Sects and Cults in the Muslim World Part 02 #03 – The Extreme of Baatinayyah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sailed over the market in the Vienna Mohammedan. While the alihi wa sahbihi rabada Casilla. Praise the due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and last, and upon his family, his companions and all those who call to his way, and establish his sunnah to the day of judgment as to what follows As Salam Alikum rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us again, to have another opportunity to travel through history, to understand the phenomenon of his final revelation, and how this final revelation impacted human beings, the response of the human beings and

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direction as to how to continue on the straight path. And this is so important today in a world that is so confused, and so filled with images and sights, and sounds and names, that for a young Muslim or non Muslim, or those who are reviving their faith, sometimes the names get confusing. And so this course is set up to give you an idea from an Islamic perspective now, from the perspective of the Allah Sunnah of the majority of the Muslims that Jamar,

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what happened to us in our history. Normally, if we go to the internet, or the universities, they'll generally find a secular discussion of the history of Islam, or we'll find a discussion based upon the sectarian groups, so they will define it. But we don't generally get a straight out position of the Atlas sunnah wal jamaa,

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dealing with Islam as it was revealed, and not adding on names, not trying to equate something that did not exist in the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in Salem, but trying to look at it from the point of view of the essence of Islam, in that first generation.

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And history, of course, is affected by the human beings who are imperfect, and mistakes have been made. But Allah subhanaw taala has protected our faith, and not similar to other great ways of life, ideologies, empires, we didn't go down like the Romans, or the Mongols, or the ancient Egyptians. But we continued, and we revived. And that is the difference in our nation, that it's not based on the people, but it is based on the revelation. And so it is the spirit of the revelation taken up by human beings, that has given us the energy and the foresight to continue to move on the straight path. But the shaytaan machi elder below promised to take us off the straight path. And the Prophet

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SAW Salem what once drew a line and he said, This is salted Mustafi This is the straight path. And then he drew small lines around the line and said these are the small paths, that the head of every one is a shaytaan to take you off the path. And so these different Soble are these different

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total these paths.

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This is what we're trying to understand. And we want to look at it with our faith as the basis of the sectarian break aways and also to to look at some of the major movements that are affecting us today. So that when names are being thrown at us, that we can understand we as the listener Rajamma can understand in an objective way, looking at our own faults and the faults of the major body of the Muslim world. So that we can make sense out of what is happening.

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And so the shaitaan will he has a biller deceived the Muslims, he embellished things he distorted. He used his followers to bring in deviations of the path causing fitna and that is trial, tribulation sedition to go on in the Muslim blood. But the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem and the next generation and the next held on to the book of Allah and the Sunnah and we're able to weather the storm

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Even though certain names started to come into the Muslim world, they weathered the storm.

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The major body, the Atlas, so not just the Muslims,

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the Shia, which originally was a grouping based upon the struggle between, say a done a holly Rhodiola one was called Shia to Ali, and say that, um wow, yeah, she had to Malia

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in their misunderstanding and the fitna that arose between their ranks after the death of say that it was men, or the allow one to great Amira meeting.

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And so

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she had to Ali became known as the Shia after the assassination of Ali Baba be tolerated, and his son and Hassan taking over by consensus by Shura, and then, in order to bring peace between two great warring bodies. Al Hassan rhodiola, one gave over the hell of it to Malia

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and so that was omul. Gemma It was the year of the Jabbar because at least the the fitna, the Sedition between different factions of the Muslims was fundamentally over. And it was only the small incursions that would be happening after that.

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And so, as time went by, we understood now that Iraq became the political center of Islam. Mecca and Medina. were of course the religious spiritual centers. But Ali Rhodiola one moved the capital to Kufa remember Basra and Kufa today you won't find Coover on the map you might find that Jeff, but Kufa was one of the most important cities in Iraq. He was a place that was filled with intrigue, different groupings, different cults, magic, so many things were found in Kufa, but at the same time, because of its intellectual heritage, had because of the importance of its location, Ali chosen as the capital and it was the base of many of the illustrious companions of the Prophet peace

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and blessings be upon.

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And so, within Kufa, we find the rise of Albania. And we have covered part of the button here in previous sessions. But it is so important to understand the basis of elbahr tinea

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in order to be able to understand the groups that are coming, and for those who did not catch the last session or two, we are we're doing a slight review, to bring us up to speed and also to strengthen our understanding of this strange phenomena. The concept of button comes from

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the Arabic word which means the inside of a thing. The button is like your stomach that does not die here are some people put out czar here is the outward aspect. So everything has an outward aspect, and an inner aspect. And the people who followed this new movement, they hid behind Islam. They lean towards the Shia teachings,

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the devil's deception, and former religious concepts. So all of these and more, came together in a perfect storm. And the result actually took two people out of Islam. But they became a dangerous group.

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Why were they so dangerous? Because the button Nia ideas, they negate the Creator.

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And we saw followers, extreme followers of Ali, the ones who later became Harada KJ and went outside we even tried to say that Allah was in him, or he was the creator.

