Day 2 – Reflective Morning Zikr in Samarqand

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This is the 2nd Reflective Morning Zikr Session studying 3 morning Dua made by the Prophet Sala Allahu alihi wasSalam during the HadithTour of Imam Bukhari homeland

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100 emails sent out to us

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via someone body.

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So it's after that we're in the beautiful city of Santa Monica. And this is a city that has been built and destroyed, built and destroyed many times before the era of Islam and after the era of Islam, and sadly, some of the destruction has been also at the hands of Muslims against each other. And today, we're going to continue with the series that we began yesterday where we began in touch country with a reflective Vicar series, where I'll mention two three victims of profits in the long run he was sent him that he would make in his mornings, and how they are things that we can continue to use in our life in child law. So the first thing is the last two verses of sort of Bukhara,

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yesterday we spoke about a currency but now we speak about the treasure from the harsh of a rock man, the prophets like Selim says in the heat narrated by the Mammon nasai and remembering this, it is one of the people of these lands that a loss of connection with Allah gifted the prophets on a lot of what he was selling them on the day of an Islamic world Mirage and some of their own amount of Gypsy they say that out of the entirety of the Hold on, there's only a very select verses that were given to the prophets I send them directly in communication from a lock to the prophets. And these are the two verses that are established in the sooner that the prophets I seldom said lemma

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odd Obi Wan when I was ascended to the heavens, I was even law determined kings allowed I was given from the treasure of the autobahn Rockman to versus

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the one who recites them compared to the one who uses them as a spiritual curing and healing and protection, it suffices. And they asked, What is it oh messenger of Allah, he said, how our team and bacala the last few verses have sort of avocado. Now I want to give you the context of these two verses. And also kind of Medina revealed that the third last verse of sort of a buffer, which is a discussion where Allah Subhana Allah says to the prophet in the Sahaba, that what is within them is something they were accountable for. So we'll also kind of with the Allah says, and we let him after he said, I want you in order to a law belongs to the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. What

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interview Matthew unphysical who has it could be a law, whether you make a declaration and show what is inside you or you conceal it, a loss of Hannah Montana will hold you accountable. By lsvt mania shot where you have people making a shot, some he may pardon and some he will hold accountable in punishment will live adequately shaking cardio, and Allah is capable of all things. When this was revealed. The Sahaba said to the prophets I send them Yara rule of law so I send them but Amanda no to Meza, lolly Kamala no to descended upon you now arrive to you now is what we cannot with. withstand how, how can I live on messenger of Allah knowing that even what's in my heart, Allah is

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going to hold me accountable to it. I didn't say the word I thought it. I didn't do the action. I just thought about it. And that meant that was the habit immediately took the worst case scenario. They didn't think of a loss of mercy. They didn't assume that Allah will be the one who young through the menu shot meaning the majority of you? Well, you and the woman your shot is those who are the bones weaker of you, who had malice in their heart, not just intelligence.

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So the Prophet was quiet. And that I saw a lot insert this and the Prophet said to the Sahaba handler, perhaps when you heard this verse, shouldn't you have said

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Oh Allah forgive us if we make a mistake or Allah forgive us if we you know are put to test or Allah Shouldn't you have taken the best opinion of a loss of kinda time and this is where you get that other hubby's of the prophets I said, where he said that Allah subhana wa tada will deal with his servant the way his servant thinks of him. That what you think of a law as happening from a lot to you, coming to a law from you is what you will receive from a law. If you believe Allah will be Generous and Merciful, unkind and compassionate to you then you will receive that from Allah. But if you feel from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is going to be strict with you going to question

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you're not going to give you any any any space and comfort and mercy then expect the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada. So then a lot reveals to the prophets of Allah what he was condemned am and also to be met Lindsay that the Prophet has demonstrated trueness of faith What is this room is a faith that Allah loves his creation, and Allahu automobili baddie, Allah is more merciful from Israel.

