. The whole series of these ahaadeeth in SS have all been about a takuro L of law, if that's what the person can understand from these ahaadeeth How to come close to Allah, the whole of this journey. The whole of this dunya was the whole placement of the human being upon this dunya is a Takara Illa La

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La selon la Okayama Jana, when Adam was expelled from gender placed upon this earth, his intent was at the Kuru in a bar, or rodeo a de la welcome Phil Irby, Mr. kavon Juan Mata en la hain, you're going to remain upon this dunya for a short span of time, because the return is to Allah Subhana Allah, Adam just had to be placed upon this dunya to find his way back to Canada Allah and Allah and opened up the doors of Pharaoh tober Batalla de Muro de Cali met in La inaho autoweb Rahim, Babu Toba ej meanness, Allah Subhana Allah gave inspiration to add them La Silla. Further la caja de Moura de Cali Martin. words of inspiration are given to Adam and a seller. Even though after

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disappearing a lot of counterfeit agenda poured down upon this earth. Allah inspired him, man he had the kidney Matt, what are these words that are lots of pandaren mentioned or gave to add them? Well how la must sell them. As Allah mentions I saw two that are off

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by both of them said Rob Burnett, Willem nanfu sana williamtown fildena water hammer lenok una de Miel ha serene, our Lord, we've oppressed ourselves live every day.

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A person sins or disobeys Allah who have an offset overland. Look at NFC and NFC and I had the honor, oppression upon oneself upon one's family members upon this blessing Muslim oma, that we as we mentioned many times that which is destroying this Muslim Ummah is at the noble mercy, disobedience, rejection of a lost Panda and ascending continuously. And as this Hadees begins to focus upon repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah, that means forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala towards those individuals, those who find this hadith coatsy Carlota Baraka tiarella Jada Adam in the camera, the attorney what a Joe Tony Gover tilaka McKenna coming over to the camera and I mean

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Kabbalah barely our son of Adam, if used to call upon me, and to have this aspiration hope towards me and seek my forgiveness. McDarrah towards me, then I will pardon your sins will barely pay no attention to the mass amount of sins you may have carried out on the face of this earth and as we find our will and inside this heady Yagna Adam, as sheriff, Sheriff will insane Allah Subhana Allah when he speaks to human beings, speaks to Al Bashir speech the Mazel

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Tov or even the Quran you find it very unique. Yeah Al Kitab Allah speaks to al Qaeda via Bani Israel he speaks to these individuals in a language to address them now didn't feel that you find a lot of addresses and care for in a harsh manner whether it be Korea you will care for your own amongst us right okay. You said the quran

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quran you are cool. Well colo as for the mass amount of the Quran is always trying to address the intellect address the heart address the mind address the individual Yeah, you will insert now called Raka bira be called Kareem and Larry Hala, Kakapo worker for Adela Yeah, you will insane pushy men. Yeah, you will insert another Kabira beacon Kareem what has made you to deviate to go away? Go away from your Lord, the Most Noble the most kind, the one who created you placed everything inside the right form for the individual nakada lacuna incentive fee. So he took when Adam and a cylinder human being being created in the best mold in the best structure. These are the Quran you have to begin to

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address human beings who had their own armor filled Karanja your nurse or Buddha Allah. First command inside the Quran beginning Baccarat, the Quran just say oh believing individually all Muslims. Oh Al Kitab Oh yeah, Bani Israel,

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Israel in Iraq as an adult, Ernie had gone to the oval kulu Takara Bani Israel, the whole of sawtell back at the beginning, all the way until the first year just before our last program, he was at the teller Ibrahima. Boudicca limited Fatima one before that, prior to that 18 odd pages or 70 odd pages that we find is all addressing bunny extra aid, or addressing the children of Israel shaytani r g. Very strange the Quran is that is addressing these individual completely for one Jews. And then it begins to talk about Abraham and a center because the Quran wants to awaken people, as soon as via the previous nations, the living nations and the people that come after us. That's what currently

