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Okay, Bismillah 20 minutes to keeps the scope. We got it. Alright, what are we doing first? We're doing the eggs first, right? Yeah, let's do it. Alright.

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Oh snap. Okay. And now we have the chocolate right? No, no, no no no flour, flour, flour. No. Chocolate. You don't put chocolate and everyone knows you put chocolate What do you mean do it plus it's chocolate. No. What are you doing? Yo, it's it's chocolate because chocolate and chocolate spirits, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It's gonna be chocolate. It's always talking to

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the sugar. What are you doing?

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I was late Hill. Thank you for the recipes. My mother cakes. Were just amazing. Thank you. I love you speak to you soon.

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We did it bro.

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Just called her four hours ago.

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That tastes like 100 years of experience right there then

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