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It also invalidates prophethood

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and puts other individuals in the place of the prophet who is not only one who receives the revelation, but Mushara. One who establishes the law.

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But the ideas also invalidate worship. And so people may make Salaat but they do it the way they want to do it. Sometimes they even cut out forms of worship established by the prophet peace and blessings people. And in some extreme cases that even denied the hereafter.

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The philosophy of the button Nia is that they literally look at the text of the Quran as the outside. Again, this is the lychee or the lychee plant. We'll call it lychee. Here, we're in North America, which is a good example of a plant that has some rough out

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side, which is very much different than the interior. So the concept they have is that the outside is like this rough, red surface, but the button is the beautiful, sweet white fruit that's on the inside. And so they felt that that's the real knowledge. And those who stay on the outside with this red skin, they're in a prison.

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And on the inside, you are released from the burden of Sharia, which is a crazy statement. And other things can be brought in. And so this cult

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would later became a movement. It all it came out of the Shia, we remember that after the death of Seder Hussein radula one that his son Ali Zeno, Aberdeen had survived. And so those who are rallying around the family of Ireland, Beit saw Ali Zainul, Aberdeen as a leader as an inheritor of this leadership, and so, it is from there that the 12 moms come

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with the death of

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his my email, I remember John for a sodic was number 6k, Holly's ADA labin coming down Jafra Sonic, he is number six, and his son is my yield was supposed to take over. And at that time, it was a symbolic rule. You know, for the for the look, they had no territory or anything like that. But it was the seniority of the family of the Prophet SAW son

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is my child died before he could take over.

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But some people wanted to still follow his son Mohammed saying that this is number seven, but the mainstream Shia now today known as twelvers ignatia dia, they chose Musa al Kadhim as number seven. Okay, so now, the Group of Seven Horus this group started to form in the shadows. And it was in one of these shadows that Abdullah ibn Mamoon al Qaeda.

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He became one of the chief missionaries and ideologues of this group. And they base themselves in the Iraqi city of Basra and Salah Mia, and this underground group, they devised a cult based upon gradation. So just like the Masons today, who borrowed it from them, you have 33 degrees. So this cult also had initiation, it had secret rituals. And the key to them was their number seven that they consider to be a sacred number. And so you could call them seven iya, or the sevens. So, it is from this group, that in the ninth century, the missionary Abu Abdullah Al Hussein, she of Yemen, he proclaimed himself as a Barbas body, he was the door to the mighty. And this is another concept that

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we have discussed. And remember the concept of the 12th imam who was the Maddy, the Maddie was, was predicted by the Prophet SAW Salem that he would come near the end of time, from the Prophets family, he would leave the Muslim world, Vietnamese families felt he was one of the other bit. And he had hidden himself got into an occult state over 1000 years ago.

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So this Abu Abdullah Al Hussein, he claimed that he was the door of the body.

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So this would have opened up information or allegiance for the ignatia DS. But they didn't really accept this. And he went to North Africa. And he found followers in Tunisia.

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And in the northern part of Tunisia, it found the base called Alma, Delia. And that became the base of a group that we now know as 40 minutes. And again, dealing from Ali and Fatima. And as we have learned, the Fatimids because of the A key strategic position. Now when you see Medea, and you look at your map, you'll see Tunisia is right in the center of the Mediterranean. So the trade that is coming out of Al Andalus of France, or Europe, or even Italy itself, it must pass through the straits between Italy and Tunisia. And so it was a key strategic place. So they literally controlled the trade. And then they continued on and they were able to take over Egypt and they made

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They are new capital, Cairo and Tahara.

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And they developed

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this city, they founded the great city of Cairo. So this is a big thing. And they established us high University. This is a big accomplishment, although at that time, it was botany teachings. And that's hard to come to grips with for the present day outside, but that's the way it was initially. What we have left of the Fatimids are their buildings.

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Because their demise was inevitable. And the Fatima's ruled from 1171 until 1171, and this is when the great soltana Selaginella UB Rahim Allah, He took control of Egypt and before he fought the Crusaders, by uniting the Muslim world, He united Egypt. He defeated the Fatimids and he established the Shafi Sunday school to be the main way of thought of the Sunnah of Egypt itself. And at that point, it was recognized by Sultan Salahuddin that the masses of the people stayed on the Sunday, all the way across North Africa. It was the Fatimid leadership that was able to through their Guile in political affairs, were able to unite people, even Christians and Jews and all types of people

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underneath them. So they were accepted. And they made progress. Underneath the rule of the Fatimids, the six Fatimid Caliph of heart can be umbrella

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is named under him. One of his followers, Mohammed bin Ismail, a darzee. He claimed that the Caliph was God incarnate. That's insane. But that's what he started to claim. The people who are still on the Sunda rejected Him, and He resettled himself around Damascus and Lebanon. And the group called himself doodoos. That that's from A to Z. So this group, had its own concepts. They had their own book, their own beliefs, they felt that they were the only righteous people. And you still find the rules in the Middle East today. You find them in Lebanon, Syria, in the present day state of Israel, they even make up the shock troops that are fighting against the Palestinian people. Many times you

