Sulaimaan Ravat – Life is Precious

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The importance of time and value in maximizing one's life is discussed, as it is used as a life and a time machine. Procrastination is a habit that keeps on happening, and the use of value in maximizing time is emphasized. Procrastination can lead to habit, distraction, and anxiety, and the importance of avoiding drastic changes and keeping a healthy life is emphasized. The segment also discusses the importance of understanding one's purpose and finding one's joy in life, as it is impossible to be a day without the human body and soul.
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Come on

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inshallah all those who are below the age of 90, like to see in the middle inshallah

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99 zero.

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If it was 19 and I would be sitting there alone myself.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Passover will lay

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a shadow on the hula, hula hula who will smith will

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shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu Mara Sulu sahabah mckone monlam I'm about to fall below him in the shade on the blue jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem as well as regional in Santa Fe, Hossam el Medina, Manu, Amina, solly, hurt, whatever, so build up to whatever so be Southern. We're calling Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now I'm attorney Mark Boone and female caffeine and nurse a Say hi to all four of our kumbhakarna his salatu salam,

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honorable scholars respected brothers, mothers and sisters.

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The world over, we hear people using the phrase, time is money. At times they say, time is gold. So in the English language, when they want to emphasize the importance and the value of time, then they would use phrases and cliches like, time is money or time is gold. In Islam, we say time is life. Time is life. Because if we think about it, what are we we are but an accumulation of a number of seconds for which we will live. And every second that passes in our lives is a second that passed away in our lives. With the passing of every second in our lives, there is a part of us that is passing that is dying. So time in Islam, we say it's life. There is one scholar who one day went to

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the home of a brief family. They had lost someone who is dear to them. And he said to them, I've only come here to offer my condolences because this is a signal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Otherwise, I would not have come. Why? Because I don't see too much of a difference between myself and the person the maroon was just passed on. He came for a stipulated number of seconds. He seconds have expired. My seconds are in the process of expiring time his life. Another scholar gave a very beautiful analogy and example, he says that imagine we are all booked on the same flight.

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We are going to undertake the same journey and we're going to arrive at the same destination. The only difference is everyone has got the same ticket taking the same flight heading to the same destination. Some are in the front of the queue. So they get processed at immigration earlier and they get seated on the plane first. And then there are those who are the back end of the queue. They get processed

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Later, and they arrive on the flight a little after those who are in the initial part of the queue. But everyone will be seated on the same flight, undertake the same journey and arrive at the same destination. Life is like that the flight is death.

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The journey is to the orchestra. And the destination is the plains of resurrection on Yokoyama. All of us have to catch that same flight, we have to undertake the same journey, we have to arrive at the same destination, the only difference, some of us are going early, others are coming a little later. So time is life. squandering time is worse than squandering wealth. Because when you waste wealth, or when you lose wealth, you can compensate for it. If you drop $100, today, you don't know what happened to it. Tomorrow, you work a little harder, you put in a few more hours, you earn a bit more, and you compensate for it. But when you first life, when you first time, that even if it's a

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second, or a minute or an hour a day, it's gone. You can never make up for it, you can never compensate for it, it will never return.

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And the sad thing is this, when we lose something of value, it immediately creates a sense of rush within us. So take a simple thing like a pen.

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It's not something that if you lose it, it's going to bankrupt you that your life cannot continue. It's not something that's catastrophic. But because you paid some money, you purchased it, if you misplace it, you can find it, you get somewhat empty to yourself, you have a sense of Russ, that something which I purchased something which has value, I've lost it, I shouldn't have lost it, I should have looked after it. Yet within seconds and minutes, and hours, and days and months and times years, just flown by and go by in our lives, without us utilizing it optimally. Without is utilizing it to its maximum. We don't have that feeling of loss, that sense of loss, because we have

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not understood the value of time. And we have not understood that time is life and life is precious.

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On the day of piano, each one of us will have to stand before Allah

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will have to stand before balada mean, our Creator, our sustainer I will not issue I will cherish our maker. And Allah will say And on that day, there will be no Kingdom no dominion, but that of Allah, Maliki Yomi, Dean, the king in the Master of the Day of Judgment. And he will ask one question, which all of us without exception will have to answer. I will have no American allow us I gave you a life. What did you do with your life? I gave you life? What did you do with your life? And we will have to account for every second every minute, every hour, every day, every month and every year of our lives. That How did we spend it? Did we utilize it optimally do did we utilize it

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in a way which was constructive which was productive. And that's where I sort of lost

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sounded out a loud warning in that Hadith which I narrated in my introduction. We're gonna be a fella said, Now Matan, the two bounties of Allah, like that the bounties of Allah are innumerable. They are countless, they are in finite.

