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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Koran and its use in prophets, including the use of "has" to describe a person. They also discuss the use of the Prophet Mohammed Shawn Shawn Shawn as a way to achieve happiness and balance in life, and how he uses words to describe his wife. The speaker also describes a scene where a man tries to sell food and talks about the importance of being happy in life, and how his relationship with his wife has been struggling to connect with each other. The segment ends with a recap of the upcoming video.
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Kumara motomachi avacado

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala Hari who are early he was so happy he was certainly more than

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in my concluding remarks today for this blessing conference, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it in our scales on the Day of Judgment. Those of us who were fortunate enough to be speakers and those of you

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who shared in that journey and attendance Jazakallah head for your time and energy, and ability to share with us for these few moments. The topic is a honeymoon for life. And so upon the law, it's one of those things where we need to look into the Koran, and into the sin of the Prophet sallallahu. It was said to him, and to keep it very brief, because I don't want to go over time. I know, my dear brother and elder.

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My uncle Idris camisa is coming up after me and he's always a wonderful contributor does Allah help?

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I want you to understand that families and family structures are a special interest group that the Koran deals with from various angles. And if you want to see every relationship that can be found in our lifestyles, you can find it in the book of a law an example that is given for us by a lot of Buddha is the Subhanahu wa Tada. So you can find a blessing relationship between a husband and wife, walking the path of God. In the example the Brahim and Sora, Ibrahim and hotjar. You can see an example of a dysfunctional marriage, the example of fear that I own and his blessing wife asiyah. And in reverse that example of the blessing prophets of Allah knew loot and their treacherous wives.

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You can look at the example of a single mother money and it has Salaam raising a salary his salary up, you can look at the example of two daughters of righteousness the daughters of Luke, you can look at a positive father and son relationship with Ibrahim and his smile and his heart. Or you can look at a wretched relationship between Ibrahim and his father as you can look at the relationship of brothers who cooperate in the truth in the example of Moosa and Harun and you can inversely see the opposite in the examples of the brothers against use of Aliya Salaam who colluding in seeking to put him away from his family.

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You can see the example of a misguided love in the example of dulay hotlinking use of alia Salam in a haram Wang, and you can see the example of a blessing love union in the example of a tube and his wife Holly has some examples after examples after examples in the forearm, and when we look away from the Koran we turn to the Sunnah, and you see that our nubby Mohammed sighs Ellen's life with more than one wife was to show us different circumstances that a human being can find themselves in the prophets. I seldom married a woman who is much older than him and a woman who was much younger with Khadija de la Anna Sharia law and when he married a woman who had children before him, a woman

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who was widowed before him omnicell, Mr. De La Hoya and Howard, who thought that no man would be like Abu Salah or the Allahu anhu Oda and the prophets I seldom became the one who could be the only one to replace him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you see that the prophets I send them married a woman who spoke his language and he married a woman who didn't in Maria, Katia who came from Egypt, he married a woman who was born into his faith and a woman who entered into faith. In the example of sloughi I've been to Korea you would previously been Jewish. You see all of these different circumstances, to show you that the life of the Prophet Mohammed sigh said them, and of course, Anak

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ideal and context is one of those lenses that we seek to see the world through to find betterment in our life. And therefore, as I share with you some moments from the life of the prophets, I send them that show us what is the means to achieving happiness and a balanced approach in life that can build for us a foundation where we can taste the sweetness of our existence together, where feels and tastes and experiences like a honeymoon for life. We look to the example of the prophets like Selim, the first example I give you, is to be overly affectionate, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never shied from sharing His love and His words of expressive love to those who he loved in

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his household. And when the Prophet would be asked who he loved the most in life. He said, he showed the Allahu anhu or Baha.

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The prophets I send them between him and his wife and they used to have

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Language and special code words. And in the hadith of Abbe de Udo the Allahu anhu. On Shabbat, the Allahu anhu. She asked the prophets I seldom describe your love for me the color color of the color. It's like a knot that's tied tightly. And she was happy to hear this. And later on when the Prophet would be sitting with companions at a distance, nobody knows this discussion. She would say to him some lie send him Caitlyn Leone. How's that? Not today on messenger of Allah and everyone's wondering which not is she talking about? The prophets I send them or take away the Yeoman Reuben, it is tight as the first day we tied it. So a lot of you were sending your profits a lot while he

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was selling was the one who used to call it I Isha. Yeah. And I mean, the one with a long blessed life, and to say, yeah, it means you're a reason of my happiness in life. He changes their name as a nickname for law, what he was saying, in the Hadith, osoba, Buddha, Buddha, the Allahu anhu.