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see Arabic speaking people, amongst the Israeli troops, who are they,

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in many cases they lose because they speak Arabic but they're not Sunda because they do not have the beliefs of Islam. They are totally outside of Islam, although in appearance, they are all Omar appear like the diorama of the artisan. So this is the group called doodoos, which came out of the Ismaili

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Now, the Fatimid rule was inevitable to fall. Because again, negation of the Creator invalidation of Prophethood extreme concepts of the moment, like the Imams become like gods invalidation of worship, denial of the Hereafter, introduction of a new Sharia. Keep this in mind when we talk about the different groups that come up out of the button year. Now to understand them the fattiness, although politically they had power in the land, but after the eighth Fatimid caliph, they broke into two wings. That desire is from the eldest son desire, and was Tallis from his brother stallion. Okay, so these are the two trends coming out of the fattiness. The Mustang Elise, they transfer it to Yemen.

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And they remained there in obscurity for about 500 years. Nobody even knew who they were what they were doing. They totally underground. But it's from Yemen. Remember the trade routes, going from Yemen, into the Indian Ocean and around into Indonesia.

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And back into East Africa. They follow the trade routes. And they base themselves in Gujarat, in India.

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And the the what is apparently left from the border

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is a group that we find mainly in East Africa, although there are many of them in Kuwait. This is the border group. And if you see the picture, you see the caps that the men wear.

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And the women wear a certain type of worker,

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but they're very secretive. And they actually have a living imam who they venerate and is actually giving given high status. I was told when I visited Kuwait, that when the remand came he was given state status

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When he came in, so they're still there, but hiding in the shadows. And one of the groups that I remembered as a breakaway is rds Mr. Lee's, but one of the groups coming out of Kufa

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who did not necessarily follow the Fatimids it's still a sect of esmaeili.

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Their founders name was Hamden Carmit. Again, this is the ninth century. This is Kufa, he was an ascetic man, Zahid. He did not want the world and he met a botany missionary.

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Remember Kufa, so the underground occult people like Abu Abdullah and

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so he met one of their missionaries, and he began to organize a movement. He took it from Iraq into the eastern side of Arabia.

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His group became known as El Parramatta.

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In English, they say current nations. And this is what I would call the extreme of the extreme,

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because the parameter they were centered in Alaska, which is Eastern Arabia, it's not just Bahrain, although some people use the word Bahrain, Bahrain, today is the small little country. But Al Hassan is the eastern side. And it's interesting because if you go to the eastern side of Arabia, you will see in Qatif and a lot of places Shia, even Saudi Arabia, right. But a huge swath of the people in the eastern side are from the Shia. And in those days, the kilometer, were the powerful group. And they're an interesting group to study, although it's not really the Sunda but to show you what comes out of Islam, they form the type of religious utopian Republic, this is around 899. So, this is what

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hum done karma formed they had a type of socialist, collective, you know, type of consciousness, although they did enslave people, but they had this consciousness amongst themselves, and they rejected the Fatimids Okay, so they were not Fatimids

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they rejected obey the law, and the whole concept of empowerment of the Fatimids. And they felt that the MADI was still to come, and not from the Fatimids and they revolted against the Bassetts.

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They remember that of assets, where the Khalifa is of the Muslim world. So this group was the extreme of the extreme. And it's shocking to people to find out what they actually did. So this is this is our history. Some of the issues that popped up. They reached the point where they carried out a bloody campaign

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to the point where they they sacked and pillage Mecca, Tomoko

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and Abu Taha al Janabi. He took over Mecca, and he desecrated, killed people and threw their corpses into the zamzam. You imagine this is during hard season. And then to top it off, he took the black stone and he stole it. And he took it to Alaska.

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And he kept it there for 23 years. That could you imagine going to Mecca there's no black stone

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in the cabin 100 Other Kaaba was there. And the Muslims were able to take back over. And it was eventually the baskets,

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forced them and coerce them, and even had to pay a certain amount of money. They got the Blackstone back. And they were able to put it back into its place in the corner of the Kaaba, itself. So this is parameter. So when you hear this word kilometer, being mentioned in different programs, there's a program going on now the Turks are putting out about DDD Seljuks. And you'll see that they're fighting against Kuramoto as well. And this may release all the groups so this is a word that you can be familiar with them. Okay, that's the parameter. Now, another group that appears, and this is coming out, go back to the Fatimids. Remember, the zombies and Moo Stalis. To start Lee's

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disappeared into Yemen. But then the zombies

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out of them

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appeared a group and its first appearance was in round 1072.

