Yahya Ibrahim – Islam Q & A Mental Health focus 28-10-21

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of setting up patterns and mastering things in order to build resilience and improve mental health is emphasized. The need for individuals to learn to read between the lines and identify what is missing in conversations to avoid becoming distracted is also emphasized. The importance of trusting oneself and avoiding anyone trying to interfere with them is emphasized, along with the need for deeper insight into the context of one's statement and self-f conscious. The importance of protecting oneself and one's family is emphasized, along with the need for investigation and inquiry. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of maintaining mental health and identity in the aftermath of the operation in the Middle East and offers advice on how to do so.
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Allahumma Salli ala Nabina Muhammad

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Allahu Maya City oh man

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Are there any callers on the line yet sister or?

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum. Warahmatullah wabarakatuh Welcome back. Does that come along here for your patient through that intermission, we're looking forward Inshallah, to receiving some more of your calls, we said that we wanted to end the month of October, with our regular Wednesday sessions speaking about mental health issues. And we spoke about some of the ways that we can deal with some of the things that affect our mental health. Today, we wanted to end with speaking about building resilience and how we can become more proactive in even helping others achieve greater stability as well. We begin by speaking about the importance of setting up

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patterns and ensuring that these are things that we save for ourselves, say for our children, a lot of the stresses in the day, because we know what it is that comes, everything kind of blends towards the same outcomes that we see. All of that is taken from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a very regular and habitual person. On Saturday mornings, he would walk out to the magical bat and he would pray there, the prophets I send them would regularly visit the shahada over, he was a person who have habit, some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the more patterns that you set up, not in a compulsive way. But the more patterns you set up, that leaves you

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from having to make choices over things that are really easy to to declutter your life with, the more streamlined it is. The second thing that I wanted to share with you today was the importance of mastery, and mastering things is a lost art SubhanAllah. We live in a very digitized world where, you know, the shorter a video clip is, the shorter an article is, the more people read it, the more people engage with it. And there's even acronyms for saying this is too long to read Subhanallah it's even too bothersome to tell someone, it's too long, I didn't read it, and the acronym is used. So that shows you kind of the mindset of people, as technology advances, you find that that kind of

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work ethic of those of the past kind of dwindles away. And you know, being able to read through a book and being able to, you know, from cover to cover is a lost art amongst our children in general, but in society as a whole. And therefore, along with that is the concept of mastery, mastery. And you know, having that master class approach is not really meant to be a YouTube session or video. It's meant to be a hands on apprenticeship. It's meant to be something where you immerse yourself, you feel the texture, you hear the sound you you experience more than one dimension. And this was the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it is the way of Islam and will

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remain the way of Islam, it becomes important for us to set that as a goal to seek to master certain things because the more confident you grow in something, the more self esteem he gives you that I have acquired something a skill set and knowledge, a tool base that perhaps others don't have. And that allows me to be a sharer, not just one who is a receiver. And one of the best ways for you and I to build self esteem within our young people within ourselves is to experience and to teach the importance of mastery. Third, I wanted to speak about the problem of

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for many of us have identifying what's missing, and Subhanallah one of the things that really burdens an individual and that can lead to a lot of stress on our mental health is where

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we misread miscommunicate misunderstand either the words the intentions, the language, the communication, the body, tone, an image of others, to a degree that gives us a sense different to what was initially intended. And that of course, is something that's really significant the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah Selim, he says that one of the things that was important to him, Matt candle Ambia, let him heart in to argue that the prophets of God, their eyes were not even deceptive, you know, that concept of, you know, looking a look and giving somebody a wink and a nod an indication is not from the character of the messengers in the prophets of Allah. And it becomes important for

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us to learn how to identify what's missing, and to learn to read between the lines and to learn to go deeper than just the first news source that report something in the first statement that said, very few people are actually interested in the substance or to go past the skin towards the core. And that comes back to that idea of mastery once again. But this is something that's even of a greater glaring proportion. If we always remain just at the surface, if we're always fed the first bit of information and the quickest to report it is the one that everybody gives their attention to, if we don't have what is referred to as Western and deliberation, having a you know, a heaviness

