WhatsApp University – Should I Forward Or Not Forward This?

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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The speaker discusses the recent media coverage of the situation in the Middle East, including the article that discusses the lack of veracity in the media. The speaker suggests that people should be cautious of what comes out of the media and warns against spreading rumors. The segment ends with a discussion of the Sharia framework and the potential consequences of spreading rumors.

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Right. Today there's so much propaganda we don't know also from Martha Suppan, Allah, and we all formulating opinions that cause emotions, and we act upon it.

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Look at the articles coming out now talking about some governments in the Middle East. I don't want to be a spreader of news, because I haven't verified it. And I can't I don't have the tools to verify.

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But I'm sure you read.

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And you can relate to what I'm saying. My aim from this talk is not to, to expose unconfirmed things, but they are statements about some of the governments in the Middle East with regards to what's happening in houses, and so on and so forth. So the article came out who wrote the article?

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That's the background.

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how relevant is the message? What type of research is this? What have they based it on?

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Did they get it from somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody? Or did they get it from the horse's mouth? Not that anyone is a horse? But you know what I'm saying?

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But we accept and we get emotion then we start making do I start making do I gain certain people? Based on what?

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At least okay? If you feel it's true, at least say if it is true, then May Allah subhanho wa Taala do this, if it is true, this is being just this is not letting the emotion get the better of you. This is the way Mohammed salallahu alayhi wasallam. As we have seen,

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today, you know, the scholars of Hadith.

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If a hadith comes, and the narrator is much rule and hand

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meaning the name of the person is known, but his character his ability with Hadith is unknown. They say that is a means of question marks being raised over that the authenticity of the narration. You know the name of the person but you didn't know about it.

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Much who will have the end, meaning the person is no my rueful ain module and

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the name of the person is known. But the reality of who he is is unknown.

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Today, you and I merge who will align well.

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We don't know who wrote it. We don't know who said it. We don't even know this situation and we accept it.

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Look at WhatsApp and the messages that fly forward. Please forward forward, please forward Marshall. Everybody's got time on their hands. You know, they're waiting for his thumb. Let's forward. Right. This is a good message. It's forward. I don't know if it's good. But it seems good.

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Seems like a prophetic message. So what do we do? Quickly broadcasts now watch our 200 people you can broadcast to 200 people go on the list. Boom, sent phone crashes, Whatsapp crashes, everything crashes.

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And what did you do? You spread something that's not been verified.

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mush killer. You know this time we wish killer killer come a pet name even amongst the land Arabs. This is a problem.

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This is a problem. Emotion should be placed within the framework of the Sharia. This was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this is what he did.