3 Steps to Overcoming Crisis

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Ma Alhamdulillah Hina

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when I will the will ask me surely am fusina woman, Lena Maria de la la la la la la la la la la la la sharika why shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman kathira Yeah, you Hello Dina am an otaku la haka Ducati. He was in LA went to Muslim moon

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yeah Johan NASA Taku Rob de como la de holla cocooning. nipsey wahida wahala caminhadas jaha, Westerman. humare JAL and Cathy wrong when he sat with de la la de TESSA aluna v one or Han, in a la haka and aliko merkiva. Yeah, Johan levena am an otaku la How are kulu Poland Sadie that you sleep?

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While we're feeling like Uber? One minute in LA What are Sula Who? Says the frozen alima my back, always in forever We begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers and salutations and benedictions upon our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship but Allah and that I would never use Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam as his worshiping slave and final messenger, I always remind myself and you have Taqwa la zoa gel. And I prayed that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah inherits in you and I, a consciousness of being something that is greater in our privacy in our hearts of loving a law and

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fearing Allah and being hoping in his mercy subhana wa tada and I braved the loss of Hannah with Allah carries us through any difficulties and distress that we may face and prevents any harm and hardship from our lives, our wealth, our children, our families and our health Allahumma Amin. Today I wish to speak to you in sha Allah about overcoming crisis and difficulty. And one of the hallmarks of the believer as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the astonishing conditions of the believer is that also the law has some low value SLM, says I Jevon the Emerald movement. How strange bewildering astonishing is the state of a person who is a true believer in a lot, all of their

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affairs in everything that they face in life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, all of it fee higher, has goodness in it for them. And it's intent that Allah subhanho wa Taala seeks for us to experience the good and the hardship in turn, to prove our worth to him. suparna who want to add in the opening verses of subtlety and Kabuto? Allah Subhana Allah says, and if lamb meme has even as a kulu Amana wahama, ternoon welaka phenylethylamine cobbly him, la La, La La La La Nina Sadako La La men and Kathy beam, does mankind think that they will be allowed to be left alone to say that we are complete and true of faith, and that I will not test. Through the severity of the conditions I

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placed the mean of both luxury and hardship, those who are truthful in their claim, and those who were deceptive and deceivers, I wish in sha Allah to speak about three important states of mind states of condition for you and I to have to overcome any test and any trial. And I want to distinguish between that which is a punishment from a law and that which is a test from Allah azzawajal the believer they asked Alinea, Vitaly for the Allahu anhu, the great cousin of the prophets, I send them the husband of the wife, the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the fourth of the Hooda otherwise, she'd been the one whom Allah made as a person of

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substance in this dunya for us as a guide. He was asked how do I know if whatever I'm experiencing life is love from a law as a test, and as a severity in a crisis that will bring me pleasure and goodness in the hereafter and in this life, or whether it is something I've done wrong in my life, and a laws punishment and wrath and anger is descended. He says one of the Allahu anhu

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illuminating the student of the prophets, I send them that if we

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Whatever you experience in life, good or bad, brings you closer to Allah makes you more remembering of Allah makes you more thankful to Allah. The new job you didn't think you could get that you receive. Did it bring you closer to Allah? unsane? hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah May Allah, Allah de Anima Elena, or that job that you wanted to maintain that you lost? Did you say Alhamdulillah there are lots of haniwa to Allah has still sufficed me with good health, with an adjusted home with happiness and delight in my family. Did you see the thing that has occurred? The good and bad as rooted in your relationship with a law? And did it bring you closer to Allah? Or did it cause

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rebellion in your heart, distress and fear that made you give up hope in the mercy of Allah? Did it make you wonder what have I done? Why does Allah do this to me? What about them? How come they have that it's inspiring you jealousy and envy and hazard as an Allahumma yaku minvalue? Or is it the second that the difficulty or the pleasure received, made you turn away from Allah in any ot to who Allah at min Mini, I only got that job because I'm smarter than the next. I had a better interview. I'm more articulate, more eloquent, more learned more studied, I worked harder than the other person. And that you did not have that concept of Masha Allah, this is from the will of Allah, the

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Providence in the mercy of Allah, you assume that you are the one who brings into matter life and happiness.