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within us, a state of maturity, in the type of ideals and the communication systems that we interact with. We become of those who forfeit the right to think for themselves independently. And of course, when a person is not thinking for themselves independently, and is fed a stream of what other people are telling them to understand. They become quite easy to be manipulated to be distracted, subterfuge to occur and for them to be shown one thing while other things are happening outside their periphery. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah always in the Quran speaks about Buster and basura. Sight and insight. The sight of the eyes can be blind but it's the heart that

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necessarily must never be adulterated and unable to see and Allah tells us in the Quran for inap la Tamil Apsara Wedeck in Tamil Hulu Latif is so do that the eyes aren't unable to see but it's the hearts that have grown dim we have our first caller on the line so I'm on a caller

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I'm very well my brother How can I help

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rated by

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water was

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the way

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in which that

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was the thing that was thrown in there.

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Me his Salatu was set up just like a love hate for that question. Our brothers referring to some people are mocking a tradition that they are saying is related back to the time of the prophets. I send them that there's a statement collected by Imam Abu Dawood, that it is alleged that there was a well in Medina where garbage and refuse and other things were thrown in it, including the carcasses of animals or things of that nature. And when the prophets I send them was asked about the well, that the prophets I said LEM said that it is not something that can ever become polluted. Now, there's a number of important issues that need to be unpacked in this. We have very simple rules in

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terms of our fifth and in terms of our belief about the prophets, I sell them our al Qaeda. The first thing that is important is that we're afraid that the prophets Allah, how do you sell them whenever it is with relating to a matter of faith and practice? When magam tieguanyin Hawa he does not speak from his own volition. In Hua Illa Yun you have that what he shares is an instruction that is received and given to him by Allah subhanho to Allah. So if there is a verifiable report that is authentically collected from the prophets, I send them which this one isn't there is a weakness within its chain and we'll talk about that later. But when there is a verifiable report, even if the

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minds find it difficult to understand it, we submit our hearts to the prophets.

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam, rather than challenge the word, the correct words of the prophets I send him or the Quran. And I can, it's important to kind of give an example. The reason you and I do not consume swine or pork is not because we have perhaps a rational, logical understanding. And you know, somebody will say to you, what's the difference between a pork chop and a lamb chop from a genetic perspective, from a physical perspective, from a health and safety perspective? If this is cooked, this is cooked. Really, it's it's something that both of them can have illness, and both of them cannot? What's the reason? Well, there's one reason that we believe in a knowledge that is

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revealed that transcends the rationale and a logical understanding of why this is right. And this is wrong, that the command of God is important. So that becomes a very important central point of al Qaeda, never mind your brother be disturbed. Their main come to you Hadith of the prophets, I send them that in your mind in your heart and due to our limited knowledge, we cannot reconcile it. But rest assured there will amount of the past half an imam is shattered, he has a book called the left will Hadith, reconciling seemingly opposite and opposing Hadith. Now, the Hadith that you mentioned is the Hadith where the prophets I send them from our flock we know the Prophet has said in what is

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absolute and authentic, that water is a median, that should that does not become impure, unless what's in it causes its impurity to change. Its its color, its taste in a way that makes it something that is unusable. When the prophets Allah who it was, I'm not gonna understand this particular text in two ways, when the Prophet is saying that it's something that is not no longer and that just means that the water in it not all of it is meant to be something that can't that can't be used, there will be parts of the water that may come later on, that there is a running water in it, that will clear away what's there, and it will be useful for you again, when it rains,

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don't worry, this water will become useful for you again. So that's one of the understanding of the roadmap. The second understanding is that we know that water that has something NetJets added to it is no longer usable, not for will do and not for cleansing ourselves. So that becomes the base. So anytime you hear something like this, you go back to what is basic knowledge for us. Any water that has an additive in it, you can't use that is not just cannot be used for that which is a cleansing purpose for ourselves. So rest assured, my dear brother, the words of the prophets of Allah who sell them have never encouraged anyone to commit something that would enter into an agenda, something

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that is unclean, something that is impure, something that could be harmful to other people. But JazakAllah say for that wonderful question. And I hope it's something that others could benefit from Allahumma Amin, well suddenly Lahoma ala Nabina, Muhammad,

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mastery, therefore becomes something really important and attach to that is getting to the essence of the issues and understanding what's missing. And then a question that we received from our dear brother is a perfect example, a text of the words of the prophets I send them or what is referred to the words of the prophets I send them is given. But when there's no context, no commentary, it can lead a person who doesn't understand the essence of the issue, the actuality of the issue, to then become confused. And that is a really important element of our faithfulness as believers. The very first step of our engagement with Allah engagement with the Prophet Mohammed Salim tradition is that

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we engage

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with knowledge, Allah Subhana Allah says, so Allah, Allah to to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam to believe that Lem and hula Illa Illa Allah was still fully them big. Understand with shorty have knowledge with surety that none is worthy of worship, but Allah nabooda Illa Allah and also continue to ask for forgiveness for yourself and for the believers. Because although we may know sometimes we may fall behind and not commit into practice that which we know in the best way that we should. So those two are very important issue is mastering and going deeper than that, which is the surface going deeper than just hearing a verse or hearing a hadith and assuming about it. Rather, we

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need to have basura insight into the correct text and the meaning of those statements. Another important element that causes us to be more resilient and able to move forward in life and be able to challenge the things that attempt

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to weaken us and to take away our strength, and to bring us instability with our mental health and stress on our mind, is that A times we fail to attempt a beginning, because we don't believe that we are competent. And self esteem is a really powerful issue. It's a really huge issue for many, many human beings, in fact, all human beings at a certain point in time, and one of the things that I think is very critical for us, is this false belief. And at times, it's something that we inculcate in our children we pass on into their hearts, we share with them in a way that we really shouldn't, is that if you're not going to be successful, it's better not to embarrass yourself, it's better not

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to try, you know, if you're not sure, then just sit on the sideline. If you can't do a better than others, well, then let others go first, right, and that you can kind of see that in life in many ways. And sadly, the education systems that underpin many of our younger experiences with with learning is that you know, people are kind of pigeon holed and people are taught, well, if you're not really good at that, it's probably means that you're not good at everything, and Subhanallah sadly, there are many, many wonderful, wonderful people who are able to contribute in other ways who are able to do amazing things that others can't do are never really given that chance because they

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were never taught to believe in themselves. And that's the DUA of Musa right. Could you imagine Prophet Musa alayhis salam ala speaking to him directly in the Quran on them in a directly on the on the mountain of Turi, saying that as he tells us in the Quran, and there is Moses he's communicating with the Lord Almighty, the Lord of all existence. And Allah shows him magnificent signs. And Allah says, in the hub, he left your own head now out to Pharaoh into Huhtala because he's broken all the bounds. He's gone beyond the limits. He's gone to a place that needs to be he needs to be put in his place and pulled back and you are to say Benny Isra in from him, and it's at that moment, Musa

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alayhis salam is fearful. And he says to Allah, in one place, he says to Allah, in the hotel to me know whom Neff said for a half hour and yuck to ruin my lord. One of them that his death was on my hands, and I left that city hall if I Utara club I was scared I was terrified. A half I'm scared Oh my Lord, if I return, that they will put me to death. And Allah says to him latter half latter half latter half of you in our room, don't be scared. Now Allah subhanaw taala reassures him so listen to the drought of Musa color of Beshara Holly Saudi, oh my lord, expand my heart, expand my chest. Let me believe that I can accomplish let me believe that I can do what it is that you have asked of me

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and you've set for me as a task Subhanallah self confidence and self esteem must be increased for us to attain success and without challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves without the pain. There can be no gain without the hurt. There can't be the growth there can't be the lessons that are most needed in life. We have another caller on the line SLM Anakin caller How can I help

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Alhamdulillah my brother Rockford How can I help you today?

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Now the question is about how to build up kind of like how you create you're lucky enough to have

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so you know what the things that make a person

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does Allah

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Allah He better fig thank you for that question. The ancient scholars of Islam have always been those who inherited some of the things that we've seen in the Quran about the prophets of Allah. So even without looking at you know, the scholars of trueness and in conduct and inhabit, we know that Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam was wrongfully accused, probably

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loot was exiled from his land Prophet Ibrahim was moved out of his tribe and his people how we're gonna be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a refugee amongst the people of the unsought the saviors in in Medina. And therefore we see that this is something that is not uncommon that there will be moments where one one is distinct in their practice of faith, that at times there may be moments of antagonism. But overall, the initial element and the aim of those who are calling people to good is to help them come from the brink of their own disaster, and SubhanAllah. The True Colors of faith are not those who are they're seeking opposition with others. They are those who are