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This is under the Bassets and the Seljuk Sultan Malik Shah and I'll talk about the Seljuks as we go along. The leader of this group

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Al Hasan

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Hassan Sabah of Malawi, he was trained in Egypt by the Isma, Elian Izadi missionaries. And he struggled against the Seljuks who were the Sunnah. He established a base in a fortress in Syria, Persia, these areas, strict discipline, he controlled his group mind control. So he had this concept that he had a secret message remember the botany teachings now. And they use a type of mind control. And it's even reported that in some cases they use hashish. So they would smoke hashish and get their companions high on Huskies, and give them beautiful women and tell them that this is your paradise. If you die for me, you will get better than this in the next life. And so by using mind

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control, which is discipline and fear, right, and then drugs, and then training them in martial arts, he developed a group of assassins. So hash machine

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is believed to be the basis of the word the assassins because his people terrorized the Muslim world and they would appear out of nowhere. And so they would wait until the soltana or the Amir was coming out of Juma

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they would hide and they would jump out and they would stab the person with a poisoned dagger killed himself. And this caused terror because fear in the Muslim world and after the time of Hassan Saba in his base in the element, Castle that's in present day Iran, where it is.

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After his time, there were a number of Hashem leaders. The second day as they call their leaders was kiya Buddha zoek Ahmed, and they call them affendi. Or Lord this a Turkish word as well. The third day Mohammed even to Buddhism.

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The fourth was Imam Hassan Allah

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decrees Sudan the fifth Imam nor Deen Mohammed, you can see the dates the 20 The 25th Okay, this is the 23rd 24th 25th was Imam jalala Deen Hassan from 1210 to 1221. To 26 was Imam Allah Deen Mohammed the third? Okay on the 27th was the Moroccan the Dean was shot. Okay, so these are the imams in element. And everybody tried to get them out of this fortress. And sometimes the assassins they actually cooperated with the Crusaders. Now remember, there were waves of crusaders coming out of Europe to attack the Muslim world. And of course, their main impetus was economic. They wanted a way to get to India and China

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through the Muslim route, and they also wanted the riches of the civilization of the Muslim world. So the assassins cooperated with the Crusaders against the and the Sunda.

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Okay, so this is the struggle. These were really difficult times. This is the 12th century 13th century.

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But it's around the 13th century. Now, another major fitna comes in, and this is the Mongols, and study about the Mongol invasion of the Muslim world. And one of the good things that the Mongols did was that when they were threatened by the assassins, they surrounded them.

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And they completely took them apart, they kill their leaders, they took down their forts, there was a series of forts that the assassins had developed. And that was the end of them, round 1256. But these ideas of assassins still exist. It's even now a video game and movies, but the idea of the extreme assassin actually came out of the desire it is my yearly shear.

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some of the desire these

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went on

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to Syria and depression. And we studied about what was happening, but from Persia, a group of the Nuzhat as they move to India, remember those trade routes that are going out from southern Arabia and following the sea routes right into India and over to Indonesia. And so they base themselves in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and they became known as hajus.

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

They established wealthy communities in Bali.

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

be the lowest sinned, which is now Pakistan.

00:30:04--> 00:30:05

Zanzibar and Kenya.

00:30:07--> 00:30:25

Excellent businessman, controlling the boats controlling the wealth that's moving around that area, and the leader became eventually known as Agha Khan. So this is the base of the present day is my alias. And again,

00:30:26--> 00:30:58

they are a well known group. Politically, the Agha Khan is pretty rich and the famous of the world, they have established their centers. But it's not a secret. If you ask them what their belief is based on, then they will tell you clearly it is the moment if you ask them how they pray, they do not pray five Salaat has the other Sunda pray with sujood and record. No, they sit and they read poetry.

00:30:59--> 00:31:15

And so it is a different way of life. It has a flavor of Islam in it. But again, the botany concepts focus more on the moment on the almost infallible nature of the Imams themselves,

00:31:16--> 00:31:39

and the establishment of a different way of life. Although in today's world, everything is everything in the sense that if you say you're Muslim, anybody can pop up and say they're Muslim. But we're looking at this not from a political point of view, not from one group versus another. But as the basis of Islam. What is a Muslim?

00:31:40--> 00:31:48

It is one who establishes the five pillars? What is a movement? The six parts of Eman?

00:31:50--> 00:31:55

What is my son, the one who worships Allah as though he sees you or you see him? Yes, and

00:31:57--> 00:32:43

this is the basis that the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be part of gave us. So that is the basis of the present day is my daily movement that we see at different points, different places, and we pray that Allah would guide everybody back to the true teachings of the last of last Prophet Muhammad. So Southern, because amongst these people are innocent, those who are good people, and May Allah help them and guide them to the message of Islam. Now, I want to give a little bit different understanding of this time period, this very turbulent time, because you would think that it's all gloom and doom, but it was not. At that time of Hamdulillah. The banner of the Sunnah was still

00:32:43--> 00:32:56

strong. The Ambassade caliphate although was going up and down, it had established itself. And there was a new group that entered into the Muslim world under the ambassador, these are the Turkish people.

00:32:58--> 00:33:02

And and the Turkic people who came in the Battle of tell us

00:33:03--> 00:33:27

that they are strong people coming out of the Altai Mountains. And they established themselves for 1000s of years in this area, very difficult climate. very hardy people very strong. Courage and fighting ability is part of the culture of the Turkic people coming out of this region. And so the ambassador's then,

00:33:28--> 00:34:03

when they saw how powerful the Turks were, and they assisted them against the Chinese dynasties, they took them in gave them dour. In some cases, they hired them as mercenaries, they were not slaves, like ball and chain, they're more like mercenaries, but they would accept Islam. And so out of this, the Seljuks when they realize the beauty of Islam, they came in, in their numbers. And they took on Islamic civilization,

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the energy, their revival, and they literally dominated the Arabs and the Persians and an Africans, the heartlands of Islam. Of course, they did not reach all way over into North Africa, West Africa, or down into the present day Sudan, East Africa, they didn't reach really in that area. But the center part of the Muslim world.

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They were the dominant force, and the Seljuk empire. If you look at the map that we have here, again, Turco Persian Empire, they had a lot of Persian culture, some intermarriage, although, although although they were a good Turks, this is one of the major original target groups found by target of the bay in 1037. And so they ended up controlling a huge stretch

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of land, which stretches from the Hindu Kush

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in the east, all the way to Anatolia, it went way up into Central Asia. It was now like Dagestan and parts of Chechnya, and then down into

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East African coast. So this was a huge empire that was controlled by the Seljuks. They maintained the ambassador as the leader. But they were literally the rulers of the Muslim world. They became the defenders of the Sunnah. And it's not just defenders with the sword.

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But they will also

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the defenders, intellectually and spiritually. How did they do that?

00:35:50--> 00:35:56

The Seljuks founded universities. They were patrons of the arts and literature.

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They produce such great scholars, the Persian astronomer like Omaka yam, the great Imam, one of the greatest imams in Islamic history, Imam Al Ghazali.

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Imagine this is under their famous Nyssa Mia schools and Islamia academies at that time under the Celtics was probably the strongest Islamic schools in the whole Muslim world.

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And the teachings of Imam Al Ghazali had profound impact throughout the Muslim world, Persian became the language for the historical recording. Okay, also Arabic language as well. But later on, when power the Muslim world shift from Baghdad with the destruction of Baghdad, by the Mongols, to Cairo, then Arabic language came in as the real strong basis of recording the history. So these were great achievements that were made by the Seljuks. And whenever you get a chance to study the Seljuks and what came out of them, it's very important time period. And you'll see that Imam Al Ghazali, and the great scholars of that time, they were able to answer the button.

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All the questions and confusion that was coming in, they were able to answer a using the Quran using the Sunnah using their Islamic consciousness. So this is a very important group. And but in the mid 13th century, there were a lot of refugees coming into the into the Muslim. The Mongols had defeated the Howard coladas me, Empire and they were pouring into the Muslim are killing millions of people. And so Turkish clans were escaping and going west.

00:37:51--> 00:38:48

And as they went west, they were, of course in selja plan. And so the tribes men from Turkistan, they settled in different areas, and the Mongols succeeded in breaking down the power of the Seljuks. But the power of the Seljuks was transferred to the Chi tribe of the ogos Turks. This again is another group from the famous woods, Turk tribesmen coming out of Turkistan, Kazakhstan, the Altai Mountains. And it was the case who, as tribesmen, fairly insignificant tribesmen came underneath the soldier group. And because of their courage and their unity, they were given the opportunity to go west, by the border of Byzantium. This is an Anatolia, which is present day

00:38:48--> 00:39:05

Turkey, and to establish their base. And it's a beautiful story about how they establish their base. And then were able to not only support the Seljuks for when the Celtics were going down, they were able to take over the leadership and to unite

00:39:06--> 00:39:07

the frontier tribesmen

00:39:09--> 00:39:22

and to eventually move from being just a frontier group, controlling Anatolia to actually to inherit the leadership of the whole Muslim world.

00:39:23--> 00:39:38

And the Ottomans ruled much of the Muslim world from 1299 to 1922. Look at this time period, it's a long period of time. And for the most part,

00:39:39--> 00:39:40

their power

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

and their strength and the unity because they combined not only their military abilities, but they also had the spirituality and the scholars, and they had the ahi business people, so they were involved in economics as well.

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

You can see now why these dynasties would last so long, that is combining all three of these areas. One of the faults of the Turkic people coming out of this region is that because they did they, their culture was so rough, that they were involved in military operations, most of their lives, they were very quick to use the sword.

00:40:27--> 00:40:53

And so, in some cases, instead of sitting down and trying to intellectually come out of a difference of opinion, their swords would come up. And so this is one of their, their weaknesses. And because of this, and the intrigues, because remember, the shaitaan is there, the devil comes in. Although the Ottomans were able to take in people from many parts of the Muslim world,

00:40:54--> 00:40:57

they were not able to maintain this leadership.

00:40:58--> 00:41:04

And this is coming back today with the Turkish nation again, Turkey. Yeah.