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And that Allah Subhana, Allah is an afterthought, and that your daughter is in your own hands and not destined in your faith

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is the difficulty you experienced something that you were able to transcend? and put your trust and resilience and patience in Allah and have the sub Allah holding in your heart that this is from a law where in the law he was in LA he Roger Rooney, when a how La La quwata illa Billah there is no power, no strength, no ability, no movement, no turning, except in that which Allah has given us, even than the beautiful Ivanova imams on the hand. You heard him in each step you repeat after him. He says Allah, what do you say Allahu Akbar. Until there comes one change. He says hi yah la sala. Hi, Anil fella. But you don't respond with the same words. You say law. Hell, now what up with a

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lemon law. Why? Because there are people who hear that event who have stronger bodies than you who can stand up in soda. While you may need to sit. There are people who are younger, healthier, wealthier, who hear it, but don't have the ability to move because a lot has turned their hearts because they turn their hearts from him. So our aim is to always reconnect to Allah. three important points of discussion.

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The first to save us and allow us to overcome crisis is identity.

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How do you identify? Who do you see yourself as? And where do you see your place in life? See, identity is one of the greatest, most important self constructs that you and I are in control of that people try to influence the media tries to influence how you see yourself and how others see you but more importantly, trying to make you see yourself through the eyes of others as they dictate.

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When Allah Subhana Allah would speak about the magician's at the time of fear. He said, so how do I you know, NASA was sort of a boom

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they took away the vision of people made people see what isn't real. They prepared prepared an illusionary concept, they made people believe in something that is not material for starhub. Uhm, so they were all able to rule them with terror and fear. And one of the things that debilitates a Muslim is that they don't see a Muslim in the mirror, they see something else. What do I mean by the word Muslim? Sometimes you find false translations begin to creep into our normative understanding. One of the elementary things that I teach our students here at the school is that the deficient of Islam, the definition of Muslim is not peace and and that's it. We are in peace with God. The

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definition of Islam is an Islam is surrender to Allah. Is that you recognize the law is the power

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You are the servant, you are the slave and he is the master, you are the beggar and he is the provider. You are the one who is in contempt, and he is the judge about to set judgment. How do you see yourself in the world? Who rules your decisions? Is it the next amount of the suit a soul that inclines to sin? Or is it an identity where you seek to empower yourself against the whisperings of the shape on and the in citations of the sinfulness of our desires and soul? and therefore the first and most significant identity given to the prophets I send him that he's ordered to tell us is our and his identity before us called say to them yeah, Mohammed in the mirror to an Abu de la Muslim is

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Allah who Deen I've been commanded to submit to Allah with sincerity, what we're meant to and I've been commanded the an akuna owl well and muslimeen to be the first who submits themselves to Allah. Ibrahim alayhis. Salam,

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as Lama would you have who will in law? Look at the words of Allah, He submitted his face entirety of his purpose to Allah, why are you and I going to put our face on the ground every day? 510 1517 times? Why do you put your sujood time and again, in the ground in the dirt when no other human being does this as an act of service, as often as you as a Muslim, it's to recognize who is the lonely and who is the exalted, who is the master, and who is the needy. So you and I, with our children and families need to come Illa Kelly met in Salah him to a word that we all agree that our identity is one of us admitted, I surrender unto the will of Allah. Second, as a way of protecting

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ourselves helping our homes generating an oma that will be resilient into the future trials is to develop habits. So the first word identity, who am I? Number two, what do I do?

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What are my habits? What are my routines, what are the things that are common in my life, and therefore you find that the cyclical processes in Islam are consistent in every aspect of worship. Your prayer is prescribed as a cycle to develop a habit, your charity and zeca is yearly to provide a habit, your cm in Ramadan is not arbitrary. It's in the same month, Allah subhanho wa Taala could have divided it amongst the 12 months, every every month, fast six 710 days, or the month will change according to the seasons of the weather. When it's hot, don't fast when it's nice, fast law, the concept of building a habitual structured life of worship, where you have the will, that concept

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of weird, which is a regular reading of the Quran and array, the regular of God, the morning of God, the evening of cow, the width of the word will tell him now what are them at the end when he arrived at the place that people visited regularly for their watering needs for the life in the desert.

