Quran Burner Gets into Fight on Street

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In this video, a man from Norway is insulting Islam's culture and symbolically portraying them as a backwards religion. He is trying to portray Islam as a "upbeat religion" and is insulting our religion and our symbol. The man is advocating for a "most important day" for Islam to be the largest data center in the country and is offering to donate to the project.

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alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh this is your brother Fahad Qureshi reporting to you from Islam net in Norway. As you just saw in this video, this person, cross dressing as a woman wearing the niqab.

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This is the same person that you saw earlier, burning the Quran, traveling from city to city in the country of Norway and confronting the misogyny and burning the Quran in front of their Masjid promises. He's the same person who came to our Masjid property, oh, mustard premise on last Juma and he burned the Quran. This person is trying to intimidate Muslims. He's trying to portray our religion as a backwards religion. So why did he dress up here? Like a Muslim woman in niqab because he wants to show the society he wants them to think that Islam subjugates women that Islam is a oppressive religion towards our sisters. So that's why he is insulting our religion. He's insulting

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our symbols. He's insulting our sisters and our identity. Brothers and sisters, those people who responded to this individual in that video, they were not Muslims. They were from the anti racist community. Even they see that this person is a person spreading hatred towards Islam and Muslims. But many people they don't understand. Normal people, average people when they see these kinds of actions, they might actually think that Islam subjugates women, so how should we respond and defend our religion? In this case? Brothers and sisters, the answer is to give dower we need to strengthen the Islamic institutions that give Dawa we need to strengthen the Tao in our community. And that's

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exactly why we are establishing our masjid and our center which will ensure Allah Jota Isla be the biggest data center in the whole country of Norway.

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So he comes and thinks that he can insult the religion of Islam. He thinks that he can burn the Quran and we Muslims will will just stand by the sideline and not respond, he is wrong is very wrong. Our response will be dignified. Our response will be with honor. And we will respond by elaborating the message of Islam to the wider society. So brothers and sisters, when he spreads his hatred towards our religion, we will tell the people that our religion is free from what he is saying. Our religion is a pure religion and the message of Islam is pure and it is truly the best religion for mankind. So brothers and sisters, support us in establishing this masjid, donate for

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the sake of Allah and help us build this masjid and our center and Hamdulillah we already have the masjid Premise The property is there, but we need to refurbish this property to make it a proper masjid and Tao center and that's where your support comes in. When you donate to this project, you are venerating the religion of Islam. You are venerating the symbols of Islam. You are giving honor to our deen and dignity to our religion. And you are defending our sisters says honor when they are wearing the hijab. So brothers and sisters, this is truly a noble cause. Allah subhana wa Tada has given us the opportunity to establish the religion of Islam and its symbols and defend the honor and

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establish a masjid and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever builds a mustard for Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Jannah. So this is your chance to make an investment with Allah subhanaw taala and whatever you spend in his cause, he subhanaw taala will give you up to 700 times in rewards. So brothers and sisters, click the link to donate and take part in this noble project.

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Zakouma low Hayden was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.