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germaneness Quran is for all mankind, at all times, at all places, at all environments. It is the everlasting miracle of Allah Subhana Allah that we lifted at the end of time, and as the Quran addresses the human beings gives them that shot of bunny Adam or children of Adam inside so that is raw that we find while aka Cobra Bunny, Adam, Warhammer Longfield very well. What does that mean have a bed for the night and Kathy Reman collabnet of dealer own guru in a shot of buddy Adam Alexander elementary will aka Benny Adam. He gave he gave nobility prestige, rank dignity to the children of Adam, Wareham along with very well by her, we took them over the land and the oceans,

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and we gave this human being a mob preference over whatever we created, the best creation of Allah Subhana Allah in that world, Bashar Al in cern is the human being is the best creation of Allah Subhana Allah, but yet this individual does not want to submit. This individual does not want to submit to Allah Subhana Allah, Ya Allah Subhana Allah opens up avenues daily inside Ramadan every night, every night, inside Ramadan and every night outside of Ramadan that we find, gives us the opportunity to return back to Allah Subhana Allah, Madame ohtani overland to call upon Allah Subhana Allah, that's the first beginning of Chicago Illa Allah Subhana Allah Allah to call to Allah Subhana

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Allah to ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah mentioned that sort of offer

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Color of Buddha Rooney as the Jabra come in the lead in a step Varun and Eva Did he say toluna Johanna Dehaene. Those individual arrogant, who don't want to respond to a loss of Hannah Diana will Cora boo Komodo Rooney esta gibler comb your Lord say call upon me and I'll respond to you and like what he's like, I feel the most greatest irony and talk about in the life of Hannah Dinah. The greatest is inside the Quran is inside sia Allah Tita Haddad and Ramadan, about the ayah that talks about Ramadan from verse 183 onwards that we find the greatest idea inside the Quran. Talk about fifth of Ramadan. Leanna had the most noble Quran when the Quran talks about Allah talks about dunya

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talks about tiara talks about Riba talks about Pollack talks about divorce, talks about what amulet, the Quran, you're j la ba and karunya jaydata koala returns back to devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah and there's a lot of times I mentioned where he does the need for in a hurry, or the Buddha did it at the end, but yesterday Bulli Will you know, be alone your show dude. I have no idea. Why does Salah care about the need for a new Karim? And the seven asks about me for in need Karim or snoogle Quran nacala Allah Subhana Allah aku for Kohli jemena Sakuya your soul say I'll miss you say to the people, because this is siac of the Quran throughout the Quran whenever people post these

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1112 question is are the Quran yes aluna Hilda yes aluna Annie row yes aluna Karina Cumbria when they said yes or Luca and in my head numerous questions inside the code and they asked you about the menstrual cycle. They asked you about the soul they asked you about alcohol about drinking of alcohol of gambling, they asked about yes aluna only a hinder they ask you about the present. What is the Quran respond? Cool, who say it's something harmful for a woman who will feed him my nephew early nurse say there may be some benefit in alcohol in fact gambling but it has seen is far greater in it. Yes, I do. Look at it I held up earlier mockito leanness, these are the structural ordinate

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of time structure for you to discover the time except for this one place in the Quran. What he does, like a birdie is seven asks about me. Allah never said for Quran. Allah never said to the prophet Elijah, some say to these people in the Caribbean close to them, because Alice kinda has no intermediaries.

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They are no inter intermediaries. Man boom Illallah Yukari buena Illallah has also had his secret crush while welcome for the courage to do people who worship idols and statues. We only come through these intermediaries to come close to a loss of Hannah Dinah Walla Walla, Rasul no angel, no individual no messenger can be an intermediary in front of Allah Subhana Adana, except for why he's been measured that he may place an intermediary and an intermediary be on the day judgment that we find is none other than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and even that will be by the leaf or the permission of a lawsuit Canada and the so called answers for in the aquarium. I am close by respond

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to me make the ad to me. This is something that many of us have forgotten and making in Allah Subhana Allah What a joke honey and a person has the hope and aspiration towards a lot Vandana in the EVA da is the is the brainchild is the element of A birder even as many elements made this hadith to be buried but the meaning is clear.

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Enough, who will be better and it could be better who would do

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every single worship is nothing but Darren had a solid that we find rock solid the solid that we perform. I mean Miranda Salah is a

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mineral be de la jolla who is a bar from the beginning to the end of a person understand that you're making the atoma Surah Al Fatiha custom to salata. benei ouabain abdiweli Abdi, my son, and he 17 times a day recite Surah Fatiha had it could see custom to salata a Salah hoonah What is this Salah, Al Fatiha I've divided and 30 into two portions. And my servant would have whatever he asked for, this is all there are even suited for the person who's making the asking Allah Subhana Allah to guide me to guide us that will make us among those individuals who have and the anger of Allah and Allah or those individuals who have gone astray minority OTL ijazah whoever has been given tofik to

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make the error has been given the response has been given the response. And as you find that whoever keeps on knocking at the door of that you find that the response is there will be eventually the door will eventually open. It may be a few moments of time. It may be a few years, but the response will be there. That's a bit of a Mojo Xia talking about and he's famous. Well, I'll tell him what I will say him, he said Kalamata eboshi Islami Tamia. Oh oh,

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resell resell it to Cuba due to Cuba.

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Allah Subhana Allah that

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a person carries on making direct to Allah Subhana Allah until it begins to ripen like a fruit. Well holy Collinson, Dr. Eva conical insulinomas. Arjun man is hasty. And he doesn't wait for the fruit just turns away turns away from the fruit The fruit is about to drop. That is the symbolic gesture of a person keeps a nourishing keeps and nourishing. Right at the final Pinnacle point when that response is to be given to the individual, the person moves away and loses the blessings of all that hard work as they say, I will be responding for every single individual. There could be some element of delay, and maybe that delay could be inside the Hara, or even that delay inside the earth or

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something which could be harmony inside this dunya Allah uses that Dharma for you and protects you from that harm. alleviates that harm takes you away from that individual. Now can Allah yes definitely opt in the opt in Baba unbabel ijazah is not possible that Allah will open up the door of the alpha individual and then close the door of response is not possible allow opens up the doors individually to make to return back to Allah and then he seals the door doesn't give that person opportunity for a response to be given inside this dunya What a joke Tony is a second element of this hadith then a person has the hope that aspiration that belief that conviction that you're going

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to respond that's when a person makes the other person doesn't say it freely in Schecter forgive me if you if you will, if you want to. That's not how a person makes out to Allah. person is asked forgive me if you want to forgive me that if I had eaten sooner, mm tirmidhi or their love unto me. pray to Allah McDarrah and you are in a full conviction inside your heart and your mind with each other. So in the Lola Yakubu and mean Calvin holofil know for a fact that Allah responds to the death of every single individual except for a heart which is heedless, a heart which is full of weakness, a heart that feels that Allah will not respond to Madonna had these inside the Son of God,

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call upon Allah with that ultimate conviction inside your heart, inside your mind that he will respond to me and you don't have that conviction, then this could be a cause or reason for why the other individual has not been accepted. And as we find that referred to La La Americana, mean Cavalia belly, then I'll forgive you in pardon you and I pay no attention whatever sins you are carried out upon this dunya Yep, the Adam, no, Bella, Lulu, Baka Anna Anna semi, he will earn our son of Adam, it your sins will reach all the way to the heavens and encompass all of the Earth from istockphoto and so from istockphoto attorney and he used to seek my forgiveness referred to let our

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belly out then forgive you, I will then pardon you and I will pay no attention. It has no impact upon Allah Subhana Dada, that they should impact a lot and and if He forgive the masses of people, it takes away something from the majesty of the glory of Allah subhanaw taala and that's the point kuliah a bad deal. Nadine acera who Allah and to see him. Talk to me Rahmatullah in de la quiero boo boo Jamia this ayah we find inside the Quran, say to my believing servants, who've oppressed their own selves takuna to Mira Mattila never display from the mercy of of Lima, Mirko Tobin's Anita seed to combat suburban new zoo, as some of the companions they displayed because of their previous life.

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Some of them

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had committed sins, some of them had disobeyed Allah, some going to kill people, somebody drank alcohol, somebody made committed Xena all everything that everybody in the face it is maybe doing so obviously they felt helpless. If it were what will happen, that the Quran is addressing them just like addressing us say to my believing seven o'clock not to me Rahmatullah do not display of the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins. No one should restrict the mercy of Allah. No one shouldn't codify it. Because many of us we fall into this trap that we think that Allah will not forgive such and such Muslim, Allah will will punish such and such a Muslim is not for us. We should explain this

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format for my psyche that we're existing at the moment and judgmental character that we find about the Muslim society around as Muslims around us, that Allah will punish us individually. What had mercy was the norm, even Muslim commit sins and disobeys Allah Subhana Allah diabetologia dimension, then a person's under machine a tuba is under the command of Allah Subhana darynda. If he wants, he can punish that individual. If he wants to conduct that individual scout free. No one can make that judgment. No one can have the audacity living on his dunya to see another individual no matter what their state may be. And say that this individual will not be forgiven bah bah, this person will not

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be manyata la de la who's the one who's taken off by my name, and saying so and so individual will never be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala that we should encourage ourselves to not despair but I say

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Time one needs to make that effort because some people just think just, Oh Allah forgive me and make no effort towards that forgiveness or Allah mentioned to gain the forgiveness of Allah. Oh well and you're clear and allow sia person needs to restrain from that sin needs to retract themselves needs to pull themselves away from that same person can't just be standing naked. Oh Allah forgive me and makes no effort. Makes no effort no physical effort person if a person may Allah forbid is drinking alcohol, taking drugs, committing Zina, then a sign of Toba. But that person is a nuclear Anil Moussa person at that moment and retracts themselves, makes up that strong azeema that strong

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conviction inside their heart and their mind that now I'm going to walk away from this sin, ignore whether he comes back to that sin again inside their life. Leave that chapter alone at that moment in time, and you're clear on El Moussa, the person has that strong azeema that strong conviction inside their heart and their mind. I'm never going to return back to this * again. And yeah, Zima Rue de la vida. Secondly, dynamics a conviction never to return back to again to that sin, and 30 day fine, and gender mallamma hacer la saarbrucken. And then a person feels regret feels removes persons who feel remorseful about their sins had even sooner even merger in another who are Toba.

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When a person feels regret that is Toba. Because today's I do find people like to boast about their sins. They like to boast about their sins, they like to disclose these sins. A person should feel shameful. She feels upset. Now how could I disobey Allah? How can I do this inside my life? What happened to my mind? What happened to me? How could I become such an individual to do such actions? And then if a person tries to cover that up, conceal everything about them? That's the fight of Sahaba? Do you find somebody the companions that we find you find strange elements about their life? Or

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that we find old that's a massive was the news that we find. But we find that dramatic change inside his life that no one could ever imagine? This is the same room with a kebab that used to exist before. No one could imagine a scholar who leave the country america this is the same individual who you should do these actions before. Now look at this individual, that if and this is a term here, this is October, these are reviewed in the last panel, Diana, that the person has this ultimate conviction, this ultimate return towards Allah subhana wa Miyamoto and oddly enough, so for my socks were in la gente de la hora, Hema, whoever makes that conviction when my YAML Su and whoever carries

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out an even action and then repents back what Oh, yummy enough sahoo or presses their own self and then repents back to Allah Subhana Allah will find that Allah Subhana Allah is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. And as we find various verses inside the Quran, recommendations talking about his differ about returning back to Allah Subhana Allah when he still Fiera back home to matobo la as you find inside Surah Hood, the 11 chapter Quran make a stiffer return back to Los Angeles to boo la repent back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah and the Quran is something strange, even when the Quran tells us to make Toba to make a stiffer rocky to Allah yet look how the Quran begins to add a

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different dimension. The Quran begins to talk about this dunya now begins to encourage us you make Toba you make is deferred. You might think Metatron hacer una Allah will give you good provision of this dunya Xiaoyun RG the stock for a lava tube a llama make Toba make a stuffer. Allah opens up the dunya for you. Because people think that religious people and make it stiffer and make Toba I repent and become a good Muslim. Well what is my share of this dunya the danger could be taken away from me but the Quran is the opposite. Allah would rather begin to give you this dunya inside surah note that we find for call to stop Pharaoh robber come in no Kanika Farah You're silly you silly sama la

