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Surahs Naba to Ghashiyya(30th Juz – Pt. 1)

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I said Ahmad eco motorhomers Allahu wa barakatuhu Praise be to Allah who sent down to us his book as our ultimate source of guidance for a lot of talk to or on before creating man such was his father, not by chance. It is the divine light that illuminates knowledge and eradicate ignorance. It is the firm handhold and the rope of a law by following it shall we advance he who abandons it shall be bereft of aid and he who reads it shall gain divine assistance. It is at once a history and admonition theology and

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was all in perfect balance. The mere recitation is so powerful that it envelopes as it were both reciter and listener in a trance, we thank Allah subhana wa tada for gifting us this most auspicious pour on his book of utmost significance. Today, shallow data we'll be doing the first half of the last juice juice ama, because there are so many sewers, I'll be taking two episodes to do what we typically did in one because of obviously the quantity of sewers, and all of the sewers today, all of them, they are mucky, and they are also similar themes and that is primarily powerful language to remind people of the day of judgment to remind mankind that there is an accountability and to remind

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mankind that they should have piety in this world before the coming of the next world. And each surah takes a different style a different way to do the same point. And the first sudo we're going to do is Surah nabba. Amir Tessa alone, it is the surah that begins with the question, what are they asking about? What are they questioning one another about about the great news over that news that they disagree, but they will surely know of assurity they're going to know very soon. And then the surah goes on to examine the world around us. Eliza gel is telling us to look at how this earth has been smoothed out how the mountains are so majestic how we have been created in pairs how Allah

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subhana wa tada has made the sleep a resting place for us and the night a cover that we can find our relaxation in. So surely the one who can do all of this can also resurrect us and raise us from the dead. And this rule also mentions specific punishments of jahannam followed by specific blessings of gender, all done in a divine eloquence that no human can even come close to matching. And then the surah concludes by mentioning that frightful scene on the Day of Judgment Yomi

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Yomi Yomi Akuma ro who the day that the spirit of the rule here is the angel gibreel while Malaika to soften and the angels will be standing in row lietaer qalamoun in lemon, Edina la hora, Mona wakad or Sahaba. None can speak on that day, except those who are permitted by a rock man and accept those who speak the truth. So this verse tells us that all shall be standing in rows in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. All shall be too frightened to speak up except if Allah gives them permission to speak and those whom Allah gives permission to speak, they will only speak the truth on that day. Allah says that equal yo Mohawk. That is indeed the day of truth it is going to happen there is no

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denying it. So we had better prepare for that day from insha Allah da da da da be Hema Abba. Therefore, whoever wills let him make a way that to make a passage to his Lord. Indeed, Allah azza wa jal reminds us in under an Akuma de Banco de ba, we are warning you of a near punishment, it's not that far away. It's not that long away, especially if you compare the temporality of this tool with the eternality of the next It is truly just to the blink of an eyelid away in other nakoma davon kariba Yama, Yun Durrell model Malka dama tiada. On that day, a person will see will examine all that he or she has sent forward, you will see all of your deeds in front of you where your

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poodle Cafiero yeah Leighton econ tutor robber and the one who had no faith, he will say Woe to me how I wish I had never been created, how I wish our mere dust right now sort of handle all of this world, all of the pleasures that we're having all of this timeframe, it's not worth anything if we don't prepare to meet a law on that day. Also, our books of tradition mentioned that on the day of judgment to the animals will be turned into dust because there is no gender or now for the animals meaning that the animals don't have the technique. The animals don't have the legal responsibility on them, like human humanity does. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala will resurrect the animals for a

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mutual casaus between them and we're going to talk about this in the lecture series I'm doing on the Day of Judgment which inshallah will resume after Ramadan insha Allah, so the animals shall be resurrected, and Allah xojo shall have the sauce or retribution between the animals if there was an animal that we did wrong to another animal, and then they shall all be transformed into dust. And when the person who doesn't have any preparation that cafard when he sees all of that, he will say How I wish I was an animal How I wish that I would disappear, like those animals have disappeared. So let us not have that regret on the Day of Judgment, sort of the nazjatar. Again, all of these are

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mccunn most of these are early McCann, and this is shown in the fiery eloquence which is stereotypical of the mccunn revelations. So that

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nezhat and again, the emphasis is judgment and Korea almost all of these suitors, the primary theme, is to underscore the importance of and the the reality of the day of judgment that is going to happen. And this sort of begins by a reference to death and to the angel of death, when nazjatar horikawa Nasha Tati nosto, a reference to the angels who take the souls of the Empire and the souls of the pious when nazjatar a lot of those who snatch violently, and this is the souls that are going to exit the bodies of those that are not pious, and then one National Party national those who gently remove so these are the angels that Ally's origin is contrasting. And our Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam said that when the soul of the pious person leaves, it is like water that is poured from a cup smoothly. And when the soul of the Empire's leaves we seek a last refuge, it is like an iron comb being dragged through wet cotton How difficult is that? So we don't want to be of that. So Allah azza wa jal references this and then of course, we have the story of Moosa and Pharaoh and very beautifully, very beautifully portrayed it heavy left around that, that Allah azza wa jal says that if it had been around, sorry, not Allah, but for her shut off another honorable comma that surround gathered his troops together and for round said that I am your great Lord for our called

