Hajj Mabrur – 03 Labbayika

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Preparing Spiritually for Hajj Departure

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She's almost on our doorstep in Jackson

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for us

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as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa who

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doesn't really like to once again join you, virtually in South Africa and I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it a blessing for you and I Allahumma amin Alhamdulillah, we've been discussing the edge and getting ourselves to part in the loss of Allah

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make us of the chosen, who are able to visit the blessing lands and accumulate around the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And make us from those who are mentioned by the angels in the records of the high on the Day of Judgment by the order of a loss of had on one side up. At yesterday, we ended our discussion beginning to speak about love Baker. And so Pamela it's such a beautiful word. It's a word that flows off the tongue. And it's one of those things that a person who has never made the hedge never made the journey they dream of uttering that statement in a state of Iran to a law, oh my

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law, you are the that only will cause me to invest in this it

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caused me to dress in this.

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This they own a family to put the saw put off, educate everything on insert and know me in the way that you have me. Let NASA hate you. It is upon mankind for a loft serving Allah. Allah.

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Allah, Allah Hajj house

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Hi, Bella

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Charla Eva CEPA will leave in

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the bar, we will arrive in Medina to borrow on towards our hedge soon after, you're about to set upon this great picture. One of the clincher is the law whenever you leave your family whenever journey

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family, though, the thing that you think about is the home of the next life. And the thing is important question and one of the reasons we make Hajj to a particular nation and is central to all of the parts of the world by the color and loss of

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that one could yet to anecca as a Prophet Ibrahim they will come

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walking on burden they will come in and modes of transport to attend to this place seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean couldn't defend me from the greatest distance and valleys arrive to this place. And therefore the questions that I'm here to

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have for the day over to the hedge as you do get your forehead I

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have prepared for the day of our travel to the hedge as you get your forehead

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open to do you're going to ask those very important questions. Is this something that I can use? Is this shampoo unscented fragrance free? Are these is this us pinning a skull in the same do you ask? Do I have the questions about the deeds that I prepared not just the products that I will carry for Hajj, but the thing that I will for the day?

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into it us the nitty gritty

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details of FIFA, do seek to pause command broader sense. One of the things law person comes to Hajj you see this Muslim man Muslim woman they ask really critical questions

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in our regular life, not in our days of Hajj. We would be amazing high level Muslims if we had that same kind of quality of thought that same heart

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concern. So kind of like it's almost as if we seek to be attentive to offer those four or five days of hedge that we forget that when you return to hedge with that end of critical about our deeds in the month of in the month Other than that, the next question is your mind people in the month of, you know, coming to you live bait in that state of hedge fund to do the most deadly for on time, I want to I mean, I want to

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I want to take this soon, that in every way in the month of the ledger, and

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overlay, and after how do we have that same critique of thought follower of this avatar? Do I know Allah? Or do I seek to just discover a law when there is a specific act and sees

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for critical questions as you put on your head, as you begin to tell first, ask yourself, come to them because I have to draw a baker.

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The baker law whomever wrote hedge or law I've come to make hedge to make our own when you hedge or law I've come to make hot when you That means call station, that moment. Arrow you will see they begin their tail via the moment you cross over and you get to do her lady fell on your way out of Medina, the The moment you have that Iraq, you have people of Iraq, you come to the macaque that that surroundings thing that builds for necessity to be in front. I want you to reflect about the gateway, you're the prom. I want you to reflect about the gateway you're the lenses you that you carry it back home with you that you make it I will see how men can end advice to your family to

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bury you with your home as a testament of your decree. And entering the home with you that you make it I will see ya men can end advice to your family to bury you with your home as a testament of your decree and entering the credo of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Remember that the MacArthur is a result of coming to a station in life. Know that there's a station in life where you will cross the threshold into the alpha into your hub, the Tobia that you make labayda lahoma It's a response to Ibrahim alayhis salam and know that Yeah, the law that your da may not be entered for you in the moment you live today. So Pamela you might ask a law for something and be wanting of a law something and it comes later on in your life maybe later on in your children's know that this isn't something that it was an Abraham salam to on that day you're putting on your arm of saying that Baker long mela bait are they on that day you're putting on your forearm of

