Ramadan Debates 2016 – 10 Hands in Witr

Waleed Basyouni


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Where do I place my hands during du’aa qunoot?

June 11, 2016

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During the keynote, do we raise our hand? And if we raise our hand?

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How do we raise it? Yes. Do you go out? Or do you raise your hand and it's been reported that the profits or celeb raised his hand and draw a note and also reported that to their companions said mean model was to him a lot. He ported this in his book dm elite. As for how do you raise your hand and abuse allowed to send them whenever he raised his hand, he never separated his two hands from each others. So it never been reported that the profits are some of them had his two hand separated like this, every time the process will embrace his end. And we have maybe 100 times it was reported that the process of raising his hands always together, but sometimes in the best and most of the

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cases, the process lm n will be in the same level of his chest, the envelope of his chest or his shoulders, a lot of audio audio signal, but in the case of desperation, when things are so severe, it's been reported the profits are so low, raised his hand up like in the time of the Battle of battle, and when you pray for the rain and other occasions and to the extent that you can see is under arms will allow you it will send them and he had our open his shoulder and fold down. So he will go up like this. We call it an Etihad.

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So in during the salaat you you will raise your hand in the same level of your chest like this. And if they do, is about something they're so desperate about it you are allowed to raise your hand and the level of your head and the level of your head is shallow Todd