Yasir Qadhi – Minimum Requirements for Jum’ah Prayer And Jum’ah on Women – Ask Shaykh YQ #249

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for Islam and not leaving work completely, as it is not required for most people. The speaker also discusses default rulings on the rules for men and women, with the exception of men who were kept quiet. The importance of praying for the holdover and not leaving work completely is emphasized, along with the need for more trial time to avoid losing jobs and finding a job that is not obligatory. The importance of praying for Islam is also discussed, with the exception of men who were kept quiet.
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Hey, brother aboubaker from Minnesota emails asking that he says that he works at a factory job and he has long hours and sometimes he cannot take off extended period of times for Joomla. And in fact, he is saying sometimes he cannot even take a shower before going to the Joomla. So, he is asking what is the minimum amount that he needs to do for Joomla in order for it to be counted as Joomla and that he does not get into a laboratory of sin? And He wants to know what is the bare minimum and he also asks what are the some of the Sunon and Atticus if he has time to do this, add it to this as well. Sister Aveda from location unknown emails saying that why isn't Joomla obligatory for women?

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Why is it only obligatory for men?

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So I'm going to begin with the second question because I actually found it a breath of fresh air that a lot of times some of our sisters are always asking about, you know, certain, quote unquote, privileges that men they believe have been given, and they don't have it. Why can't we? Why can't we sister Ahmed is saying no, I want to also do more and I want to be required for Joomla just like the men are required, and that is something that is a breath of fresh air because frankly, many times in this modern you know, as we know this, this movement of feminism, when people are renegotiating the rights and the roles and what not to often some people involved in this trend. They concentrate on

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what they deem to be privileges as I have given a whole talk before this they are not necessarily privileges it is that Allah has given each what is suited to them. But very few of them want to be given the responsibilities and so sister Alberto wants to be given extra responsibilities as well. Well, we respond to this by stating and beginning with sister I will move to brother Oba in a while. We begin to this by stating that there are textual reasons why Joomla is not obligatory upon women. And there's also wisdoms, and so remember,

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excuse me, remember

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that our shitty is based upon textual rulings from the Quran and Sunnah. It is not based upon necessarily the wisdoms of those rulings, the wisdoms help us rationalize and understand. But sometimes the wisdom might not exist, and the ruling still exists. We do not base the law of Islam based upon wisdom of an individual because wisdom can vary and sometimes be there sometimes not be there. We do say that the default is that a ruling is wise for the majority of people. But that wisdom that hikma might not necessarily exist on the individual level in each instance. Yet still, the general ruling would still be applicable. So we can never equate the what is called an Arabic

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inlet or the cause. With the hikma or the wisdom, the two are separate, and the ruling shall be based upon their Illa not upon the hikma the ruling is based upon the Quran and Sunnah or the derivation factor, whether it's not whether it's clear, and it is not based upon the wisdom and I've given a number of examples for this in the past and any student of a solar field can look this up. So the textual legislation the reason why women are not obliged to go for Juma is because there is explicit traditions to this regard that the Prophet sallallahu it was seldom said in a hadith and Buddha would do more to help Conewago Jawbone Allah Cooley Muslim in Fiji Martin Illa Alba Juma is

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obligatory on every single Muslim who is living in a congregation living in a city he must pray do more in JAMA he must pray Juma? Not by himself, there is no drummer by yourself, you must pray do more in the congregation, but for people are excused, like the sick and what not and those traveller and one of them the profitsystem said, Oh, in a woman, so explicit Hadith, which is authentic hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, women do not have to pray Juma and because of this, there is no difference of opinion whatsoever about this ruling, the famous scholar of early Islam Ibn Al Moon zero YBNL moon then he wrote one of the most famous treatise E's about HMR, about

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unanimous consensus and he listed in this book, what aspects of Islam everybody has agreed about.

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With no exception whatsoever, and So point number 52 Will ajumma Allah Allah Juniata Island Nisa will urge marijuana under Hoonah inhale Bodnant imam for Selena ma who another radical huge zoo on Hoonah. There is unanimous consensus, and this brothers and sisters is an evidence. Once you have unanimous consensus, it becomes binding, there is unanimous consensus that Juma is not obligatory upon women. And there's also unanimous consensus that if they attend, have their own will, And they pray that that shall suffice them and meaning they don't have to pray for her in instead. So there is unanimous consensus that Joomla is allowed for women, but not obligatory. For women, there is no

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difference of opinion, no two opinions about this. Now, some later scholars, unfortunately, they went to another extreme of discouraging women from praying Juma, and this was based upon their own cultures and the reality of their times that women would not leave their houses except for necessities. And so this is their version of what you know, they feel should be done. As for the wisdom of why women were, were not obliged to presume while the wisdom is that really and this is the norm of most of human history was that women were not expected to participate in communal activities frequently, it was a different time, a different culture, different norms. And generally

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speaking, women were kept a little bit more concealed for their own protection, that is the way it is I'm not endorsing it as being right or wrong. I'm simply narrating it as a factual reality of the past that circumstances were different. And men and women each had a role to play complementing the other. And generally speaking, the role of women was not, it was kept as minimal as possible for communal and Public Affairs. And generally speaking, it was tried to be as domestic as possible. And this is, again, a factual statement. And this is a reality for most of our history, that women played a more discreet role, not a public one. And therefore the notion of obligating women to come

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for the prayer, even the daily prayer, some of them are said it is obligatory, and even men, some of them I said, this is the minority opinion, nobody said it is a signatory upon women to walk in the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the people and to be amongst the men and to be visible, they wanted to not make this a burden to make it obligatory. And so, they, they did not make it obligatory upon women in this regard, even select to read the majority opinion is that it is not obligatory upon women. Even though I follow the humbly school in this case, the default of the humbly school it is obligatory upon women salata lead twice a year, they are obliged to go and pray