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You cannot even begin to count the bounties of Allah. But the number of Allah draws our attention to two bounties and he says Now,

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these two bounties Mike Boone and FEMA Cathedral minuteness, the majority of people fall into deception when it comes to these two bounties, they take it for granted a sap, your good health and for all the time and opportunity which Allah has given you. It will pay him Rahim Allah used to say that wasting time is worse than death. All of us we dread death. He says wasting time is worse than death, because death merely separates you from this dunya. But wastage of time separates you and distances you from a law. It takes you further away from your Creator, from your maker from your benefactor. So, when we talk about life being precious, which is our topic of discourse for this

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evening, we need to understand that time is life. So if you want to attach value, if you want to treat your life like it is precious, then you have to understand that you have to treasure your time, you have to value your time. And the first thing that goes towards value of time, maximizing on time, optimal usage of time is to understand what are the threats to our time. Any businessman, when he wants to maximize and profit he doesn't only think about how do I make profits or how do I make more profit. He looks at whether those things

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That could compromise the profits. Those are the things that you need to deal with first. So what are some of the factors that eat away like a silent cancer at this time which Allah has given us, these seconds, which make up our lives, amongst them, laziness, burden, and a lack of productivity. You see, it's not only about total wastage of time, but it's also not about utilizing your time to its maximum, that also is a problem. So I will just quickly look at some of these factors that compromise how we utilize our time. So in essence, it compromises how we are utilizing our lives, then we talk about some tips, and we'll conclude with some solutions.

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When we talk about laziness, you know, on a lighter note, many of us would think No, but I'm a lazy person. Because when we imagine a lazy person will think of those who are the extreme examples. That person on the street corner, who doesn't do nothing, the whole day bothers everyone else, trying to, you know, live life out of someone else's efforts, or that kid in the class, that student in the class, but doesn't do any work doesn't make any effort. Those are extreme examples of laziness. But when we understand the definition of lazy laziness, we will realize that there is a degree of laziness in all of us. And that is eating away at our time. And it's compromising the nature of our

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lives. But before that, on a lighter note, you know, there was this, teach him. And one day he said to the student, you are very lazy, you're very lazy. So the student retorted and responded and said, No, sir, I'm not lazy, I'm just highly motivated to do nothing.

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I'm just highly motivated to do nothing. So what is laziness? Right, if we can understand the definition,

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I've come across many different definitions. And after, you know, a long day of work and effort, I don't want to give you a lesson in philosophy, or COVID. Technical, I'll share with you what I feel is the simplest, yet most dynamic definition of what laziness is, somebody has written, the failure to do what you're supposed to do, despite having the ability to do it. At the time when you need to do it is laziness.

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The failure to do what you're supposed to do, at the time when you have to do it, despite having the ability to do it. That is laziness. Now, if we look at it from the prism, and the perspective of that definition, then there's a degree of laziness in all of us. Because there are many instances in our lives, when we have to do something, we have the ability to do it, it's time to do it. But we don't do it. And it keeps up into your life, you don't even realize it starts off when when you relax without need, when you prolong your your your period of relaxation, when we're very structured, and then a lot of time just falls by the wayside. You find yourself in a situation like

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they say, I can but I don't mean you have the ability to do it. But you simply just choose not to do it at that time. Now, why do people fall into the state of laziness? There a few factors very quickly that will run you through first and foremost, procrastination.

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I've read one scholar so beautifully wrote, he said when it comes to Muslim men when it comes to meaning, when it comes to believers, one of the most effective weapons in the armory of the devil against Muslims, is the weapon of procrastination. Let's take a simple example. No Muslim, no matter how weak is Amano, his faith, maybe we'll wake up in the morning will he had a bill Allah forbid and say, today I won't perform Salah. No, your faith will not allow you to do that. But what will happen is you may have set the alarm at a particular time to wake up for Salatin, for example, the alarm rings, you procrastinate, you hit the snooze button, then it rings again and you realize I'm not

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going to make it in the masjid. But now let me snooze again. I'll perform at home, and then it rings again, then you snooze it again. And before you realize the sun is rising. And when this happens a few times in your life, it becomes a habit. And when something becomes a habit, the devil doesn't even make an effort. So by procrastinating he gets you into a habit of procrastination. And they have to he has to make very clear of it. So when it comes to Muslims, especially because of their faith, the devil uses that very effective and very potent weapon of procrastination, where you postpone the work of now, for later, the work of today for tomorrow and tomorrow. Yesterday's work

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becomes much more difficult. If you leave something that needs to be done now for later or today. For tomorrow. It becomes much more difficult because tomorrow has its own needs. It has its own responsibilities. So in English they say beautiful so beautifully say tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeal

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To a lazy person. And if you say to a lazy person, I'd eat tomorrow. We'll get it tomorrow. Don't worry tomorrow. But as many as we raise we see many times tomorrow never comes. So procrastination. The second thing, the selection,

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the selection results in a lot of wastage of time. And perhaps the most

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difficult situation that we find ourselves in, in this day and age, when it comes to distraction is the mobile and especially WhatsApp. So just think about it if you need to do something, and that work, or that task will ordinarily take you half an hour. But every few minutes, you checking your WhatsApp, you're laughing at a joke, you're watching a clip, but it's not really relevant. You replying to a message that that's urgent. That half an hour's task, by the time you see the clock, it has taken you one hour because of the distraction in between.

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and then half an hour is half an hour of your life that's gone, never to return.

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Sometimes we too distracted in our thoughts, we need to send off an email, it'll take you 10 minutes to write it. But after every two lines, you start thinking of something that happened yesterday, you start pondering about something that needs to happen tomorrow. And the 10 minute email takes you half an hour. So procrastination distraction. The next poor lifestyle choices, we sleep very late, we eat very late. We wake up very lethargic The next morning, when you lethargic, which ought to take you an hour will take you two hours, or to take your five minutes will take you 10 minutes. There are many reasons. There are many factors. I'm just touching on a few, you know, to keep it

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brief. This one is very interesting. And what I'm presenting to you this evening is a combination of what lifestyle coaches have written and also what the scholars have written, taking it from our authentic sources. And the beauty of our Deen of Islam is that no matter what people have written 14 140 years later, when you look at it in the light of Revelation, it was already way we just, we just didn't clean it. We did not take it. So they talk about indecision, indecision. And there are three aspects to indecision, right? It's not, it's not very complex. It's just fancy words. So I'll unpack it. And I'll simplify it for you the first they say, paralysis of analysis. Each one of us

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I'm sure we know one person like this, they always just analyzing, analyzing, analyzing, weighing up the pros and cons. If I do it this way, if I purchase this ticket, or save, or purchase that ticket or move quicker, they analyze so much that they don't get down to doing it. The analysis paralyzes them, paralysis of analysis, the second overthinking. So some people they so deep into thinking that they just think and think but they don't get down to doing it.

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They obviously in Islam base place for deliberation, there is place for consultation, you don't think do you don't do things in haste, but you can overthink that you don't get going. And the third of the three is where they talk about paradox of choices. This one is interesting. Those of you who are married understand it like this. It's like when you wake up on a Sunday morning, and you have to go to a function. And your wife is looking perplexed. And you asked what's the problem, darling? She says you see this dress, it's the right color for the function, but it's a bit tight. Okay, so take another dress. Yeah, but this other one, it's fitting in nicely, but it's not the right color. There

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is a third one, it's the right color. It's fitting nicely also. But I avoid the last time maybe they'll realize I'm wearing the same outfit twice. So when you have too many choices, it's indecision. That's why they say even if you are affluent, live a simple life. The more simple Your life is, the more time you will have on your hands. Because the more choices you have, when you get stuck in the paradox of choices, and indecision is the thief of opportunity. Today, today, lifestyle coaches are writing they say mundane issues, straightforward issues, you must not take longer than five seconds to make a decision. You cannot be spending half an hour every day thinking what am I

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going to be spending one hour every day thinking? What should I do today? That's wastage of time. That's not appreciating the precious nature of life. There are many other factors but I just I just suffice on those procrastination, distraction and indecision, we need to guard against those three things, especially amongst other things. Otherwise, you tend to become lazy and they say laziness. laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired. laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired.

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I want to say to you one thing that doesn't sisters, if you don't remember anything I said up to now and if you don't remember anything that I say, from now till the end, but if we remember this one thing, my coming here is worthwhile tonight, and I think we would have succeeded.

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Let's just take if we want to understand the value of time, and the precious nature of life, which is made up of these seconds, for which we are starting to live. Let's take a hypothetical example. Let's say the day a baby is born. hypothetical, right, we all grew up listening to fairy tales. So here's another one for you. Let's say the child is born, an angel comes from the heavens or the box. And the angel says the parents, they are notes, their dollars in this box, this kid will live for 65 years. But in the 65 years, whatever notes are in this box needs to suffice. They're not going to get $1 extra. That's it. This is what has been decreed whatever is in this box, you have to make do

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with it for the rest of your life. The kid is a baby breastfeeding knows nothing but the parents who got the box. And the first thing the parents will teach the child is that value every note in the box, our lives and are very much different. From the time we were born, Allah has decreed that we will live for a stipulated number of seconds. And from the time we were crying, when we came out of the bellies of our mother, those seconds already started to expire, we already started to utilize them. So how you currency in life is not the notes in the box. It's the stipulated number of seconds for which we will live. Why do I call it currency? Because that is what Allah has given you these

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seconds. That is what Allah has given you to invest in your everlasting life of the euro.

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In the Euro, there will be no currency in the market, it will only be dividends and profits. But those dividends and profits will be dependent on how you utilize this currency. So time and life is the currency which Allah has given us to invest in the everlasting life of the after. When we waste time wasting life when we're wasting life. We're wasting the currency which Allah has given us the money which Allah has given us to invest in a life that will never come to an end. In this world, people work for 40 years to save up for retirement that sometimes only lasts for four years. The man retires and four years later, he's been deposited into the ground. Yet Allah says I'm giving you 65

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years of life on average, every second of that is the money which I'm giving you to invest in a life that will never come to an end. That's what it is. When we say life is precious, understand it from the very simple, yet profound, simile analogy parable example wherever you want to call it. Now maybe we find ourselves as Muslims in today's time and age. In the main

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you find those Muslims who Mashallah.

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They are a bit lazy. We call them the floaters. They just go with the flow in life. They just floating. They don't have much ambition, they don't have much motivation. They just do what needs to be done to get by. That's the one extreme. But on the other extreme, we have those Muslims who are working very hard. We're putting in a lot of efforts, but they don't have a greater purpose. It's very materialistic. It's very superficial. They are on the hedonistic treadmill. They're working hard to fulfill desires to realize ambitions. But none of it is just connected to dunya. There's no greater purpose. And as a result, the healthy suffering, the relationships are suffering. They're

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not very happy, they're not very content, they achieving they succeeding in the worldly sense. But inside the hollow, the homes have become like hotels. You know, when you live in a hotel, you sharing the same roof as everyone else. Eating in the same dining hall is everyone else use the same entrance and exit is everyone else. But the person in room 101 does not know who is sleeping rumoured to be totally detached from each other. Our homes have become like hotels, we eating with one hand texting with another. We clock in and clock out just to get grab a bite and get some sleep and we move on each one of us in that same home. We may be related by blood. But we are in our own

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vicious cycle of life. Each one of us on our own hedonistic treadmill, totally emotionally detached from one another. And by the time we realize it's too late. So there are many Muslims who are busy.

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And they think they are valuing their time and they think that they have understood that life is precious, but to the contrary. You see, there's a difference between being busy and being productive, big difference. You can be busy, but it's pointless. When you are productive. It's purposeful. And that's the question we need to ask. Because when you value anything, if you value a business, you do stop take note once a year, that's the mandatory stocktake almost every day, you checking in you're keeping an eye on your business because you value it. If you value your life you need to be doing a daily stocktake The month of Muharram is the Islamic

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In the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, everyone has the new year's resolutions, the plan of action for the new year, the bosses drop plans of actions to make themselves feel important. The staff promised to implemented but they know they won't. But everyone does it because there's a freshness that comes with the new year. So islamically you need to look at your life from a spiritual perspective at the beginning of the new year, 14 150 years after Hitler. What did I do with my life? Am I busy in a purposeful way? People are very busy. I met one brother, he told me you know, Chef, so I'm so busy. I'm so busy, that sometimes I feel the urge to go to the bathroom to

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relieve myself. And then I say, but I gotta send this one email. It's really urgent. And then when I get down to sending an email, then the phone rings. When the WhatsApp pings, then somebody pops into my office. And by the time I look at the clock, it's one hour since I was deciding to go to the toilet, but then I got so caught up, but I delayed taking a trip to the bathroom by one hour because I'm so busy. Emails whatsapps communication, communication has become so easy Marshall, I can be anywhere in the world nine you can. There was a time I was saying the other day in one of my talks. When I was a young boy. And my father went for hij. I have vivid memories that my grandfather was

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sitting at the table, and he was writing a letter. And I asked him, What letter Are you writing? He said, No, your father's gone for hij. And there's somebody who's going on a later flight. So I'm sending him a letter to tell him that, you know, all the kids are well, don't worry, everything's good at home.

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telephones in those days have a standard that old, but they never used to phone all the time. They used to go once a week maybe to the public phone call or phone box and phone home and say okay, well, everybody's wrong. And they used to be long queues there. Right? So you know, it was a short conversation. So my granddad was actually running late writing a letter. And nowadays, you get rolling coverage on the *. Okay, I've put the three stones here, the jamara. Phone, I just send you a WhatsApp, check me on here, right next to the table. Take a selfie quickly. So I've been here done the competition. So communication has made life has narrowed the globe. You can be anywhere in

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the world, and you can be connected to anybody. But there is a time it's made life easy. No doubt, there was a time where if you went home and you realized a I was supposed to reply to the email, you have to go all the way back to the office and startup that I don't know, punching one or whatever computers we had in those days. So these days, you don't have to do it. You can be anywhere and you can answer from your mobile. But then in those days when you left the office, okay, and then four to six weeks. Now you can go to the rural superstore to send a mail to I will send you a WhatsApp.

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It follows you everywhere. So it's up to us to understand and to make to make a conscious decision. But I don't want to just lead a busy life. Because a busy life doesn't necessarily mean it's a productive life. No one was busier. No one had more responsibility than Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam gonna be full of was productive. Allah had balance in his life. He had time for his family at time for his spouse, he had time for everyone for every facet of existence. Okay, so we've got some insight now into what the challenges and and we all were struggling. I mean, my wife is on the other side band and she tell you, he's always on his mobile. And I always got an excuse. I'm busy with

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some urgent work, you know, somebody, we all struggling. So I'm preaching to anybody. And I'm talking to myself, firstly, what are some of the tips to become more productive because when you become more productive, you're valuing your time, and you adding greater degree of preciousness to your life, because life is precious. You only live once. You really have to make it count. Sometimes life is short. We don't know how much we're going to look for that kid with the box. The hypothetical box can take a peek. Okay, I've got so many notes I can budget to spend this year come back next year. We don't know if I waste a second now in a second is never going to come back. I

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can't. I can't treat it like wealth. It's even greater than wealth. It's more precious than wealth. So what are some of the tips I'll give you a few tips and then we'll talk about spiritual solutions. Firstly, we need to get organized. Our lives are too cluttered. Nabi sallallahu Sallam had a very organized life. The more Your life is cluttered, the more your environment is cluttered, the more your mind becomes cluttered. So you simple, don't have too many items. If you can afford buy the best, buy the best of what you can afford, but buy only that much that you need. Keep your life confined to what you need, not what you want, because you will want something today and tomorrow.

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You don't want it any longer. It's like those kids, you know, when you take them to the mall, I want this I want this they they they put up a fuss. And then we give them the candy and how do you do you walk 10 meters down the line. They see another conditioner that you take it. This

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is real like that. Today we buy a gadget, right so you had iPhone x, and then they came out with the iPhone x something else. They change one feature now this is outdated. I need to pass it on. Because I want that to I need to know that extra feature. It isn't even relevant to my life, but I don't need it. I want it

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Keep things to the basics don't lead a cluttered life. The second thing, have a schedule, have an itinerary have a timetable. This isn't only for school going children. Because when you don't know from before the week starts what you're going to do for the week, before the month starts, what you're going to do for the month, before the day starts, what you're going to do for the day, before the year starts what you want to do for the year, if you don't know, then you're going to spend too much time trying to decide what to do.

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Successful people even by worldly standards before the week starts, they already know what they need to do for the week. Of course, circumstances may force you to change. Results are in the hands of Allah, but we need to plan that's the system of Allah. And

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Allah says the teacher SP expectations of me so be positive. They see heaven intentions journal. How many of us have that? How many of us have actually written down what we want to achieve in our lives? What is our five year plan? Not for the business for yourself? What is my one year plan? What is my plan for the month for the week, when you have that focus, of course, things will change, you will have to amend you will have to adjust but write it down because when you write it down, it becomes intentionality.

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Today people are writing books and making millions of dollars by talking about the power of intentionality, with no BS, a lot of them said it in the malaba to be net. Your actions are driven by the intentions. When you're writing things down, you're making an intention. Of course we don't have the power to bring it to fruition that is in the hands of Allah. But Allah has given us the ability to make the intention. So have a timetable have a schedule, exactly what you going to do for the day, because then you will waste time and I have seen I have seen people even in today's time and age, we

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are not in the best of ages. They treasure their time such that you and I if we go for hygiene armor, we said okay, once I enter the harem I start my bother these people know from the time that they exit the door of the Harmon put on their shoes, even that period where you're working from the door of the harem, to the door of your hotel room, they are reading Quran they are making Vicar, even that period must not go wasted in my life. And when you ask them, they say you know, I spent two weeks in Holloman, I made one atom of the Quran just in the period walking from the hotel window to the door of the harem. Forget what started after I ended the harem. So when you have a stick,

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you'll have an itinerary, then those periods in between don't go to waste. You know how to utilize them. They are the things break it into smaller tasks, otherwise it becomes overwhelming. Visualize doing it and doing it well. visualization has its power, it motivates you that if I do it and I do it, well these will be the benefits. And lastly, in terms of tips, break the monotony. You see Mashallah, today we live in in, in an EDD in an age of the greatest advancement. I've given you examples of communication. There are examples of travel from anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours, you can reach another point, whichever point it is, in less than 24 hours in less than a day.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:44

You can travel from any point in the world to any other point in the world. Travel communication, everything has become easy, but it has its side effects. For example, today we live in the age of instant gratification not too long ago, if you wanted a good supper, that to go and catch the chicken right out in the farm yard, slot eight, clean it, then do whatever they do with the meat, then cook it and presented it as a good couple of hours that went into it. Now, you go to the store, you buy one sachet, you pump it into a microwave three minutes later, you've got a meal. But it's had an impact on our psyche and our our essence. We've also become like machines, we've become stuck

00:33:44 --> 00:34:26

in the rut of routine, you know a machine, you flip the switch in the morning, it does the same thing over and over and over again until you flip the switch the other way in the evening. And the next day, same process next week, next month next year, same thing, you marvel at the precision of a machine. But at the same time the machine has got no variety, no nuance to it. Our lives have become like machines, we stuck in the same routine. We don't break the monotony. We don't go out. We don't connect with nature. We don't talk to people directly via gadget. We don't spend time with children appreciating the innocence, appreciating the beauty and the variety and the special, you know love

00:34:26 --> 00:34:43

that they inject or can inject into a person's life. So all of that is created an imbalance and when there's an imbalance, you get a rundown. You get stuck in routine you think you're busy but you're not productive in your life. So these are a few tips. I conclude by talking about a few spiritual solutions.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:46

You know sometimes brothers and sisters,

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

fellow Muslims, we think that the solution to our problems is in something very intricate, very sophisticated. You know, you kind of need a rocket scientist to figure it out. You must come with a blueprint. You need a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

seminar and all the experts will sit and then find the solution. But many times the solution is found in the basics of them. If you want to value your time, if you want to live a structured and organized life, if you want your life to be treated by you as precious, then schedule your entire life around your Salah. Don't try and inject your Salah into a schedule that I've already drawn up.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:41

Let me tell you a few things about Salah. We all know the virtues of Salah we know about the fact that Salah is compulsory sector Let me tell you what contemporary writers are writing about Salah right? There's a guy called Jonathan fields

00:35:42 --> 00:35:43

and he is written

00:35:44 --> 00:36:01

about the power of rituals and the Power of Habit. He says the world has become so topsy turvy, the world has become so topsy turvy that you need you need rituals, you need rituals. Why? Because it provides you that stabilizing factor in your life.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:12

That is what Salah does for us. You go out there in the world, you think you're going to have a good day everything's looking promising, and on one setback after the other, but then the mystery draws you in.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:27

It settles you a bit brings bring some balance revitalizes you re energizes you. It's a ritual. It creates structure creates balance. It creates routine. It creates consistency and consistency in your life.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:39

When you another example, Robin Sharma many of you may be familiar with this over. He said two good books. He's busy writing probably completed, he's written a book called the 5am Club.

00:36:41 --> 00:37:15

Now, it's not some club, a pub, the 5am Club is his conclusion after studying people from various backgrounds and genres, successful people. So movie stars, sports stars, politicians, business people, all those who are successful by raising standards. He's analyzed their lives, and he's come to the conclusion. But one common factor in all of their routine was that they're up and going by five o'clock in the morning. If he is a Muslim, respond to the call of a Salah to home in unknown at the time of Serato fudger. You have already made yourself part of the 5am Club.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:53

When I said why did these people get going in the morning because when you get going before everyone else to get a head start, you're much fresh in the morning. And then Allah has given us the spiritual dynamic that Allah has put a lot of Baraka in the early hours for Muslims. So nothing further gets you up early, it gets you spiritually charged. It puts you into your day. Now as you're starting to wear down, it's lunchtime, the mystery draws you in, it revitalizes you, it pushes you back out. Before your day concludes the last two three legs of any marathon are the most important. So the last hour or two of your working day you need added energy, spiritual energy. So the mystery

00:37:53 --> 00:38:34

brought you in for Serato as well as your days closing your closing with Serato. As you wrap up your wrap up on Saturday. That's the structure psychological, physical, physiological, spiritual, and every other benefit you will find in the world is going Gaga for yoga, pick superstars from the rest with all the money and the fame and the profile. They travel to the east looking for spirituality, la sing, respond to hi Anna Sara, respond to Ireland for the balance, the structure, the organization, the productivity, everything will fall into place. That's why I made it mandatory. We don't understand its benefits, but Allah has understood its benefits.

00:38:36 --> 00:39:14

Secondly, you need to know your purpose in life. How many of us if when every one of us if someone has to wake you up in the middle of the night? What's your name? Instant answer, you know your name. But if someone has to wake us up when someone asks us when we are the most alert, what's the purpose of your life? There will be a good few seconds silence before we attempt an answer, whether we will give the right answer. You know, yeah, this that. What What have you been created for? If you don't understand the purpose of your life, you didn't go to live your life in a way we chose that your life was precious. Now Allah says, We're not going up to a general in Sri Lanka boon. Allah says,

00:39:14 --> 00:39:53

I've created you to worship the famous verse of the Quran. We should as the scholars tell us, doesn't only encapsulate to encompass Salah or fasting or zeca, Hajj, those are direct forms of worship, but which appear and they sing I hate to do whatever you do in life, humans do it for my pleasure, in accordance to my teachings. So whether you're working, whether you're socializing, whether you're in the marital home, whether you are relaxing and sleeping, whether you are relieving yourself for eating, whatever you do to it for the pleasure of Allah s for the teachings of Allah, that's a bargain worship. Now when we say that we are the servants of the slaves of Allah. In the

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

English language, English is a rather limited language compared to Arabic the Arabic word is Leah Boone right either

00:40:00 --> 00:40:30

But we say serve until we say, slave name in English when you say slave and you think of Africans who are chained and being taken to the Americans to the Americas to be utilized as slaves. When you talk about servants you talk about you imagine those who have been oppressed and suppressed. But this widow, in Arabic, it has a beautiful connotation for meaning. And add ability is this. When you enslave yourself to Allah, that is when you liberate yourself from everything and everyone else.

00:40:31 --> 00:41:10

Today, people are talking about freedom, generations fight in the country that I come from. For decades, they fought for liberation, and they got political freedom. And 25 years later, they said he got political freedom, but we forgot about economic freedom, the colonialists to control the economy. So now they're talking about the second revolution. But now we're gonna fight for economic freedom. If you really want to be free, you have to enslave yourself to Allah. Otherwise, if you are not a slave to Allah, you will be a slave to something or someone else or everything and everyone else will be a slave to your career, to your desires, to something or the other. So if you

00:41:10 --> 00:41:50

understand your purpose in life, that I am the servant of Allah, Allah has given me this precious gift of life. I'm breathing, Abdullah bin Amaro de la Hanuman, when he was traveling with a barrage of Sahaba. He was much elder at that time he but when he passed away, he was a young man. And he was known to be meticulous and filling the University of Los Angeles. If you came from Medina to Makkah, he would stop the rest Exactly. Whenever you stop the rest. So he was not an old man, and he was the sheriff and he had all these students and they traveling, and he sees a grave and he stops. And on the side, he performs to the casula. So the students are very curious. fella, stop, you're ready to

00:41:50 --> 00:42:10

stop. He says no. So why did you stop? He said, You know, when I saw that grave, Allah put the foot in my mind, where whoever is resting in that grave, they may have the desire to perform to the cuts of Salah, but they no longer have the opportunity. As long as I'm breathing, I still have that opportunity. But I don't know for how much longer I will live. So I stopped immediately and suddenly just to perform

00:42:12 --> 00:42:52

your purpose in life you need to understand today, Stephen Covey has written a book, many of you may have seen it The Seven Habits of successful people. And he says, one of the seven habits is that you start with the end in mind. And when I did this, I thought to myself, so panela we were taught this as young kids. From a young age we are taught, well, you will hear that your end is when you will stand before long the day of karma. If you live your life with the end in mind, then you will be successful in this world. But more importantly, you will be successful in Docker as well. When we talk about pupusas Muslims, it's not only spiritual so to speak, it's not only being humble and

00:42:52 --> 00:43:33

disinclined, from dunya. This this one fundamental misunderstanding in the Ummah today, we think, the dunya this worldly life is despised and it stands condemned No. nowhere in the Quran where you will find Allah condemning. Dunya Allah condemns higher to dunya making this life Your objective, making the trappings and the fineries of this life your goal that is condemned Otherwise, this way he life is precious, that is exactly what I said the currency which Allah has given us to invest in the everlasting life of the after dunya masataka. That's why it is the relation of unexplained Malika Viola Han, we're going to be a fuller said that Listen, if we're busy planting a tree, and

00:43:33 --> 00:43:52

the announcement is made that claim is going to take place. First complete what you have to do, then embrace piano. So as Muslims, we must be, we must we must have motivation in us, we must have pride in us. Wherever we do, we must dude, well, we must do it with excellence in the law to Allah. Allah.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:19

Allah loves that whenever you do a youth cleaner, who do it with perfection do it with excellence, Muslims or people who just float in life. Muslims can never be those who waste time. Muslims can never be those who don't understand how precious life is. The greatest power these days will lie is not to open the Quran and open the Bible and just to do a comparison that has its place. The greatest that are in many ways and in many parts is to show how Muslims excel at whatever they do.

00:44:20 --> 00:44:32

You want to break stereotypes against Islam and Muslims show the world how to do things that they also do but with excellence with spiritual motivation. We live in this world but with the right mind.

00:44:33 --> 00:44:41

Those who live in this world with only this world in mind, they are the ones who can't overcome setbacks. They are the ones who when they stumble, they can pick themselves up.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

In a law, everything is decreed by law. Sometimes it goes good sometimes it doesn't go so good. It goes well, shocker. You may gratitude, it doesn't go sober. Patience, when it goes your way. We attribute it to Allah. when things don't go good. We attribute it to yourself and you see how you can improve yourself.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:33

In the simple teachings of Islam, we have the philosophies to live a great life, even in today's time and age, even in this sophisticated and developed and technologically advanced life that we live in. So you need to understand your purpose in life and make Salah central to whatever you do. I mentioned two or three things and we conclude, you know, in these basic teachings of our Deen, there's so much that we can glean, to be productive to make our lives more valuable. Take widow, if you ever feeling lethargic, which is a normal human tendency, you're feeling a bit

00:45:35 --> 00:45:39

sluggish, make a proper video and then see how refreshed you feel.