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comida Aurora, well you did come alikum I love it send upon you. Open up the heavens for you. Repent back to Allah Subhana Allah and he will open up the heavens for you. He will give you the blessings of this dunya and give you the blessings of children and wealth will be given to you individually what Bernina cannot inherit Hara monokuma una de la he waka waka Calico, a Torah and Quran Sunnah to Quran once again after talking about the blessings that we give it you're making Toba? What is tickford Mela Kuma Tara Juna The Lady baccara, what is the matter with you? You don't repent back to Allah. You don't have this devotion. You don't have this taqwa to Allah Subhana Allah, what are the

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holla at wa look at the beginning stages of the human being. Look at your essence and what you claim to be today. This is the Quran to begin with. So till the 22nd second chapter, and total minuman all talk about the beginning element of the human being. And then a human being begins to think that there's something special about that human being on the stage.

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For what Toba is a means of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet Elijah Salaam in the area that we find. But don't say the word about the Mara, in the adobo was

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such a narrow occurrence of a Mara. I repent back to LA sukanta 70 times in a day, going all the way up to 100 times a day, a person came to him and had several basri and said to him, and he said that the sky doesn't send round rain down upon us to a corner who is stuck.

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He said to seek the forgiveness of Allah and Allah, another individual came and said to him, I have no children. I have no progeny. He said him seek the forgiveness of Allah. A third individual came to me said I'm in a state of poverty, I have no wealth. He said to him seek the forgiveness of Allah. A student asked him and hassle a bursary. three separate individuals, three separate questions. And for all of them, you said seek the forgiveness of a lot. How is this possible each one has a different element inside their life? And for each one of them you gave the same answer.

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What extracted from this verse inside the Quran? whereby Allah mentioned Baku? saphira Baku in Okinawa for your silly sama, la comida. Aurora volume did combi Malema Bernina

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and Hara he said I extracted it from this verse. Make ecfr make Toba then Allah will bless you with children, bless you with wealth, bless you with rain bless you with the blessings of this dunya so the answer this is the answer that whatever there may be you feel is deficient for yourself inside this life. Then the answers to make Toba in Allah subhanaw taala and as we find what to Illinois, Jamie on a main una La La come to figure out what to do he La La he Jamie and Quran says inside so to know all of you repent to Allah, all of you that you may become successful individually in such a hurry, mala mentioned. Yeah you let Dina Amman to boo Illallah Tolbert and suhar are you believe,

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make a sincere repentance. Not just any repentance, a fully committed repentance to Allah Subhana Allah. That's how a person makes a Toba Illa Allah He Subhana Allah and as we find that a more pure the Toba is, the more it becomes accepted by Allah Subhana Allah you have to add them in you know at a Tony Bukhara with

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our son of Adam used to come to me, oh, I had the middle of the winter heavens, with the earth full of sins, you come to me for my nakatani one or two, she could be she and you meet me and you'd never committed any ship with me. They will pardon you. And I'll forgive you. And this is another lesson that allowed me to tawheed that some people might begin to diminish it. When people talk about the heat and a man who believes Subhanallah double summer. The Muslim early Alito heat the most greatest element of the heat of fruit for the people of our age, no matter what the new one Now see, they may have committed upon this dunya the greatest blessing would be for Allah to heat their Allah will

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forgive them. Allah will forgive those individuals who never commit a ship with him. In Allah layer Pharaoh and you should be while guru Medina Delica Lima in Yeshua, Allah so to Nisa, two different Ayah to beginning is identical, the ending is slightly different, different, both times a lot began. As such, Allah will forgive every single sin, every single sin he will forget it, forgive it except for a *. This is for wide ATO heat. And some people have the audacity then to to highlight towards another individual that is personally not after he this person is of tawheed Allah Subhana died guides his people towards a path of Allah opens up the path for those people to become his