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You build habits, you, you save yourself and those who follow you in them. When you try to become ad hoc, when you pray sometimes when you read

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every so often, when you meet others, when the chance happens, the ties that bind become liquid. And the familiarity that we have with a law becomes the concept of the with a key room. Whether you're in a vehicle attempt to remind them regularly build in them a consciousness of a law, the reminder is what will benefit the believer in particular in time of crisis. afterwards it certainly saraha I will continue with the third and final important concept as the psychology of overcoming difficulties in crisis. Now loss of Hannah with the other car through and grant the success of Hulu holy hell that was so subtle ah the medulla

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Al Hamdulillah he was the wholesaler to a seller more elemental and Avi Avada Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh tasleem We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us ease and make easy all of our affairs and those of our families who may be abroad of us. One of the conversations of Hannah law that always comes up is about how privileged we are at times in Perth and Western Australia In Australia in general

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In comparison to the global difficulties that are happening around the world, with the claimed pandemic that is affecting many households, and somehow Nala being in a position where I used to travel quite a bit to very different parts of the world and have built extensive friendship networks in some of the large Muslim populations in the UK, in Europe in America and Canada, where I was born and raised. One of the sad realities is the amount of messages that I receive on a daily basis what law he just half an hour before I came up, I received a message from a dear friend, a great Imam. Some of you would know him. Dr. Mohamed Salah, who does the q&a on on the Islamic Huda TV on the

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internet. He answers all of the q&a questions. So panela his father just succumb to COVID-19 in Egypt, may Allah Subhana Allah granted forgiveness and sending light upon his grave and make easy the affairs he's still worried about his mother as well. So Han Allah each and every day each and every hour, one of us is tested with a difficulty and trial. And sometimes we look to ourselves as if hamdulillah hamdulillah we're in Australia, we're an island nation, people we don't let them in. Right people can't come in, we keep them out. hamdulillah and we assume that the means of our protection are not that a loss color has arrived in this form for us or not for others. But this

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becomes the third point I wish to speak to you about which is accountability.

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How do you hold the count between yourself and a law? One law he there are communities in the United Kingdom one law he lives he lives in a house in places like Blackbird in places in different parts and Liverpool and Birmingham, where I've led the Juma annex student their member and I've led Sala there where at the moment, people weed and dry by the masjid just to look at it because they can pray inside demonstrate.

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What accounting Will you have with a lot when you have an opportunity to visit the house of Allah azza wa jal to gather in prayer with your fellow believers to allow your children your home and your households to experience it. What will you have is an account with a law where you say I haven't been to them as you didn't a month, I haven't been to the masjid in in the holiday. Where is your accountability with a loss of Hannah with Allah. And therefore that becomes the third saving point, After identifying what your relationship is with a lot

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after building habits is taking account of yourself looking at yourself looking at what Allah has facilitated, and looking at what Allah has restricted. So Panama, there are people who were gainfully employed, happy with the power of Allah Subhana Allah to add, able to travel and come and fly in and fly out and the economy was going well, and so kind of law a downturn happens, and they are not able to meet the same standards that they used to have. There were brothers who were very generous with their charity, and now they have to hold back a little bit more. Now when you find yourself in a position of privilege, when you find yourself in a position of ease, do not let the

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cutter over law of the comfort that we've been given deceive you in thinking you are preferred to Allah than others. Panama. Allah gives us this example in the Quran. In Surah Al Anam Allah describes the nations before us, he says, fella man so madam Ruby, when I gave them the reminder and they forgot to put it to practice, you would think it would immediately say in the eye and Zenn la hemocyte after I destroyed them with this or that law. When they forgot to do what they were ordered what they were maintaining what they were asked to remember, and to celebrate. I didn't punish them initially, Fattah Holly him.

