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The importance of connecting with others and seeking the pleasure of working together is emphasized in a series of conversations. The transformation of the body is also discussed, with the focus on praying before waking up as a habit. The importance of focusing on priorities and not getting distracted is emphasized, as it is a habit. The importance of not being distracted by fear or sadness is emphasized, and the moderator's YouTube channel is recommended for more Islamic q thoughts and q- foremost questions.

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I said I'm on eco moto moto lahi orbit Academy. It's your brother Yeah. Hey Ibrahim coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia from my home to yours. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants you and I success makes us from those who are virtuous Allahumma I mean, we always begin with the praise of a love, we send our prayers upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we are thankful to Allah subhana wa to Allah for this opportunity and the wonderful vehicle of Islam channel of connecting our homes together, where we are able to facilitate

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a learning process amongst each other. I pray lost some kind of a tie that allows that the time that we spend together, that it becomes a time of righteousness and of connection and of love and fidelity. That we learn more about our commitment to each other through our devotion and seeking the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada that Allah Subhana Allah favors us with all that is good for us in this life and protects us from that which we may seek of it. That is not better for this dunya. And there are a lot I mean, in chat law, while we wait for your calls to come through, I wanted to continue with the theme of this month and with the theme that we began last week, as you know, we

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meet together every Wednesday 12 noon, London time. Here, it's 7pm in Perth, Western Australia, and it is 7am. In New York, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to bridge your gaps from wherever we are, and that we continue to connect as believers a lot. I mean, the theme that I wanted to continue with, which is a theme for this week, it's about mental health. And as Muslims, it's important for us to always continue to try to thrive and flourish and better our environments and the environments of those that we interact with both those who are family and committed members of our life, and those who we meet. Incidentally, throughout our days, it's always important to take

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note of the well being that we seek to be of greater importance in our life, and to focus on bettering it and bettering the relationship we have within ourselves so that we can better the relationship with others, which ultimately is seeking the pleasure of Allah and strengthening our relationship with him. We spoke a little bit about some of the important moments from the life of the prophets I send them and lessons in principle that we can learn that can strengthen our faith and help us build resilience and a stronger mental health approach. Wanted to continue with some of the principles or assume that you and I can extract from our text as Muslims from the authentic or

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narrations of the prophets I send them that are built and predicated on the foundation of Scripture of the holy words of Allah, you know, and one of the important principles while we wait for your calls to come in and as you get through the queue, inshallah, I look forward to answering your questions on air. Mentally strong people are people who are always ready to embrace change, such as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I can almost imagine each and every step of the prophets life was a testament to this very important principle that couldn't I mean, who if he shut and Allah tells us and sort of the rock man, that each and every day yes, no Memphis, some of those in the

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heavens of those in the earth are always turning to Allah asking and making you're seeking things of him, and things that they know and things that they don't know. Allah seeks and meets the needs of all of his creation. And in every moment, Allah is engaged in something that brings about change in everything that is in his dominion, which is the heavens of the earth, that which we know of and that which is beyond our rationale and understanding. And here Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to know that the sign of life is change. Allah tells us in the form on well thought out of the hardship. When you look at the lifeless Earth, it is Harsha. It is unmoving and quivering. It has no

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life to it, either. And Zen naturally has a desert whatever. But when rain our blessing rain descends upon it, and it soaks up the earth, soaked up by the earth, it begins to vibrate with light, it has movement and change, and in the alterations were 50 laughing lately when the hurdler a yard in the change of the day and the 92 are signs to mankind in the sea.

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And in the growing from youth into maturity and back into a sense of

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maturity that leads us to almost being in a state of infancy once again.

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And of course, the change from being of the material that we were created from the elements of the earth, that as I sit in front of you today, I am made up of carbons and hydrogens and oxygens. But in fact, when they have been ordered to be as they are in our creation, that the very cellular processes of splitting the cells is that change that drives light. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam learned about change. In so many ways. He learned being born into the world without a father, his father passed away before his birth, what it meant to be raised as an orphan. losing his mother was another big change in his life. So he said, moving in with his grandfather, then his uncle

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sallallahu wasallam, being one who was different and changed from the approach of the idolatry that others took as natural. In their society. He was different solo and he was silent, and abstained. The profits are SLM was one who brought about change by being one of truth. And one of trustworthiness, which was different in the society that he lived in. Not everyone was dependable in that sense.

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However, rasulillah as I sell them, experience change in a wholehearted given way, and in that which befalls him and in all conditions, he remained resilient, and mentally strong, solid, and he was seldom the change that came when revelation descended upon it.