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And I use the reply of an imam of nabee dunya. The prophets I send them is sitting in his home, and he's trying to throw a piece of his of his clothes. All of us know the profit would sew for himself, but we don't know the context of it. And he's sewing his clothing, and it's hot and he begins to sweat and he's not doing a good job and he's frustrated some a lot. He was sending him an issue from across the room. She watches him sell a lot while he was selling them in, she's smiling, she's entertained. And he picks his head up to low it was celemony Caesar amuse, and he says minmetals Hakeem, are you laughing at me? What making you so happy? For Pilate to the current abbiati about

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who they are messenger of Allah. I remembered the first is a poetry of that pre Islamic poet, where he said that to see the sweat on your brow is more precious than a lot of food is more precious to me than to receive the pearls and emeralds. For waba I'm not counting up the puppet put down his stuff. So I sent him and he got up and he approached her. Well Baba Maha LA and he put her near his part. So I send him and he kissed her on her forehead. And he said Auntie Elijah, Dr. Amin Delica. He said to me, you're more precious than anything else. So the law What are you assuming?

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And don't think that this would stop with him? earlier the Allahu anhu, one of the great knights of Islam, Allah God, Allahu anhu. In the Battle of haber, he took the gate of the castle of Haifa with his hands. That's how powerful he was an era the Allahu anhu who is a person who is only two loves in the dunya

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that he would sleep next to in his bed 40 mabin to mohammedans right where the alphacard the sword given to him by the prophets, Allah Allah He was sending him I believe that mighty night of an Islam was also a soft hearted loving adorable person. And he came home one day as is recorded in a car in Alabama that had the car of the out of his life. And he saw a faulty model the Allahu anhu the daughter of the prophets, I send them to stack

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she's brushing her teeth, she doesn't know he's standing behind her he came home early from work and it's not the most beautiful sight you know, you see your wife brushing your teeth you know they Mashallah look at that beauty. And he walks in and she's my you know, to start brushing her teeth. And he you know, he forget Shakespeare he explains in poetry is love. And he says yeah, oh de la k for araca or twig of the Eric tree. How can I see you in this embrace? map as a minha vida de mythri Cassie wha ha no one has ever come close to her this way except me. Lo contura jhulan nicotrol Touka if you were a man, I would have killed you. Now, if you start speaking poetry about your wife

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brushing your teeth, she's gonna bake you brownies brother. You're gonna get a cake that day. something's gonna happen. There's love in the air is Alia. rhodiola. Anwar da Where does he learn this from the Oh, swell Hudson and Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's the first lesson that you learn is that expressiveness and love from the prophets. I said to him from the Sahaba. And there's hours and hours of discussion, I can narrate to you Hadith after Hadith, of moments of love of the prophets, I send him to each of his wives.

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Number two, is to prefer her to others. And this is something that's very important that our brothers at times we forget, we almost assume that our wife comes second in everything. The prophets I send them actually shows us different. There's no place that the prophets I send them ever

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traveled to out of Medina except he had one of his wives. There's no time that any one of the wives of the prophets I seldom requested anything that was parallel of him except he provided it. And if he could not, he provided an alternative. There's no time that the prophets I seldom ever gave an instruction to one of his wives or a command to one of them that they could not meet. He would never ask of anyone, anything that they didn't have the ability to fulfill. And our nebia solahart he was Selim was a very pragmatic man. He was a very centered man. He was a person who was able to speak with clarity that even his eyes could speak words and the Hadeeth of Allah Muslim prophets, I said

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Lim is sitting next to each other the Allahu Allah.

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And as she's sitting at Tata Jews, this old woman in Medina came, was setting the alarm on her, and she cursed, Isha. She began to swear and curse and vulgar language to each other, the ohana and this person wasn't from the people of Islam.

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And I just sitting next to her husband, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she says, for another two hour check for a toughie, G. And

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I saw in his face that if I responded, although I'm right, it's my honor. I saw in his face that if I spoke, that he'll be upset

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for a second. So I was quiet, without having to adjust when I dropped. This old woman, she went away and came back for more was said Bethany, she cursed me again, in front of my husband in public front of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu. It was sitting

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for an hour, I look through his face again. And I saw in his face, he'd be upset. Control yourself out in just a second.

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She left and came back. Third, three strikes, you're out.

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And she cursed me again. And I look to his face photo, I see YG. And now hula Jaco. He said, All right. Take her out.

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Fanta sorrow. So I took victory. Not right for the habit. Well, I'm tired. She left never came back out. She learned her lesson. But it shows you how much love and respect and preference the prophets I send them had for his wife, that his eyes were communicated. He was able to speak without saying a word. And that comes from that mutual concern that she knows if the prophets I tell them doesn't want me to say anything, then he has reason I trust him sallallahu wasallam because my interest is always first. He always prefers me and I leave you with this section. With a famous incident of our Shabbat the Allahu Ana, all of us know how to make a move. If you don't know how to find why if you

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don't have will do water for will do you know you touch the ground to a mimosa even for you. But you pad the ground and you wipe your hands and face and done. All of us know the filth of it. That's what we're taught. But we're not taught the Hadith and Bahati of why that was revealed. And I chose the law in one of the battles with the prophets. I send them chief traveling in the desert at night. And they were traveling at night because in the day it was severe heat. So they would travel at night quickly to get out of the enemy territory. And they'd been camping all day in the open. It's nighttime, they prayed messenger and HR. And now they picked up their caravan and their tents. And

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they're about to head out and I went to the cul de alhaja to relieve herself. When she came back she noticed her necklace is missing.

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And it's a necklace of a black string with charts of Black Stone, no gold, no silver, but it had sentimental value. And she whispered to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I've lost my necklace to Mr. Wu so I sell them and jaysh the Prophet ordered his army to set up camp again. And everyone was scared and upset the enemies around us. We don't have enough water to last the night and the next day and travel the next night to the next well, it's gonna take a day and a half journey.

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If we drink our water we have nothing for will do. Antonia mom had not yet been revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and the Prophet ordered for them and this is their their rewiring. So al Bukhari where Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu begins to argue with Isha and Yella Arusha and be upset with Asha. And she says I never responded because the prophets head was in my laptop Allahu Allah usnm and the Prophet ordered his army to search for my necklace. So the law it was said

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Could you imagine a man in the dark night looking for a black thread with black rocks?

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these giants, where is this necklace? Everyone began to be upset and every time they go by Abu Bakr they tell him what is it? Yeah, but what's happening with your Iboga crew go back into the tent and tell her Isha. How could you do this? It's just it's just a string. It's just a rock.

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And she quiet

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had to handle fetcher until Oh Mike they're looking they don't find anything. Now they're gonna have to spend all day and travel the next night they don't have water and they said yeah, it'll suit a lot he that's all well, but not Halak. Now. If we make we'll do we're gonna die. Our animals are gonna die. There's not enough water

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finanza Did you breed

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with the verses that you and I until now practice

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for England taggi Duma and Fatah, Yana Musashi them for you but you don't have water the earth you're a little out of duty Masjid and water hoorah. And as soon as those verses were recited by the prophets, I send them the Sahaba all erupt. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. How beautiful is the house of Abu Bakr?

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How wonderful is it? Shabbat, the Allahu Allah who moments ago they were upset, we're gonna die.

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And that Baraka came down at a moment of love for the prophets of Allah while he was seldom preferring his wife to the others, preferring her feelings to the others, preferring her needs to the others. This is the student of our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and third and finally, and it's only due to the shortness of time, from the ways that we can bring our hearts together to feel that sweetness of the honey of life is another prophetic example from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam which is a body to look over something to pretend you didn't see. To ignore what does not please you?

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Often, it's like I I didn't see it. You saw it, but you didn't see it, you pretend to ignore it. And the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with his wife, I Chateau de la Juana.

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It's the house. He's in the house of Artesia it's her day with him and she's cooked a meal at what Mac and and why sell them and you're able to Armen never would the Prophet say I don't want to eat this food if he didn't like it, he just wouldn't eat. And I eat your prepared food and a Jani she's young and it doesn't look delicious. Doesn't look appetizing. And his wife sodaro the Allahu anha the mature one, she can cook man. She's like Mashallah. So the Prophet says to a Chateau de la Han. Huh? How about we take your plate and share it with soda. Let's go see what she's got over there. We'll bring your food over there. He knows what's happening. She knows. So she's carrying the plate.

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She doesn't say anything. Like bake out or Sula and then get outta here the prophets coming. She burns up the kitchen. Everything's coming out of the kitchen Mashallah. She's doing it all. And she prepares this course of this beautiful dish filled with the prophets favorite foods Salalah hot he was sending them and I should dishes there I should sitting rhodiola and Honda and the Prophet is sitting so I sell them. And so that's bringing down the plate. I Isha in anger and jealousy hits it.

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And the plate falls down and breaks on the ground.

