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Are all the villa humans show you thought analogy

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or the mama can levy here up be Hi everyone. Mooney we all worked in Agile by inna Komaba in our home rod,

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publisher salary, silly Emery rock data melissani colleague hamdulillah salat wa salam ala and also he was a huge mine, my bad Santa Monica Moroccans like Ricardo. So today Inshallah, our intention is to continue our discussions also, we have picking up from Iowa number 95, where we left off yesterday. For those of you that are watching on social media, I decided to go live today just to inform you that this is what I've been busy with over the last couple of months and will remain busy probably for the next couple of months completing the Tafseer study of sorts of golf, it's being held here at the main campus every night five nights a week. And so if any of you are ever visiting

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Dallas or happen to be in town, you can swing by and attend between multiple a shop for those of you that are interested in the entire series and sort of gohealth, which I started a couple of years ago. And then left off in the middle and then picked up again, are the entire series is on And the rest of this series even though this particular session is coming up on social media also is not going to be on social media. In fact, the majority of my work on the Quran, especially the deeper look series where I try to go in depth, I am by no Quran, the library of that work is on being a TV and you're welcome to access that. Just a quick note about being a TV, those of you who

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don't have a subscription to it, and would like one or two options, it costs $11 a month to get a subscription. But if you're not able to afford one, you are not denied one anyway. So you can request a gift subscription and be you know, just sponsors your subscription and you're able to access the material regardless. But it is something that organizationally I do request of people that would like to study the Quran along with me that they do become subscribers to be in a TV because it is a different platform, then social media and my my intention is to evolve that platform. So I can engage in more direct Quran studies related work with the following that's there.

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The technology behind it is evolving as we speak. So eventually, I hope to be able to do live presentations from within but you know, TV and have interactions with my audience through that platform also, because as all of you might know, social media is an open, crazy place. So being focused into your studies requires that you have a space where everybody's focused on the same thing. And we're having productive conversation and not distracted by any other tangents. Right. So. And for that reason, I think it's absolutely important that we have a platform where there can be that kind of focused engagement. So regardless, every now and then I do post material on social

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media for everybody's consumption also. Because I think that's an important way to, you know, to reach out to those of you that may not have access, or may have bad internet connections, or whatever else. Regardless, because this is a lecture today that many of you are not keeping up with the series, I'll just mention something very brief. So we can have some context before I get into the idea. This is again, as the screen says 95 or 95 of certain QA have, we're going through the story of Volker name. And he has made two stops in his journey. And on his third stop, he's met a group of people that barely have any ability to communicate with him. And he finds a creative means

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by which he can actually interact with them. And once he does, they let him know what the issue is, which was in the last time they told him in Julia, Julia Masih, Luna fill out that no doubt, yeah, Julian McGeorge, these people are causes of great corruption in everywhere in the land in the region, meaning everywhere also means that they are heading this way, meaning they've come to know that the attack is coming. And it's imminent, that they're going to be invaded and overrun by this barbaric tribe. And so they turn to Him and ask for help. For hemorrhage. I do like a hydrogen. So can we furnish you with some kind of a levy attacks, some kind of a homage that's given to a king a

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mage, so that you we can fund you so that you can build a dam or some kind of a wall, a barrier I said, between us and them being in our beena home center, the word said, is used for mountains, it's also used for any other kind of barrier. And so when he entered between the two mountains to get into this valley, where he met these people, Allah use the word said then, and then the word said, is occurring, again, to illustrate perhaps that they want a barrier built that is high as the mountains themselves. So the two edges, the peaks of the mountain should be met with this barrier that he's going to build for them. This also tells you that they don't have the ability to build

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that they don't have that ability. But they do have the resource because clearly though, Carnegie did not travel with mountains worth of metal and building materials to get to this place, so they have the raw materials, but they don't have the know how the ability the technology to be able to build the or maybe perhaps even the manpower to build. So now they've made

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This request to him and they've offered him money in order to do so.

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Which is normal for kings kings, you know, governments governments take taxes from us and in exchange they give us protection is one of the fundamental things governments give you. Right so they they're, they're making a very fundamental offer. And this is going to be looked at names response color, Mama, Kenichi magnifi. Here are behind whatever my master has, has stabilized me with whatever he has furnished me with. The word McKenna is was used with use of Alayhis Salam McKenna Allah who will early right it was used early on in the story of use of La salaam, when he first ended up in the house of the minister. And then later on, it was used when he became the the

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Minister of of sorts himself. So McKenna was used for use of Ali Salam. So it's important to know where these words are used, and how they were used to give us a clue of what these words contain. Right? And especially the Arabic dictionary is helpful. And Korans. Different contexts are very helpful, right. And together, they form a picture of how this word is used by air in Arabic, and then also how this word is used by Allah Himself. Right? So one of the ways Allah uses this word as he describes for the Quraysh, who were very full of themselves rejecting the prophets message that we gave in sort of an arm, we gave other nations them key in melanoma can Lacan, right, we, we

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provided them stability, we gave the pharaohs dynasties that lasted several generations, give them Architectural Technology, give them agriculture, give them access to waterways, give them international trade, give them all kinds of power, and expansion that you couldn't even imagine. That was not furnished to you, you used to live in mud and you know, barely brick homes. That's where you are, you don't have massive roadways and highways and the kind of civilization that exists outside of you in the Roman Empire in the Persian Empire, other empires and some greater empires that were destroyed. So Allah is telling them that he had furnished and provided stability. This

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word McKenna is important to understand from the Arabic point of view, too, so that was the current context. And sort of use of context is really interesting. Because when you think of empires having Tamkeen stability, you think of manpower, military, you know, land, agriculture, resources, natural resources, right. So you think of things that make a government strong, or an empire strong. All of those things that make it strong and stable are the elements of them keen, but good use of it Salaam. That's the That's the meaning that makes sense later on, when he becomes the minister of Egypt. So he has governmental authority, he has resources, he has manpower, so that fits. But it was

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also used much earlier on when he was in the house of the minister as a slave as a child slave. And that's where I'll use this word for him again, first. So how is this word being used early on, perhaps because whatever he went through in that life, was part of preparing him for the eventual Tamkeen that's coming. Right. And because it's preparing him for it, all of this is part of them key meaning, you're great that the stability that eventually we see as stability, has building blocks has prerequisites that are also part of that stability, your growth, your learning is part of your graduation, if you will, right. So all of this is unnecessary component, we human beings become so

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obsessed with measuring things by the result, but not the efforts and the components that lead to that result. And it's those components that are also emceed by Allah, if Allah did not provide you this stable opportunity to take one step, another step, another step, another step, until you finally got to the eventual result that everybody can see. And you needed them Kenan every one of those steps. Figure easy example, think of yourself as a student in the University. You just started your first semester, you've got a long way to go. But you having the ability to finish that one semester or take that one next exam or take that finish that one next project or one next assignment

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actually recorded it required them to you were you were placed in a certain way you were able to afford the semester you were able to find the right kind of help you were able to make time you your your health was in a good place, you're mentally in a good place to be able to do all those things. That's also a love providing them keen. So Temkin is not just material. It's also furnishing things that stabilize your situation. Now, the origin of the word from the Arabic censors also vary, by the way, they're keen in the case of use of honey, Sam also has to do with his knowledge, because he was a servant in the house of a minister and the biblical version. I talked about this in detail in the

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use of series.

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The he had an opportunity to sit in on many conversations that were happening between millionaires, politicians, governors, so he understands how how politics work, he's kind of inside closed doors.

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earrings because he lives in that house. He also understands how the women have politicians that you know, those those the housewives, they have their own social circle, and they operate their own certain way. And he has an he has an insider's view of that, too, that even the husbands don't have. He has that insider's view. And he's a servant. So he understands how the lowest classes in society, the working class, the people that are selling vegetables and fruits and cleaning the streets, he know he's interacting with them too. So in a sense, he's getting a very thorough education of reality in Egypt, from top to bottom, from every sector of society, right? And that's part of what's

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going to make him a very stable leader later on. Right so this is part of him developing that emptiness is Allah situating him in the right place at the right time. Interestingly, there are two arguments one less accepted one far more convincing and more accepted. And I've already hinted which one I'm more convinced, though, that the word McKenna or thinking comes from meme calf and noon the root origin letters are meme coffin noon, and McKenna it was used for the verb was used for when a lizard or other animals lay an egg. Okay, so mechanic Baba was used for when the lizard lizard lays an egg. Okay, so Hassan Hassan gerbil in his dictionary argues that the word McKenna has to do with

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beam cough and noon. However, the more common understanding and a very much more convincing understanding is actually it's the word the word originally iscan or Yakubu Conan is from the word cone. And a lot of McCann, the verb of tone is McCann. Right? So the word McCann comes from cone. The man in the beginning is used in Arabic as a prefix to describe places and times. So Muslim, for example, is the place of the sunset and the time of sunset. That meme in the beginning tells you that it's a lot of McCann or a Versa man. Same way masjid, the man, the meme in the beginning, the man in the beginning specifically is for the place you do such that or the time when you do such

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that So hello, Xena taco manda Cooley masjid, okay, so this in the same way. By the way, another quick example moto moto eight is a time when the promise shall be fulfilled, or not. In modern Arabic, the appointment is more, right because it's the name of a time. So the mind the beginning, it denotes time and place. Now McCann started getting used for location. McCann in Arabic started getting used for location because it's the place where someone exists. Government means existence, McCann the place where somebody exists. And from this idea of existing in a place when you exist in a place long enough, what happened was the original root letters workout while at noon, but the word

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got used so much that the meme that is actually for the mafia, the meme is actually not the root letter, the root letters are cauliflower and noon, another new word spawned from it, which became meme cough in noon. So the meme actually then kind of mutated into its own root letter. And from it, you get the word McCanna, which is actually still related to cone in that sense. But more than cone it's related to Makhan. So it's an interesting origin of the word. Now what does that tell us? That tells us that Tamkeen has to do with someone who is well situated stabilized in their place. Think of to make sense of that an easy language think of somebody who is not well, like economically not

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doing well, can't find a job. So they're living in one place, couldn't afford the rent, they have to go move in with an uncle until saved a little bit of money moved to another city to get a job that didn't work out, then they have to move to this other place. Then they have to move to this other place. They don't they they're not in one McCann, right. They keep moving from McCann Tama counter McCann, and that means they don't have them keen. That would mean they lack them keen. So the idea is, when someone is well situated where they are, all the resources, they need to have a stable life are furnished for them all their needs are taken care of. And they're they're well taken, well

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established. Another phrase we use well established, right? When someone's deeply rooted and well established, they enjoy them keen their motor makin, auto mechanic, someone well situated in a place. Now from that we get in the Quran. Mackinac home, you know,

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McKenna home fell out of the like the the Egyptians were given them keen in the land, meaning they weren't people like the nomads who have to move from here to here to here to here. Right. And the Arabs, interestingly enough, the Mecca specifically the people living in Mecca, they're in the middle of a desert. And the only survival resource they have is zum zum. Really, and the only way they can survive is by moving and doing trade. They don't have the resources to survive just staying in Makkah, they have to import export. So in that very literal sense. They can't enjoy it them keen. They have

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Do relative sheets are safe? Right? So Allah puts them in their place and says, You think you have them keen I gave other nations resources people used to come to them. They didn't go to people look at look at use of Alison's government in Egypt, people are coming to him for food, right? He's not going out somewhere to get food for his people. People are coming to him, all the nations surrounding nations that are starving, including, you know, his family that was not actually in Egypt, they're coming to him to get food from Quran, right. So the same now with that in mind, we're going to come back to sootel cough, they'll call nine is responding to the offer that listen, we

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want you to build a dam, we want you to build this barrier, we will provide you the funds for it, we can, we'll do what we can, because they know when a king does something when a king prepares an army or defense, you know, in ancient times what used to happen, kings would send an emissary, he would make an announcement that the village is about to be attacked all evil men, women and child, you know, men, men, women, children, whoever is able to fight, we are Your forcibly drafted. And we need all your jewels, all your all your metals, all your weapons, all of that needs to be taken at you, you were basically, you know, nowadays, we have the draft, what forced enlistment into the military,

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back in the day, it was forcing all of your assets and absorbing them into the military, because it's a matter of survival for the kingdom. So they're used to that they're used to the government coming in, in case of emergency and taking everything, right, that's what they may have seen in other cases. So they offer it ahead of time and say, we'll give you courage will muster up everything to provide you for building us this, this resource. Now, I was reminded when I read this, I have two other places in the Quran, there's one place Solomon Alehissalaam, people came in, offered him a gift. People offered him what looks like a gift, what was actually a bribe.

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And so a man and his salaam basically humiliated them.

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Basically, that what Allah has given me is way better than what you can give me. And, and this be the ethical, tougher home. With this gift of yours. Sure, people are happy, you're so proud that you you weren't paying me off with this app. So you put them in their place. Yeah, as if to say the kingdom of Solomon and Islam is so powerful, and so resourceful, that your pathetic gifts that you think are a big deal are nothing to me, Allah has given me way better than this. Right?

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That's not the kind of response you see here. You see Automechanika here, Rob, be higher. That's it. Not hydro mimma attacco. You see extended language and Solomon's case. And He's insulting them on how you think you're happy by giving me that you think this is worth something, he put them in their place. So first, let's compare and contrast. Because that's also a king. This is also a king. He's also being given an offer, they're also being given an offer. So there's a parallel right. Now that parallel is very interesting. Those people were trying to buy political advantage with Sullivan. They were politicians that were already well off. And they were trying to get strategic advantage by

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buying because politicians, by other politicians, nowadays, lobbyists by politicians, right, they take them on first class trips, and give them all kinds of gifts and try to get away with it. And this is a way of buying politicians giving them gifts. And Soleimani, some saw right through it. And he knows these are the kinds of people that need to be insulted because they think this is how they can accomplish things in life by by buying people out so he humiliates what they gave him, they needed to be humiliated because they are degrading, degraded people, they have no integrity with the way that they they conducted themselves. These people don't lack integrity. They're not trying to

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buy out a politician. They're actually desperate for security. They don't need to be humiliated. So that's one interesting parallel that he's not going to talk to them in a way that's condescending before I even get into the language of how he talked to them. The other interesting parallel his use of it, so we come back to us.

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Because you said earlier on when he was in prison, right? He also made reference to what Allah has given him is better.

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Want to let you know that he can be my Allamani Robbie, this is from what my Rob taught me. He was talking to non Muslim inmates. And he, when he helped them out with what they needed, that's the connection here. He helped two inmates with what he helped to non Muslims with what they needed. And here local name is going to help this non Muslim village with what they need.

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And what's he gonna do, he's gonna say in a very intelligent way Yusuf alayhi salam is gonna say and this this help that I provided you is because Allah My master is the one who taught me and from what he taught me I was able to help you that He can be my Allamani or be and this is a very beautiful, subtle, intelligent way of introducing these people, not to himself, but to his right

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So before you get impressed, man, you gave me such a good answer, bro. Like you interpreted my dream like that was awesome. Yeah, that's because my mom taught me.

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So he's immediately he's saying that I'm able to do this, I'm learned, I am learned. But the only reason I'm learned is because my Rob taught me two elements here to remember with use of that are going to happen here. Again, the two elements are one he gives credit to Allah. And thereby he's introducing these people that don't know enough or don't know anything about Allah, he's introducing them to Allah. He's also letting them know that Allah is not just a Creator, Allah is also a teacher. Allah is also a teacher. So he's, he's giving them something about Allah, that's very interesting, right for them that you can learn from Europe. I want you to just get owned by Rob, you

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get controlled by Rob, he just get given by you, Europe can teach you. That's new. How does he How does he teach you? So he's implicitly introducing him to the concept of Revelation, isn't he? Right? The second part is actually that he's acknowledging he didn't say, Oh, I don't know anything. It's my Rob. Like he didn't, he gave Allah credit. But he didn't remove himself from the equation, he is acknowledging that Allah has given him the gift of having learned, and that he's putting that gift to us. This is also important. He didn't say no credit goes to me, this is just Allah, I have nothing to do with no Allah, my master taught me, which actually puts value on himself too, because

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I have been honored to be able to teach you something, it comes from a high source. And I have been gifted to give this, you know, and that's why you'll notice in that passage, that this is a fumble of Allah on him and on his family. Right. So he acknowledges that this is a an honor, that he belongs to an honorable family that Allah continues to gift with this gift of Revelation. So he made reference to that when he was conversing with those two inmates. Luca Nene is in a very similar position, when a king is going to say, I will build this dam for you, the people are going to say what a great king man, you should see what he built.

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He's, they'll be so amazed with what he built for them. And before he even agrees to what he will build for them, or whether or not he'll agree, he starts by saying ma McKinney fee here are behind that malady. Or hey, what I have is better than what you can give me you villagers, what are you going to collect apples in, you know, a coconuts and give them to me? What are you gonna give me? Not coconuts, they're not at a beach. I don't know what they're gonna do. But whatever they give him, how does this compare to what I already have, he didn't frame it in that way. He said, Whatever my master provided me by giving me stability. What my master Master game created in one place from

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McCann to be situated in a place. It's remarkable, you know what that means? Wherever he goes, he's situated. In other words, he goes somewhere, and he's not experiencing instability. And so Allah has, wherever he goes, he's not on a shortage of resources. So even as he's come here, he's not in a shortage of resources, even though he's in a foreign place. So whatever Allah has provided me so remarkable that I'm able to go anywhere and still enjoy tonkean. And in that what Allah has given me my master has given me is better.

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He didn't even humiliate them by saying hydro mimma Entercom or maladie, mahu. Allah de con, it's better than what you have, is better than what you can give me. Okay, he didn't he didn't put them down. He just said what my master has is better. Also, the word hate has two implications. It could mean better, which is comparative, but it can also stand for the word good itself, what Allah has given me good and in that sense, it can mean whatever Allah has given me enough. I don't need it from you. If Allah has provided me the ability to serve and to fulfill a certain obligation. Now what is what is the condition see as his obligation he sees from the first expedition, every

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expedition is building on the next expedition. That's how you have to understand it. In the first expedition, we learned that he is going to implement a policy of justice, and he's not going to let wrongdoers get away with wrongdoing. That's what we learned in the first expedition. In the second expedition, he met new people again, and Allah said Gallic, Which Imam Razi very beautifully pointed out, that would mean that whatever policy he implemented in expedition number one is the same policy he's going to implement implement expedition number two. So he sees as part of his mandate to implement justice wherever he goes. Now he's coming to expedition number three. And expedition

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number three, there are also amomum balama. Who's the volume in this third case? You know, the first case there was a moment balama there's people that do wrong, who are the people that are doing wrong in this third case, it's just my juge, they're going to do wrong. And his mandate is not take money from people and then stop the wrongdoer. His mandate is to stop the wrongdoer.

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But his original mandate remember was to punish the wrongdoer for sofa nor IV boo familia de la Robbie, we will punish him that will be taken back to his lab and all of that we converse. We talked about that before. But

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

At this time, instead of him implementing a policy, first of all, they're in a state of emergency. And there's not enough time. And perhaps he realizes that in this case, me engaging in war with, you know, Julian juge, which I may be able to fight, but it might be a prolonged war, it seems from the meaning of the word Yamaguchi and agile that they're an overwhelming force, they keep on coming and coming and coming. They're a huge, massive, this might be multiple years of a war. And in that war, these people will get trampled. So right now, offense is not the best strategy, they actually are suggesting the best strategy, which is to quell to slow down or to stop at least temporarily, at

00:25:40--> 00:26:19

least, the onslaught of Tokoname, or the onslaught of hydrogen modules. So he's not implementing that policy yet. But it's still within justice. And he's saying now, what we need to do is what you're saying, but the resources My master has given me are better to do it. In other words, I have enough to do what needs to be done, and I didn't come here to collect from you. I didn't come here to take your money. And this is what kingdoms used to do and empires do they take resources from people, and they say we're taking them in the name of protecting you. And then they end up becoming the IgG modules on top of the people. They protect them by robbing them more than anybody else would

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rob them. That's what governments end up doing. That's what Kinder kingdoms ended up doing in the past, and what governments do today, right? So he has taken a completely different approach. He understands that when Allah has given him this power, this ability, his responsibility, wherever he goes, is to establish justice to the best of his ability to do good for people to protect people to protect life. And again, he's not protecting Muslim life, he's protecting human life. These people don't know they're just getting introduced to the hub, Mama canopy here are behind. And in doing so they're introduced to a king they've never seen the likes of before, because a King when he says I

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shall build a wall that you have never seen. It's going to be the greatest fall ever. Like it's going to be the best wall and people are seeing already it's the best wall

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instead of saying that he's actually saying that the credit goes to my lab, but my Rob has given me Temkin. So he's putting himself in a position of authority, just like use of Felisa did not discredit himself, just to give credit to Allah gave credit to Allah, but also said, I'm the one that has the stability to do so. And I'm better off doing so. But then he said something really interesting. He says, I you know, he

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then aid me, helped me. So let's look at the word Marinoni I've translated, then help me Well, it's kind of a contradiction. I already have everything I need. No, thanks.