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worshipers. And then it gives them this blessing gives him his blessing even though they may have sinned upon this earth. They'll be forgiven but last Candela there are many of us dyfi Akita Tina were very weak inside a perception of apartheid. We failed to understand what's the distinction between an email

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Amina calmodulin Mela k Fatah comun, Ibadan, Sharia to LA he Subhana Allah

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moochie mina can musty mean mellow concave otaku moon are we ever going to make criminals like Muslims? I even added meaning a young Muslims who begin to make Muslims to be like mooch remain as to how the Quran describes believing individual. Don't judge them to be the same. Liana Hello Tara Holly Dina Finnerty Abba de la for eternity. People who disbelieve and die upon conference disbelief will never ever enter Jenna What are shocked phenolic there are no Muslim come without cannot mmm hmm and in letter and says that this individual has a calf it can yet fulfill Jenna for Who cares if Allah padam Liana Cassie

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Hello Jana Abaddon, no capital ever entered to paradise never ever enter to paradise and Malmo min as for Muslim why not enter the new while fist while for do while cotton anything person may have committed will eventually enter into Jana Aki that will not mean why is it become weakened because this will happen inside the society that people may do certain actions and they are many atrocities that come in phase carry out in the face of this. There's no shock inside that has to be a distinction and most of them will eventually go to Paradise. We have to understand that inside our life If not, there is no distinction. There is no distinction between men and COVID. That if

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everybody knew Mahabharata by everyone on the face of this earth is a good citizen to Allah, everyone faces Earth is worshipping Allah, the Khufu Allah. Allah subhanaw taala in Medina in de la he and Islam I've been in front of a lot of Islam, or many of who a woman, Dean, Dean and follow up woman who chooses a way of life either in Islam and Islam. Following up Roman here at Milan, Casa de never be accepted by Allah. This is the brainwave has been channeled inside our life more and more that every individual eventually makes it to Agenda no matter what their perception may be. Allah says he will forgive every single individual who never committed shipbuilder Well, now you know,

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don't be late in our home. Mu shikun. In such reuse we find a lot said most of the people in this planet on this earth that believe in Allah but yet they commit most of the people is Earth. As the final machinery code people come up with the law. And that's the point people might think and maybe people only worship idols and statues inside Surah Maryam that we find when Allah repeats and Okita refutes, and nesara what is the reputation side Sora Maria, that some of us may find it something trivial that we find. And Darla Maroney Well,

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they attribute a son to Allah, they attribute a son to Allah. Allahu Allah when kaviraj they say that Allah has a son, and we think is something trivial? We think there's a there's a bridging gap between us and some of these individuals.

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What bridging gap is there. And so somebody relevant mentioned this is awkward mentorship is a far beyond even ship. Because this person was saying that I was taking a son and then begins to worship that son besides a lot.

00:37:34--> 00:38:04

And we find that this ship is something which is which is trivial. Something that needs to be just touched upon inside our lives. The whole of a live should be spent a good number and who ATO heed. The Holy Quran asked when the immense mouthful kita Ito he was the best book to read of tawheed for Kala Al Quran. Is the Quran read the Quran and you find your tauheed inside there. akula Kali hydrostone Romani welcome when you give me a misdemeanor stop for about four Rahim

00:38:16--> 00:38:57

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam Ala Moana be you billionaire Muhammad Ali he was a big woman termasuk Episode natira yo meeting about the final part of the Hadith that mentioned that they took up your karate hammock Farah tan it used to come in front of me with all these sins that cover the heavens and the earth and you never associated any partners with me, then I will pardon them forgive your sins. I will pardon wipe out all the sins that you've committed in not a burqa was really Mark Farah because indeed, the mouth Farah, the mercy of Allah and Allah is vast. That is what we find inside his blessing month of Ramadan. When earning my talk about Allah Subhana

