Zakir Naik – Is it Permissible for Women to Read the Quran during Menses

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller fromatch India asks Mari from Azure about the difference between reading the Quran during a match and reciting it during a menstrual period. Mari explains that the difference is in that women cannot read the Quran during the menstrual period, but can recite it during the period. The caller also asks about the use of gloves during the event and the potential for women to read the Quran from a mobile or tablet.
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The next question from Mari from Kashmir India, can women read the Quran during matches

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the difference of opinion when the woman can read the Quran during menses unanimously all the forecasts all the scholars agree, then the woman during menses cannot touch the bosom of the foreigner cannot touch the copy of the Quran This is unanimously agreed upon. All the scholars also unanimously agree that woman during the menstrual period, they can refer to and if the door contains a few words of the Quran or a small section of the Quran like Bismillah it is permissible there's no difference of opinion. The difference of opinion is in that can the woman recite the Quran during menstruation most of the most of the scholars they say that women cannot read the Quran during

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menstruation. And the reason is based on menstruation is like Jana, like major ceremonial impurity, major impurity means after a sexual * or after nightfall or weather emission after sexual *, it's called as jenama. So these scholars say that menstruation like janemba, and the court the hadith

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of Ibn Abbas mela,

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that the Prophet said that during menstruation, the woman and during Genova, both men and women, they should not recite the Quran.

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Now, this Hadith, according to most of the more the thing is that they've had it. So this Hadith, in which the Prophet said that the woman during menstruation and during janemba, male and female vote, they should not present the Quran in the day for deed. So you cannot base your fatwa on this. So based on this, according to the Maliki school of thought, the women are permitted to recite the Quran during the menstruation, especially if that we give them the Quranic their students. And imagine the menstruation can last for four days, five days, seven days, two weeks for longer period, and imagine you're away from the Quran.

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Even one view of human embodiment humble is that a woman can read during menstruation triggers current and checkmate imea. He believed in this view of demand

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that a woman during menstruation can recite the Quran.

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And even shisha funny, he agrees that a woman can recite the Quran during menstruation. But natural hear, the woman can recite what they know from memory, because they cannot read the Quran. But now, if they have to touch they can touch with gloves or they can have some wood or a box in between, etc. But I haven't done a lot lately since the last several years. We have got Quran on a digital platform.

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And all of them agree that if you read the Quran from a mobile or from iPad or on the computer, a woman in ministration can read from a mobile the foreign can touch the mobile can touch the iPad can take the tablet to the computer. This ruling that room and touching the muscle is not applicable here because the digital format so even though all the scholars agree that women cannot read the Quran during menstruation, but according to Mr. Malik, and one we have, Mr. Members number, and Mr. Murray Tamia and chobani and some others. Their view is that women can read the Quran during menstruation, but she should not touch it. But not sure if she has a mobile or a tablet. There's no

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problem from that she can read she can decide. And I also agree with this view of Imam Malik and Imam Jamia

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as well as him I'm sure plenty that woman during menstruation can read the Quran but they should not touch the Quran and best now is to read from the mobile or from an app application or tablet and inshallah so that during these few days, whether it be for day, five days, 10 days, 15 days, they can be in touch with the Quran and but naturally they can also read the translation of the Quran they can read the other aspect of fast

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food answer the question

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