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And no longer was he just responsible for himself and his spouse and his wife and his children. But now for the whole of humanity to deliver a message, a tumultuous change, the change of hizballah, from Mecca to Medina, from one environment to another, from one place to another need some Allah How do you respond to the change of being one who is reciting scripture to one who I necessarily need to become a warrior and defend the Scripture and the truth in the battles of bed and, and on and on some of the low sell them was one who was always ready to embrace the challenge, but also the opportunity that change brings as I was driving home with my children, we were speaking about the

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Battle of boyhood my son he asked the question he said Baba there was a moment in history that you could go back and change it what would it be? And so Pamela I thought about it I said there isn't anything because everything that we assume that may not be bad good. In fact it always has double the goodness in it the Battle of what had to happen for the profits I sell them to maintain the success that we continue to enjoy today. We have a caller on the line that said I'm on a phone caller How can I help today?

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My brother I thought it's good to hear from you. It's always good to hear your call first. Michelle lunch is like a love fit for you.

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I said before I said your food I love all my homies

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now, I will ask you this question within

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the 21st century

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any comment on this

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and the second question

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fun stories before we can profit

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from the

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wait to get

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this thing or something?

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He was protecting he was doing

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the job?

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Allah He basically no pecan, thank you for those wonderful questions. Melo bring benefit to all through them. A lot of them to me with regards to the first question with regards to the first question from our brother, which is a wonderful question really, when you and I kind of think about a society that we live in today, Islamic societies where Muslims are in large populated populated numbers, or in societies where Muslims live.

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A phobia and minorities, we do see that of course, within our communities and extending from them. There are things that are objectified, I bonafide, worshiped for lack of better words in a way that people worship other things. I want you to know that idolatry in the Koran is not just about the graven image. It's not just about the material images. In fact, Allah Subhana Allah gives us the story in sort of healthcare of the two men who were competing with each other with their gardens. And one of them he entered his garden He looked at his friend and he said, my garden city exceeds your nothing could ever happen to find one that Allah no NTV had he ever that I cannot assume that

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anything could have destroyed my garden. And at the end, when Allah shows him that within that blink of an eye, fire can destruct and water can dry up and your garden can be consumed. Karla Yalla 1011 cu*ic the lobby had his last words of lament art, I wish I had not committed any act of joining others, with my lord Allah subhana wa tada who had he joined with a lot get joined himself, his ego, his pride, thinking that I am the one who this world and universe is destined to serve, and is the one who is the object of other people's intent.

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Other things that are deified in our days and our times is the celebrity status. So Pamela, we live in a time of tik tok and Instagram where people who are talented people who are would be considered imbeciles in other moments in human history are garnering up 1000s. In fact, millions of views are people voice hearing and watching from a distance, not necessarily in agreement, but in objectivity. And it's important to note that, you know, the concept of idolatry they can relate to things of love. In fact, the definition of a bad that for us as Muslims, is that a person has within themselves can imagine hope be, they have a complete sense of adoration, a complete sense of love.

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If you look into the Webster's dictionary under the word, you know, worship, you will see that the context is loved. They speak about your your worship, you know, the worship of the queen, it's not that they worship her, but that there's a meant to be a love for, for that the monarch and so on. When a man really loves a woman, he says, I wear you know, I worship the ground that you walk on. So that's a powerful kind of imagery. There are so many things that are deified in the world today that are not necessarily seen as religious delegations. With regard to the second question the habits of the prophets, I sell them where Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah, Doha alania, did carry a demon

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for our did not find you, one who was unprotected and Allah was your Victor, Savior and protector. So we know this from NACA, and we just give one example so that we can move on to our next caller in sha Allah, the Prophet salallahu it was seldom one of the greatest tragedies in his life, was also one of the greatest victories of his life, which is the Battle of good and the loss of his uncle, hands on your loved one. So the law, the prophets, I send them in in receiving what would be considered a military defeat of his of his habit, not of himself, but of the Sahaba because they disobeyed his order became the stepping stone to the greatness of the oma of learning that our

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success is only through adherence and obedience and strictness. In following the words of Allah and the Sunnah of his Navy Mohammed Salah Hardy was said, we have another caller on the line as salaam alaikum. Caller How can I help?

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And then to ask,

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question about

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I understand we're going to be the last one. But what happened you decided to

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lay down.

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So do you live

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normally or do we ask for that?

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All right.