00:27:49--> 00:28:34

So help me. Wait. You said you have everything you need. So you shouldn't be asking for what? Help we were You were offering me help her? I said, No. I said, Rob has given me better. So helped me. So why in the world would he say helped me because it seems to contradict the first thing he said, This is really beautiful. Let's understand the word own first and we'll solve that riddle. And I won. Because I had meaning in the wasn't a bit meaner, Docker will higher level allottee noted by Dr. Hal Becker. Basically, instead of reading the entire etymology to you, the word r1 was used and our own was used for when an animal gives successive birth, meaning it gave birth to a goat gave birth to a

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little baby goat, and the farmer wasn't expecting that it gave birth to yet another one, it was carrying more than one so and the extended help that the farmer God because he was expecting his investment to double but his investment what tripled, right so that that's from the word own comes from an end, there are lots of other when a tree goat grows taller than expected, when things come out where you didn't expect them. I'll manual Makary mother danza ID are emptied out women coverting Phil Barton Aminul, hardage Kalba kerwell hydel mascara. So it's actually when you have extended help, when you have help already, and then you have extended help. So the word Ana is by the way,

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the same origin our own is using the fast when we say ear canal boo IACA understanding and I've explained this in common language before, there's lots of words in Arabic for help, but when you're already doing something, and you want additional help, that's when one is used, like the baby goat was born, but there was additional help with another one. Right so the additional help is actually called out.

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So for Who are you called we a young would you meet Bill Kuwaiti. This is actually the word I own. That it's it reinforces and re strengthens with extension. So let's come back to the the eye itself. What does the word I want to do here? He's saying?

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Know how wise stability wise I have

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everything I need, I even have an army with me, they can build it for me. But I want you to take part in this with me, I already have the help I need, I want you to extend the help, I want you to be involved. And he could have just said, work for me, or do what I say. But he used a word that made these people, he honored these people. And he made them feel, even though the first part of it is clear, he doesn't need their help. He still invited them to help him,

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reinforced me add to my strength.

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So he and this word is really beautiful, because now he's making those people feel like they're part of his team.

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They're making the they're working together. Because when someone asks you for help, aid me assist me extend my my power. What are they doing? First of all, they're humbling themselves. But second of all, they're empowering those who they say helping.

00:30:57--> 00:31:10

Wow, he asked me for help, we can help him. Oh, we must be worth something. You see, they came to look at nine we can't do anything. Yeah, Julian about George rasuna fell out. We don't know what to do. And he says you're not as weak as you think you are.

00:31:11--> 00:31:47

You've accepted this kind of defeat because of an overwhelming force and you feel helpless. So you're coming to me, and the only thing you could give me is money. No, I don't need your money, I need your help. I need you to stand up for yourselves. If you want to help me, you got to stand up, you got to step up. Because this is your land, you have to defend it. So I'm not just gonna build this for you, My master has given me enough to build it. But part of my mandate is not just to help people, but to learn to teach people to help themselves. Remember the phrase Teach a man to fish. That's what he's doing with their money. And the cool thing is really beautiful too, or Indonesia.

00:31:47--> 00:32:29

Quwata has two dimensions helped me with power, simple transition helped me with power. This power could mean two things. It could mean add to my manpower. So when my when my engineers and my soldiers are putting bricks together, putting molten copper together, building the cauldron pulling the ropes go help them helped me with manpower, that's easy, meaning fine. But the other meaning actually also applies. And that is helped me by becoming strong. By becoming powerful. In other words, when I lead because he's stopping and going and stopping and going, I'm not going to be here to defend you this whole time. You're gonna have to become my strength of this kingdom. When I

00:32:29--> 00:33:13

leave. You can help me with your own strength. So that you when I'm gone, and this wall is built, because you know if these are these are robbers and invaders and Raiders, this wall is powerful as it is. Miss is also really interesting that he built a set that couldn't be scaled by Muslera, when you're little, almost Satara, who know Macedonia rule was that Allah Who Nakba, right? They couldn't do it. They couldn't scale it. They couldn't drill through it. But what's around on both sides. Mountains, right? So you can't beat the metal. But what could you scale, you could scale the mountains, you could still scale the mountains, you could still somehow with difficulty still find

00:33:13--> 00:33:47

you can dig hook hooks into the metal and the copper that he's going to build. But you can decode hooks into rock. You can eventually scale it you can build some kind of a, you know, a police system to bring bring your man up, you could do that eventually, right? So he understands that this wall is not just going to all solve the problem. This problem won't be solved by someone coming in and defending you. Don't just add ask for foreign military aid and your nation's problems will be solved. You're gonna have to stand up for yourself sound familiar?

00:33:48--> 00:33:58

How many nations in the world that can stand up for themselves? And they asked for foreign aid, foreign military assistance and the foreign military comes and things get better and things get worse? Oh my god.

00:33:59--> 00:34:00

Oh my god.