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himself God and aboukir Medina for aha the whole law hoonah Carla, clarity will Allah so Allah azza wa jal made an example of him for all people in Nevada they're able to lemon yaksha surely there is a sign in it is a lesson for those who are fearful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Allah says, unto a shed to help on amis sama, Obinna, ha. Are you more difficult to create all the heavens and the skies look, compare? We are but one creation. Look at the stars in the galaxies. Look at how far the farthest star is. And every time we discover a new star, we discover yet more after this. There are too many stars that to even count and the different varieties and all of the beauty of this

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world and the constellations above us. Allah says What are you compared to the rest of the creation, the one who created all of that surely he can recreate you? And then the sutra mentions the inevitable coming of the Day of Judgment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala calls it in this surah for either jacket or metal Cobra, that on that day, the overwhelming calamity is going to come on that day. And on that day, what is going to happen yo Mata that colonel in Santo masa. On that day, every single soul shall remember, what have I done, what have I actually accomplished, and hell itself will be displayed for all to see. As for the one who was evil, who was the couple who was arrogant,

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and he preferred the life of this world for in nerja Hema he and Matt were the fire of hell shall be his shelter, but as for the one who feared the standing of his Lord, and who restrained himself from desires went ahead and left sided However, for in the agenda he'll work Jen will be his abode and his place. So compare and contrast the two, the one who was defiant The one who was arrogant, the one who preferred the life of this world, that person is heading one way and then the other one who is conscious of a lot of fearful of Allah and keeping his desires in check because he wants to have the ultimate desire of the hereafter. That person Allah says Jen will be his shelter his permanent

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abode. And we are reminded that when people see it It is as if gnomeo me I don't know how Lambiel Bethel in Russia yet and older Haha, that one day see heaven in hell it is. And when they see the Day of Judgment, it is as if they only stayed in this whole world for barely a morning or maybe even an afternoon. That's it. Imagine when the day of judgment comes, people will think that they only spent an afternoon in this whole world because they will not see enough good deeds that will make them understand that we stayed here so long, and they will deny how long they stayed. And this is a constant theme of the Koran. The next surah is Surah Ibiza. And so, of course, this is a very

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interesting surah and you know, I've met some people that so powerful that they find the background of the suit of awkward but honestly this is such shallow thinking on their part, Allah revealed this surah for us to benefit from and there is so much wisdom and so much benefit in this surah and most of us are aware of the background story and that is that Ebony only Maktoum even though my doctor was a Cora she he was from the kurush. But he was from one of the lower status tribes and also he was blind and so he was very, very economical.

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deprived and he had a very difficult life. And obviously, he's coming from a socially, socially disadvantaged background and also from an from a tribe that is not one of the main tribes of the show. He's from the lower class of society. And he converted early to Islam. One of the first you know, 15 converts to Islam is a bit on mimic to him. Eventually he will be honored by big being one of the two more events the official event was beloved. And even the both of them were official more than of the prophets of the law while he was sending them. And in the early phase of Makkah, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam was speaking with a lady Evelyn mahira, the father of holiday. We talked

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about his story in Sweden with death as well. The Quran has a number of references to elite, Madeira, and actually it was kind of on the fence about Islam. He was not like Abuja. He was not like you know, only ever heard of, nor did he convert like a walker on earth man. He was kind of in the middle. He was intrigued by some aspects. But it turned off by other aspects. And one of the main aspects that turned him off was a Waleed was nobility. Like he was a VIP, a senator, he literally was like a congressman or senator, he was a minister of the college, he was one of the wealthiest and he was one of the most powerful, you know, noble blood and noble lineage and wealth

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and fame, and, you know, poetry, everything is running in his favor. And he felt a big sense of ego of who he was. And he liked certain things about Islam as well. He was the one who demanded by the way that we'll think about Islam. If you get rid of these low class people. I mentioned his story earlier on his little calf and others. And Waleed was speaking with the Prophet sallallahu, I sell him in deep conversation, the prophet system was engaged with him one on one, and the Prophet sallallahu. I said it was speaking with him in the streets of Mecca. And even remember to him, he heard the voice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he became excited, he became happy.

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And by the way, at that point which is glossed over, it is one of my favorite parts of the whole story that just hearing the voice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam made me look too happy. And he rushed forward thinking that, hey, I'll be able to speak with him, you know, one on one, get some wisdom, get some advice, you know, be in the company of the prophets in the law, or you set him so he's tapping, you know, his his walking stick and he's rushing forward. And he says something to the prophets. Allah loves that we don't know the details of that conversation. And unworried, snot snorted in contempt that and basically made a hand gesture or a face gesture that these are the

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people that follow you and you want me to to accept your faith when that low class person is going to embrace you. And so he, you know, turned his back and walked away and our profits lesson at that time. And of course, remember this is early on in that in the Dow as well. He felt unworried was very close to Islam. He felt just a little bit more push and maybe it would have gotten him and now you know, even only McTell, you know, comes in and then actually leaves. And so our profit system in his in his dismay, that Islam would not be serviced because he thought that Willie's conversion would benefit Islam. In his love for Islam, he expressed a private frustration that will that he

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could not see and that is that his face turned into a bit of a frown. And he turned a little bit away from a bit omim October even only Mark Twain cannot see this right? Because he is obviously blind, but a law saw it and so Allah subhanho wa Taala sent this surah down in order to teach all of us a lesson. Ibis water when Allah Anjali Alma. He frowned and turned away This is our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when the blind demand approached him, the blind man is coming to panda law. He might have been blind in the eyes but his heart was wide awake, his heart was seeing his heart was eager, he's approaching you Yasuda law, and Allah subhana wa tada says Roma, Unicode

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Allahu zakka. How do you know maybe he is the one that is going to be purified. Oh, he has that Kuru Fatah who is the CRO or you will remind him and the message will be of benefit for him that this is the one he wants to be purified. Then a man is doesn't ask us for the one who was indifferent and thought that he needs nothing he could see with his eyes, but his heart was arrogant. His heart was blind. A man is doesn't know for until a hoot Asada you gave him your full attention, whatnot, aka Allah Zakah and what does it matter to you if he does not purify himself? You're not responsible for his purification? Then Eliza just says that one moment jakka Yes, sir. Yahshua for Anton huhtala

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

asked for the one who comes rushing towards you ask for the one who is rushing towards you. That is the person that he you turn away from him can in her death Kira, but indeed that this is the the remembrance that Allah azza wa jal is revealing and so on.

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law's origin chastised slightly it's not a harsh chastisement but it is a chastisement for all of us that do not be deceived by the outer realities of people don't be fooled by their fame or their power Allah doesn't care doesn't need the powerful person along once the meek and humble a low once the socially awkward and the outcast the outer appearances meet neat, neat, mean nothing alone once the sincerity of this sincere and if it comes from somebody like even only McTell that is what Allah wants way above and beyond the arrogant Walid ebenen movie, who thought that just because even only McTell is a Muslim, why should I embrace in a religion that has those types of people and what he

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ended up Never embracing Islam because of his arrogance. And so that's him go where he is going to go with differences and make to us one more, I think I realize it's not your job, yeah, to suit a law to make sure that they are guided Your job is to preach the truth. And it is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is a powerful reminder to Muslims to myself and to all of us that what Allah wants is the sincerity of this sincere love does not need the fame of the famous person, or the power of the powerful a law is vigilante with economic power comes from him to Islam and Tasha, Tasha, Allah doesn't need any of this. But Allah wants that piety from the pious and so when we find

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those that are pious, we should stick with them, we should prioritize them, and not worried about these outer shells of the likes of alwaleed, bin mahira. And of course, the surah goes on, that the day of judgment will come, that the Sahaba will come and that is the loud noise will come yo may have been a key on that day, a person will run away from his own blood brother from his own mother from his own father, from his own wife from his own children, every one of them will be preoccupied with something about themselves equilibrium in homeopathy. *ting on you, honey, why will family members be running away from each other? Because on that day, everyone will want to sue everybody

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else for every good deed. The wife will go to the husband and say, You mistreated me Give me your good deed. The son will say to the Father, you did something wrong to me, give me my good deeds. The mother will speak to the daughter you were distant that to me, I want my good deeds. And so everyone will be running away from each other if they will not a pious family obviously will speak later on today as well. The Koran is very explicit that pious families are not of this nature. But those that don't have any good deeds, those that are bankrupt, they're going to be willing to sue their own blood relatives their own kith and kin, their own flesh and blood. Because liquid limited Emanuel

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monomial may then shut down Yoni, everyone is going to be worried about himself or herself. wiggio who normally the most fear on that day, some faces will be radiant, laughing rejoicing, whereas others will be dark and gloomy covered in misery. Which one do you want to be in the choice you have to make right now? The next Surah Surah a tech we're the folding of the Sun again, all these early met consumers. Again, they all deal with the descriptions of the Day of Judgment. And of course, the query is everybody's favorite Sudoku panel. How can you not be mesmerized one the famous Adi Abdul Basit does his famous in the shampoo era, please listen to that, you know, to this day, I sometimes,

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you know, just go onto YouTube and listen to or even to I've listened to this more than I can count it is my first memories of the Quran is Claudia Abdullah bosses with either Shem suku era and he just goes well, you know, when I was a child part of the boss, it was still alive, you know. So sometimes we would listen to him live on TV. Sometimes we'd get his cassettes and I remember somehow alone when the news came that he died. I was I think 1112 years old and I read in the paper and it was so you know, something caused me great sadness at the time. So Abdullah boss, it's a query you have to listen to that's the classic the all time classic is his either shampoo kuvira, which is

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soup handler in a category of its own. I don't even have words for it. And this was my introduction, by the way to the beauty of the Quran as a maybe six, seven year old five year old remember how old I was. But of course either shampoo cooler or it deals with the day of judgment when the sun is rolled up, and when the stars will disappear when the mountains are set in motion when all relationships are suspended when the beasts are all gathered up when the oceans are set to light when the souls are paired together. When the girl that is buried alive is asked for what crime is she killed when the records are made public when the sky is peeled away when the fire is set ablaze.

