Guidebook to God #28 – Inviting people to good

Yahya Ibrahim


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The speaker discusses the importance of Dawa, which is a duty upon every Muslim to invite others to good life. They explain that Dawa is a form of force that is required to make people feel good and that it is a duty upon every the

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Dawa to Allah the call to Allah summoning people to truth, inviting people bility he asks and in a way that is more conducive happier, to lead them to a path of happiness in this life in the next life. It is an obligation and a duty upon every Muslim to invite people to good people. I don't mean just non Muslims but other Muslims, as I'm doing in front of you now, as I invite you now to that which is right, this is a form of Dawa, as you sharing a link to it is a form of Dawa as you assisting anyone to that which is pleasing to Allah, or resisting and turning anybody away from something that is sinful, is a form of Dawa, ordering what is good, forbidding what is evil

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recommending what is right, condemning what is wrong, assisting people to recognizing sooner clarifying from it, what is better, all of those are forms of power. The word power comes from the word invitation or summoning. And it means to make something that is audible for other people to hear, or something that is intelligible for other people to understand. So you can make Dawa through written media, you can make Tao through audio and

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statements that are made, and you can make Dawa even with signing or a behavior that people see from a distance. Some of the greatest forms of Dawa, that were condemned by the people of Korea was the prophet SAW Selim, simply praying in public, and in the very first chapter given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam surah, Allah Allah, Arabic Allah, Allah, Allah describes Abu jet out or at leveon have done either Salah Do you see the one Abu jash who has forbidding you and asked my servants slave Mohammed to stop praying in public? Because it was an immense act of Dawa the people who came to worship their idols, the idols of Qureshi at that time, they would see Mohamed praying

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without an idol. And they would say, well, who's he praying to? And he would simply say, I pray to the one who doesn't need to be represented, I pray to the one who is not made not handmade, not tailored or brought into function, I pray to the one who hears and knows and sees all of us and that would infuriate me gently would infuriate the people of Mecca, because how can you contend with that his simple act of praying in public was means of many people coming to Islam salallahu alayhi wasallam Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us and to the prophets why Selim O'Donoghue, illa sebelah Rebecca, invite to the way of your Lord bill Hickman using wisdom well, Mo Ableton has been using

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good arguments in debate where J Dilla humility as an answer their questions in debate form in a way that will give them a greater understanding than when they had first began to ask their questions. hikmah wisdom, certain people are not worthy of you giving so much time and energy to and a lot of caution the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ibis, Allah tala, you frown gem Mohammed and we're frustrated. Why not at the blind men. He was frustrated because when the blind men came I'm delighted to mimic to him to ask ya Mohammed fbme Arabic Tell me about your Lord. The Prophet was sitting with the chiefs of Mecca who got up in a fury and said could sell a turbine and obey nada de

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Luna. You want to make us equal to the low caste of our society, land acmella we will never accept anything from you. And the Prophet thought it was a missed opportunity so he frowned and frustration. He wasn't upset with Abdullayev no mimic to him. He was upset that these people their pride, their racism, their arrogance, made them unwilling unreceptive to hear from him on account of somebody else wanting to accept the truth dour sometimes there are people who will not respond not answer what Malika lol Bella who will move in, I have only conveyed upon you the responsibility of convenience, delivering the message not that you are accountable for whether people receive it or

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not. Not you're accountable of whether will people will follow it or not. It's not my responsibility of whether you will adjust your life to the truth that I have spoken. If it is truth or not. It's not my job, my life to judge whether you have practiced it or not. All of that is left to Allah. But what I am accountable to is the data to a lot.

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The invitation in the tub leads to the path of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. The prophet SAW, Allah makes it an obligation for all of us. He says, Hi eurocom mentale lemon for Anima Allah, the best of you is the one who learns the Quran and narrated shares it with others. He says another statement also in the sight and Bahati. melissani

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transmit from me convey for me even if it is but one verse. In a beautiful statement. The prophets I sell him says on the day you've had when he was making Hajj, the final had

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He says badly who I need convey this from me photo mobile loving our min sama, convey and transmit and share and narrate what I've said, tell other people what I've just said, For perhaps the person who will hear it from other than me. I may understand it better than the one who just heard it from me. Perhaps I might give it out to somebody and it doesn't benefit them, but they shared it with somebody other than them who then benefits from them. And I want you to understand that your job My job is not to turn people's hearts in Nicoletta demon apt when I came to LA he had the money on account of your love for another person, you may not be able to open the heart that they come to

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believe it is only Allah who guides whom He wills Subhana Allah to Allah, May Allah increase our love and guidance and are all of our affairs. May Allah make us conduits of good that we invite people to good and May Allah protect us from our net dour from the sinful, opposite of dour and our is that our hideous character. Our disagreement with that which we are ordered to agree with in the practice of our faith makes other people rebel and turn away from it due to the ugliness and despicable pneus of our false practice of Islam. May Allah never make you harshing conduct sinful in behavior that turns people away from the path of Allah, Allah mela, Tatiana feet net and lillico

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myth caffeine, Allah don't make it the reason of fitna for the unbelieving people subhanho wa Taala also Lila sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was it to abetik Allah say you didn't have you know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is your brother your hair Brahim was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh