Work Together For Islam, Under Islamic Guidance

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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work together towards uplifting the work of

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it shouldn't be that the Dow organizations are working together to reduce the effect of cooperation is of utmost importance. We have to work together. two minds are better than one and this unit this omega unify can do amazing things by Allah if 1.7 billion Muslims came together and decided on one day and at one time we will jump at the same time I believe that the entire US we feel that

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this is what unity can do. We have to work with each other. And think about Ibrahim Abu Salam was Luther and inshallah they both lived at the same time. Ibrahim lived at the same time with Noah

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and the angels came to Ibrahim Ibrahim we are going to destroy the people of Luke Now imagine imagine if we were like

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if we were upon the wrong right we saying oh Al Hamdulillah he's my he's my competition you destroy him.

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Right. Some people have to spend time with when they follow brother who has the Dow organization is going down the happy about Allah who was here Ibrahim Ali Salam when the angel saying we're going to disclose the people of law he says kind of in the free Hanover he says look this over there what are you what are you doing? He's defending his brothers he's defending the Dow whose brother he knows that the look is my brother and the World Cup lot and my work is the size of the world he wants to create his the worlds I want to create. So let us work together.

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And the angels

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we are more knowledgeable than you with regards to design. But the point of note is how you draw him and instead of jumped to the defense of his brother Prophet Luca Allahu salah. We today need to work together internationally, as well as we need to be assistance to one another, and a means of assistance to one another. And that way you will grow each other and the world we seek to create with the data that we do read the law he will come to be my dear brothers and sisters I've shared with you eight points or nine. I've lost count. I'm sure you haven't. And I pray that these points are points.