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So welcome everyone.

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All right, so this is the first time we're going to start the fifth of snap. Now remember, when we study the fifth, we'll do what did we say the fifth word Feltman?

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Understanding right? To understand to think about things. It's not just memorizing things, right? And we want to talk a little bit about PSA in a general sense. Now one of the words that I hate as a translation of the word slowdown is the word prayer. I guess it really is, why is it in our notes? Why? Or why do you have it up on the board? Well, it's a really simple thing. I want you to understand that. That is a lot more than prayer. So I don't want you to cancel that word. If so if I would say, can you make your app for me? What am I asking for? Can you pray for me? What Really? Am I asking for asking you to make drama, right? I'm not saying pray on my behalf. So also, when I say

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Pray for me, I don't mean pray the prayer that I'm supposed to bring, I mean, I want you to ask the law for my, for my salvation or for something good for me. So the word saw that I want you to write this down. It means connection. And the word PSA, the proper translation for it isn't just simply prayer, it is to connect yourself to Allah. And therefore this makes sense when you hear the words of the prophets of the law he was sending him, where he says, I've got a woman here who don't have to be the closest a person is to a lot. Well, who has said you can be man they choose when they're going to do is when they put their face to the ground, and say, oh, wow, you are the old high

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Almighty all elevated. That's the closest you are to online. So the the wait for you and I to test is a law pleased with me? Am I connected to a law Am I in a place where my rabada my life my lifestyle is pleasing to Allah can immediately be seen in my connection in my soul level. So each and every day, we are ordered to pray five times a day, as the different times in the day, when the sun is about to rise before dawn, when everything is still in quiet. It's the darkest hour of the night. But it's also the hour that will have the greatest change in the day from dark to light. So you wake up and you remind yourself of a lot, even though the rest of your street here in Australia,

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they're asleep, your house is lit up, and you're entering the cold to a month.

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So let's have a look which will come shortly. We're going to leave everything we do. None of this is important, more important than slowdown, not math, not science, not work, not money, nothing. Then when you get home a little bit after the day is beginning to wind down and you had a good day at work or at school. Thanks a lot. The sun has set, everything's beginning to you know, settle down. And now at the very last prayer that darkness has setting. And I'm going to ask the Lord to give me another day of life. So each and every alteration, I connect myself to a wall. So what do we aim what what we want after the next two or three lessons that we go through this is we want to have an

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understanding of what are the pillars of whatever. So so that has three important aspects to it. There are other things that you must do, and they are called the rook pillar. And while you compulsory themes, if you leave them out intentionally your soul that is invalid. It's as simple as that. The second aspect of Sadat is schroot, we'll come to that in the next screen. The word show means prerequisite things I must do before I actually begin so that And third, we're going to talk about the recommended things that beautify my sauna. So if you think about praying just by doing the obligatory things, just to face something like retinopathy, I didn't do anything extra, then it's

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like, you know, it's almost like you watch a black and white movie. It's nice, it's a movie. But you want to watch a color movie, you want to add color to your soda, you want to add beauty to your saw that that's where the sooner the recommended actions, the behavior of the profit increases your reward beautifies your life. All right, this is where your notes, you start following me along and shout out I want you to be active in your notes as you always are in my class.

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So we're going to talk about the differences between shrooms, which are prerequisites or conditions for you to take year 11 physics you have to get a good enough mark in year 10, math and science. It's a prerequisite for you to enter into medical school, you need to do math and science at a level that shows that you're willing and able to engage in those subjects. So when we talk about truth, we're talking about obligations that need to be fulfilled before we start to pray. Now I want you to think about why. Why do I have to do these things before we pray because it sets you in the right frame of mind.

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To connect with a lot, you don't just walk off the soccer pitch your football game, I have a lot much more and your mind is still there. You don't just, you know, roll out of bed into Sadat. It's meant to require an action that gets you ready for your worship of Allah, what are some of the things like that look at some of the issues that we do. So from them is fine.

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And then the direction of the cabinet is important for us as Muslims. Remember, when we spoke about what we'll do, the reason that the word will do what begins with washing the face is for when the red jacket, you're going to put your face towards a love. So always face look into that. And you'll learn as we go, that even my toes or to face something left, my whole body is towards something that you shouldn't turn even slightly away from nothing right here. So now, you gotta wait for the right time. So although it's close to the time of building now, I can't pray it over. I gotta wait for that noon prayer for the time to enter for myself out to be valid, I think you'll say Oh, Allah

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knows my intention. No, you are restricting. You have to anticipate your connection with Allah, then you make your evolutions you make your will do not in the way you want. Oh, I just washed my face. That's enough. That's it. I showered this morning. It's okay, I'll just wash my hands. That's good enough. No, it requires

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that you do what a law has ordered for our salon to be valid, you have to have the appropriate clothes, appropriate, meaning you can't pray without your job. I can't pray just wearing whatever I want to wear as as a man and just say I'm just wearing my shorts, that's good enough, I have to cover my shoulders in the process I sent them recommended for us. All of these are things that you have to think about appropriate clothes. But it also has to be a clean clothes, whether you have a cup of buckets, my clothing can have an agenda on it, I have to make sure that who is the next step coming that will eventually take your best clothes. Whenever you are in a place of servitude

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whenever you're going to worship a lot. I got to make sure the place that I pray is clean. And then I got to set my intention. I got to know what is it that I'm praying? Why am I gonna fulfill this app? Is it a voluntary prayer? Or is it a formal prayer is it's a lot of voting for a being solo to look, or is it the for record before saltimbocca, which is something that gives me a little bit of,

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you know, preparation for celeb, then there's also the pseudonym, the things that come before that they're not true. But Allah always gives us an entrance into Fallout by doing a prayer before. And that's why you know, when the event is called, there's a time between the event and a common, even softer method, which usually you hurry to pray, you want to have that time in between it so that you can give people an opportunity to pray something to train them for the best prayer that they're going to pray towards a law subconto time then there's the other can healers and one of the best is a second category. And we'll talk about that. Secondly, today, both of them represent obligatory

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acts required insightful things I must do for my prayer to be valid. So for my prayer to be valid. Do I have to

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raise my hands up every time I make a movement? No, it's not a requirement. Do I have to read a second sudo after assaulted?

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I have to like if I don't my salon is not valid. No, that's recommending it earns you more reward. But the bare minimum is the root source. In fact, that's it do I want? I mean, I still cannot believe how many times

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three x recommended. But if I said it once, if my saliva Yes. See, that's the thing, because there will be certain times in your life where you have to pray quickly. Now not praying quickly means that you hurry the aspects it means that you shorten the obligations. So just say some kind of love my parents are waiting they gotta get to the car and I haven't prayed my whole so then when I said I just told him in the first round I don't do in a second.

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It's not that I hurry like this is that I shortened my prayer in shortening it to the bare essentials and that's why it's important to study the fifth the understanding of prayer. Finally, we're going to talk also about soon in the recommended actions in the prayer that beautifies so that the poop color in Florida that make our saw that better. Okay, so let's begin with our candidates. These are themes that must be done for the prayer to be valid. Part one is nia. Alright, that's easy. I got an intent. What am I intending? Well, there's two levels of Nia and two opportunities for it. Before I begin the prayer, I have to know when I'm praying. Now I know some people would

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have taught you that you should say something in particular, there's nothing memorized from the prophets like Selim, where he said no way to animals only salata Look, I intend to

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Pray and you have to say that no that isn't known in the life of the prophets of Allah. It was simple. Right? But a Nehemiah had no intention. It's in the heart. You know what you're praying why you make will do while you're facing nothing why you got dressed, why you made sure the place is clean. You know what the prayer is, but it has to reside in your heart. It doesn't have to speak on your tongue. Number two, at the time of making my tech view,

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at the time that I say Allahu Akbar, that my Nia is taqwa my Nia is I have loved for a lot. That's why I'm doing this, I have fear for a lot. That's why I won't miss this. And I hope hoping loves mercy that Allah will reward me and show me greater good deeds than when I think that I am worthy of receiving. So the first part first look, and when you and some people put this as a sharp, and that's why I put it in both as a prerequisite because it's right before you say Allahu Akbar. But it's also while you say Allah. The second is to say, Allahu Akbar, the opening tequila, and you can just simply go like this.

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And say it in your heart, you must say it with your tongue. I'm not saying shout it out. But it must be a movement of the tongue, you must say Allahu Akbar, your tongue must state the name of Allah and the opening of the prayer. Now, this, this is called tech of Iraq and Iran. We now you're in a consecrated sacred place, with a law you focused with a love, you can't do other things. You can't speak to other people. You can't look around the prophets, Allah Allah said, I feel for the one witness or that they keep looking up and around and distracted, that alone might not return their sight to them, because they're distracted from Allah. Right? So saying that that could be you at the

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opening tequila, and seeing everything can be whenever you remove in a position. So from here, I say a lot into this position, semi outlaw when you might be that you're saying hold on from what I could have done something we have no fear, because the word tech view means to magnify a lot to increase the praise of a law and the prophets I send them taught us to say that as a type of technique, and we will get to it in the next screen in sha Allah, why we say something.

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Then there is LTM standing. And I want you to think about standing. What is one of the day names of the Day of Judgment, it is called the alimony piano. And there's a surah in the Quran, most of you guys are memorizing it. So it's a piano, that symbol, Bo mille piano, I make up the vow by the Day of Judgment, it's not the day to day of standing. Now, I want you to kind of think about myself and yourself. One of the things that all human beings hate to do is think.

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Like, think about it. If you have the option to wait while standing or sitting. What do you do? Sit, everybody wants to sit? Even if you're going to get on a plane Perth to Dubai, for example. It's a 10 hour flight. And they say, Okay, give me a line up over here. Like No, I want to say you're gonna sit on the plane for 10 hours, you still want to sit? Why do you want to sit? Because human beings we always want to sit down. So as a way of us honoring a law. A law says to you the opposite was the first thing that they teach you when you join the army. If you have to do army service, how to stand before marching stand, just stand that attention to stay tall, Don't slouch. Don't lean on one side.

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Don't sway Have you seen those guys who stand outside Buckingham Palace read codes, big things on their head. And then people try to comment, like make funny faces out of them. And I'm like, Okay, try to make him laugh or make a move. Try to you know, and it's actually a crime to you know, bother them. But what do they do? They just stand and it's called standard attention. So, actually there is a attention and everybody just stands because anyone who is able to stand at attention is able to demonstrate patience is able to show discipline. So lots of tarawih May Allah allow us to have a good title week this year. I know with the you know, the whole Coronavirus and things like that. It

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is a little bit you know, massages or you know, Gema items and things have been you know, closed off, but we hope that a lot gives us the mercy of staying being sought after tm what's it called sun attune? So, yeah, the prayer of standing Why don't we just say, Okay, everybody, come to the menu, bring your friend sit down on the ground. We're gonna read the Quran. We're gonna read the whole Hold on. Why don't we do that? Because Kion is an honor in our prayer. It shows you that Allah has blessed you that you can stand tall, that the feet that you have are able to hold you up. And sadly some of us as we get older, as we get injured, we're not able to stand to sit and therefore one of

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the rules of Sadat is called

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Young man

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to polygon whenever you're praying a required prayer, you're required to stand up wherever requires it. So just say you hurt your elbow. You know, my boy, his elbow was hurt. He couldn't go down into saloon, right? Because he couldn't put pressure on him. So I told them, okay, when it's time for us to sit down, which meant, don't sit down from the beginning of the prayer, you're standing because you're able to stay, you make your Roku or because you're able to make record, but when it comes down time to go to to do what do you do? Sit,

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you can just sit from the beginning to the end. Because you're able to stand to stand before a lot, Roku

