Tom Facchine – The Comment Section #15 – Why Different Levels of Worship

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker expresses surprise and confusion about a situation and feels like they are in trouble. They also mention a " shock" and "will" related to a "antagonistic reaction". The situation is described as " shock" by a group of people, but the speakers are unsure of the cause. The situation is described as " shock" by the group, but the speakers are still uncertain.
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There have to be different levels to worship because there are different levels in paradise. Right? Not everybody is the same. It's not homogenous. the obedience of Allah found data and worshiping Allah Spano Tata, and following what he says is not homogenous, it's not all the same thing. There are certain people who do the basics the bare minimum there are certain people who strive beyond that and then there's some people who excel just like you're in school you're in a class there's failing and passing right but then within passing there's different grades you got your d minus you can you can pass with a D minus or you can pass with a C or you can get a you know, b plus or you

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can get 100 you can get extra credit right? You want to treat someone with an eight plus the same as a d minus just because they're both passing doesn't make any sense and not only is it not make sense that's against what Allah says in the Quran, and it's against what the Prophet Mohammed Salim said in the Hadith, right go to source of wealth Yeah, Allah azza wa jal differentiates between three different types of people two of those people are successful in the afterlife however, they're not at the same level right? He talks about the savage golden Walloon right the people who are at the forefront of people who are out there striving the Prophet Muhammad sights on him he talked about

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70,000 people who are going to be into Jenna without he said without even being asked Subhanallah that's not equal to somebody who's going to be asked the Prophet so I said I'm in the Hadith, surreal differentiated between Islam and Eman, an accent, right, so we have to still slow your roll, right? We have to pump the brakes. When some people they think in categories, they think categorically and they think oppositional and they're ready to bite when it comes to they're almost like they're triggered when it comes to certain things that they hear. They might assume well, this comes from this group or this is Sufi stuff, or this comes from this. So now what are the last say

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in the in the Koran? What are the Prophet Mohammed sighs Saddam say in the Hadith, right? And you need to know because if you don't know, then you're going to end up rejecting something that Allah's Katana said, or an idea that Allah Spano Tata introduced, you're gonna end up rejecting something the Prophet Muhammad SAW, I said, I'm setting the Hadith. Why? Because you're uneducated. And because you put yourself in a situation where you made a judgement about something you didn't have any knowledge about, right? So everybody has to be cautious and be careful. Don't reject things out of hand. Something seems like it's from this group or that group or the other group, take it easy

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investigate. If you don't know what are the last say in the Qur'an is the solution. Ask those who do know, right? And don't go assuming things because you're gonna end up getting yourself in trouble. You're gonna end up reacting to something thinking that it's falsehood. It's actually the truth shock, shock, surprise, surprise, you're gonna land in bigger trouble just out of an antagonistic reaction.

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