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Also, another question is when

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people say that it's better to go to sleep, and then wake up and do the prayer. But what happened if you can't sleep? suffer from insomnia? You know, can you still do sooner before you go to sleep? All right, doesn't come off here. Man lots of kind of data reward you for your intention feels fulfilled. You're a bad day and blesses with similar to it. I'll begin with a second question to lead into the the first question

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The concept of soon that is that we seek to model the behavior of the prophets I send them, we know from the life of the prophets, I send them that he preferred to pray after resting, and then would wake up in the early hours of the morning, after the midnight hour. So we know that this was a habit of the prophets, I seldom, nevertheless, that doesn't mean that the Prophet did not pray earlier, we know from the data that you share with your loved one, that there were moments when the Prophet would pray all of the night or half of the night, as Allah says in the Quran in surah, Al mismo.

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Pray half of the night. So Lola already was saying, so we know that you are allowed, you definitely are allowed to pray before you go to sleep. And this was said to be a matter of no contact with your lover, and who, by the prophets element, some of the other Sahaba. There were others who have who struggled to pray by waking up. So they're often instructed and said, well, you can pray before you sleep. The second question, which you're asking is, what if I done my prayer, assuming that I will fall asleep and then I found that I couldn't sleep, so I decided to pray again? Well, there's different opinions amongst our own amount. One opinion, of course, is that you pray one more rocker

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to break your width, and then pray as many as you like it to four and so on, and then end with one more width at the end of the night. And that seems to be an easy kind of process in sha Allah. And I pray that Allah Subhana, Allah facilitates for you your worship in lantana. Even if you don't do that, if you just continue with your prayer and do one more with it at the end of the night, Allah knows your intent, knows your function and practice and May Allah Subhana Allah excepted from you and remember us in your da Allah. I mean, just like a latte for that wonderful question. We returned back, we returned back to our mental health discussion, we said that mentally strong people are

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always ready to embrace change and the prophets I send them was a vivid example of this. Another important principle is that mentally strong people are not focused on distractions. So there are so many things in life that will pop up. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to focus on that which is of greater priority. I mean before that, which is a secondary priority. And that's something that as Muslims we have in our house. So for example, if you were to come into the masjid, and I'm leading the people in salado, Asia, and you came into the masjid, you know, as we are in our second rocker, you don't begin in the end of the masjid and pray to rock as sooner and then join us

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on that. What you would do is that you would come up to the front line, join us in Santa and do your prayer. And that would expiate the need for praying, you're suiting up prayer of greeting the masjid. as Muslims, we always focus on the priorities and we don't get distracted. Now so how to love there are so many distractions that seek to lead us away from Allah and Allah actually mentioned the word distraction in Nepal and or its meaning in the English language in Nepal and Allah Subhana Allah speaks in particular, about Salatu joumana were either right or left when lt gelatin in fondue la hat, whatever cuca call this will have that one day and this was the reason for

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salting Do you want descending the Friday prayer being an obligation in that sense? One day the Prophet was speaking on the day you could put to do more. And who would ever turn away from that? Well, so Pamela, there was a time of famine in Medina, all of the businessmen had sent their money to be traded on their behalf in Damascus. And just as hope within Juma I began, just as the Prophet was about to speak, they heard the drums and they heard the whistles and the shout of the coffee that that caravan entering Medina, and everybody, all of their wealth, all of their investments, all of their food, everything that they've been waiting for months has just arrived and they stood up

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and they left. And they didn't think about the gravity that they left the profits I sell them when he's about to get food but to do more on the left to gather their belongings and to seek their profit. So Allah revealed

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what either Oh, when, when the here level, meaning use it and distractions and entertainment, I will teach out all 10 or the prospect of business and making a good deal and good money. They will leave the prayers even if it was Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until this lesson was taught. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us not to be distracted, and manual by noon, Xena, the wealth and your children, your family, they beautify life, but they are the beautification. They're not that they're not

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The structure of life. And it becomes important for us to focus on the things that allow us to grow the fruits that we want. It's the trunk that is most important to the tree, not the fruit that will fall off, and another will grow in its place. And if you and I keep focused on the distractions, then we miss the importance of irrigating and protecting the trunk of our Islam, the trunk of our faith, and the righteousness that we seek to continue to increase and flourish within our homes and communities. as Muslims becomes important for us to think of that, and learn that from the province I send to those who are mentally strong, their mind can focus on that which is most important.

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They're able to focus on savings, they're able to focus on finishing their education, they're able to focus on being

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able to help others although they are in need of help, being able to share from their wealth because they trust Allah will return it and not just counting every penny in that sense. They're able to focus and not be distracted by fears or sadness or a moment emotional upheaval in their life. Because they know that there is a greater picture in their life. There's a greater scheme, and there is so much opportunity that still remains. I hope you'll continue with me after the short break and Chatelet five minutes or so we will return back to with more Islamic q&a on Islam channel. Your brother your Hey, Brahim was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah he or by cut