00:29:33--> 00:29:37

When Paradise is brought nearby, every single soul will know

00:29:38--> 00:30:00

what it has prepared for the orcas in mobile home, Nestle jawara couldn't see well lately the assessor was so busy that NFS will law he no human can even come close to this level of eloquence the Arabic here, even if you don't understand the word like I was when I was five, six years old listening to party Abdul Basit, you don't know a single word, but you know, this is

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

The most amazing thing you've ever heard and it will be the most amazing thing you will ever hear because it is the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala that allows or just says that for the optimal hoonah I swear by the stars was traveled and disappear I swear by the night that it recedes I swear by the moon more by the moon as it breeds that in the hola como Su Ling Karim, I was giving a custom that this is the speech of a Noble Messenger by here. Noble Messenger here means the angel Djibouti that a lot is saying what is coming down Djibouti is authentically narrating what comes from Allah Djibouti is narrating what I am telling him to narrate in the hola hola sulan Karim Karim Noble

00:30:40--> 00:31:22

Messenger here in this context, in other contexts are pseudo khadim sometimes refers to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in this Surah Surah to queer. It is a reference to Djibouti vehicle, what an endo the LAO Shima keen, he is an angel endowed with power eminent with the Lord of the Throne. In some mean, he is obeyed up in the heavens, God has the boss status he is most off he is the CEO of all the angels, everybody listens to God, mu times ama, he is obeyed over there, and then he is also a mean he is honest, when I saw cable coming in here, now the reference is to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he saw gibreel on the luminous horizon, and he does not

00:31:22--> 00:31:28

withhold any knowledge that Allah gives him from the light meaning anything from the Quran that the Prophet says and receives He will

00:31:29--> 00:32:00

send it as give it to mankind. Then Allah says that famous question in the Quran for a knitted Heaven, where else are you going to go if you're not going to embrace Islam? What other alternative is there? There is only one path to live a decent life a dignified life to save yourself. There's only one set author must aim for a little more. Where else are you going to go? Indeed, Allah subhana wa tada says, this is only a reminder to all of mankind, whoever wants to will go there. And you will only find that way if Allah subhana wa tada wills that you find it so little.

00:32:02--> 00:32:46

So without any forethought, again, very similar to a suitor to duckweed. And yet, obviously, of course, its own unique way. And again, suited in facade has a very beautiful verse in verse number six over here, you will insert a new model a lot of rocker B or B calixarene. Old man, old man, Allah speaking to all of mankind, what can possibly have caused you to be diluted to be deceived? concerning your ever generous you're ever Merciful Lord, how can you possibly not just live for the sake of worshiping Allah? How can you be so blind now? You have been deluded, you have been deceived, what has caused you to be deceived by by what by shape on by this world? Surely there is

00:32:46--> 00:33:32

something that is very obvious to everyone and that is that that Lord deserves to be worshipped Malhotra Kabira Baker Karim, Allah the haka for so worker father, the one that he created you and he formed you and he proportions you Fe, you sorta Marcia, whatever shape he will he assembled you how powerful is this Lord? Every one of us is unique in our own fashion and form. No two human beings are exactly alike. how magnificent is this creator? That billions and billions and billions of people we are all human, and yet no two are exactly alike. This is what Allah subhanaw taala is referencing now how can you not see the amazing power of this Lord? How can you be deceived by this?

00:33:32--> 00:34:13

So this surah as well? And again, it concludes with mentioning gender and Johanna and then Allah azza wa jal says that what will cause you to understand what is the day of judgment, your Medina from Morocco Maria Medina, yo mela, Tim likho nafcillin Epson Shea on that day, nobody can help another soul and all the command belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The next surah we're going to do is Surah Al moto 15 Surah Al moto 15. And the Moto 15 means that those who defraud or those who cheat those who cheat others, and again, this is an early makansutra and it's interesting that the concept of honesty and the concept of being ethical and moral. It has been ingrained in early Mac

00:34:13--> 00:34:53

consumers remember when the suitors are coming down, there is no Sylar five times a day there is no sucker. There is no hedge there is no soul of animal bond. But Allah is teaching us values unless teaching us honesty and sucralose, teaching us how to interact with others. And that really shows the core element of what this faith is about. As I have said throughout this entire series rituals are very important. But along with rituals, it is also a matter of how we are dealing with other people's way you know, little motor 15 woe to those who defraud others. Those who are they a lady in a deck tattoo, I did not see your cell phone. When they purchase. They want to make sure that every

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

penny is absolutely valid. When they are the ones on the receiving end. They're going to make sure that they get their money.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

worth their pennies worth. But what if that room was a new home? when they're on the other end? When they're the ones selling when they're the ones doing the washers measures? They're the ones who you say, don't they cheat the weights, lie or run like a normal marathon? Don't they realize that they're going to be resurrected. And right away, this is an amazing reality as well, that those who do evil unto others, they don't accept that that same evil be done unto them, those who are committing all types of evil, they don't want that evil done unto them this person Ally's saying, when he is on the receiving end, he is stingy. He wants to make sure he's not being cheated. And yet

00:35:37--> 00:36:17

when he's on the other end, he does that cheating. And then Allah says there will be a day of judgment. And they should have also mentioned the registrar's the lien and the C gene. And by the way, some earlier might have said a lien is a name of Jana, and C gene is the name of Johanna and most say that lien is the name of a list of people that are going to gender and C gene is the name of the list or Registrar of people going to jahannam and the suit also tells us a very, very important point kettlebell around Allah kurumi him Mark, can we accept that indeed, their hearts have become rusted because of what they have done. This is a very scary verse. There's something

00:36:17--> 00:36:56

called pure polished hearts I've been sending the Quran mentions as many times and then there's the opposite. And the opposite of this is a rusted hard to corroded heart and a lie saying conveyor belt around Allah connubial. This verse is also very, very powerful because it shows us there is a direct correlation between the deeds and between the heart very direct. Listen to this kettlebell, Ron, Allah could obey Him, nor can we accept bone because of what they do. Their hearts have become corroded. Therefore, if you want to purify the heart, you have to do other things so that the heart becomes purified. Some people think that the heart is separate from the outer actions and they say,

00:36:56--> 00:37:39

oh, but my heart is pure, even as they lie or cheat or steal or don't worship a lot properly. Unless you Oh, but my heart is good. It's impossible that your heart is pure and your actions are impure. It's impossible that your heart is and your actions are babied or impure. On the contrary, the pure heart leads to pure actions and the corroded heart the evil heart leads to evil actions, as this verse says, and this was also has another important theological aspect Imam Shafi use this verse, verse number 15. Color in Arabic, in the module boon, that on that day, those who reject Allah subhana wa tada will be screened from seeing a law Imam Shafi said that when the kuffaar are

00:37:39--> 00:38:23

screened from a law, this is an indication that the believers will see Allah subhanho wa Taala as a reward as a punishment, the kuffaar have been screened from Allah Hey, job Mahjoub. They will be a barrier between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this surah also has some of the most beautiful descriptions of Jenna tidy for free. We'll do him number 10 a new school number Rahim. Tomita mu misc that they will be drinking. Their faces will be shining bright, and they will be drinking from a sealed pure wine. You scold him or hate him back to him. It's a wine flask it's pure wine. The wine agenda is not like the wine of this world. The wine agenda is pure and it does not intoxicated.

00:38:23--> 00:39:03

The wine agenda is agenda Siobhan Tamura, it is a pure wine Hey Tom woohoo misc. The very last drops of that wine will be like Musk's apparel you know when you get to the bottom of lists a very beautiful desert or something. So that bottom is typically the best layer so I'll say Hey Tom, woohoo, misc. What do you think the top is going to be? Then Eliza says this is one of my favorite verses in the Koran where he valid eco friendly Athena faasil mucho nafi soon and in this to get that pleasure to get that wine, the real wine of gender not to field the wine of this world to get that wine and to get the pleasures of gender overall lead to those who want to race let them go

00:39:03--> 00:39:44

ahead and race you really want to win the race. You really want to have the best of the best then get involved in the right race and what is the right race race with either deca failure tena facil Bhutan a few soon. The next Surah Surah 10 in shock and then she asked me is the bursting open and again the same theme as the previous surah is either sama on shock but when the sky is ruptured up what are the natural light and it will obey its Lord and it must obey its Lord with an outdated debt and when the earth is leveled out what our partner fee what a harlot and it casts out all that is inside it all the bodies will come out with the harlot and it will become empty. What are the

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

nuclear be our hearts the verses repeated twice the first time for the heavens the second time for the earth, that it must obey its Lord, what are the that it'll be half worship but that it will obey the commands of Allah and it must obey the commands of Allah. Then Allah says

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Yeah you have in San Jose in naka de la Rebecca Callahan from Ola p Oh man, you are laboring towards a law with great difficulty you're doing work every single day from without tea you shall meet him every single day you're doing work whether good or bad. This is neutral right now you are working, whether you're working that's going to be acceptable or rejected. But every day you're struggling and toiling in this dunya There is not a single person except that they're doing something in this world. So this is different. And as you're doing this day by day you are coming closer to a law firm or law p eventually you will meet a lot subhanho wa Taala and then of course it will be one of two

00:40:42--> 00:41:23

people as for the first category for a moment at cadabra will be a meanie he asked for the one who got his results in his right hand first. So for you has a seven year zero, he is going to have an easy settlement. He passed he wondered hamdulillah he did a good job. And then Allah says that way and Kali Buddha Lee missoura and he will return to his family happy notice here the allusion to the families together these families are not running away from one another notice here in the previous two Sooners ago What did we say that y'all may have heard rumor or mean or three he will only he will be he was able to have any every family Helter Skelter, not so the believing family, the

00:41:23--> 00:42:00

believing family, each one will get their results and they're going to rush back happy, they're going to be reunited say look, I got the result. Here it is, and they will be together in the theater as they were together upon piety in this world. Therefore have families of piety so that you can be together in the next world as well. You don't want your loved ones running away from you on the Day of Judgment, do you want to be together with them find comfort in them in this world and in the next world. So be upon piety to get that and then of course, the opposite case? What a moment at Kadabra who are have already asked for the one who got his book from behind his back then for sale

00:42:00--> 00:42:06

for the rule. To borrow that wire that was last or euro that that person he will

00:42:07--> 00:42:51

meet his fate and he is going to go to the fire of hell in the who can Fei Li Hema surah he used to be happy in his found with his family in this world. In the whole one Alinea home, he thought he would never return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Notice the contrast here right? The people of piety, their ultimate happiness is on the Day of Judgment with their families, the people of impiety they spend their lives and happiness of this dunya not caring about the happiness of the hereafter. And so that person Allah says he used to live a married life with his family in the canopy early he missoura the meaning here is that that happiness is the only happiness they will ever have asked for

00:42:51--> 00:43:26

the believer. They also had happy times in this world. But when they see the happiness of the Hereafter, the happiness of this world will be like nothing, it will be something trivial, because the happiness of the archaea is infinitely more happier than the happiness of this world. And that's why Allah azza wa jal describes the happiness of the believers to be in the next life. This does not mean that the believing family is going to have a sad life. On the contrary, those who choose a lot alone will choose them. And those who turn to Allah, Allah azza wa jal will give them the good of this world and the good of the next world, but the good of the next world is infinitely better than

00:43:26--> 00:44:04

the good of this world. As for the one who rejected a lot, and asked for the one who immersed himself in the pleasures of this world, then that person will not have any happiness except the happiness of this world. And that's why Allah says he had his happiness with his family. And that's it, there is nothing in the future. So Subhana Allah, What a pitiful state, let us make sure we are not in that category. The next Surah Surah Al Guruji. And again, everybody's favorite sort of beautiful sutra, that unless you're a Buddha, by the way, means the constellations and the stars. So Guru Ji is a group of stars and again, some have said it refers to the constellations but the point

00:44:04--> 00:44:32

is that the the concept here is the beautiful creations of a lot in the heavens above us. And Allah azza wa jal gives an oath was similar, either Tilbrook that Allah gives a person by the by the the heavens above us that are full of constellations. And the day that is promised Russia, he didn't want much food. Now, again, one of the issues of this whole series which the panel we're coming to an end tomorrow's panelists how quickly Time flies, but

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

one of the issues of this whole series is that we're trying to give a bird's eye view, right? I'm not going a verse by verse analysis. And just to give you a simple example, this verse was shot, he didn't want my shoot, the one who gives witness and the object that is being witnessed against what does this mean, in reality, at a surface level, there are over 40 opinions in the books of the year, and it would be very nice to go over them one by one, but obviously, we don't have time.

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

That's when an advanced of seed would do an intermediate one would take the top three or four, and then let it go. We don't have even time for that we're giving you the bird's eye view. We're not doing a word by word grammatical analysis. We're not doing you know, what did the scholars say? What did that scholars say? We're not doing the nuanced structures and wildlife chose this word versus that word. We're not even doing a very detailed layer of the mucky, madonie. Because again, again, for the advanced students here, when I say all the disorders are mucky, well, that's an opinion. And the fact of the matter is that quite a lot of times you will find one Sahabi saying, Oh, actually,

00:45:34--> 00:46:12

it's maddening. Another thing is mucky. So even that is a bit of an area of controversy, some of these suitors that I'm saying or McKee, and this is the position that I hold as well. But again, if you go to the books of Tafseer, sometimes you will find some of them saying, Oh, actually, this is Madonna. And again, Allah subhana wa tada knows best, but we are doing an overall summary. So sort of the Buddha he references the primary story. It references the US habit, Oh, dude, the people of the trench and the people of the trench who are the the people of the trench, the people of the trench, it is a reference to it is a reference to some of the kings of Iran, who persecuted some of

00:46:12--> 00:46:49

the early Christians, that the Christians were persecuted they were they were the believers at that timeframe. And they were persecuted by people who at that time were pagan. Eventually, most of the people have drawn accepted Christianity, many of them did. But at this point in time, it took place around a generation before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu isin was a very famous incident in Arabian history that these pagans, there was a group of Arab Christians who converted, and they publicly began preaching to Christianity. And of course, Christianity was the correct religion before the coming of the Prophet salallahu idea he was send them the whole on references, the pious

00:46:49--> 00:47:31

Christians, many times, this is another reference here. So the pagans tried to dissuade them to you know, leave Christianity worship the false gods, they refused. And so the king built a big trench, dude, and he filled it with fire for many days, it just kept on getting worse and worse, and the Christians were tied up being told to repent, repent, and when they did not repent, they were able to be left thrown in and killed and it was a very famous incident or infamous massacre across Arabia, and it remained in the minds of the people and a lot of xojo immortalized it by praising those Christians and by criticizing those people who persecuted the believers and Allah subhana wa

00:47:31--> 00:48:09

tada says, Why am I not comin home? What was the point of criticism that they had in new mobilizes in Hamid except that they believed in a lot that was why they killed them because they believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal says that in the Medina Fatah, Nina, we're moving it through mala Mia to bufalo vida boo Johanna mala Hamada will hodja. Those who tortured the believing men and women, and then did not repent for them is the punishment of the Fire of Hell, and for them is the punishment of the burning. So some of our early scholars said, This verse of sutra, the Buddha, which is the most optimistic, you know, in this whole series, I've mentioned the most

00:48:09--> 00:48:49

optimistic verse. And of course, the who is going to say what is the most optimistic verse isn't a matter of opinion. And some of our early scholars, they said, This verse of SoTL bhuj. And of course, suited to Zuma is typically the number one candidate that say, Oh, my servants who have wronged themselves never give up hope of the mercy of Allah. And so that is the definitely the predominant opinion. However, this verse over here is an opinion as well why one of our scholars of the past one at that Bureau and remarked that this verse is the most optimistic verse in the Quran because Allah says, Those who persecuted the believers tortured them to death. Allah says, For

00:48:49--> 00:49:31

millennia tubu and then did not repent, they shall have the punishment of Allah. So he remarked, they even had the opportunity to repent that if Allah azza wa jal had allowed them to repent, he would have accepted their repentance. Even those who we seek Allah's refuge, tortured people and kill people, if they genuinely turned over sincerely, you know, turned back to Allah subhana wa Tada. There is hope for them. So our scholar of the Pastor Mark, if there is hope for them, they're in there then there's hope for everybody else. So that's why he said, it is the most optimistic verse. So Allah azza wa jal then reminds these people and through them all of us in Balto shout out

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

beaker Alicia Lesha did. Indeed, the grip of your Lord is more severe he is more powerful than anything you can do in Who who are you by the way you are either over food or what do you do the outer Shin big too far Halima up. Again just the power here is just so magnificent. And again, you don't even need to understand Arabic to see the power of these verses. He is the one who begins and then repeats the creation and he is the Forgiving and the loving. He is the owner of the majestic throne.

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

He does as he pleases and then the surah it concludes by praising the Koran that Allah subhana wa tada has revealed well who are Koran who didn't follow him food. Indeed it is the glorious or arm that is preserved in the low hanging fruit. And this is one of the references in the Quran to the famous no hidden food and the local food as we learned from the show now that it is the protected tablet it is the tablet upon which everything is written. And Allah is saying the Quran is also written over there as well. The next surah is sort of Bartok.

00:50:39--> 00:51:16

And so that authority again a particular was a law as he goes across him so and so little guru to a semi guru, and pseudo Tahlequah semi boy both of the beginnings are the same. Was semi a will part of the body clear again people have different what exactly does it mean? And most say that it is a type of night star it is a story that we see at night was similar it was part of it is a particular story that is seen at night well not a drama part of what will make you understand what is a part of a nation with Falcon the piercing star, then Allah azza wa jal says and again when you read the sutras realize Allah is giving oath after oath after oath developing the oats to get to the point of

00:51:16--> 00:51:59

emphasis, sometimes three, sometimes seven, sometimes even 10, as we'll come to in one Surah 10 oats Allah is building more and more emphasis to get the point across. What is the point that Allah wants to make across over here in Kowloon, Absalom, la ha ha feel that surely every single soul has an angel that is writing down all that they say Allah is making it awesome that everyone is being monitored by the angel. And then Allah azzawajal challenges us for yambol and inside of him mahalo. Let's man see what he has been created from holy cow Mima in depth he has been created from an ejaculated fluid, this man that is walking around this woman that is walking around their origin is

00:51:59--> 00:52:41

so lonely, we don't like to think about it. But it shows us the power of a loss of Hannah hautala. It shows us the miracle of life over and over again. Surely, the one who has created man in this manner in Nevada Rodrigo de la causa, Indeed, Allah can bring man all the way back again, the one who created him from a drop of fluid in that manner, that that one can bring man back again. And on that day, when he does bring him back, Yama, tubular sobre el, on that day, all secrets will be known everything that you've done, will be exposed for all to see, everyone will be able to see if Allah wills because again, as we mentioned in our series of the Davidic, from judgment, that some

00:52:41--> 00:53:21

people will be concealed by a lot with the covering of a law, we want to be amongst them, but others, their records will be fully available and SubhanAllah. Can you imagine we seek Allah's refuge? Can you imagine your family, your friends, everybody sees your entire life of deeds, we don't want to be amongst those people. We want to be amongst those whom our law covers up. And so we ask Allah disappeared to cover our sins in this world and to cover them in the next world as well. So your material is set up for nyla hamakua in Walla Nelson, on that day, nope, no person will have independent power, no person will be able to help you on that day. And then Allah subhana wa tada

00:53:21--> 00:53:58

says, again, a possum at the end here. So there's a custom at the beginning of the surah and a possum at the end of the surah. By the way, I don't know if I've talked about the issue of possum. And again, that's a deeper topic. A lot of xojo does not need to give a custom. Allah doesn't need to give an oath, we need to give an oath to our friends and relatives to make them understand we are speaking the truth. Allah does not need to, he only does so to emphasize even more what is about to follow. So every time Allah gives a person we had better pay attention, because Allah doesn't need to give a custom. So when he does, it's for us so that we pay heed so that we understand the

00:53:58--> 00:54:46

significance and the gravity of what is about to follow. So what is the second question here that Alonzo just says was similar he that Roger it will all be that disorder that alazani just talking about this the giving the custom by the earth and by the heavens, that in hula Kowloon fossil, this Koran, it is a firm word. It is a word that is absolutely fossil, it will decide everything, women who have been hassled it's not a joke. It's not going to be taken lightly in the home key doing a Qaeda work you do Qaeda they are going to plot and plan and I am plotting and planning for my healing Katharina am Hill home provider. And so give these q4 time give them time as they want and

00:54:46--> 00:54:59

eventually the time will run up and they're going to face me and they're going to meet their Lord. The next sudo sudo Allah Allah, spirit Allah Allah and so the last year will be our final two suitors for today's word Allah Allah these two suitors

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

At the end of last year, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would frequently recite them in Salatu. Juma first struck out his second regard as of last year, and sometimes insalata lead, so Allah and Asha. And so the Sahaba would hear these sutras from the tongue of our prophets of the law. Why they said it many, many times. And of course Allah here is the description of Allah subhana wa tada the name of Allah azza wa jal, Allah and he that Allah is the most exalted, set behind the smell of bacon Allah. The sutra begins by the canal to praise the name of Allah, even the name of Allah is worthy to be praised. A lady Hala coffer Silva, who created and fashion will lead the Adela

00:55:43--> 00:55:59

for Heather and the one who ordained and the one who guided and goes on and on and allies origin then says Samuel curry aka Fela tenza. We are going to recite the Quran to you so you shall not forget this is the proper way to translate uh, you're not going to forget the Quran, Allah,

00:56:00--> 00:56:37

Allah, Masha Allah if Allah wills, there's going to be abrogation. We talked about abrogation, instead of Baccarat there is going to be some abrogation. So sometimes some Quran will be lifted up in Alamo Jara or Maya, Allah knows the open and the secret. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala moves on to the issue of reminding the people for that clear enough artistico that remind one another if the reminding is of benefit, some scholars have said remind one another even if you don't see the benefit, others are going to benefit in the fact that the Quran is not a condition. It's not a clause that Allah is saying that when you remind somebody might take benefit, and who is going to

00:56:37--> 00:57:18

take benefit. Say that kuruman yaksha the one who fears a lot subhanho wa Taala will indeed pay heed to your advice. And the one who is wretched who has no a man will not pay attention with agenda Ashkar and that is the person who will enter the fire of hell never living nor dying. What a powerful verse from Malaya mu to Fie her Well, yeah, he's never gonna die, because Hell is eternal. But do you want to call that life that is not life. So now you're moved to one area here, he's not going to live. I mean, he's not going to die. But that's also not a life that you want to call a life. So Allah xojo calls the people of jahannam. They're not dead, they're never going to die. And

00:57:18--> 00:58:01

they're also never going to live a real life who seek Allah's refuge, or the law. her mentor is the one who purifies himself. That is the one that will be successful. This whole religion, what is it meant to do is to purify the soul. That's what it's all about. It's all about the purification of your soul, you want to come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with a pure heart with a pure soul with a pure body. That is how you want to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. So who is that person with a smile on behalf of Allah, He remembers the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he prays to Allah. Then Allah says to the people who rejected him, rather, you prefer the life of this world over the next

00:58:01--> 00:58:42

event, though, the next is better and more permanent. And indeed, this has been the message of all the previous revelations in the how the left is sort of hula, it is it was the message of Ibrahim. And it was also in the message of Moosa. So dear Muslims don't prefer the life of this world over the next prefer the life of the next because that is better. And that is more permanent. And the final sort of for today, so that Ohashi for the overwhelming event. That's what Harsha means. And again, these two suitors are paired together. So with that, either, and suitable Harsha and this surah does not begin with a person. It begins immediately with a question that has the news of the

00:58:42--> 00:59:22

overwhelming event come to you. This is the name of the day of judgment that is going to overwhelm you that on that day, some faces will be downcast and gloomy Neela to now Siva, they are tired, they've worked hard, despite the fact that they've worked hard. Thus law now on how they're going to enter the fire of hell. We seek Allah's refuge. They have worked hard, but they didn't work hard for the right thing. They worked hard for their bank accounts, they worked hard for their honor and glory, they worked hard to build the pleasures of this world. So then of what benefit will it be for the Hereafter, and of course, allies which have been mentioned, the the word yoneyama in In

00:59:22--> 00:59:59

contrast, there will be faces that are glowing with bliss with happiness. Lisa, you have all the they will be content with the work that they have done. Notice here the contrast between the work the first category they worked, but not with the intention of investment for the theater, they worked amela to NASA, they're working hard, they're tired from the work that they've done, but they didn't do it for the hereafter so there's nothing for them to see us for this category. Lisa II have all the they are happy to see the investments pay off of the next life. Notice the pronoun this idea

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

The point here is that the believers invested in the hereafter they planted seeds for the hereafter. So they're gonna see the fruits of those seeds and then Allah subhana wa tada mentions the blessings of gender. And then he mentioned the miracle so many miracles around us the camel, how it has been created the sky, how it has been lifted up, the mountains, the earth, how it has made it been made so vast for us. And so Allah azza wa jal tells the prophets of the law while he was selling them for that clear in unto him with a kill your job rasulillah and then through him, all of us as well. Our job is to keep on reminding the people keep on giving them the awareness that we're here for a

01:00:40--> 01:01:25

purpose, there is a final life in them with that care, your only job is to remind less die lay him be mostly to your job is not to be a forcer or a boss or to be in charge of them. No, you're not going to force them to do anything. Your job is merely to preach. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says the one who turns away and the one who rejects a law will punish him the biggest punishment in Elena Yaba home to them all with that they will come back to us all from in Elena hisab home and then it is our job to make their history. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for an easy hisab on that day, tomorrow will be our very last supanova lecture tonight is also the last of the odd nights as

01:01:25--> 01:02:03

well make special throughout that Allah subhanho wa Taala causes this month to finish with all of our sins forgiven with all of our ibaadat accepted with us having prayed on layers of father We ask Allah Subhana which Allah to live from us as well, this virus that has engulfed this world We ask Allah to protect us with His mercy to envelope us with his hammer and inshallah tomorrow will be our final day it will also be a sad day for all of us. I am also very sad This is coming to an end. I'll be a personal note from me as well. A personal discussion as well about certain aspects of the series. We ask Allah xojo to give us life until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.