00:41:05--> 00:41:18

That is now called coming back. And it's very interesting to study the history of the Seljuks and also the KE and Ottomans with gertle Bay, Superman Shah,

00:41:19--> 00:41:21

with man Osman

00:41:23--> 00:41:40

had to study you know, what happened to them very interesting story. And there are millions of Muslims who are now following this today. But we need to look at them. As the defenders of the Jama number, the Hand of Allah is with the Jama

00:41:41--> 00:42:32

with the swaddle them with the main body of the Muslim world. And so it took that strength of the Turkic people from the mountains, combined with the Sunnah, to hold back the waves that came into the Muslim waves hitting from all sides. It took a lot of strength to do this. And of course, above all, Allah subhanaw taala was guiding the Muslims through these extreme difficulties. A few years back when I was living in Cape Town in South Africa, one of the great scholars of the Muslim world visited and they asked him how is the Muslim world? And he said, an orbital Islamia behind. He said, the Muslim world is in a good shape. And so the brothers and sisters said, How can you say it's in a

00:42:32--> 00:42:49

good shape? Look at the confusion in Palestine. Look at what's happened in Afghanistan. Look at what's going on in India and Pakistan and what happened to Bosnian and Covanta different places, and he said, it is still rising.

00:42:51--> 00:43:00

Look at the Muslim world. He said compared to other nations. We were hit with fitna from the beginning in the time of the companions, we weathered the storm.

00:43:01--> 00:43:56

After that, different groupings came in. Crusaders hit us, coming in waves from Europe. Mongols came in destroying Baghdad, but the Muslims held. And then we went through the colonial period. Our countries, for the most part were conquered by the European powers. We were taken out of authority, our languages, were now changed that the script was changed from the Arabic script, into the Latin script. Our children were brainwashed. Our leaders were in prisons, but Alhamdulillah we are bouncing back. We're still alive. And people are still accepting Islam. And with all the difficulty we're going through, and the suffering, Allah subhanaw taala has promised us that rejected would

00:43:56--> 00:44:09

come that revivals would come. And so he said, the Muslim world is still in good shape. But we need to understand more about the waves that hit.

00:44:10--> 00:44:34

And this is what our study is about. And so I want to go back to the liar prophets, because we're understanding cults and sects and groups, and the biggest cult leaders of all, of course, would be these liar prophets and people who claim to be the MADI, the promised one before the end of time, who claimed to be Magette, DIDs and messiahs.

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

These are the most dangerous leaders that form these cults. And remember, and we looked at some of the liar prophets in the beginning, that the qualities of the liar prophets, they live in a delusion. So they're not just liars, but they are people of the lies, so they live in a lie.

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

The whole world is an illusion it's a delusion. And that leaders have extreme pride and visions of grander. They think they're perfect. They think they're like God incarnate. And so they distort the message of Islam. And the danger is they try to cancel the second half of the Shahada. They will keep Larry Lai LA but they want to destroy Muhammad Rasul Allah, so Allah will sell them because when you do that, you nullify sunnah. When you nullify the Sunnah Allah says Akima Salat, established prayer in the Quran. How do you pray? The Prophet SAW Selim said Solu camara item only suddenly pray as you have seen me pray. How can you pray like the Prophet prayed? If you don't go to

00:45:48--> 00:45:52

the Hadith? How can you know that? That's the Sunday.

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

Look at the cat.

00:45:55--> 00:46:35

Look at the details of Ramadan. How do you make Hajj you got to go to Abu Dhabi Odin, the great books of Hadith. And so when you take out the Sunda they keep the shell and they change the bottom. So the lion profits are connected to the botany Okay, they're they're like cousins, they're connected. So they take out the inner part of the belief keeping the outside so you think that they're Muslims, and they confuse a lot of innocent people. They confuse them with fear with charisma and sometimes with violence. And

00:46:36--> 00:46:47

what happens is even a new *tier can come in now we looked at five of the liar prophets. I want to look at number six

00:46:49--> 00:47:01

and we're expecting you know, dirty liar prophets to come. Allah knows best all of them. There are many of them in Iraq. There's any place to have the most it's probably Iraq. Okay, but let's go back a little bit.

00:47:02--> 00:47:22

And I want to show you some of these leaders. These are little waves coming in smashing into the Muslim world. Okay, all Mokhtar even Abby obeyed a Takashi. He appeared at the end of the tablet in period. Remember Sahaba Tabby that's the next generation after the Companions so at the end of the tabby in period

00:47:23--> 00:47:30

comes this Helen Mokhtar he pretended to be a shear at first. But then he claimed that the angel Jibreel came to him.

00:47:31--> 00:47:51

So that that's not the Shias don't even say that. And he fought a number of battles with Musab ibn Zubair, but finally he was was killed in one of the battles. Next is a hardest given side, help cut zap, one of the liars. Now we have to recognize and again I'm doing

00:47:52--> 00:48:25

you know a type of summary of long a long period of time, then you have to realize that what the lion prophets are doing by destroying Muhammad Rasul Allah, you are literally destroying the basis, the explanation of the Kalama ley line Allah. And when you do that, you are destroying the Muslim world, the Muslim state, the Muslim way of life, and so it's critical.

00:48:26--> 00:48:36

And so those who would oppose who would try to claim the prophet would and take the mainstream Gemma into Barton Iya.

00:48:37--> 00:48:42

These individuals according to Islamic law, were asked to repent

00:48:43--> 00:48:45

and if they repented if they made Toba

00:48:46--> 00:48:49

they could end reject their teachings that they did, they could come back

00:48:52--> 00:48:57

into the Muslim world, but if they refused, then they got capital punch

00:49:01--> 00:49:20

hell How does inside and cut up he pretended to be a pious person in Damascus, this was during the Romanian period. Think about this, a time of the Khalifa Abdul Malik Ibn Mattawan. Now look at how far back he claimed prophethood but he went into hiding.

00:49:21--> 00:49:23

Finally they captured him.

00:49:25--> 00:49:25


00:49:26--> 00:49:59

you know, he was warned that the scholars sat with him. They warned him they taught him the truth, but he still rejected this. He refused to repent, and he was executed in 698. Number eight, Muhammad even side he claimed prophethood during the reign of Abu Jafar almanzora, the first Khalifa of the Bassetts he distorted the Hadith there was a hadith saying, I am the seal of the prophets. There will be no more Prophet after me. Right he added on

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

unless Allah wills right see how he does it on so, of course he would fall into that.

00:50:07--> 00:50:33

He refused, he was captured, he was taught, he was asked to repent, he refused. And he was executed. Number nine, by more Ebenen footage. He was in Samarra in Iraq. He claimed prophethood. He said he had his own court and to the angel Jibreel. And during the reign of the Ambassade, Khalifa al matoke, kill is around 849 at sea.

00:50:34--> 00:50:41

But he was eventually captured repast to repent, he refused, he was given capital punishment.

00:50:42--> 00:50:54

Now, going on further, I want to take you to another part of the Muslim world, and that is in North Africa. Now, remember, Islam had spread out into North Africa.

00:50:55--> 00:51:35

And you'll see the, in the green here, how quickly within 100 years, Islam reached the Atlantic Ocean, way up into an endless and a powerful group of amazi. While the native population of North Africa, the sun hajus, they became the champions of Islam. They use, they would take people across the Sahara Desert, down into West Africa, to the Niger valley where there was very famous gold mines. And so they would lead the caravans north, south and south north, very important people. They became leaders of Islam.

00:51:36--> 00:51:36


00:51:37--> 00:51:38

this group

00:51:40--> 00:52:06

went through a lot of changes. And one of their teachers of the law even you are seen, you know, was sent down way down to Senegal and he organized people and Morabito and movement started to develop. He died. Shaheed in battle, and the leadership was given overtop of Bucha hepatoma. I will back it up and Omar

00:52:08--> 00:53:01

heard that Islam was spreading in West Africa. And so he gave the leadership over to use oven Tashfeen and he went south to Senegal River, Niger, and he went across hundreds and 1000s of people embraced Islam. Honestly, these are people are called elmora VT. It's part of West African history, but they call them Elmore VT and not a Morabito. Okay, these are the same people who went into Al Andalus. Remember, there was a Murabbi tune and one wave to help revive Islam. And then Alma wahi, Doom was another way and remember El Cid. So these this the story, the movie that came out talking about the waves, but this is all Morabito and Robbie tune, under the leadership of use of Ibn

00:53:01--> 00:53:20

Tashfeen reached the point where they could bring into the field 100,000 horsemen. Now imagine, imagine this 100,000 horsemen, the murabahah tune, quick drink into the field.

00:53:21--> 00:53:23

And this is amazing.

00:53:24--> 00:53:25

He controlled

00:53:26--> 00:53:42

North Africa, all the way over to Egypt, down into West Africa, up into an endless 100,000 horsemen, but they accepted the ambassador as the Khalifa 's they're very important group to understand,

00:53:43--> 00:53:54

even Coffea in his history, dealing with the Muslim world. Some very interesting information comes out about what happened in the time of use of Ibn Tashfeen.

00:53:55--> 00:53:59

And so during the time of this great Barbie tune leader,

00:54:01--> 00:54:08

we have the 10th of the known liar prophets. This is Hyeme Eben money EULA.