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with the community. And that's the minority opinion, which actually follow the majority opinion is that even aid is not obligatory upon them individually at the at the individual level. That having been said it's not obligatory. But if a woman is working a regular job, and hence she's already leaving the house and being active in our modern societies, in this case, I mean, I cannot say there's a ligature I cannot I will change the shape of Allah. But I can say that it makes no sense for her to then follow this concession and say, Oh, it's not obligatory, if she is able to, if it's reasonable for her to be able to pray in a masjid, I would encourage her I cannot say more than

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this, that if she's going to work nine to five, she's going to a corporate America or corporate you know, place and she has a regular job and routine, then in this case, it is definitely good for her to once a week cut everything off and listen to a sermon have her Amman revived be amongst the Muslim community. And so, I will advise such a lady that if she is working a regular job, that she should, at least you know, be encouraged to pray Juma. And in that timeframe, she will be reminded you know of Allah learn something beneficial and be with the community. And that's, you know, Allah knows best. It's not widely of even in this case, but I'm saying if she's going to be outside anyway

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then why not also take advantage of Juma and benefit and get some reward and shallow data. That is the sisters question as for brother Oba who is working in the factory and he is saying that sometimes he has difficulty taking a longer break he has to have the bare minimum to go and come back so he's asking what is the bare minimum? So the bare minimum dear brother Oba when it comes to Juma is actually very easy, and that is that you must attend the entire whole tuba beginning from when the Imam says A salaam while equal until the Imam says

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Salam Aleykum Selam Aleykum at the ending of the Salah from the beginning of the hotbar to the end of the tour rakaat. That section, the default is that it is obligatory and that if you are late to this, then you have fallen short if you're late, at least you have prayed the to rock as of tomorrow, but you have fallen short of what is the obligation, it is obligatory it is wajib to attend the whole tuber and salah, in case you are not able to really you are pressed for time, and you are not able to come to the entirety, may Allah forgive you, you should try your best to get time. In America, you have quite a lot of rights and privileges. But even then, I am aware that not

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all circumstances, some jobs and some professions, you cannot invoke religious freedom because of the nature of the job that you have to be there in a certain time in place. So you try your best your brother boubakeur to attend the entire holdover and the two rakaat. If you are really not able to, and you're only praying the Tula god, this is definitely not ideal, and it will be less than what is obligatory. But it is better than leaving the tour guide completely and praying door in your workplace. So I'm not saying it is permissible, but I'm saying in case because I do understand, and especially some jobs, they are much stricter, and they might just fire you and whatnot, this might

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be only a source of income. And by the way, as a general rule, this is to all the Muslims out there. If you are in such circumstances that you cannot go for Joomla. And you have tried and you're in a land where they don't allow Joomla or else you will lose your job. By the way, in America, it's difficult to do this in America, generally speaking, you have certain privileges and rights to be able to get a little bit of extra trial time or whatnot, they can work around this, but even in America, not all the time and not in all situations is this possible. If circumstances do not allow you to go for Joomla whatsoever. And you do not have enough of a critical mass in your own factory

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or whatnot to do a quick Joomla because you can do Joomla literally in you know, 510 minutes, you can you know, go in a room and one person can read a three minute hold a two minute hold, you know and lead a tour Casola if you have enough people 345 10 people, you can do this in your local place if you're not able to pray in a masjid. But if you're able, sorry, so if you're not even able to do that, and you are in circumstances that are really difficult, that they're not allowing you any type of tomorrow, then I asked you to try your best to find another job. But until you find another job you are forgiven, because Allah azza wa jal now you can live long enough Scintilla was ALLAH is not

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going to tell you to live on the streets because you cannot pray Juma? No, Allah is Rahim and ramen and her food and Allah azza wa jal understand your situation, hate it in your heart, don't like to be in that situation, try your best to get another job. But in the interim, and Meantime, rather than be homeless on the street, you may work in such a job where you cannot pray Juma pray at your local time, in the lunch break, and whatnot, but try your best as I said, to work around it and at least try to find as I said, a Jumar that is close by where within the lunch break, you can go and from June, beginning of the hotbar, to the end of the Salah, try your best to do so. Now as for

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other Sunon of Joomla. This is well known topic and I'm just going to summarize some things that no doubt our prophets, Allah Laquanda he was said it would wear a better garment put on perfume, he would do also and by the way, it also does not have to be done right before you leave for the Masjid. You may do also and even after fajr of Juma you may do also in the early time of July no problem. So, you do loosen it as soon as you do it is not wajib some scholars said it is wider but actually no it is not widely but it is soon to do and you should come early The earlier you come to the masjid, the more rewards but although this is sooner, and you can pray to the gods as well, or

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more than to as many as you want to pray. And by the way, the question regarding the number of Sunon before and after Juma is one which all of the format hubs have a slightly different answer or opinion. So there's lots of different opinions about the Sunon of Juma in terms of prayers. The position of the humbly school that had been tamed me and others is that there is no sooner or Atiba before tomorrow and that after Juma either two or four may be prayed and should be prayed so before Juma no sooner Atiba after Juma either two or four, depending on whether again these are very minor differences and it's also not at the end of the day. No scholar says it is obligatory to pray before

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and after Juma this is all what are the Sunon also of the students of Juma as well is that one should recite so that they can have as well if one is able to do so, and there are other soon as you can read about them, but these are all perfections you asked about the bare minimum. And so I have

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giving you the bare minimum May Allah subhana wa Tada make it easy upon you

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Zanjani either

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me, Mr. Healy, Darcy seni wanna tell

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me what to feed

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at what

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feels cool Ruby to mimic Janita. Down to Isla.

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De down

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