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seeking betterment and rectification and the role of the Buddha Matt has always been to guide people to that which is surrender unto our Lord. So Islam onto our maker to recognize that when we receive guidance, and we accept it as being verified and true, that leads us to establishing what are seen as universal values amongst everyone in terms of love and fidelity and brotherhood and generosity and charitable pneus and penance and fasting and repentance and prayers and invocations for ourselves and others. When you put all of that together. What you see is that the one who calls people to good is the one who truly resembles the prophets I send them and that's why Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah, always in the Quran when He speaks to us about enjoining good and prohibiting evil, always the word yet maroon Bill mauto they call people to that which is good they order people and ordain upon them that which is good, is always spoken to first before Allah says way in * not and in monka they restrict them from others. And I leave you with one very quick example, from Prophet Harun Alia salaam Musa as he attends to the mountain, he has heard before the people of the Israelites, and he left his brother Harun with them. And they begin to practice wickedness to the point that they begin to worship a golden idol. And it's at that moment you would think that prophet

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Harun would raise his hands to Allah and say, Oh Allah, you just saved these people from Pharaoh, you delivered them from Egypt, you destroyed the armies that gathered against them, Oh Allah destroy them for their wickedness and disbelief in you in entering into idolatry, but it's the opposite. What you see is how old it is Salam? He says, Yeah, call my people. It Debbie. Debbie Rooney. decom Sevilla, Rashad, come to me and I will lead you to a right pay place in non-tobacco moonrock man, your Lord is the Ever Merciful he doesn't say in our back home. You know, Aziz Luna calm he doesn't say the one who will destroy you and will show vengeance. He says your Lord is a rock man for Debbie

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Rooney. What I'll do Emory follow my example and obey my command. Subhan Allah, always the prophets of Allah wanted to shelter others. We have another caller on the line does that call okay for that call? Brother Rockford? Salaam Alaikum? Caller How can I help?

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shape? The question is

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about having visitors to the house. Because obviously now with COVID.

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We try to limit coming into the house to limit the risk. But there is about

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does that come up here? My dear sister now first and foremost, since you mentioned at COVID and visitors coming into the house and so on whatever governmental regulations are there by a part of our submission to Allah we submit to those laws that have the betterment of public health policy in mind. So therefore, I would always encourage you to follow whatever it is not encouraged you enjoin upon you to follow whatever restrictions or mandates that are in place, but if they have left it open and now you're at a place where you do have visitors who want to come and you have elderly parents and and your in laws living with you, and you're worried Listen, I know the government

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hasn't said people shouldn't visit but I worry that these people are all over mixing around and traveling and they may come with not this the levels of hygiene or on their clothing, something that can bring ailment or illness into our home. Is it something that is okay for us to kind of suspend visitation for a period of time. What I will say to you, my dear sister are three important principles I guess to look at it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the prophets I send them yes, you have levena M and O QU and Pooja como Alikum O E O ye who believe in

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To save yourself and then your family, and this is a general premise, faculty shaky layer, if you have nothing you can give nothing if you don't protect yourself, how can I protect society and others. So if you feel that other people may be bringing in or there's something in the community or in a place where people are going to come and visit from, then it is better, it is righteous upon you. And it is the sunnah to not allow people to visit at that time, there were people who the prophets I send them would knock on his door, and the Prophet would not permit them access, not because a person can wants to come and visit and it's our normal customers Muslims to be hospitable

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that it means that they have to have the inside of our home. The second Hadith that I want to share with you is the word of the prophets, I send them a letter yet call for a letter T, let not somebody be a regular habit of enjoying food, meaning visiting your home and just being it's as if it's their own home, unless you are sure that they are of a righteous nature here is evidence from the sooner that you can deter people and you can restrict those who enter into your home on account of an estimation you have you estimate is this person, a good person for my family, should they be regular visitors in my home, are these people having the hygiene standards necessary to protect my mom, my

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father, my brother, my sister, my, my mother's in law and my sister in law, are these the type of people that I want. If not, then you are within your right to not invite and not hold those gatherings. Number three, you can hold gatherings but hold them in a place that doesn't contaminate the rest of the house. And that might be an addition you know, when when you're kind of your back is to the wall and it's you know, it's gonna happen somebody these people have to visit, there's an occasion there's something, then use your ability to kind of confine where that is going to be perhaps have an outdoor thing perhaps just in the outer room and before anybody else goes in it, you

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spray it, you clean it, you give an extra clean to it and you make your Tawakkol upon Allah subhana wa Taala and know that part of Tawakkol is to take precaution. So make sure as guests come in without any insult or disfavor that they are able to wash their hands in soapy water or you give them antibacterial and this was actually our customers Muslims, right? When people would enter into a tent 800 900 years ago, the first thing that would be offered was a bowl and somebody would pour water and they would wash their hand because they're about to eat something they were traveling and so on. So do us the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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sallam, which is Allah fer SR for that wonderful question. I wanted to add one more point, from the things that help us maintain our sanity, our mental health, allow us to deal with some of the stressors that may be emerging in life. And the last thing that we had spoken about was the understanding that to fail at something is not the end of the world, to have hope in a challenge that you can overcome it and to challenge yourself, not just to wait for things that are easy to be done. But to go past your boundaries is from the Sunnah of the prophets, I send them.

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Finally, a one of the important aspects and I think it deserves time is to force yourself to ask questions to things you assume you'll have an answer for. One of the things that we fail at as Muslims is that we have been taught something or we heard something or somebody said something along the way, you're we remember when we were young and Imam might have said or a teacher might have said, we're not really sure, but we think we know an answer to a question. And that question emerges in our life. I asked you by Allah never to hold on to a question that is not addressed. Don't let your children have questions that you do not engage them in. And if you receive an answer that's

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incomplete, doesn't pass the smell test is not something that settled your heart, ask again. There's no insult in that. And I want to share a number of important Hadith from the prophets I send them that highlight the importance of investigation, inquiry, not seeking knowledge and asking questions. So when he came to the prophets, I send them and that's an authentic hadith and he said yeah rasool Allah in Egypt to upload L L. O Messenger of Allah, I've come to ask questions so that I can gain knowledge. So the Prophet sat up salah, Isola masa, without were somewhere for Yabba and he presented himself and he said Morrow haben Vitaly been in JOY Yes is the one who has come to ask

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

questions and to receive knowledge in authority evaluating Anita Hill food mela iica that the angels envelop the one who's come with their questions seeking an answer until they ride to the heavens up above

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in protection of them, powerful, powerful Hadith. Second we see that the prophets I send them there was this tragic incident in the end this hadith and Narita and Mojave I tragedy occurred. One of the Sahaba on a journey with his companions, friends of the prophets, I send them fell off, his horse fell off. His camel was Yogen, his head was split open, he began to bleed out and he's about to die. He fell unconscious, his friends and hamdulillah they saved his life. They tied him up with a turban, they tied up his head, they compress it, and he came back to to life he regained his consciousness. And as he's traveling Now, slowly, the time of prayer arrived, and they have to pray.

00:30:42 --> 00:31:31

So he said, is it necessary for me to remove my turban and to put water on my head? Is it necessary that I put water I have an open wound I almost died. And they said, listen, Allah said in the Quran, for any limited you do, man for the MMO if you don't have water, then you can use the natural earth to cleanse yourself spiritually. But we have water we don't see that this is a fitting reason. Subhanallah this Sahabi he listened to them without asking again, although it didn't. It didn't meet what was in his heart. He took off his turban he made will do and he died. La ilaha illa Allah may Allah join us with them in Jenna. And when he died, they did they buried his body they came back

00:31:31 --> 00:32:19

from the journey. The prophet is told about what happened. And at that moment, the Prophet said these incredible words. He said the kata Lu LSA Alou this, they have brought his death, they have brought him to death. How dare they not ask How dare they not send a rider to ask and think about this question. In the Mass Effect would use to earn the cure to ignorance is to ask a question. Don't assume because you know the verse. Don't assume because you heard something from a friend. Don't assume because you read something online or Google didn't answer that that is the end all of the discussion and becomes important for us to engage and to seek knowledge past it. I pray that

00:32:19 --> 00:32:31

Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us all success. May Allah allow us to join again next week Wednesday 12pm London time your brother Yeah, hey, Brahim was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Along with the combat Minang semi

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long was on the island of Vienna, Muhammad

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Ali was off he was sitting into sleep and caviar

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