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more merciful to his creation than they are for themselves. If I was to ask you to judge yourself, he will be more strict than Allah would have just said Pamela, a lot will give you more mercy than you would give your own self.

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am and also to be mad at him and ropy when we know that believers then followed because they hadn't learned that lesson in

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your heart to have complete trust of Allah. When we knew they learned after the prophets I said it couldn't have been done. If you were called to be eurosonic nanofiber kobane

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semirara now what a foreigner. This is where this point comes to them. Yeah, Mohamed Salah. I send them say to them semirara now what a foreigner that I've said to you remove hatred from your heart so they are now gonna remove malice from your heart. So now Aparna, will Veronica Fenella La Masia? Oh Allah forgive us and to you is our return.

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Then Allah teaches us how to invoke open Allah to our hidden MSE now, so so However, what you should have said was, oh, Allah, don't hold us accountable if we have forgotten an injunction you've asked of us, or if we have made a mistake, and to Panama seems or have a variety of categories as classified in the full URL, there is, you know, say and hottie, and

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there is, if there is one, there is Buddhism, all these different categories and the logic chooses to particular ones, Messina.

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Or what law if we have forgotten and some kind of law gentlemen, lions are only the sublime Allah is the one who does not forget us not not all of us are prone to it with the word of the prophets of Allah while he was setting them up as a mahatva every human being was created with the capacity to make mistakes. And hopper means that you do something you know you shouldn't do But you fell prey to your your soul and human desire that you have. So you made a mistake that you want to return back from the cave is not a constant in your life. Robin Allah to Africa in nesina

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robina will attack me Elena is from Mohammed.

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Omar don't burden us with the burdens that have been sent upon the people before us. So kinda law, our faith is easy. Look at how we've been in our journey, how adaptive our solar has been pre measured with a sharp shock in your with your you can delays your book, because of the inconvenience of being on the train until a certain time has come in and created a look on us joined and shortly. adaptability, we prayed on the plane solo to go and then some of us said Oh no, we're going to get there for you praise God for an Oscar when you arrive. There is so much wisdom and leniency and ease in our dealings that Allah subhanho wa Taala compels us to take that, as something of practice in

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this email have been now open. And that's one of the songs in me compliments don't burden us in a way others have been converted for benefits. When Amina now power content, overload don't place upon us what we cannot withstand and uphold within ourselves and to Panama. Notice that in this area, Allah subhanaw taala says later on in the verse, that I will never burden you with something you can't withstand, because you're asking him for that. And one of the great drama of that you find in this surah is that you ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to unburden you, I have my burdens, I have my wisdom, I have my things that are on my shoulder that I carry and walk with in life as to all of you

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and a lot of promises us that no one will carry the burden of and no one will have the share of another person burden and that's the meaning of this is that johannine nationala has given me a lot Don't make me accountable for other people's actions. Don't make me a burden for what somebody else who I love has done and made a mistake in their life or a lot treat me as an individual, I will do my best forgive my mistakes, forgive my forgiveness. And let me be from those getting shot a lot you will pardon and forgive.

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And this is a vow that a lot of panels. So a loss of Hannah was the teacher must have invoke Him for His mercy for his for his for his mouthfeel on some kind of water. And these two verses are therefore I tried to read that were given the prophets I send them says a number of Aditi doctor, one of the authentic hadith collected by Lima Buddhahood, who's also from the mines that were visiting the Prophet sallallahu it was send them he said that no one recites these two verses he left Africa to except it suffices. And that he mams when they say suffice they said it means in everything in their life. Suffice is something that protects you from something befalling you before

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it arrives. It's not that it suffices you that now I'm in a problem or will help me it means it is a preventative.

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medicine that a person takes it's your way of shielding yourself from that which is to be followed or have been allowed to act in the emergency now on top now, I've been out when exactly Lena is wrong.

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I've been our natural hadn't been done and that's all I got. I don't know why 400 Well, fildena 103 words that mean the same thing. But when you put them together, they mean they mean three different things. Wow. And it means that you have uprooted it from its root. So if you were to look, you know at grass or something, it's what is a parent is on the top, but its root is actually where it grows and where it stems from where it comes from. So when you have that it means that you've pulled the thing out from the root so you're saying oh Lord, give me I remove my sin from its root take it out of my heart, take it out of my practice, and remove it entirely from my record as if it is stricken

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and has never been lifted. Why am I not working memory fraud is a level under and therefore I'm not a night of little How do you ask a lot not perfect love fit all but for a love my neck I flew to LA for a while like you're in the pardoner You're the one who approves the scenes completely. This is what I see could be but if not then give us mascara. Mascara means to cover something so my head is covered with a hat. The word for an armor or a helmet in Arabic is Mufasa. So when you wear a battle armor, it you have to Neff see I've covered myself with protection, but it means that what is still there remains so my still my seam is still there, but Allah has covered it up what is it that alone

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covers enough we like routine. Or when you ask a lot for is not fit on you make it simple. You're saying Oh Allah give me time to earn good deeds to cover up the seeds to wash over them that they're hating from my account. Why for animal welfare, Lana, what's the rationale but last West Yeah, condition. So Pamela, the mercy of a law is more expensive than any shape anything that is in existence. So there's nothing that you can i that can envision whether nesina

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whether it is salon, whether it is burden, whether whether whatever it is that is in your life, or I have met you who wish he had kulesza His mercy is more expensive than all things. So therefore it comes back to the Sahaba. Why did you have that understanding of a BA, and therefore this was something that cured their hearts, so hard that there's few verses in the Bible and where they say when this was revealed there was nothing more beloved to us than and this is one of those sets of verses. There's a couple of verses in the Koran where this will happen said when we understood their meaning. It changed everything in our life. It made us understand the mercy of Allah soprano to it.

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So therefore, in your morning and in your night, the prophets I seldom recommend for us to recite the last few verses of Zoltan bahara they have been given different titles by the earlier maps. Some of them might have called it a nuclear, it's something that saves you its salvation, it is a set. Some other element called it the veiling where you bail yourself from the punishment of a law you bail yourself from the envy of others, you bail yourself from the scenes and wickedness that may be in your own heart. All of those are illusions of these two particular verses. The second draft that was made by the prophets of Allah when he was

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in his mornings and his night is

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also back now. And I feel like in Islam, what can you imagine a lot wider Devi Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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the prophets I seldom would say in this morning, a spanner and efforts in Islam, we have risen to that natural inclination of submission to Allah. You know, the birds that are chirping and the things that surround us they have a natural inclination to a lot. The prophets I send them says in the hadith of Lima Muslim who's also from the mines that were visited, that if you trusted a BA and relied upon a lot, the way a bird does, you would not find any difficulty in your life. The bird wakes up in the morning I've gone hungry. These birds that were gonna drop bread or something you know is gonna come out of you whether intentionally defeated or not, they're going to be sufficed by

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a lot. When mom and dad out of Alabama here's why.

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There's no animal no beast that walks the earth or flies in its heavens or is efficient, it's ocean except upon Allah.

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And Allah knows its place of rest knows it's coming and it's going to sukar never went to artists

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So those are powerful statements of a law as elegant and engender is within us.

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Islam your natural inclination when you wake up as a believer should be submission to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so that you understand that Allah subhana wa tada is the one who is in complete and total charge of the dominion and its creation, the good that arrives you is from a model, the hardship that arise from you, arrives you is from a lot and that Allah is in control in all that is in between, from the things you perceive as good to the things that you don't, all of it is always good from a loss of Hannah Montana, and as a part of the athlete of a believer that there is nothing that is created and engendered by Allah in His creation, except that it has more good higher than

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chocolate, nothing, even if Lee's had more higher in him than shark. And part of the hieroglyphs is me combating him and coming to faith. So it earns me a place of Ghana at his expense. And given that there is higher than his creation, even if there is evil in his action, and therefore I spy now I left Islam, we rose to an inclination of Islam fitrah another word that makes anonymous, the word intention media, and therefore your media. It's as if the Prophet is saying I woke up to make my media to be submitted to a mosque.

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That when the day comes, I'm going to submit for Salah when the time comes to choose food, I'm going to choose the halaal when I come to invest or to earn an income is going to be in Holland, a lot of Medina the Hellenic and one

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of the prophets I said Narita, but a Muslim, or a lot I asked you for the halacha turns me away from the hotdogs and to be enriched by your presence in my life turns me away from anyone other than me.

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Also by now, and that fits on to Islam, that's the future of the Muslim, what can be Mental Floss and we say the word of sincerity to Allah, and therefore to say the word even in the heart, it might not be. Charity is a part and parcel of our faith. So if loss is a kelemen, and not just a belief, and not just the feeling, and this was one of the central issues of al Qaeda that we imagined Buhari

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was persecuted for, about the nature of the hole and and the creation of the hole and, and are the words and actions of people their own, or are they created by Allah subhanho wa Taala for their creation, and we're gonna study that as we get to mahato which is where that fitna happened with an Imam and Bahati. He wrote a book called Hello, I did a bad the creation of a law for the actions that his creation performed. And it's a wonderful book. I didn't imagine who thought he was a master about me. He wasn't me. But he was a master of copy that he was a master of. He was a person who was much the head move, if needed, no one's meant to have to follow. And although one of his teachers is

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any man admittedly humble, and that humble is scholars claiming emammal Bahati as one of their own, so do the Shafi. So do others. Everyone wants a part of him, because he mastered every field, and you want to have him associated with your school of practice. But part of it is that your statement of nepeta Lamarck, even though in your heart, it may not you you don't have that complete, if lost, that statement should not be withheld. You shouldn't say I'm not going to say it until I'm you know, I have that entirety of conviction and so on. Rather, it's called La Ilaha Illa, la se la ilaha illa LA and continue to repeat, you continue to pray continue to be developed, and he man grows in the

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heart. And therefore this concept of Eman, increasing and decreasing is entirely a principle of the principles of Eman for the people of active sooner, that our E man continues to grow. And at times, it treats and a part of our belief is to make the Kelly measurement of loss, the action of belief, the statement of Eman increases our faith. Others have said Kelley Mental Floss is the study of faith, which is what we're doing now. So what is it that reminds you of sincerity is hearing these words that remind us of a law that remind us of the student of the Prophet Mohammed?

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Kelly method airfloss wila Devi levena Mohammed, notice how Allah and the Prophet are always linked together. So if loss is a condition of accessibility of practice, and then the next condition of your practice of worship has to be what? conformity to the student of the prophets I said, so therefore you woke up you said, Oh, Allah, I'm going to submit myself as a Muslim. How do I do it? I'm going to have it lost to the caliber of not in a lot. And how am I going to show this? Why Allah de Mina de la Mohammed upon the practice of life of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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While me lately I've been a fan.

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And upon the principled way of Ibrahim, who was a believer who never strayed from his monotheism, and singling out only Allah in all aspects of origin. This is a statement of the prophets. I said to him, that he would make in the morning and this will have already been incurred. It renews your constitution and faithfulness in the lives that we get. And very Lastly, as I said yesterday, that the last one is always going to be a purple silhouette and the durood and the Salama on the prophets. I said, yesterday, I shared that when you make saw that and sell them upon the profit, so I sell them, it is a reflection of the grant you make for yourself. So today I share with you a deed

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that is narrated by the mama Buddha wood, it's an authentic hadith, where they give nicad or the Allahu Allahu Allah in a way, because isn't just an average man. He used to be a rabbi. And he used to be a scholar of faith in the Jewish tradition. And then he came to Islam. And when he came to Islam, you don't you're not a scholar in your own faith. And then you come to Islam and you say, Well, I don't care about learning. So then he mastered the whole app, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said, For others for our oma to learn from other than himself, he labels oveja Miguel, as one of them, over unicamp was given the gift of a beautiful voice, a beautiful tune

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from the tunes of the Dalai Lama, notice how the proper size and dimensions that would because the value was from the Jewish tradition. It's a way of honoring his ancestry and his and his culture and his people, you've come from that line of prophethood, and those who serve God, well they even accounted for the Allahu Allahu Allah was a master of the whole on my chain of narration in the citation of the whole and go through over unicaf and, and even be avoided. They are ones who's our foundation of the knowledge of the Prophet Mohammed.

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So but you had a knee, I knew it was a time of austerity and difficulty and he said to the Prophet is telling me about so the last ice, I had the Hajj I have a need, and I can't do it for my I have to ask Allah for an O Messenger of Allah, I thought that the best thing that I would do is that I'm going to include you in my invocation by asking the Lord to bless you that perhaps it will radiate back that Allah will bless me. So I'm going to make solar worth upon you, while asking a lot for what I want. So the prophets I sent him said, If you do that, that's good. He said, O Messenger of Allah, I'm going to ask for two thirds for myself, and one third for you. So I'm going to make three

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euro two for me, one for you. And the promise I send him said, that's how you but if you increase, it's better. He said, Okay. Okay, half and half 5051, may one, you know, properties, that's good. But if you increase, it's better. He said, y'all saw a lot. I'm going to make all of my garage.

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I'm not going to ask for anything. I'm going to ask for what I want by asking a lot to give you what you want. And so, a lot of the proper size, reclining seats sits up and he says he then coffee, then your need has been met.

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What you want for yourself will be met and your protection is ensured. And your risk is expanded. Everything that you everything that you want it to ask for is going to be given why because you preferred someone else to do so. It's not just about the notes of nobility of the prophecy, but that in your heart when you have heart should be your heart and you prefer others at a time where you where other people are naturally more greedy for themselves. It shows your love for your fellow man. So value of niqab retired to the solder upon the profits of a lot what he was selling, and he began to make his alumnus on Dr. Mohammed in line. So late Dalai

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Lama vertical

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garden growing imana Addy Ronnie line, Amina nica hamidah muddied, and then his needs were met. And that has become a tried and tested method for alleviating harm or being a person who enriches their health and their well being

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and the amount of milk claim he writes in the book that I mentioned to you yesterday. of the things that assist you in times of difficulty is you remembering the difficulties that were faced by the prophets I said lamps and that inspires you to say Allah, Masha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah on the day of the broke his tea, so Pamela, some of the holidays

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and he didn't ask a lot to send the angels and just destroy them.

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They made him bleed. So I said, Linda, the only way to stop it was to put coal and ash to burn and cauterize it and he still was merciful.

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You begin to think of the how you know the difficulties that he experienced. And it makes you understand why he was so significant in my life and your life and why we take our inspiration

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In happiness and in sorrow with him, some level adding your Ascendant so continue with your solo acts upon the properties and the Constitution of a believer to at least have 100 solder and send them upon the prophets I send them and I can guarantee you will law here it will change your life. And the more solo art you make upon the prophets I send him with the knee of a law protecting you with the knee of a law healing you with the knee of a law assisting you with the knee of Allah increasing your risk and protecting you from envy and jealousy and hatred and hatred with the knee of building your home and completing your family. You find that this becomes a lifelong process that

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you will never leave it And may Allah subhana wa Tada. Send his choices blessings and peace upon our medium

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and allow us to drink from his blessing hand from an

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amine on Sunday now from our Sunday Music We're very

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happy now Mohammed. A lot. A lot of most of you

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need to panic a lot.

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