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saying that Baker long mela bait are stationed in LA. So be sure that you are a follower of Ibrahim Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says

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but Nomad Kamala hominin Rama

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us back lay have a coming to what will be the fruits and the blessings of all different parts of the world. coolish I mean let you know this is sent from Allah subhanho wa Taala when that can max out on a on a moon, one of the marvelous things that you will be astounded upon when you arrive in Mecca is that you can buy things in Mecca that you can buy in your own hometown, there are things their cars their luxuries, their things that you would you say Subhan Allah Where did this blessing come from and it's from the order of la semana went to add to that, that will be there. So begin to think of of begin to think of of state of

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existence as into the makeup remember your club, as you stand at the entrance of a ROM. You can makara Rama and you stand in that marble structure. Yes, and you see util haraam waiting in a cabinet and the magnificent Kava is hidden from you can build a law law ha ha ha kebab se Alhamdulillah that from who had up to a play others wish to have been brought and knowing your heart that you have not brought yourself there but you are invited by Allah and push out of your heart any doubt the moment you make your television and you have done your ROM I have no doubt that your hedges mob rule that your hedges answered, if you remain upon the suit of the prophets of Allah, it

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was certainly one of the things that I say to those who come with me to hedges, the shaitaan is going to try to make you believe

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that you will not be accepted that you've done something wrong, that the soap you might mistakenly used that someone who had perfume on their hand something that you know something that troubles you makes you

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Feel doubt about your reward with a law. That is from the Shaitan trying to bring your spirit amen down. Know that if you have been brought to Mecca McCarter woman, if you have stood on the mountain of our offer that you are entered and from the privilege of Allah, because there are billions of human beings, nearly 2 billion Muslims and there will only be a few million who stand in that spot on that day.

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And a lot of us who were had the ticket had the visa in their port and were able to attend there will have no ticket passport, a month or two out and Subhan Allah I find them with me in a lot of it is the color of Allah subhana wa Tada. There are those who are wealthier than you who are not brought to the mind. There are those who

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have a desire in their heart. This is the fog machine and the life on the road man. And therefore you can consider yourself one of the guests of the ever Merciful.

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You see the Kaaba

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know that this is a place of honor to a law from the moment Adam was brought to the earth. And the symbolism of the cabin is that the place that is under the cab of the structure of the walls of the Kaaba, that house in that place, and his wife was the first time

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it is a place of very bother to Allah subhana wa tada I will you be eating Woody Allen NASS it's the first house that was consecrated for mankind to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. So when you arrive, have that humility between you and Allah, be thankful and say Alhamdulillah for showing you the place that Ibrahim walk that moves that walk that Adam walk that will have met some of the law Who is he alayhi wa sallam walked as you begin to make your cloth around the honored Kava. Understand that this is a time of magnifying Allah. It is a time for you to recite from the Koran to make your tech Kabir to say la ilaha illAllah Hola, hola. sharika lahu mukalla al hamdu hawala coalition

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career to say, in

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Teaneck, dunia has no authority has no cleaner other than now, to reflect upon your relationship with your Creator, that everyday goes around and another one comes, that as there are good days in your life, it turns there will be difficult, that there will be days of happiness and days of sorrow, that there will be days of ascension and deeds of deprivation, that we they know that all of these are symbols that arrive to your mom. The moment you say that bake Allah whom Allah bake me Allah Subhana Allah allow us to gather before him in the honored carrabba. To him I'm

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honored to be from those who are on the day of alpha Allahumma amin and in sha Allah and khandala honan Al Baqarah. When the hot tomorrow we're going to speak about some of the essential pillars of the hedge. What are the things that must be done? What are some and

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voluntary and specified acts of the prophets I sell them that earn great reward. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make easy our journey and make us from those who are accepted along mean

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to my brothers and sisters of South Africa.