Guidebook to God #30 – Returning to Allah

Yahya Ibrahim


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towba and he's still far, repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah is the lifeline of the believer. It is the light in the darkness. It is the hope in the sadness. It is the removal of our sins. It is what brings blessing to our life. It increases our wealth, puts health in our bodies, makes us whole and happy and healthy our relationships. It's what adds insight and intellect to our minds, makes firm our hearts and gives us separation from those who are evil and seek wickedness for us and against us in this life. Toba means return repentance and a return to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah, you have Lavina Amano. Oh ye who believe to Illa Allah returned to Allah repent

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to Allah, Toba 10 na sua a repentance that is sincere unto him Subhana Allah to Allah. Notice Allah never says yeah, you'll halau soon, Oh ye sinners, Oh ye criminals return and repent to Allah. It is only the believer who repentance to Allah. And it is only the criminal who is incapable of asking Allah for forgiveness with the audacity of purpose of seeing themselves as beyond absolution and absolve ment of their errors that they are unblemished in their conduct. To who in a law return to a law the believers are you help me noon Allah, Allah come to flee who are believers that you may be from those who are successful, never lose hope in Allah's mercy. And as far as you have walked off

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the path of righteousness as far as you have come off the straight path and as many meanderings in life as you have had and as distinct as you have grown from a law, no, it is just one step in return and you're with a law

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way that says like a body in the academy. When they ask you about me I'm near. The near miss, you have to ally your physical proximity to Allah is in your superdude of coloboma, you Kunal Abdul may not be here who has said, the closest you are to Allah is when you are in your prostration to Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our hearts to Toba. Toba is built on three important steps as collateral and in nasiha, it is that you suspend and stop even if it's temporarily but with the intent of permanence, you stop committing a sin and a mistake, when nevermore Allah Allah, that you have a regret for having committed in the first place. And number three, alas, la rue de La Habra de that you intend not to return to it again, stop, regret and intend not to do it again. If those three are together, seeking a loss of Hannah to Alice, forgiveness is accepted for you by Allah, your repentance is complete, even if I was to go back and make that mistake again. Yes, even if you

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were to go back if your initial intent was not to, but eventually due to the circumstances of life, whether moments later or years later, Allah is Allah fudo Rahim at a web will carry the one who accepts what maniac Olivia caballo Tabata, a body, he's the one who accepts the repentance of his servants.

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There's a fourth condition if your mistake involved another human being and that is the reparation and repatriation and giving back what you have taken or making whole the mistake you have done by correcting the error of your statement, allowing other people to understand correctly what you may have misled them in and giving back what is owed and do is still far out on the other hand, usually synonymous with Toba is asking Allah for forgiveness, not for the things that you know you did wrong, but for the things that you are absent minded in doing, and therefore Toba is when I know I did something wrong, so I must ask Allah formerly for that particular mistake is too far is for

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something I did wrong, but I didn't know it had that gravity. I didn't pay as much attention to it. I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it was. It is for doing the mistakes that are more silent as the prophets I seldom describes more silent than the footsteps of a dark colored end in a moonless night, in the corner of my room, something that is unseen and unheard that I didn't imagine would have that great consequence. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says For example, in the heat of the moment Buhari in nerado later can lemuel kalama loyalty labella Fatah we behave and now a person may speak one word absent mindedly not thinking it has that severity.

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of consequence, but it will drag them down into the depths of Hellfire on account of the of the sinfulness of it. Sometimes you broken another person's heart you've ridiculed with your pride in other person, you've wronged another person in a material way and you might have thought all they'll get over it, but in their heart It was full of resentment and anger and sadness that Allah will hold you accountable to unless you had to step out. New hallelujah Salam said to his people, Noah said, we have called Mr. Fedorov, look at the effect of his suffer in Arabic and cannot a pharaoh he is the only one who will forgive and it doesn't matter how many sins you make, he will forgive you your

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silly sama Allah commit Aurora the drought that we're experiencing will be changed and the heavens will rain down water upon us. Will you did can be unwell in Weber Nino la comme Janata mon Hara he will open the floodgates of his prosperity and happiness and contentment that you are rivers will flow you will be blessed with livestock and fruit and children. Malcolm letter una de la What's wrong with you that you haven't intended to return back in pleasure and in pleasing Allah subhana wa tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us people of Tobin Stefan, those two should always be together. And therefore you hear the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim istockphoto la Halima tuvo. La

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I asked a lot of almighty to grant me forgiveness, meaning to give me a time and an opportunity to earn good deeds to cover up my mistakes. That is the correct meaning of a stick out. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Furqan l for funny lm and tab o m and o Amina slightly, except those who repent, work righteous deeds as a consequence of their faith three things Toba, Eamon and good deeds for that. You bet doula who say yeah, Tim has an ad. Allah will turn their evil deeds into good deeds, meaning they will be given a life to do good deeds that will cancel out their evil deeds. Other than that, they said no, their good deeds themselves will transform as their sinful deeds

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themselves were transformed into good deeds. May Allah bless us with both levels of His mercy and His forgiveness. Allahumma amin nostale federal law lien went to LA or LA we asked you for your forgiveness we turn to you and repentance will open our hearts to you make us from those who are cognizant of our mistakes and able to correct them before we return to you. A la Marzocco naqab lol no Titova our law give us before our death a Toba and a repentance and it stuck out to you. Or suddenly lahoma was selling was it was Eric Alessi, Dena, Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother you have Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh