How Islam was introduced to Samarqand

Yahya Ibrahim


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How Islam was introduced to Samarqand & Central Asia by Omar Ibn Abdulaziz rahimahullah

HadithTour of Imam Bukhari homeland of Bukhara, Samarqand and Tashkent in Uzbekistan, led by Yahya Ibrahim


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The speakers discuss the historical significance of the Hadith and its influence on the West's faith, as well as the return of Islam and men to their former roles. They also mention the return of men to their former roles and the return of men to their former roles. The speakers emphasize the importance of giving people the option to accept Islam and not fall in the line of war. They also discuss the organic nature of their experiences with fertilizer and heavy metal foods, as well as their upcoming project to study the Sahaba.

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All right, I said I'm on a logical account.

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And humbly dow Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah maximum loss on April

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1, I want to say, it's a great honor and

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I have this privilege to meet you for the next few days in some of the really important territory in history

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that relates to our faith. And some of the things that have occurred in these very lands that we are visiting between punch pen and some of the hora

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is where the basis and the building blocks of our faith were put together. And I want you to think of the Hadith of the prophets on the lavon. He was set them as if there are little Lego pieces.

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And those Lego pieces they can be put together to make a structure that is coherent and make sense. Or they can be put together by an infant or a child in something that jumbled and doesn't make sense. And the jobs of the greatest of the Imams who brought together our faith, codify it, sealed it, and delivered it to us in a way that we can use and practice

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is the reason that I'm a Muslim today and euro Muslim today. So by virtue of the great efforts of an economical hottie and the Muslim and the amendment, pyramid, De Lima, Buddha, would Alabama and NASA, all of them from this region.

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All of them were non Arab. They were

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they were people whose language and n says three, three or four grandparents before we're not.

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And when we begin to talk about potty tomorrow in law, you're going to discover that his great, great grandfather was a fire worshiper.

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He wasn't a believer in the law. And his great grandfather entered into Islam. And his grandfather became a believer and his father was a merchant, who was involved in business and buying and selling but also enjoyed the study of Hades, and who died in the young man's infancy, but left the lingering legacy of wanting to do more in the service of the province.

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So where we are today is a man that wasn't soaked in blood. It was soaked in ink. And I want you to think about that the land you're in today is the land of the past. And it's almost unrecognizable today.

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And I want it to be something that's quite striking to you that the job is not common, that mosques in their minarets are not common, that the nominal practices of Islam, that you and I in the West,

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are not common. And I want you to see how a lot of the kind of more tyla it gives victory to Islam, to those who give victory to them. And he takes it from those who turn away from it.

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So I want to retell to you about the new traits of Islam into some outcome, which is where we're visiting tomorrow.

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In the rain of the remote is not that obvious. Now I want you to know that it is not that I these are the last line who that are that mountain referred to him as the fifth of the righteous foot above. Because he was a person who in his reign, there was piety and kindness and expands. There was well that increased in the Omega such a degree that no one executives that guy. And that was something that the prophets I send them for told would happen.

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That's it. Aziz was the great was the grandson of Barbara de la jolla angle a lot. And he was married to Bob the man who was

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the most honorable of women of her time. Seven of her brothers and sisters were full of fat in their own right. So she is from the ultimate women of our oma are going to have naftel Aziz, he sent an army under the guidance of butai back in the Muslim Rama to LA LA.

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And he told them when you come to this land, easy the people warning of your arrival and invite them to Islam and send them their odema and debate them about faith and encourage them to do that which is right

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and hold it but do not fall.

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The construction

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rather potato when he came

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out, it was a great strategic advantage. And as we

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all know, we will enter through these mountainous areas in the areas. For tayyiba design, dude, I'm going to find the majority of my army behind this mountain. And I'm just going to raid them in the morning, we're not going to go into hurt anyone or execute anyone, we're just going to take them by surprise. And he didn't send them. He didn't say sent messengers, he didn't give warning. And at daybreak, he sent in the army and the people got so scared, they fled into the mountains, the monks and the priests and anyone who was there, they left the city. And the Muslims just began to reside and invite people back. And so Pamela, within two weeks, the city return to normalcy. Children were

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out in the streets, and they began to trade with the Muslims who were there who were seen as an invading army, but not caused bloodshed. But one young man

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did not decided that he was going to take this case to the highest authority. And he rode his horse from some outcome, where from where we are, you saw our journey, all the way to Damascus, and all the way to Iraq. And he came into Damascus, he came into the shop, and he asked Where is this Khadija wherever is or a little bit Abdelaziz? And they said, Look, his houses if you turn the corner, you'll find it. And he thought he was going to come upon a castle, when he came upon was a mud hand built home. And he said, That couldn't be the place of the halifa. And when he inquired, they said, No, I'm not a blogger, at least that's where he lives. He lives in this humble

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establishment. And he asked him, Are you really the ruler of all this army? I'm gonna knock that Ozzy's. His expands was from China to Algeria.

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I mean, they might bring home.

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Why are you here? He said, Well, listen, I'm from the land of Salman Khan. And your army. I heard that your God ordered you to give us one of three options that we come to believe.

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Or we give you a Tribune, or we wage war against you. Can you give us warning of this? Is that not true? He said yes. He said, Well, the man you sent did none of them. And the entered into our city by surprise and scared everyone.

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I'm gonna I've been Ozzy's tend to lecture with Batman. They didn't send me.

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And he said, Take this ledger to put it back and tell him that this is not disease. And then I'm summoning him. And this young non Muslim man took up this case and returned to someone gave the letter job will tell you back. And by its instruction, they returned back to Damascus.

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And in front of a trial

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he's asked to tell you about rachna to lie Ali. Did you enter upon them without warning?

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And he said oh, I mean, our prophets I send them taught us and horrible horrible

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war is about using trickery and and using the best advantage you can and I only did that to save the bloodshed of them and us as a as an army.

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And remember asked him again. So did you give them warning? Did you give them news of Islam? And he said no.

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He said I only used to withdraw everyone from the city.

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This city that was conquered.

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Everything that is in it is to be replaced. And I order you to withdraw your forces and to exit the city.

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The young man when he heard this was astounding.

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And he wasn't sure if that order would be carried out. And hotel Eva returned to some outcome and ordered the army to leave. And when the people saw this happen,

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everyone in the city

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came to accept this.

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They said that the judgment of justice is enough proof of the truth of what they have come with. And so karma law it gives you an example of righteousness in moments of strange and difficult

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And each and every step in sha Allah that we take towards our final goal of, you know, having these five or six days together in the spirit of faith, we're going to try in sha Allah to come together and share different antidotes and different things that you and I can come up with all of our experiences and of the history, rich history, history and past, in sha Allah that is meant to inspire us. So the three things that I've taken as lessons for myself today, and I thought I would share them with you. And I hope in sha Allah on our group that you can share some of the lessons that you might have observed. The first lesson is that although you might see people not resemble

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within Islamic identity in what we consider an Islamic identity in this area, there is Islam in their homes. And to find the law, there is a desire to please a lot. And you can feel that a man is a part and will always be a part of this society. And

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I want it to be something where we don't look and say, so canola, what has happened to this land demand that they've gone so far away from a law and that isn't what comes to mind to me, what comes to mind to me is that a loss of kinda want to honor raises those who raise the bar and, and once we put down the hole, and we're the one to bring ourselves down, if a person picks up the hole, and they will elevate themselves to that which will be best in this life.

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The second thing that was profound for me was to see the structure of this country change. And to hear from our tour guide, that the national language for from the seventh century, which is when I'm speaking to you about her little disease until the 15th century was purgin, and Avi,

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and that they were the national spoken languages up until 1924, which is when the Ottoman Empire was dismantled. And that in place, there was a whitewash of other languages and other systems that came to stamp out the face of Islam. But what you see is that it survives. And although you might not see the minarets, you see that in the hearts of people, their name is still must move, and their name is still academic, and their values, and their children are still given that name. And you still see that there's a multi who comes to the airport with that giant, beautiful turban, Allah, it was really awesome seeing that, that they still have that honor of having to do that, to the tradition

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of Islam and their roadmap. So there will always be as the prophets, I send them set those who will carry on the truth, irrespective of those who seek to disgrace them, and take it away from them. May Allah may come from those who are bearers of the truth a lot.

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The third thing that I thought was quite striking was the topography of the land. And how, you know, we're in the month of nearing that, you know, the end of the month of September, and it's still quite warm. The land is, you know, still green. But you can see that a lot of the farmland that we were flying in was, had been,

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you know, cut. And that this is a very organic place from the ice cream that we ate, you could taste like real milk. I haven't tasted that milk since I was like a child. I don't know. I don't know if it was something that brought back childhood memories of milk in Egypt in like, I won't tell you the 70s or the 80s.

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But it just took me back to something my my grandmother would have given us and that pomegranate juice that you could taste the earth in his face that is part of this earth. And it made me feel sad for my children and sad for what we have back home in Australia or Canada, or wherever we've come from where we've been brought to so much fertilizer through so much genetically mutated and engineered kind of foods and packaged and processed foods. That the moment you taste something like that. It makes you feel good. And it reminds you of kind on a playground that allow access to eat that would just come on, but also that which is wholesome. And that was something that was you know,

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striking to me as we were having dinner

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So finally, I want to say, well lucky, I think we're going to have a blessing journey. My aim in sha Allah in the next few days is to begin the study of the Sahaba. Party. Tomorrow in sha Allah, I want to talk to you about the potty in a meaningful way. And I want to be vulnerable to you some of the most important points in his life. And that is, you know, there's a PDF that you should have received for me, but there's another and another and another that I will send to you. And it's, it's something that I will try to send you more and more information. But then I will give you a section on the components of the software. What's so beautiful about this book, and why it was so

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revolutionary, and why every book that has come after it is modeled from it, why every heavy book, every fifth book that has come after a people party, in one way or another is a yacht party is in need of a nominal party's structure. And then we're going to look at selections of Paddy, and the very first heavy, and I'll just introduce it to you is that.

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And it is a hobby that is very meaning it's a scarce heavy. And in any book of study, when you hear the word without even means it's on offense, except for the party with the only Sahabi who reports it from the Publix I send them

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off. And the only one who reports it from him is one man after one man after one man until fourth men, the fourth men, then it spreads to the the profit from a lot of us.

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And has he been you and I all know where the prophets I send them send them an AMA leukemia. Surely actions are concurrent and are to be judged by the intentions that preceded and it's such a monumental Hadees. And I want to share with you in chocolate tomorrow, why it is the first idea that the party chooses, and why that particular senate I'll actually send you the chain of narration. And the reason I asked you to get that app with those ideas in Arabic is so that we can go through some of the names that I can give you short biographies of those who are reporting from it. One of the amazing things of any moment Bahati is that he would report the same idea, but with more than one

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chain in accordance to the places he studied it. So because Islam descended in Mecca, and it was revealed in Mecca that very first heavy, that whole chain of narration or coercion. And he narrates it from his teacher who is a man who is one of the chain of narration for an economical body. And it's a subtle way of body honoring the tradition. And I want it to be something in sha Allah that as we walk in his footsteps in his homeland in the place of his birth and death, that we also honor the tradition of the prophet SAW goes offline. So I know we're all tired and come to believe that we've had a wonderful day. Benjamin is four ish.

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Or what did you do know that? I haven't updated my app yet. So it hasn't been updated for some reason.

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All right, I'll send it on our group.

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And we'll send a confirm time for

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the Atlanta Allah. I know we were getting our SIM cards tomorrow, moto will update on that, but we'll send it if you can connect to the Wi Fi in the hotel and chat bot, and we'll be in communication with that. It

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is 437 437 is when it entered when his son was seven plus six. So you need to really pray by before 530 in shot law. So sometimes before, you know, from 440 till 530 it would be the latest in shot law for your face. I mean, I'm also kind of accepted from all of us that we almost kind of alligators from TV from those who walk in the footsteps of the giants of our faith and make us from those who honor the tradition of the moment is it

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alright to kind of a lot more than

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getting PCs, any organizational

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issues in shop