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lelaki carnitine establish your standing before along with phenomena with humbleness and humility. So I want you to think about the importance of standing in front of Allah, lengthening your prayer reading, or I would almost say to the prophets, I send them yeah. And he says, Yeah, you are Muslim and yada, yada. In one place, one time they get up and warn people, and in another place home is Laila. Alina stand up at night in prayer, except few hours newsflash. Half of the night. Yeah. Yeah, you sent me home in late a La Nina, take off these coverings and get up and pray to Allah. So kind of Adam, the longer you're able to pray, the more prayers you make. The longer you stand in front of

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a law at attention, celebrating the beauty and the magnificence of a law the greater the greater your connection is with a lot. Anytime any human being or anything, does anything amazing people stand up and talk like a standing ovation. Isn't it? Like that musician or that? You know, soccer player, they kick the goal, everybody in their seat, they get up. They're like, wow, that was incredible. Well, the standing ovation for the creation of a law is our five daily prayers that you honor a law by coming to attention number four from the things that are required, first of all that is reading source and fatsia in every year, okay. Now, this requires a little bit of clarity. You're

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gonna say Jeff watt, when we pray behind us about the federal we pray behind us a lot to do while you're reading out loud. Should we read out loud? Well, in one of the physicians, yes. And remember Sharpie so if you're Malaysia, Indonesia, you follow the Sharpie, even if you don't know that's what you're following. They tell you even when the Amanda's reading, read it if he hasn't given you time, because they see the Hadith of the Prophet. So I select the one who doesn't read Fatiha has not prayed. And that's an authentic honey. But most of the Imams most of the people that will tell you know that you should read when the amount is quiet, because those who are that have that Eman

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suffices you when he is given the duty to perform that which you're asked. And I want you to think about how important it is the role of the humanities. So they came in and asked the province I send him an authentic ID who should be the person who leads us in prayer. He said I felt to whom we keep them and not the one who has guardianship knowledge, practice and memorization of the word of Allah. They said if two people are the same, in front of us, they both know the same amount they both practice and Mashallah, he said the one who is closest in my center, who knows my student who knows my way of habits, my tradition, who knows that, you know, right from wrong, and so on. They said,

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Okay, what if there's the same? They're both scholars in that sense? He said, the one who's married

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before the one who isn't? Because he has more responsibility looks at her and said, What if they're the same boat? they're married? He said, the one who's older, they said, O Messenger, a lot. What are they the same? He said, Well, let the two of them one of them will choose the other. They know that. Right? That shows you it's not meant for Telstra. And that's why even in our school, Michelle, why don't some of our students, they're in a place where they memorize a hold on. It's something where I need you in prayer. And I give it as an opportunity for those who are able to demonstrate that responsibility. It's a major responsibility. You make a particular will do your very careful

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with your media, you're very careful with the movements, because mine saw that if you make a mistake, I cover you. Right, that's the purpose behind it. So should you reach out to me? Yes, every time that amount was quiet, and you will notice until after the fact there are so often tomorrow, after I say about a one a lot, nein, nein I'll be quiet for a little bit to give you a chance to read your factor.

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So a lot of us You should read and whenever the mountains quiet, you read the facts out.

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All right, and this is where we're going to end our first session with our notes. We're going to continue with the unpin right. So from the things that are required izuku so now you're standing tall in front of a lot

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and you feel

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A lot has blessed you and giving you good in life, or that you are weak before a lot. And you're asking him for for more of his generosity. Now you humble yourself to a lot.

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And you hold it. Now this position is an awkward position. Nobody wants to do this for any other living beings.

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Even like kings and queens, they don't ask people just to stay there. You know, so you might be doing Taekwondo, or you might, you know, go fly to Japan for business one day, and people greet each other with, you know, a little bow. And that's about respect, not worship. And for us as Muslims is a difference between respect and worship. It's not sinful. If you're in Taekwondo, and you acknowledge, you know, your your sensei or your teacher or the master, teaching you as an act of respect, but to hold the position of record

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and hold back. That is a sign of humiliation that is only fit for you to lower yourself to the magnificence of Allah. And therefore notice what you say you take some time or be at Aviv, or what is the Almighty, the old majestic, the words of Panama. It means whatever people have limited Allah, Allah is greater than whenever people have lied about Allah, Allah is more superior than whatever people have mistaken about Allah. Allah is not that sapan he is better than what people estimate. And I'll be the almighty they all strong, the old capable, the all evil. And wouldn't you say that it's as if you're saying, Oh Allah, I bow down to your authority, I bow down to your knowledge, I

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bow down to your determination of my life, I can't do what you have not allowed me to do.

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And it's from that position, the next part of your solid that's an obligation is to rise up from it, and acknowledge that Allah sees and hears and answers you. So you say send me a love when you met me that have been Oh, and I can handle a lot here is the one who invokes him. Allah knows the one who has asked of him, and the loss of Hannah Montana is the only one who deserves this honor. But I'm better when it can come. From there, you make sujood. Now notice, you stand up again.

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And then you go down. And this is a different way of saying come back to your strength. But now show me your complete weakness in service. And that shows you that you must be broken in front of a lot. And tuneful Faraj will allow you the one who need a lot what love was, and he would have been, Allah is the one who is running, meaning he has no need for anyone. But he is also the most worthy of praise, as those two names have are always joined together. Oh, honey and honey. Why? Because Allah wants you to know that whether you pray or not enough, honey, I don't need you. I don't need your prayer. But whether you do or not know that I am the one worthy of praise. And if you knew any good,

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you would praise me in the way that I deserve the money. And me Suppan, I want to add, so we spoke about the we spoke about tech video, in each. In each movement, we spoke about standing as long as you are able, and the importance of PR, we spoke about reading the facha is essential whenever the man is quiet, we spoke about the duty overall more and making the image a pattern or being a lead. And you can add what we handed we spoke about before standing straight, straightening up after a report. Send me out a love and even better when I can. And you must say both of them, whether you're the man or moon, so I should say is I need you send me a lot. What do you mean hamidah Robin, I

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would like to come. But you should also repeat it after me. And the correct position is you don't just say Robin Elena can have Robin and I can have you should say Oh, send me I love you man, have you been able to come and find me making videos on the seven body parts, your face, meaning your forehead and nose should be on the ground, the palms of your hands. So that's 123 the knees, the bones of your knees and the bones of your feet, the inside of that the ball of your foot so your toes are curled and the ball of your foot should be planted on the ground, which is six and seven. Those are the seven foods that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam spoke about. And with that

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those are the essential aspects of your

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essentials of prayer and we will continue with the last group of them in sha Allah, the large group of them and I'll give you more time for your notes is to remain tranquil to be in a state of sick enough to be in a state of humidity before a lot and you are not permitted to go up and down and I'm going to show you a video and you can look it up later on YouTube. just typing into YouTube.

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To search engine Ferrari Mmm.

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And up and down is like he's a Ferrari turbo booster drive and not so now without too much Nina is unaccepted and also kind of Dallas doesn't accept the prayer that is mocking what was sent to our enemy Mohammed so a lot of audio send them so a man came into the making of the prophets I send them in he was praying and he heard me this prayer and the prophets I sent him said go back and pray because what you did was in a prayer to the men returned and did the same thing the prophets that go back again and then finally he said, O Messenger of Allah, give me teach me to the Prophet said, when you stand test score, you find your tranquility and peace, when you make your room who has

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could remain in a relaxed position, also sitting between the two of us sitting between so you finish to rock it, you have to sit down the final disheveled sitting and even saying

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and it's specially saying the dude in the salon of the prophets, I send them a lot more Sanjana.

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Brahim, Brahim could either mean a llama bag,

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Daddy Mohammad

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Ali, Ronnie Philomena, and the final aspect of your outcome of the obligations and that is to end the prayer as you begin it with a verbal statement as set up

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as Santa Monica, even if it's just the one site ends the prayer and you'll see this in some lots of janaza we say Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah and we might not say the second one, because the moment you finish the Salah, you want to take the body to be buried, you want the soul to find its rest. So make sure that you get these notes down, make sure that they're in your notes in chat lock, and I pray the loss of Hannah Montana, except it from all of us alum me