00:38:57--> 00:39:01

Allah is that in this blessed month of Ramadan, the person should go towards

00:39:02--> 00:39:44

the feeling of hope and forgiveness of Toba more inside this month, because a person has more chances of that being accepted by Allah Subhana Allah, that is what his month of Ramadan is a month and an opportunity to re reassess ourselves. reassess our relationship towards Allah Subhana Allah to make into what remains of this blessed month of Ramadan, to make that Toba to make that extra effort to make that conviction to make that that weapon that exists with all of us Muslims, if all of us made that effort, made that direct to Allah Subhana Allah to rectify our personal affairs to rectify the affairs of our family members of our loved ones to rectify, rectify that phase of our

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

society rectify the affairs of this Muslim community. All of that is something that every single Muslim should have inside their heart and their mind. That doesn't cost anything. Does it affect the person whether you find increases the individual does the angel say a person makes for their brother

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

In the absence, well, aka Miss Lou, that you have the same same as that person prays for their brother for his sister for the family members for a loved one for the people around them, the angels are making by default Duran for that individual person prays for this Muslim Ummah, alleviate the suffering, the hardship, the difficulty, then, as you say, for you, likewise, take away your suffering, take away your hardship. These are all hidden elements, that many of us we fail to understand living in this Western world that we find that we only see those beneficial things that we can put our finger to, that we can physically visualize inside our lives. We don't see the

00:40:38--> 00:41:18

spiritual factor of Islam, we don't see the spiritual impact that we find of a sadhaka that we find a sadhaka to Tierra de la Asada extinguishes the anger of Allah, a sadhaka takes away calamity that could be befalling an individual, a subtle kind, somebody who is that we find a fight or a fight against destiny, even our destiny is up to the individual. That's why even a sort of color that we find everyone's destiny has been decreed 50,000 years before the creation of Heavens and the Earth, Allah and Allah created the pen and set it right. The pen said What should I write? Allah says right, what will take place until the end of time? Well, we'll see lo and math move in the garden

00:41:18--> 00:41:53

preserve tablet that we find no one's destiny changes on the night of pseudo to other of labor to other as we find early man just got a mom. So you described all that begins to take place is those commandments that existed, they come down into the lowest heaven, and then from there disseminated by the angels, who's going to die, who's going to live who's going to become rich, who's going to become poor, who's going to fall ill, who's going to become better. That's all that happens. their destiny is already been codified by law. So know what you think that laser cutter changes my destiny can use my life as a person to exert the effort to make the inside at night at night, which is

00:41:53--> 00:41:57

better than hieromonk Alfie Shahar better than 1000 months.

00:41:58--> 00:42:40

This is equivalent to approximately 83 years, some some mums, most of us will never live for 80 years in our life. But that's all what is this fatherless virtue is virtue finding later to other people going to be busy talking about a CSR, about politics, about this, about that, talking about this person talk about that individual. All heightens up in the month of Ramadan for the culture and so this is a person who's lost their own self lost last. Shelby's Emily's deception of the devil think you're talking about greater affairs, political affairs, Muslim affairs, Muslim impact. And this devil has deceived many of us, many of us, he deceives us even a number that even deceived us

00:42:40--> 00:43:21

that we have other focuses inside our life. If we focus upon ourselves, you find that great impact inside your own life, that a great impact for this Muslim ummah. And that's what is blessing of this Muslim Ummah is that we stand together, we live together, we die together, and we will be resurrected together. Now why don't you try to brush aside for this Muslim Mama, Nana Harun a shabby Khun, we are the last oma, we are the last on ma but look at his virtue were the first oma to communist a judgment. Look at virtue 1000s have gone past millions that existed before billions have existed before but a virtue this blasted Muslim Ummah will be the last omma but will come first and

00:43:21--> 00:43:57

a day of judgment, our Rasul Allah salatu salam, we stand there, when naka de Rosa paradise and they will open up for him, they will open up for him and then he will ask his believers as for all him to enter behind him to come behind him, being his blessing oma, what a great blessing that is, to be have this Omar the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who strove and he struggled throughout his life, strove and struggling inside his life, for what purpose? That is the Muslim Ummah without shine. He said Mata Alka honey is in a hadith. He said When will I meet my brothers? When will I meet your meet my brothers

00:43:58--> 00:44:02

Lesnar last night one of the companies are we not your brothers.

00:44:04--> 00:44:21

As Hubby, you're my comrades. You're my best friends. You're those individuals that were there when I was living, and you helped me what you done it when he and Latina am a newbie while I'm around me. My brothers are those who believed in me and never saw me in their life.

00:44:22--> 00:44:34

Those are the brothers is waiting for her as soon as I was waiting for his brothers. I love either I'm a newbie who believed in me never saw me their lives. What he meant,

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

he man completely man, to believe it, to be an own me to believe that unlettered Prophet indutrial prophet who has been set down upon his Muslim Ummah, to believe in Him to that conviction. He orders them without God and forbids them with the evil and you remove the shackles that have been placed upon their bodies upon their hearts and their mind. Hazara sued La Silla to set up. This is the messenger. Now parents be sacrificed

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

Our children we sacrifice my life we sacrifice for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala to walk through to give that nobility to give that rank to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, I know you all have been with me Nina mean and fusi him, that Prophet is no closer to the believers than their own selves. That's what this month of Ramadan is, after trying believe in a lawsuit Canada is finding that pristine belief, that conviction at the core of innocence to be the closest possible to another prophet Elijah to Islam. Never take it as trivial. I hasten to break your thoughts. This Muslim Omar is successful, as long as I said to break their false sense of unity, we find even out yet all

00:45:38--> 00:46:16

hidden from Africa mentioned even if the siting of the credit is wrong, even if it's wrong, wherever it may be, but to be united with the Muslims is more important. That's what many of us are forgetting more and more, be united amongst your own cells. Yes, we have some bad Muslims, we have even Muslim, we have young Muslim, we have all types of Muslims are knocking on the moon, but at least they're Muslims. We we can help them, we can advise them, we can encourage them, we can speak to them, we could do many things that are not and that would open up the doors for that. But never despair. Never give up on another Muslim. Never give up on another Muslim always encouraged words of

00:46:16--> 00:46:36

encouraging other individual always think inside your life in his best month of Ramadan. If every single individual enters into Jenna, every single individual got into gender and is one individual remaining. That is p that is B. Everybody's got an agenda except for myself. That's supposed to be reflected is Ba ba ba ba Will I be?

00:46:38--> 00:47:14

Will I be the people of paradise. When I make it to paradise when I intend to paradise. If that becomes the focus of every single individual, that Domino impact is straight forward, that I have no one has time to worry about another individual. Everyone worries about themselves and strengthens themselves and encourages one to one another. May Allah Allah give us all little freaking ability. Whatever remains his blessing month of Ramadan to return back to him with sincerity and devotion commitment give us a tofik and ability to excel. It's such a clear insight to what to what Roku was to do was to increase inside of frustration in our bowing the reading of the Quran in our fasting in

00:47:14--> 00:47:53

our obedience what I've got a remembrance of a loss of Paradise and increase of giving sadaqa and Remembrance towards an increase of burial. Well he did and being good to the parents was similar to run good towards our family members, our children, our spouses, the people around us. This is all symbols of a man now last 100 years old Adelphi and ability to do that in the law, one Malay katusa Luna, Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina. ammonoosuc do it yourself. Notice Lima alomost. Earlier under Mohammed, we're an early Mohammed gamma so later libre hemara Libra human Academy dhemaji among Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Ibrahim Ibrahim and Naka Mita Majeed from Ghana Tina Fey dunya

00:47:53--> 00:48:04

Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin Avalon, nan fusina Willem de fildena. Then akuna Minal Casa de Rabbana fildena rihani readiness akuna Eman

00:48:05--> 00:48:40

Lumina, Hillel Edina and Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa, Elena sobre wasapi Dr. manaan sunako McCaffrey from Canada to de PUE bonobo de tener una mirada Doom kurama in La cantera. hub Ramona habla nemunas vergina with Maria Tina kurata Yun, Tina Emma Ravana Taco Bell midnight Nikita Samuel Howdy. What to LA nine taka taka Rahim Sandra because your seafood was Monaro Marisa Dino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de sala de como como la, move on make more space but is waiting outside