Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #06 The Story of Luqman 3

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of parenting and using Islam in a healthy way is emphasized in a series of disconnected sentences and phrases. Subhan conversions to Islam have led to a rise in the age of children, and parents should be concerned about their children. The use of Islam in a healthy way includes giving advice to children on how to handle their parents' behavior. A flower symbolizes the beginning of a flowering garden and a woman recites a song while trying to convince someone to inter Partners.
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alumni aluminum and found out on finally ma alum Tana. Was it now in your camera? I mean, there's Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us in in knowledge. I mean, I mean

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we started the story of Aquaman a couple of weeks ago, and Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala named the surah after Lachman, and the

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main story is Look man

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giving advice to his son, which should be the foundation of us raising our children. And he said that the first advice was, stay away from

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shirk. Second,

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no, second parents, right. Last week, we discussed the importance of taking care of the parents. Then after that Subhanallah even though we all know the importance of the summit, the summit is coming up probably not tonight, maybe next week.

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This came before the slot and right after the shock and the parents Subhanallah Yeah, Bernie Yeah. Bonilla in here take home with Karla have the myth Carla have that in horror then in 32nd 32nd the software routine our office

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will be sent to Finn auto the TV and the ham more in a more healthy fun hobby. Allah Allah Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is telling his son, oh my son, if it is anything could be anything equal to the weight of a grain of a mustard seed. And though it be in Iraq or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it Verily Allah is Sutton well aware. They

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often look man what I say

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Allah says in the Quran, so it means Allah saying

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unless it is son so I said

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I said

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I think we're past that stage

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so first of all, what do we notice about before we start discussing the weight of this area? There's There's something I want you to notice. Which is

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happened already? Twice.

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No, no, we're coming to that.

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Excellent. Allah you need the chocolate for this.

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Yeah, when I yeah, when I Subhanallah look at the tone and the way he's speaking to his child.

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How do you speak to your child?

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Learn Allah SubhanAllah. This this any these things that we should notice in the Quran? Just like Ibrahim.

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Bertie, how many times yeah. Because he was saying to his father, yeah, Betty Ismail came to him and said when he was slaughter him, yeah, but if ALMA to the way you treat your father, your son will tweet you. He was talking to his father all the time. Yeah. But he smiled, came and told him yeah, do whatever you were ordered. Subhanallah so here, yeah. When I

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he's talking to him so gently. Yeah. When I used to giving an advice. And when our children become an age and they're teenagers, and

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we should sit down with them and discuss with them life and discuss them with them. Everything that we think that they should be concerned about, and in a very, very beautiful way. gentle, kind Subhanallah what do we learn when smart when use of Allah has Salam? When use of Allah His Salam he came to his father, when he say

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use of Russia.

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So, he also was talking to his father Yeah, the

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use of he reached a level of confidence with his father, that he

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Could tell him what he's dreaming about.

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Now, we found out about our children from Facebook.

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He opened his father, my father, I saw an a dream, the chanson Kumar with this, and he explained to me he's like, you know, there's a conversation Subhanallah and he gave him so much comfort that he was free to talk to him. Similarly here, yeah Boonie and he's giving him the advices he started by the shirk, stay away from shirk, take care of your parents. And then he came to strengthen the toe heat in his heart.

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Let me ask you a question. When you first read this idea,

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okay. When you first read this idea,

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what name of Allah comes to mind? That I have there are so many names that come to mind, but I have two in my mind, if you get them you get chocolate.

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Slowly, most of them

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are reserved

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and Latif Latif will slide there, Allah chose them so they are the best

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this is

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Tim Wright are lucky and they have one more my mind.

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The key

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there's one specific

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Aleem of course

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laddle Excellent. This is one more

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How about reciepe?

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I will bring it

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that shows us first thing we first lesson we learned from this

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Allah subhanaw taala saying if it was a mustard seed first of all, have you ever seen a mustard seed?

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Okay, look at this.

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If I take this, and I throw it in the masjid and I tell you all let's start looking for it. You think we're going to find it?

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Allah who will bring it if it wasn't the Milky Way's

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Allah if we throw it here in this Masjid only not in Plano, not in Texas, not in the USA. Not on Earth. If we throw it in the masjid we will be not able to find it.

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Allah who would bring it if it wasn't the heavens? What are we talking about? Let me just show you quickly

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we showed the brothers and man we showed this video in

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look at this really

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this is Mars. This is Venus

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This is the Earth looks big right yourself. Okay wait a second this is Neptune

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this one I won't be able to see them anymore Saturn

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Jupiter Jupiter here in Spring Creek.

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can you still see the Earth

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Divina This is an Arabic

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78 times a soul Allahu Akbar

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now let's go back to the

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mustard seed

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Allah who will will bring this out if it was in this milky way.

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We reached the point that the earth was smaller than this mustard seed right

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what does that mean? Yeah, what that means. Let the Quran Amina Al maru fish

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right. Do not be a little any good deed.

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Do not belittle Oh, I saw something on the floor of the Masjid. Okay, Sameer will pick it up. I'm sure mean will pick it up. No run pick it up habibi. This could be the reason for you to intergender

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the smile

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Let me see your beautiful smile.

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Smile. Don't belittle the smile. Then we heal hadith of Rasulillah Salam Eman, enter Jana leash, what did he do? What did he do?

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He removed

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a branch from the street. He said it might harm others so he removed the branch from the street corner and he salatu salam this could be the reason for him to introduce DACA the agenda he said DACA agenda he entered agenda

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so when we

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hear about

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three white days are coming up text Did you hear three white days are starting tomorrow brother sisters, please strike too fast. Sisters, there's a brother in the hospital. Let's go visit text you're very good in texting. Instead of texting all these jokes all day long. Every once in a while take something beneficial. That text do not belittle it. This could be a reason Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah in our hidden Allah Allahu Akbar, Kira mon Natalia Allah He ships bacillus SLM said to say this is better for me than the whole dunya Subhan Allah hamdulillah Allah

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do not belittle the Imams do not belittle any homily. Helping a brother move helping a brother from here to the door, anything anything, anything

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