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And for us, you and I, what are you doing? What's wrong with you? This is haraam. This is profits. I sell them at her best Sam. He smiled.

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And he said to her it's a lot harder you said

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try it first.

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Meaning How do you know you don't like it? Instead of why are you jealous?

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How do you know you don't like it? Maybe you like it? Yeah Isha and he took some of the food from the ground with his hand and move out oka wah wah hoo, Femi. And he put it in my mouth. He says, rah rah. We attend Howdy. He puts it in my mouth for the walkthrough. I tasted it actually is pretty good.

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Not bad actually.

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For Akina. He didn't say anything about a broken plate about disrespectful behavior. I bought ungratefulness I built the home out of wasting food. He didn't say anything so I'm alone he was seldom except

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aced it.

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And after we finished, he said maybe you should let her taste your food meaning Why don't you leave your dish for her? You broke her dish. Leave your dish. Maybe she liked your food. You liked her food. She liked your food. Salalah honey listen.

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And that was it. To half an hour I said it was like he ignored it.

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And this is one of the greatest student of the Prophet Muhammad. That's why he said to them. I remember one of my teachers we were studying a Hadid and it's an eatable gabab of anger of some of the Sahaba with each other.

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And two of the Sahaba in the masjid of the prophets, I said them in front of our Nabeel curry Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh watamu tasleem

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set the other human Arthur waru Dalai one curse the other in the other Kirsten back, vulgar words in the masjid in front of them to be Mohammed's license. Profits I sell them and sitting and he turns to the Sahaba and he says well, Lehane Nila Allah macadam eaten by a lie, no have a word that if he was to say it, if they were to say it, let's ban him the shavon that's making them go crazy like this overboard like this. That's making their emotion go too far would leave them in law him in a shaytani r rajim. And I remember my chef met lots of kanatal Have mercy on the chef Mohammed so forth, Nora Dean, he said to me, you're here to pay him to him? And how did that What do you

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understand from it? And I said, initiate or anger and he goes LA.

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Casa de de de, the greatest filter, you can learn from this Howdy, admin levy. So I send them

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an email, check that and didn't get up and do anything. Didn't get up and stand between the two and say, Stop it. This is the masjid How dare you in front of me. Because if he did, one of them in their anger might take good, just leave me alone way and would destroy themselves. Sometimes you just have to sit back and just wait and take your time and think and let people have a moment to breathe and come back to their senses. And in your home. If you want to be happy. You want to learn that example, as was learned by the mom, and I leave you with this quote. And Mr. McDermott is quoted to have said, in the 20 years I've been married to my wife.

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I have never been angry with her. And she's never been angry with me. For kind okay for Danny.

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It's done, Carol. That's not possible. How is that possible?

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He said for 20 years, we've never been upset that we've had a verbal battle and anger between each other how he said either hold the bet seconds. When my wife is angry. I'm quite worried though the secretary. And when I'm upset, she's quiet.

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She just lets me Let lets me vent off. She doesn't react. I don't react. I overlook it. And it's come out and that's it. And that is a student of the student another Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala puts Baraka in all of our homes, increases our love and attachment for each other blesses us with happiness and happiness with our children and our children's children, and makes us from those who are blessed in this dunya and

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I pray that Allah subhana wa tada

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to make us from those who will have now Hungary at home that Allah joins us with our future generations engender fear, doubt, and makes us with those who connect with those who have preceded us. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes us from those who have a love of following the tradition and the student of our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not just in what we wear and how we speak, but also in the behavior and the flock that he had with those outside the eyes of other people. So panicle lahoma ham de casa de la ilaha illa Anta Sufi ruka to boo like, whatever good that was said is from a loss of Hannah to Allah and our prophets like Selim, and whatever that

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was of error. It is for me and from the sraith on will La la la la Sulu, hooven houbara Allahumma salli ala nabina, Muhammad Ali masala Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad infidel Karim also diversity Mubarak ala Sayyidina Muhammad in film Allah in our day of tomorrow he mean Allah Allah Amina Quran imagine now with a kidnapping who man who Sina Allah Muslim Lana Del Valle de la sala hottie Elena Allah Masha Allah Syrah Yamuna Yamanaka, Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik, ala Sayyidina, Muhammad, Abu Kohli had ever suffered a law the muddy welcome for Sofitel in our for Rahim. It has been a pleasure My dear brothers and sisters to have visited us

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Here in Kenya, I asked you to forgive me if there's anything that has been of error of me and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows me to join you once again was said Amati Kumar from Allah He woulda cut