Self Respect and Superiority Complex?

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Excellent Question! “what is the drawing line between having self respect and superiority complex?”

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What is the drawing line between the having self respect and superiority complex? Okay, it's an excellent question I believe on. I think it's either Thursday night or Friday night, we have a talk about humbleness and arrogance. In Islam

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Subhana Allah, the teachings of Islam are vertically, it says, Be proud, but do not be arrogant. I respect myself, but not at the expense of putting other people down. Sometimes what we do is that in order for me to have self respect, I must disrespect somebody else. Islam says No, in fact, if you have self respect, you are going to treat other people with respect. So the more self respect you have, the more self respect you are, the more respect you're going to give to other people. And that is why when they say, what is justice in Islam, they say you are

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you practice the utmost justice when what when you give to others, every right that you claim for yourself?

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Serious brothers and sisters, they say justice is giving others every single right that you claim for yourself. Likewise, you say that I have self respect, what do you do everything that you claim, you'd have to give to other people. So that one time

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an argument was taken place between two men, one of them was extremely rude, on the other person was extremely gentle. And the more rude this person got, the gentler that person got, this person is verbally abusing him, calling him all sorts of names, and this person is dealing with him in a very, very gentle manner. So after the argument was over, one came to the other person said, you know, that person was very rude to you. But you treated him like a gentleman. Why is that? And the person looked at him and he said, I treated him like a gentleman because I am a gentleman. See, what happens is that sometimes people may not come up to the caliber where we are at. We try to pull them

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to where we are at, or we try to pull them where we're at. But then what happens is that if they don't come up what happens most people will do what they will go down to where these people are. Now, self respect says that's not the case. self respect says you stay where you are, you try to bring other people to where you are, but if they rule if they if they refuse, you do not go down to where they are. So the idea is, whatever, as a person who is a holder of human dignity and integrity, as a person who has self respect, how do you treat yourself How do you want to be treated, then let it be the way that you treat others. Beautifully said it is about giving others

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every single right that you claim for yourself at that point, you have done self respect and you are not guilty of superiority complex