00:34:01--> 00:34:13

And what is he saying I will help you. But this help will mean nothing until you become empowered yourselves until you stand up for your nation yourselves. You saw a timeless These lessons are

00:34:15--> 00:34:43

like he's not even from that land but he's he realizes something. Just building some resources building a wall building some defenses. Using this technique using this advanced nations technology to help you with your immediate problem. You don't just need the tech you don't need the money you don't need the engineering you the thing that you can help me with because without that help all of this is useless will be manpower and you helping empower yourselves. You know anybody who attend

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

and then he says agile by intercom Babina homearama I love this I love it. He This is called in grammar This is called Allah wa Jalla bookclub de la jolla for Arabic students is an affair or inone fail

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

Then agile filmora merge zoom walima damage zoom Linda who? giavotella amor? Ouattara? What? Agile job Tada. What was that mean in simple English? When you say to somebody, help me, help me. I'll get this done. Helped me I'll get this done. They helped me partisan imperative you commanded somebody you requested somebody helped me. When you said, I'll get this done, you connected these two things together as if helped me. And if you do, I'll get this done. So it's almost like Shelton job shot. It's a conditional statement. If you help me, I'll get this done. But when a command is involved, then this call is called 11. Job. And what does that do in this hire, he actually doesn't need their

00:35:46--> 00:35:47

help to get this done.

00:35:49--> 00:36:32

He can just say I know by nakoma buena home Rodman, he could say, my McKinney fee here or be higher for ajar lubaina kubina home not one simple, what Allah has given me is better. So I will put a barrier between you and learn, easy, but he puts something in between. This is his wisdom, this is actually the suburb that he's also been given resources. He understands not just that materials or resources, empowering people itself as a resource. Empowering people itself as a resource in the modern world, taking advantage of nations for short term gains is considered a strategy. The local name strategies when you empower a nation and they can defend themselves, and they can learn to

00:36:32--> 00:36:57

build things themselves, and they can grow themselves. And you have made allies for generations you've made, you've made them an ally, because you made them you help them stand up on their own feet. Just like you can give somebody charity, like some kid, or you can given charity. But if you if you, instead of giving that child charity, you provided their child an education, you provided that young man job training,

00:36:58--> 00:37:19

right? He's grateful to someone who gave them charity, but that charity could have gone into him buying some candy, and he's a beggar again, still. But if you empower that child or you empower that young man, then you have someone who is going to go later and empower somebody else. Right? That's what he's going to do. And he's going to carry on a legacy that you created. This is the mentality of the

00:37:20--> 00:37:46

incredible. So that now let's understand that SHA, Allah Jalla wa Tada, he says, helped me. And it's as if he sang helped me. And as a result of you helping me, I shall, I shall create this rhythm between you and them, you know what that makes them feel? It makes them feel so empowered, that even though Allah has given him something better, what Allah has what he still needs is our help.

00:37:47--> 00:38:10

Right? Allah has given him resources, know how they don't know how to build a dam. He's given them the resources, given the know how he's given him, the military is given them the expertise, but yet he needs the manpower and these people who have no background in anything. They don't have an extensive education, they don't know engineering, they barely spoke his language, we already dealt with that problem. And yet they have something that he needs to accomplish this great task.

00:38:11--> 00:38:47

Well, what if this has so many lessons, first, for leadership, don't underestimate people, what they can do, then for people don't underestimate yourselves and what you're capable of. You might consider yourselves weak in compared to superpowers, the judges and judges of the world. What can we do they have money, they have resources, they have media, they have military, they have drones, they have planes, they have satellites, they have this, they have this, they have that, we have another Yeah, you have yourselves you have CUDA, you have CUDA, you have something you're you're you're under estimating yourself, you sell yourself short, and then you remain waiting for somebody to come

00:38:47--> 00:39:06

and help. And they'll condense ultimate help to them is I will teach you, but you're going to build it. I'll teach you, but you're the ones that are going to build it, which is why you will find it the next if he's not doing it. He's telling them what to do. Now do this now bring this now poor, this is not what he's doing. They're doing all the work.

00:39:07--> 00:39:15

And he's showing them that the resources were there, the work ethic was there, the talent was there, all you needed was some direction. That's all you needed.

00:39:16--> 00:39:35

Then we get to the word roadmap because they asked for a said yes. But he says no, I shall place as a result between me and you. between you and them. I shall please read them a new word, which is another word for barrier. Women tell us that this is actually let me let me open up the notes on random that I put them down here. I didn't

00:39:37--> 00:39:38

know it's here, okay.

00:39:41--> 00:39:45

The word random actually means a saddle Toby allowing

00:39:47--> 00:39:49

the strongest kind of barriers called Autism.

00:39:51--> 00:39:56

So it's as if they said build us a barrier. He said, I'll build you a super barrier.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

The biggest barrier No, no, no

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

I'll build you a barrier. That's what I'll build you.

00:40:05--> 00:40:46

But you know what that's so beautiful. Because he says with your help, forget barrier, we're going to make something that makes a barrier look like as nothing will make it random. And so this is used in Arabic for a minute, Takuma Lumia, Tara calm and Phaedra have done to Mohammed dammit, what are the mana Hill medulla Zima, who something that lasts, something that doesn't have any gaps in it something that stays in place, a barrier could fall out of them is something that sticks, that's why they use, you know, they use the expression or the melee hit model that the disease stuck to him, it wouldn't let him go in like a chronic disease or chronic disorder, this has exam on the patient, it

00:40:46--> 00:41:24

doesn't let him go. So and it is a good imagery because a disease is fused inside of the person or the animal or the human being, and it becomes one with them. It doesn't let them go. So they become a part of the person. And this rather than that he's going to build is going to become a part of the mountain won't let it go. It's not it's not like when you and I drill a nail in the wall and then put some art up and then you know, because it's not it doesn't stay. So he is now telling these people that we are capable of much more than I said, you thought the best we can do is I said You underestimated yourselves.

00:41:25--> 00:41:46

But help me do this helped me accomplish it, I'll do it, I'll tell you what to do. I'll tell you how to do it. But until you decide to help until you decide to empower yourselves, this cannot be helped. You can pull this off. It's a very beautiful exchange between these people and him. And from it, we realized something by the way, like I said they had the natural resources already.

00:41:47--> 00:42:24

They had the metal will contain didn't bring the metal from somewhere and there's no time to get it from somewhere else. Yeah, Jujin modules will say do not fail or they're on the verge of coming. The sun fire is used when something's just about to happen. You know, I know what shaky and yeah to Earth. So they say for example, Allah says in the jar, you don't fill out the Khalifa. He's about to do it. And he's about to do it. So when they say move soon, I felt old. That actually one of its implications is this is any day now there'll be here. Any week. Now there'll be here, there's no time to go and import metals from somewhere. And all. All of that's already there. So what and it's

00:42:24--> 00:42:34

not like little gardening only knows how to build with these materials. It's as if there were materials there. And he's like using based on these materials. This is what we can build.

00:42:35--> 00:43:00

In other words, you have whatever resources you have, and then you decide what's the best use of these resources for the solution at hand? Because there may be Oh, no, we're used to building it with this, this and this material. We don't we don't do it with you. Because you know, there's no improvisation. There's no creativity in solutions. Until we have the same resources, the same technology, the same process that other nations have, we can't do anything. No, no, no, no, you can find alternatives.

00:43:02--> 00:43:15

Just because they did things a certain way doesn't mean you have to do them that way you do whatever resources you have been given. Whatever you have been given. So what has Allah given him in this case? Is the last question mama can EP Robbie. Hi.

00:43:17--> 00:43:20

Finances are there but it's not finances that are needed right now.

00:43:21--> 00:43:34

finances aren't needed. That I'm keen of Canadian this case seems to be first of all, I don't need your money. Because by the way, Kings don't need money to build, they can just tell their soldiers and pay them later. They just need to provide food and that's it.

00:43:35--> 00:43:41

But what he what Allah has given him is an ability to empower people. And that's part of his thinking.

00:43:43--> 00:43:51

Because technically, the when when the wall got built, the manpower was not his. And the materials were not his.

00:43:52--> 00:44:12

Both of them were those peoples. So what is his thinking? His thinking is to be able to help people realize their potential and make use of their own resources. Empower a nation with itself. Subhan Allah mamacare NiFi hero behind for ionone be quoting, agile Bina Kawabe namorada.

00:44:13--> 00:44:22

The other side of this as he trusted the people, let the one of the last discussions I have with you today. He trusted the people. They signed into law. You pointed this out yesterday.

00:44:24--> 00:44:59

We don't want you to go to war. We want you to just build a wall. The defensive strategy is the smartest strategy right now. And he as a king can actually also say, You know what, no, no wall is going to help. I'm going to enlist all of you in my army, let's go fight. That's the only option. No, he actually empowered. He enabled them to entrusted them with their position. He understood that their opinion is actually a better opinion. He went with it. That's not that he didn't go into the first land MacGruber Shams within a defensive strategy. He actually went with an implementation strategy among Vala Mufasa

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

azimuth am I gonna do it that'll be the second time, same policy Gallic the third time, no, this is not going to work here, we're gonna have to take a back seat, and we're gonna have to take the path of least resistance, and we're gonna have to take a defensive strategy. And the only way we can do the least damage is by stopping this wave of Jewish Jews. And the only way to stop it is there, right? Something needs to be built here. But a sad won't be enough. It'll have to be rotten. And we can pull this off. It's remarkable that he has the agility to not say no, this is how we do things. This is how I've always done things. It worked over here, it worked over here, why wouldn't it work

00:45:35--> 00:46:13

here? He doesn't have that kind of an ego problem. When he's given a new suggestion. He doesn't say, Who is the King, you are me, who is the strategist you are me. You know, we're doing work at the Chicago kidney. You see, if you seen your face, and Farsi Mycotic, our SBB you've seen your face, you're gonna give me suggestions. Who you know, you can't even speak, you're gonna tell me what to do. Right? That's not his mindset. His ego didn't get damaged by the suggestion that they gave, in fact, first, no, thanks. I don't want your money. But I do like your suggestion. Right? He didn't take their their their courage, but he did take their suggestion. And they need to take their

00:46:13--> 00:46:54

manpower and empower them. And he this is. Now let's finally look at why didn't he take the resources? And why did he implement this? Well, the first obvious answer is he sees his mandate to help people around the world. Wherever he goes, he's helping people and stabilizing. So that I'm keen, Allah has given him He wants to give that to others, right? It's actually in a sense, he's been given some keen and he's making people Mota, McLean izany. So they can be stable. This is an another implicit lesson here, what Allah has given you as a gift, your contribution will be to help give that gift to others, to the point where they can yet give it to others. Now watch this. They