00:45:43 --> 00:46:25

Try and stay in the state of Voodoo for as long as you can make widow before you sleep apart from the reward that spiritual revitalization trite it's absolutely amazing weather is not only for the time of sub liquor. There's this famous duration that we are all acquainted with the beloved daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Fatima to Zahara de la vida. She comes in she says, My Father, I have so much of work at home. Can you get me an assistant, someone who can help me with the chores of the home? And then it'd be if Allah did not have any one of the time resources was case. So he teaches us teaches her the famous dispute Fatima, let's say Subhana Allah 33 times 133

00:46:25 --> 00:46:43

times and allow for 34 times after every Salah. Have you ever thought that she's asking for physical assistance, you're gonna be telling her something to recite? What's the link and the scholar say, that Vicar will give you added spiritual energy which will make your physical work easier.

00:46:45 --> 00:47:23

It'll make your physical work easier. How many of us start off our day with the end of our day with Vicar make Vicar in between. Because as much as you need physical energy which you get through the physical food, you assume a human is a combination of body and soul. Today, we focus all of our energies, all of our efforts, all of our resources on nourishing the body, but very little and nourishing the soul and that's why there's this disconnect, and this imbalance. That's why you feel so hollow inside. Because internally, you're in a state of paralysis, and externally in the gym and you're developing a six pack. So you very fit physically, but you're very unfit spiritually and

00:47:23 --> 00:47:56

there's a disconnect between these two dimensions of your existence, real and just said body and soul good together otherwise your corpse and the room is more important because the rope was created first, at death brings an end to the physical movements of the body, not to the soul. The soul is simply removed from the body and it's transferred into another room into another existence that soon will come back into a body and there is no take place so we don't nourish the soul and the food of the soul is thicker. The food of the soul is recitation of the Quran, the food of the soul of Salah, the home of the soul is the mystic.

00:47:58 --> 00:48:40

What about is too far? You see, sin burdens you? Sim is what makes you the project sluggish. It makes you forget your purpose in life. That's why who the Elisa Lam said to his people. They were physically very strong. If you've traveled and I've seen you go to Jordan, you go to a place called Petra, Petra, as they say in Arabic. And you'll see that the coma ad and the coma, coma, the mood. They actually at such power that they could carve houses in the mountain bear rock. It's so strong. It was obviously in existence today. But he said to them, You are in sin. You're in sin from Mr. Philip baucom Tantra line repentance is the the comb Illa

00:48:41 --> 00:49:18

Allah will grant you even greater strength. Allah will make it even more productive. Allah will give you even a better life if you tend to align repentance. So these are the basics. What am I doing my precious, understand your purpose, remind yourself of your purpose or the time structure your whole itinerary and life around Salah. Make within a constant make Vicar don't like to be a crutch in your life. That whenever you don't want to do something, McBride happens to be an excuse in your life. Make dua be the bridge between you and Allah, that whatever you do, you don't rely on yourself rely on Allah. Whatever you do, you're given a spiritual dimension by connecting to Allah via

00:49:18 --> 00:49:55

supplication. Bring sigma into your life. I can't give you all the examples. You know, time is short. But you will find in every Sunday you find greater wisdom and greater benefit to the secrets of life. do for others. The greatest contentment, the greatest way you can use your time is the words of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, her nurse and Family Nurse, the best of people are those who have the most benefit to others. So, in conclusion, we're all breathing, but for how much longer we don't know. Allah has given us all life and life is precious, but life is also something for which we will be held accountable and

00:49:56 --> 00:50:00

we are not only going to be held to account that where did you get your money from and how

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

Did you spend your money that question is there, but the question before that I gave you life now account for how you spent your life. Therefore, a Muslim should be motivated, a Muslim should be passionate, a Muslim should be focused, a Muslim should be disciplined, a Muslim should be productive, the read must see a person and they must be able to see this is the person who leads his life for the values of Islam. This is a person who understands that life is precious. Otherwise we will never prosper individually or as an oma. Today we are talking about the needs of the woman how to achieve unity and how to recapture the glory days of Islam. But if we can't bring structure if we

00:50:39 --> 00:51:03

can't be disciplined if we can't manage our own time, if we can't manage our own lives, how will we prosper individually, let alone collectively Remember, you live only once. So you have to make every second count deep now, because sometimes later becomes never sometimes later becomes never let me leave you with this thought.

00:51:05 --> 00:51:18

The beggar and the billionaire, the beggar on the one hand, and the billionaire on the other hand, both of them when they wake up in the morning, they have 24 hours ahead of them.

00:51:19 --> 00:51:20

It just depends on what they do with it.

00:51:21 --> 00:51:39

The beggar and the billionaire, the same 24 hours, you have the same opportunity. You have the same life. You are also but an accumulation of a number of seconds for which you will live. It depends on what you do with it. We will examine all of us that are FICO sallallahu wasallam albaraka Nabina Muhammad, WA,

00:51:41 --> 00:51:52

ala domina salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It's been wonderful meeting you brothers. The last time I came, I saw the old center, beautiful the center Mashallah and a year, this is just a stepping stone to something even greater

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