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I open to them the doors of comfort, had to either ferry until they became pleased. Be Mad Hatter either a farrier, who are hudna, whom I took them suddenly for either whom will be soon then they find themselves regretful of the condition of the days of the past. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, is our eighth Allah the Hadith and Imam Al Bukhari Sahih either at the lab demo, if you witness Allah giving his servant everything they desire. Well, one more thing when Allah Moussa and that same person you know, you see in their life, that they are established

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consistent, habitual irregular sin and bad behavior of habit that they are engaged in how wrong and you see it, but everything they want is given to them. Fat lamb Anna hosted Rajan Lumina Wah, wah, wah hoo let me know that Allah has given them a respite at time before they will be brought to justice and stood before a law in the court of this dunya and after and when Allah seizes them, they will not be let go. May Allah Subhana with Allah allow us to make them more of our self, the Shuker of the Nirvana by using it in the betterment of others. Notice how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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Madame labtopia only he can. Only when a person is in the service of their fellow man, Allah becomes in their service so Pamela, when way as siru the prophets I sent and said be hurried feed definitely Bella in pushing away the punishment of a law from you that you and I we know we earn you and I we know in my life in your life, there's in consistencies, there are things that are wrong, they're things that if Allah was to show to the public I would be ashamed and you would be ashamed. So the prophets I send them said bad you as severe or indifferent Mariah, hurry and give so that you can see you your shame by concealing the shame of others. men suffer our attack II satara hula who

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Yeoman PMS kanima the one who covers the mistake, the shame the need of another, a lot covers their shame their need in this dunya and in the acid and May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to identify with a love in our heart to our submission to him to our surrender of him to attain the peace. And that is this lamb leads to a Salaam in finding your surrender to Allah you find the peace that you seek with Allah. And that'd be victory law. He thought my Uber is only through a consistent remembrance of God that you will ever find rest and tranquility of heart, your brain that is on overdrive and worry it's unable to come to rest. Because the heart has a disconnect. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala out singer la connect us to him. Yo Cory buena la bring us closer to him. Allahumma Ameen. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to build in us the righteous habits that we see for ourselves and our homes and our families. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to hold ourselves accountable before Allah before he will hold us accountable before he had that will Sutherland have even Mustafa in the law However,

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he kata who you saw Luna and maybe Yeah, you handed in Amman sandali he was suddenly notice Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala de kawara zuleika whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim was the other acaba de la Medina.

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mean Allahu Allah The Cricket Cricket was

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the ILA in the

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economy nobody mean wah wah wah and in handling Europe belladati in welcome sada

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along with

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stone terrazzo

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telefoon Humble yourselves to Allah azzawajal

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consider that this could be a final prayer of Chateau feasts on earticle masala salata, Madame,

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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manam Ye, Maliki de

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Cana Buddha canister

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Did not seal off on stuffing ciroc en la Vina and Nan de la de him

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well call alladhina una de por la la la la

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la la la

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la the stack bar roofie

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fusi moto two one kV ra

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e catella butia ROI Maggie de Mogi Remi waiuku Luna eduroam

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la la cadena Ella ami Lumina malim Jana who have

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us have

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said pneumophila while meta shop taco sama

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z Allah, Allah Monica

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waka Nyoman Allah Al Katharina Se Ra, y o

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Wally ma mala de yaku lujah la tanita Duma

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Elisa de la

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isla de la eater Neelam

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fula de la la paz Oban nanny Annie Vickery Banda in

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me, we're gonna show you for newly

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Sani Hakuna waka wa rasuluh

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aka Rasulullah

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be even Tomita. Ha ha.

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allah Moony, man hamidah

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar bam.

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Oh, Akobo.

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Mannion, Rahimi, Maliki Mignini he cannot boo he can as

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a dino sirolimus akima Scirocco levena and I'm telling him why Uriel Malibu Dr. Lee him one of all me army

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Li Na

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e la Laffy him reflector sheeta

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he was sleep valia

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valia boo.

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Bay the lady of karma

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Do you

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mean whoa