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Ease The Tragedy of This World

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Don't want to live with a cat to thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic. Today we're going to talk about a very powerful Dr. Abdullah bin Omar said it was rare that the Prophet sly send them would get up from a gathering, except that he would make this too hot before getting up. And it's a very powerful tool that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam really insisted or wanted his companions to know and to understand its meanings. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say Aloma oxen menemen has sciatica Mehta who will be beginner, while the inner mouth sciatic or law, a portion for us from your Hachette from your fear that which will be a barrier

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between us and between your disobedience woman thought it can matter to Bella Luna v genetec. And give us a share of your obedience which will cause us to obtain paradise. Well, mentally akima to Halloween will be here and enormous ly but dunya and give us a share of certainty which will ease the afflictions of this world upon us. And then he said, Well Madonna vs Marina platina, waka, Latina, ibid hater and grant us the enjoyment of our hearing in our seeing in our strength as long as you keep us alive with Jana who were effeminate and make it to the inheritor of us. What jobs Ronna Island and fondamenta and let our vengeance be against those who have wronged us, Juan Soto na

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lm and Adana and Adas against those who have shown an image towards us what I tell you and mostly betina fee Deena and do not make our affliction in our religion. When attentionally dounia Akbar Amina, well, I am Abdullah Amina, and do not make this world our greatest concern, or the limit to our knowledge, whether to suddenly tamina Mela, your hamona and do not give power over us to those who will not show mercy to us. And this is a really powerful, beautiful drive for us to learn and begins with alone maximum denim and has sciatica. Mehta who will be he been in a while the university attic, the old law portion for us a share of your hardship of your fear that will come

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between us and between the disobedience of you. Harsha is interesting because there are different words in Arabic, that can mean fear. There's hope there's raha. There's other words, but Russia is different. Cuz Shia is what the scholars say, is fear plus knowledge, it is fear with knowledge added to it. So you can have hope you can have fear without knowledge. If you hear you know a sound, that you don't know what it is, but it startles you, you can be afraid, that's hope. But that cannot be hush hush yet is when you hear something, or when you are afraid of something, but you know exactly what you're afraid of. You have fear, you have reverence you have all but you understand

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completely what it is that you are afraid of. And so hucha is fear coupled with knowledge. And this is why when Allah Subhana, Allah says in the Quran, in the Mayor de la him in a bad deal earlier, not only those who have questions from the servants of a law, or those who have knowledge. So a law specifically says this concept of Russia is only with the people who have knowledge, because it's only with your knowledge that you can have this fear. Right. And so sometimes people have fear of a loss of penalty, but that fear is not Russia, right? Like sometimes some extremist groups, you know, they believe for instance, if you sin, you're gonna go to the Hellfire, you know, maybe they have

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this idea based on a fear of a law, but it doesn't have knowledge of a law, their knowledge of a loss, flawed, their knowledge of a loss, deviant. Right, and so it's not harsh. Yeah, because it's not based on true knowledge. Like why some people might fear a loss penalty under the fear of loss so much, that when they commit a sin, they think, Oh, my God, I'm so bad, I'm never gonna go to agenda, you know, Allah is definitely going to punish me. And then they just give up and they stop even trying to seek forgiveness or to try to do good deeds. Right. So they have fear of a lot. They really do have fear of a lot, but their fear is misplaced, because they didn't understand a lot

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properly. Right. And so the fear did not benefit them. The fear was not useful. The fear did not stop them from committing evil. So the prophets lie Selim is asking specifically for Russia, give us that fear and that reverence that is based on a proper knowledge, knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. And this question will be a barrier that prevents us from committing sins, what's the point of having knowledge of a law? What's the point of having fear of a law, if it doesn't differ us, deter us away from you know, disobeying Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he mentioned to us the story of three men who are in the cave, and they become trapped in the cave

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after a landslide traps, a boulder against their cave, and each of them start to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala based on a good deed that they did, and one of them makes to art. He says that he was in love with a woman

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And he pursued her many times, but she kept rejecting Him. Until one day that woman was struck with poverty. And she needed help. And he told her, I will give you all of this money if you agree to commit a sin with me. And she agreed reluctantly. And when he came to commit the sin with her, she said to him, fear a lot. And when she said those words to him, he was so struck by it, that he just dropped, everything turned around and he left and he left the money with her, and he may do it he said, Well, if I if I did this for your sake, please move this rock and the rock moved a little bit. That is fear of Allah, that's question of Allah subhanaw taala a fear that stops us from committing

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a sin. And so we are asking Allah Subhana Allah for a Harsha for a fear of him that becomes a barrier that stops us from committing sins, that because we have this fear of Allah subhanaw taala it stops us from disobeying him and becoming or doing things that are wrong. The next thing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, woman for it comes down to beliveau and Hobbesian medtech. And a share of obedience to you, that will cause us to obtain gender that will cause us to obtain paradise. And this brings up an interesting point, because gender is not something that is attained by our good deeds. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, none of you will enter Jannah

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because of your good deeds, they said, not even you a messenger of Allah, he said, By Allah and not even the internet. And yet on Monday, the law will be rahmati except if a law in grosses me into his mercy, we get genda because of the mercy of Allah, not because of our deeds. But here, the Prophet is saying, Oh Allah give us from your obedience that will give us paradise. Right. And the idea is that the obedience of a loss penalty is a means to attain from Allah azzawajal His mercy, the more obedient we are, the more likely a lot so Jenna will be merciful to us, right. And you can think of it like a, like a parent with a child, you know, the child might clean the room, and the parent

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becomes so happy that their child cleaned their room, that he buys them a bike, or he takes them on vacation. Now cleaning the room, if we want to realize how much it costs, it costs maybe $10 $20, to professionally clean a room, right? So the child's action is not really worth that much. But he buys him a bike worth hundreds of dollars takes him on vacation worth 1000s of dollars, right? The act of obedience of the child, allow the child to gain the mercy of the parent. And likewise, the obedience that we do does not equal gender. But it might allow us to attain the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so through this, we're trying to attain the mercy of Allah. And then he says, will mean

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that he led me to Halloween will be here and enormous Ly bentonia. And from a certainty give us a portion of certainty of yaqeen that will ease upon us the afflictions of this world. And the profit doesn't say to a loss penalty, I'll cancel all the afflictions We don't want any afflictions in this world remove all of them. Because the reality is that afflictions in this dunya tragedies in the studio hardships in this world, it's a fact of life, when and who can be shame and hopefully will do or anyone occidental and Wiley will emphasize with them alright, well back to the Slovenian Allah says we are definitely going to test you. Right, we're definitely going to test you with something

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of fear in poverty and a loss of wealth and lives and and fruits, but give glad tidings to those who are patient tests are a fact of life, we're going to be tested, we're going to be tested with our money room to be tested, with losing opportunity with losing jobs, we're going to be tested in our families, we're going to be tested in our relationships, we're going to be tested with the death deaths of other people, we're going to be tested in our health, we're going to be tested in so many different ways. This is a fact of life. But what helps us overcome these tests, what helps ease the pain of these tests so that they don't overwhelm us completely? You're clean and a lot certainty in

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah give us your cleaning give us the certainty which will ease the tragedies of this world upon us, if it Mr. Wood says to clean is all a faith. You know, it is the pinnacle of faith. When we have a clean and a law certainty in a law, how does the cleaner faith and allows parents to help ease the tragedies of this world certainty in a law yochanan Allah reminds us that the tragedy is the decree of Allah the Prophet says when a difficult thing happens, but the low mesh chef, right, Allah has decreed and what He willed has occurred, right. So we know that this is the decree of a lot, we have certainty that the afflictions are part of this world, that it's the law of

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a law, that this world will be difficult, we have certainty that the one who is able to remove the difficulty the hardship and to replace our losses is a loss of handle to either, so through our certainty and a lot, the hardships become easier and easier, and without certainty and a lot difficulties and hardships and tragedies only become more difficult without your certainty and a lot understanding of that meaning it becomes more difficult and more overbearing. And then the Prophet says Allahumma maternelle vs mairena whatever sadhana waku attina epidemic hate Allah that Allah grant us the enjoyment of our hearing, and our

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Seeing and our strength so long as you keep us alive, which is I mean, and make it the inheritor of us. Now, for sure, the greatest blessings after your cleaning after, you know, faith in Allah subhanaw taala is our health. And the Prophet said that in a hadith that nobody's been given anything better, after you clean after certainty more than their well being in their health. So our ability to hear and to see in our strength in our ability is of the greatest blessings, it is a tremendous blessing, a blessing that we should always ask a lot to maintain for us. But these blessings that Allah gave us are best enjoyed through using them to know a lot, and to understand a

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lot and to connect to a lot. And some of the scholars they mentioned, you know, throughout the Quran, and even in this dry hearing, as mentioned before seeing, even though most people would consider it, you know, the site to be of more important, you know, gift from Allah than hearing, but the scholars comment on this, and they say, the reason a lot always mentions hearing before seeing is because the greatest blessing is to hear the Quran. The greatest enjoyment in this world is to hear the Quran. So he always mentioned hearing before seeing for that reason. And so the blessings that Allah has given us, they are most enjoyed by worshiping Allah subhanaw taala properly and using

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them to worship alive. So then the Prophet says, Would you want to edit them in the make it the inheritor of us? What does this mean, and scholars have discussed this particular phrase a little bit, some scholars say, you know, allow it to be the inheritor of us, meaning allow these blessings of seeing and hearing and strength to stay with us until we die. But that doesn't make too much sense. Because, you know, the prophet already says, Matt, I hate and as long as we're alive, give us those things. So why would the Prophet say twice as long as we're alive, give it to us. And so some scholars say no, there's a little bit of a difference, different meaning here. They're saying allow

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the enjoyment of our hearing and our sight in our power to be our, what we leave over to be our inheritance that people will say after you die, that look at so and so who used to pray so much. Look at remember how much they used to pray, remember how much these to help others. Remember how much these to feed the poor. Remember how much good they used to do. So use the enjoyment of your hearing and you're seeing in your power to do good deeds. And it's like the Prophet Ibrahim in the end, when he says a Jolly Jolly Santa sildenafil asking him, Allah give me a reputation of honor amongst the later generations. So the Prophet says this phrase allow the you know, the capacity that

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you've given us, our hearing and our sight and our power to be the reason that people remember us in a good way, because we've done good things in our lives. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, What are now lmm phenomena, when Selena and Amanda Dinah, allow our vengeance to be against those who have wronged us and aid us against those who show anonymity to us. You know, in this life, we never want to make, you know, we never want our vengeance or anger or or our aggression to be against anyone except those who are truly oppressive. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, you know, whenever he would leave the house, he would make dua, he would say, Oh

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Allah, I seek refuge in You from oppressing or from being oppressed. So we never want to oppress others, unless those those people are causing oppression unless parents Allah allows us to defend ourselves from that oppression and give us victory against those who show anonymity to us, those who fight us and abuse us and harm us only because we are Muslim. And then the prophets lie Selim says, what are your animals see, betina fee Dena do not make our affliction in our religion. This makes, you know a lot of reference to tragedies makes a lot of reference to afflictions and hardships and tragedies, the tragedies in this dunya you know, the loss of limbs or the loss of sight or hearing

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or the aggression of our enemies. All of these tragedies are far easier than the real tragedy, the real affliction, which is when we are tested in our religion, when our faith is shaken, you know, it's far better to have tragedies in our life or our money or even our health than it is in our religion, in our connection to Allah subhanaw taala that we lose faith in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what causes the tragedy in our Deen? What causes the tragedy in our faith, the prophet continues and he says what he did dounia Akbar Amina, when I met beloved in Mena or LA do not allow this dunya to be our greatest concern. And do not allow it to be the limit of our

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knowledge that we become overly concerned with this dunya the dounia becomes the thing the focal point of our lives, that it becomes the limit of our knowledge and our understanding and what we care to learn about and to know about that when we fall into that it truly consumes us and that's what destroys and erodes our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet SAW it send them says, Man, I haven't been done yet a loader exadata who that whoever loves their dounia has harmed their Acura they have caused harm to their Acura and so then the prophets I send them says so prefer what will remain

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over what shall perish prefer what will remain your athlete are over what will perish the dunya likewise, it has an adversity. You know, you said the famous saying Herbert dounia suku. Katia, the love of the dunya is the root of every evil, what cause people causes people to steal, what causes them to backbite what causes them to do all of these things other than love for the dunya. And then the Prophet salallahu, at least ends this powerful do I want to sell it Allina malayer homina do not give power to those who will not show mercy to us, don't make us under the power of those who are tyrants of those who are oppressors. And there's a connection between this statement of the prophets

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lie Selim to the previous meanings of the prophecy sentiment mentioned, because one of the things that truly weakens the faith of people that truly turns them away from God, because they're under so much pressure and the oppression of other people, sometimes it breaks the faith of those who are weaker. And so through this we're asking a lot will not protect us from this affliction from this difficulty of rulers or authorities who may not show us any mercy, because hatred from other people in the oppression of others might shake the faith of some of those who are weaker from us. And so you see how this is so powerful, and one that we should learn and implement throughout our lives. So

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then we can work with the labor market.