00:54:10--> 00:54:25

And he was from the Hamada tribe of the Sun Hajah. Remember, that's the Berber Emma Z group. He claimed prophethood now use it even Tashfeen when he was calling to the good and forbidding evil in what is now Mali, Mauritania,

00:54:26--> 00:54:59

Southern Morocco, southern Algeria, that Sahara region, he found this person and as follows. He claimed prophethood he said he had a court and in the Berber language. Now, remember that what pathania and ilaya prophets do? He reduced the salaat to to Daily Press, so he's going to make it easy for as follows. He canceled Tahara so you don't even have to have riilu He canceled Hajj so you don't have to make Hajj. But you know what strange he is

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

Loud female pigs. Now I don't know how he developed. Remember Toby Sibley shaytaan is a deceiver. But he allowed female pigs. And when you catch a fish, you have to do is a B ha. You have to slaughter it right Bismillah Allahu Akbar. Now these are people that the desert so they don't know about fish and about oceans. And that was his weird Shediac of hyena, but how many he was caught by use of Eman Tashfeen. He was taught the truth, but he refused to repent. And he was given capital punishment.

00:55:39--> 00:55:46

As use of continued he found another layer profit. This is one by the name of Sala Eben sham whom

00:55:48--> 00:56:00

he was of the Bharati tribe. And he claimed prophethood. Now he's the opposite of the other one. He increased the salaat to five in the daylight and five at night.

00:56:02--> 00:56:10

But what he did do for his followers, the males, he allowed more than four wives. So you could go as much as you want.

00:56:12--> 00:56:15

And he was caught by use of women test feed.

00:56:16--> 00:56:26

They were asked to repent, his people basically repented, came Muslim, but he refused. And he was defeated and wiped out by use of Ibn Tashfeen.

00:56:28--> 00:56:29

So these are

00:56:30--> 00:56:53

some of the great are well known personalities that came out. There are a number of these personalities that develop but Alhamdulillah at the same time, we have strong groups who defend us in in the same way the Seljuks, the Ottomans, in the eastern side,

00:56:54--> 00:56:57

you have in the western side of Morabito

00:56:59--> 00:57:46

and elmora hidden and they stood for the Sooners strong, holding the banner of Islam, defending it against all of the deception of the devil of the Shaitaan while he has to be left, standing clear, and also looking for the unity of the Muslim member. The GEMA Rabi tune is an amazing group to study. Because the more opportune when they would give their chutzpah, they would not call the leader a mirror Mini. So even though they could bring 100,000 warriors into a battlefield, which would have meant they would nobody could defeat them, probably in the whole Muslim world. Basically, in the desert. They said, No, we call our leader a mirror Muslimeen.

00:57:47--> 00:57:52

Right. And then they recognized a mirror meaning in Baghdad.

00:57:54--> 00:57:59

Very important leadership, also aboubaker Even Omar,

00:58:00--> 00:58:03

the great leader of what I be tuned in beautiful story about Abu Bakar.

00:58:04--> 00:58:46

This is one of the great Sahaja leaders. He hears about people accepting Islam and Senegal and the Niger River area. And so he gives over the leadership to use of industry and he goes south, and he starts to spread Islam. He goes right across going east, to the Niger River. Hundreds and 1000s of people are affected by him. When he returns back, he visited by Rakesh which was the base of a lot RB tune. And he finds you suburban Tashfeen with an amazing army and very important leadership. What does he do? Remember, he was the mayor before.

00:58:47--> 00:59:07

He said to us if I give up my right to Amirite because you are the suitable person to lead. And then he went south. And he continued Dawa, to spread Islam for the rest of his life. This is the leadership of Islam. What would happen today?

00:59:09--> 00:59:24

Or in the weak parts of the Muslim world? No. You're the Amir MDM. Yeah. We have even in our little communities one Jeremy moss breaks into two because two people can't get along in leadership, then two to fourth and four to eight.

00:59:26--> 00:59:43

This is the lesson of the GEMA. These are the true leaders of Islam, while leading for Allah subhanaw taala and not leading for themselves. They are the ones who stand in the face of Alberta Nia and stand in the face of the liar prophets.

00:59:45--> 00:59:48

And so with this, I want to open up the floor

00:59:49--> 00:59:59

for any questions that anybody may have concerning this as we move on, looking at the groups and sexts that came

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into the Muslim. So the floor is open for any questions that anybody may have floors

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any questions that anybody has?

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so, yeah, we want to see anybody has given anything in the chat

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to us or any questions you know, concerning

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the Bata Nia and its impact on the world and the liar prophets.

01:01:04--> 01:01:05

floor is open again.

01:01:10--> 01:01:11

So Al Hamdulillah,

01:01:12--> 01:01:42

we want to come to a conclusion for this particular class, and to remember the lessons about division and those that hold on to the rope of Allah. So it is important strength is important. And the Prophet SAW Selim said middle karoui, Pharaoh on what I have bought in alignment, minute dive off equalent he said, the strong believer is better than a weak believer, but in both of them there is good.

01:01:43--> 01:02:32

So it's important to have balanced leadership in Islam, that holds on to the Quran goes onto the Sunda it has strength, it has economics, it is dealing with justice, justice, for the poor, justice for the innocent, and also giving room for the people of the Book, and for other nations who might live under Muslim leadership. This is how the banner of Islam has has weathered the storm over the centuries and has been revamped. So I leave you with these thoughts that I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you aka Dawa. I don't have to be loud, you're not be loud to me, was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh