Harun Yahya gets 1075 years in prison – reflection

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The speaker discusses how a resource he was approached by was not aware of the real name of the person he was working with, and how he was advised to look closely at the person he was working with to determine if they had proper knowledge from the Quran and Sunless. He emphasizes the importance of being a scholar and not being fooled by anyone who took his knowledge from the wrong source.

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Salam Alaikum Hold on. Yeah, here it gets 1000 and check out the number I couldn't help but laugh and especially the number at the end, he gets 1075 years, plus three months, and then three months, and heavy levels, just a really professional, you know, the way it's written and three months and SubhanAllah. But any it's really a reminder no and for all of us, the fact that this man who many people took as, as as a resource, as you know, as a reliable resource that you will go back to when it came to, you know, the, the scientific miracles and what have you. You know, I was approached several times by his team to work with him to do some filming, but I just wasn't relaxed to these

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people. I didn't you know, it for me, he wasn't someone adhering to the Quran and Sunnah. So I'm not going to put my name with his name, and my work with his work. And sure enough, the and he started to become stranger and stranger, and the things that he was doing. I was reading this morning it was and it was interesting, because that what they were mentioning, they were mentioning

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him by his real name, which I had no idea was real name is none Qatar or something like that. So they're inching by his real name. And like, Who is this dude, this is like a real is like a freak this guy, right? And he's got all these women in bikinis and his religious figure, it didn't even cross him. And then I start to read this. And he calls him his cats and women in bikinis and famous religious figures. This is that him? So I put it on Google the real name. And sure enough, it's hard on your hands on a lot of them. You know, and this just shows us when you when someone who is someone who's not adhering to the Quran and the Sunnah, and someone who gives in and follows us into

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desires, what at least can lead you to in house and how astray you actually can go. And therefore if we want to stay safe, as Imam Malik said, he said that the Sunnah, he said, his like Sofia had no, it's like the ark, or the ship of Noah eylea Salam, and he said, Whoever gets on it, he'll be safe and whoever gets whoever refuses to get on that he's going to drown. And this is why our scholars focus so much on looking at who you take your religion from. They used to say in the Harville, Dean on that, indeed, this Indus knowledge as Dean is from the religion, phone guru Amantha, who Luna Deena come so look closely to those who you take your deen from. Before we trust someone that we

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take from their knowledge, we have to see where did they gain where they where did they obtain their knowledge from? What are the sources? Who are those they took from did they take from the trustworthy scholars who are here to the Quran and Sunnah. Are they take from the people a bit other people innovation, or do they take from just take from books? Some so called scholars in the English language only they don't even speak Arabic. How can you be a scholar? How can you even be a student of knowledge if you don't speak the language of the Quran and the Sunnah. Therefore, don't be fooled. look very closely who you take your knowledge from, and is a great example what can happen

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to someone who doesn't have proper knowledge from the Quran and from the Sunnah and hasn't taken the knowledge from the correct sources? What can happen to them? May Allah protect all of us? May Allah keep our hearts firm upon their religion. May Allah help us to be from those who strive to hold firm and to adhere to the sunnah of our beloved prophet settlements and the ones who live on it and the ones who die on it.