00:46:54--> 00:47:39

are between two mountain paths, which means like I told you, they're a gateway, which means if the judo modules go through them, they will kill all of them, or enslave them, but then they'll go on to other regions and territories. But now that they've learned how to build a wall, a barricade, and they didn't know this before. Now, not only have they prevented chaos from spreading to them, they prevented chaos from spreading further in the region. And in the meantime, they can help other nations build similar barricades. They can now empower other nations, well, Vulcanian recedes, the further lands towards the other side. Now he has passed on this knowledge to them, so they can be of

00:47:39--> 00:47:57

service to yet others, you understand. So there's a trickle effect of the good that he's done. There's long term consequences of the good of education. And that's the last bit here today. That one of the things that transforms a society and stabilizes a society is emphasis on education.

00:47:59--> 00:48:25

What kind of education did he give them? Here, we didn't learn about him, we learned that he gave credit to Allah. So he's giving them character education. Don't become full of yourself. And by the way, now that you know how to build a wall, and you're successful, right, don't turn into huge enemy modules yourselves. Now that we're safe, we can act in this way. By the way, some nations do this. They were oppressed, they were oppressed, the moment they found safety, they became the oppressors. And every Muslim listening to this knows what I'm talking about.

00:48:27--> 00:49:13

Right? From the World War Two to the modern state of Israel, what's happened? Right? They, they, they face the damage. And now two decades later, they became a fusion module. Do you understand that? Right? It flipped. With no time, we're gonna see that lesson two, he's gonna give them a reminder that this stability that you enjoy is not permanent. Just because you have a safety net now, doesn't mean you get to turn back and become the monster you were afraid of. This is not forever. That's a that's a later lesson. But here, the power of the the educating nations to become self reliant, educating nations to become an independent, education, educating nations to become

00:49:13--> 00:49:22

safe technology, education, engineering, education, that's what he's given them, engineering, education, and principles of justice. That's what he's given them.

00:49:23--> 00:50:00

We have a mandate in these ayat about what nations in the world needs struggling nations in the world need, they need an emphasis on education. We need the best universities that teach engineering, medicine, the sciences, alongside our dean, alongside the prince of more importantly, the principles of our theme, the principle of justice, the principle of transparency, the principle of using your resources creatively, the principle of communicating with people that nobody's communicating with the principle of, you know, all the focus in the cities, you know, what happens in countries nowadays, like you have you have nations where obviously every nation has

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

big cities. And then we have small towns and villages, right. And the majority of most countries is actually village country. Right. The city centers are few and far between they're the economic hub. And then the rest of it is undeveloped, rural area. Right. And huge majorities of people live in the rural areas, undeveloped areas. And the government and its resources are all focused were in the cities and the voter base and the economic base. And that empowerment is supposed to go to the undeveloped areas where layer Kaduna, if Kahuna cola exist, they're supposed to go where and what Larry shum says they're supposed to go where you know, I in in HMI eyes, they're supposed to go to

00:50:42--> 00:51:03

those places and empower those places. That's supposed to be the mandate. They're important, this local man mentality, you know, he's not interested in Oh, let me conquer the next major city center. And then the next major city center, that the next major city center he's creating, he's taking villages that maybe three generations from now will become city centers, you see that

00:51:04--> 00:51:25

their villages now they're their nomad people, or they live up in the mountains. But if they get this kind of stability and education, who knows what they will transform into in the next few months, or the next few years, or into generations, that's what you call thinking ahead. Don't underestimate, we think transformation won't come until we only transform the places that are already developed.

00:51:26--> 00:52:05

But we will be failed to see the potential in the undeveloped part of the world. And the people that who were considered are not an important voter base. Right? Although what are we going to get out of that? You know, that we turn a blind blind eye to those places, and those places suffer in the world. Nobody hears their cries. Nobody seeks to empower them. And it's not just about sending them charity, because you could keep sending them charity, then they're going to be unable to protect themselves from the next flood, the next earthquake, the next crime, wave the next whatever, until you learn to empower them so they can do what these people did. That's our mandate. And well,

00:52:05--> 00:52:45

Muslims that are listening to this, you should think about, where if you come from a certain country, right, and you have the ability, you have the ability to find places in that country that you think can help you. We think until we change the government, nothing will change until we topple, you know, one regime and bring about a new regime, nothing will change Hold on a second, how about we start empowering, a town, a village, the corners of the world, be the Forgotten places in the world? How about we start creating good, you know, economically self sustaining villages, small towns that are that are standing up by themselves. And enough of those when they rise up a nation

00:52:45--> 00:52:56

rises. When education will I personally honestly believe this, if education in the lowest economic regions in the world is emphasized the world will be a different place.

00:52:57--> 00:52:59

The world will just become a different place entirely

00:53:00--> 00:53:28

entirely. And that should be a mandate for the Muslims, especially after reading something like the story of they'll complain so I'm going to stop and shall our discussion on this I have for today. And then we're going to get tomorrow I won't be posting on on social media. But if you again if you'd like to catch the series in its entirety, I am putting all of this up on Andreina TV, along with all of the other tools that I've been working on. There's a little hidden for listening. BarakAllahu li Walakum glucuronic Hakeem when a family can be it or the lack of cinematic work