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Under earning Mohammed

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed comesa Lita Allah Ibrahim on earlier Rahim Allah Hama Burdick Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed gamma Baraka Ibrahim while early Ibrahim Fei lemina inaka hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Mohammed in filler William was Allah wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina Muhammad emefiele F 18 Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina Muhammad in filma illallah Muhammad Rahim Allah hum Alabama Johanna minocqua and alvine with a kidnapping homeland of Siena. It's a blessing and hamdulillah that we're able to be visited by the blessing 10 days of the ledger. Although there's a great sorrow

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and sadness that we are unable, as many many of the Muslim oma are unable to attend to the hedger this year. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah consoles us with our ability to continue to worship him to ask of him to make dua to him, to seek of him subhanho wa Taala what we cannot seek from others, that Allah subhana wa tada honors us in this life and in the next, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah forgives us, our students and our mistakes, and insha Allah that intent over the next nine days in sha Allah up and including the day of alpha, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah blesses us with the day of alpha that we can atone for our mistakes and our sins and turn to him and seeking forgiveness

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and asking Him for His mercy subhana wa tada in the way that is sincere and personal in our hearts between us and him, but in also a way that we join together as a community from different places and different times. And may this be a reason and a facility for it, that we can come together? asking Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us our errors, Allah I mean, later on today, for some of you, if it's your Sunday or for us in Australia, it'll be tomorrow morning. I have a talk about the lessons that we can learn from the tradition of the prophets. I send them in his head. You can find this on my social media streams and also through unmeasurable Institute's social media streams in sha Allah, I

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hope that you'll join with me it'll be 5pm New York time 5am Perth time, KL time in sha Allah, please do join us if you're able to be even in the heater either as a way of elevating your door if you want to put it in combination with other good things. I do recommend in Sharla that you take a consideration for the project that I have, which is a sponsorship for orphans project, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it something that we can sponsor 1000 orphans this year, but in the lohit Allah we're more than halfway through And may Allah Open your hearts to that cause each and every morning each and every night for these nine or 10 days I'm going to initiate to draw for myself for

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my family for you and your family. And I pray that the last panel with Allah is answerable to us on account of the genuine misses of our heart, the trueness of our purpose, and that we've turned only to him. So hands on with Allah seeking from him what we could not ever seek from other than Him. And I asked you in sha Allah to say I mean to continue with your prayers whether you are listening in your headphones or watching along, make your army as I make up for you. We turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the Lord Almighty the Almighty Allah is the one true God, the one who we can never account for his praises. And he is the only one who can count for his praise as for himself. He is

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the one who sent us I want to be you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to lead us to his sublime counters and face exalted is the position of Allah subhana wa Tada. He has power and ability and strength over all things and all decree over our life and all that which he has brought into creation. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to honor us with a worship of him that is sincere. And that is in conformity in the teaching of our Wu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and upon his sooner We ask Allah subhana wa to Adam,

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to grant us refuge and protection from knowledge that doesn't benefit us that we don't put into practice. We ask Allah to protect us from hearts that are not humbled in devotion to him. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from eyes that do not shed a tear or weep out of love and longing and fear of him. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah grants us power and supremacy over our sinful inner cravings that may be and that may never be satisfied. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala allows us to have our supplications and hours are elevated and heard by him. A lamenting that now that we come in at midday, young women have been Nyasha I mean, even the third man, woman Neff seen

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last touch by a woman do I

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Lie you smile or hammer Rahim Allah we ask you with your most perfect words and most perfect names to protect your anger and your punishment to protect us from the evil that may reside within your creation and your servants and that you do not let the touching the appearance of the shell team ever be present in our life. Now that we Kelly Mantilla hit met him in hobby he was a hobby washer very bad he was in hamazon at Chez lt and we're going to rune Allah him I mean, I will always ask you for your strengths and your ability that it be in work of that which we seek of good in this life, that you extend it to us by your leave and your permission that you give us method Amina semma

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er hammer Rahim. Allah we request of you the request of those who are weak and needy, those who are seeking you and have no one to turn to but you yet Allah, Oh Allah we recognize that the sacred of this of this month the prohibitions that you have made upon us are for our own good yeah of Hamad Rahim, Allah allow us as we enter into the month of the hedger the conclusion of this Islamic calendar year for us yeah, Allah, that you seal your favor upon us to Allah, that you have accepted from us the month of Ramadan yet Allah that you made us and counted us from those who stood before you in prayer in Les little cordrea Allah, that you are from those who are hammer I mean, who has

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forgiven us our sins that which we know we have committed and that which we have forgotten or had been led astray India Allah, Allah, we ask you in the sacredness of this month to make us from those who are protecting to the boundaries that you have sent to our Navy Mohammed's I sell them that we are from those whose hearts are awake to send me and now apart from that we hear the command of our Lord and we obey. We ask you a lot to make us from those who are mithila ame. Those who are subdued and turned over to you in obedience and in humility of law. We pray out Hama raha mean that you allow us to be from those who grant security to those who are in fear, and that our wealth be a cure

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for those who are sick, and then our prosperity be a remedy for the austerity and the needs of others. We asked Dr. Hyman rahimian to give us joy in bringing joy into other people's lives. Yeah, Allah allow us to be from those who end the poverty and the hunger of the needy and the orphans health law. We ask you I'll hammer I mean to use us for good and not use others instead of us Allah, we ask Allah to bless us with love in our heart that will bar us from hate out of love. We ask you your hammer I mean to bless us with the risk that doesn't distract us from you yet a lot from risk so that is beneficial in our dealings with others. Yeah, I'll hammer rahimian we asked you Yeah,

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carry gear carry Maria as is. Yeah, or hammer raha mean, we asked you a lot to make us from those who put their strengths in that which is pleasing to you yeah, of love. And that we find our submissive enough center humility and our humbleness in all that which is pleasing to you that a lot. We ask you a lot to give us sabrine the times of calamity and to temper us whenever we are in a state of anger, to allow us to calm down and be able to restrict ourselves from that which will bring injury to ourselves and others with words or actions Allah we ask you to give us humility when we are in ascension and success above others. Yeah, Allah, we ask you to grant us the ability to

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forgive when we have been offended Yeah, Allah to show kindness when we are in superiority and authority over others yet Allah that we are charitable and have a love for giving Yeah, Allah when we have found wealth in our households or when we are in austerity in difficulty that we always have a share for others. Yeah, Allah. We ask you, Mr. Amin to bless us with a hora Anna Levine, allow us to learn of it that which we may have not yet learned. And allow us to remember of it that which we've been have been led to be to have forgotten Yeah, a lot. We asked you to permit us to remember you in the days and in the evenings. Yeah, as long as we wake and as we go to sleep, Allah, we ask

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you to illuminate our heart with your words, to release our stress and our attention and our difficulties with its rhythm and it sounds Yala. We asked you to elevate us here our hammer I mean, with your spirit with the spirit of law of the hammer, I mean, cleanse us from our errors with the healing of the Quran. Allah Allah make the otter Anna Schieffer and Luma is sudo make it a cleansing and healing and removal for all that which hurts and harms and perturbs our hearts. Allah, increase our love for you through our learning and the study of the whole Ania Allah allow us to meditate upon its wisdom and to practice it and to teach it to others Allah. We asked you or hamara amin to

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curious with Allah for aniline and to protect us with His blessings of love.

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They asked you to make as followers of the Navy Mohammed Salah How do you sell them to lead us to his sooner that we love it more than we love any other way of life out of love, and that we are of those who follow it internally so that it can show and flourish externally in our behaviors and words and clothes and habits Allah, we asked you to our hammer rahimian to make us from those who will be recorded in the record of ileen those who are worthy of passing a Serato stuffing and being of those who enter Gen metal Ferdowsi with our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask your hammer Rahimi to grant us your favor to forgive us our sins to complete your forgiveness upon

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us that leaves no trace yet Allah reform us and upgrade ESEA Allah in the best of ways your hammer I mean, yeah Allah except our deeds that we will perform in these 10 days Yeah, Allah, Ya Allah open our heart to charity of law, open our heart to reading more of the poor Ania Allah open our heart to making the morning Vicar in the evening the Korea of love, open our heart to being forgiving of those who have wronged us, Allah to being of those who are inviting to those who have turned us away yet Allah, Allah we ask you to give grant us a conscious heart and a softness in our ways and dealings yet Allah to make us content with your laws even when they oppose that which is desirous

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for sex law. We ask Allah to protect us from the illnesses and sicknesses of the heart and soul yet Allah, Allah protect us from envy, from arrogance from pride and from showing off yet Allah we ask you out of hammer Rahimi to grant us your shade under the arshia Allah on the day of clear May Allah we ask you to shield us and increase us and protect us and love us and show us your mercy and grant us Baraka in our days and nights. Yeah, Allah, we ask you are hammer I mean to make us from those who are saved with the oma of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or burner vollum net and fuson our lm duffie Lin our thumbnail Anna coonan nominal ha serene all Allah we have wronged

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ourselves and if you don't forgive us and show us forgiveness, then we will be from those who are losers yeah La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in Macomb to be nobody mean there is no god no deity except that is you. Yeah, a lot. We ask you to grant us forgiveness glorious. Are you Yeah, Allah. Don't let us be from those who remain as wrongdoers out of love. What to Ballina in the cantata web Rahim Allah Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us your forgiveness. Yeah, however, I mean, except that we're repentance makers from those who turn back to you yeah, Allah when we have gone too far. Except for mercy or hammer. I mean, you are the most merciful and the most forgiving. Yeah, a lot of

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Benelli to FEMA Mussina. fourtner robina Willa Tamil Allah in His song Emma Hamilton who Allah the naming coplanar Robin I will add to him in MLA Pol Pot lnav he was for I never felina or Hannah and demo Lana Fon sorta now I love homie caffeine. Yeah Allah don't blame us and hold us accountable for that times we have forgotten or a fallen into error. Oh Allah we ask you to forgive us into light in our burden in this life and not to place upon us that which is more than we can withstand a lot. Oh Allah we ask you to forgive us and to guide us and to have mercy upon us and pardon ESEA Allah, Ya Allah you are the protector give us victory and give us sufficiency and give us assistance against

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those who have rebelled against you. Yeah, Allah. Allah Benelli to zacuto when about the iva de tener Oh Allah we ask you yeah hammer I mean to allow our our hearts not to deviate from you once we have found this guidance here luck and give us from yourself Your mercy Allah Ya Allah we ask you to grant us Your mercy I'm a raw I mean, the ILA ILA and Subhan Allah in econ two minute volume in Ravenna it nafi Jr. Has anatomical karate has another walk in other but now I will always ask you for good in this life. Good in the next life and to protect us from the punishment of Hellfire are open at the hub Elmina in Mecca and a semi alim Robin at the hot Bellman in NACA enter semi oral

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alim whatever Alina mo learner in NACA entered the web or Rahim robina headland I mean as well as you know whether Ria Tina kurata Union which annnnnd mustafina imama or Allah bless us and from our families that which will be pleasing to us, Allah and make us Imams and guiders to that which is right yet Allah in this life and in the next year I'll hammer amin, Allah home and Torah biela illa Illa Allah antarabangsa illa Illa and Allah you are my Lord You are all of our Lord the law there is no God that we turn to but you eat a lot haluk then I wanna know IV q created us and we know that we are Your servants yet Allah.

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We're in deca, deca must alter and we will

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mean upon this covenant and the promise of faithfulness to you Oh Allah alone yeah or hammer Brahimi now the becoming Cerulean our Santa Ana, we ask Allah to protect us from the evil that we have committed. Whenever we lack habanero medica Alina, we turn to you acknowledging your favorite to us yeah Allah fildena accept from us our asking for your forgiveness. Yeah, Allah Fallowfield Lennar for in the whole day of fiddle don't obey no one forgives them but you yeah Allah no one forgives the sins but you yeah Allah allow us to be from those who have the record cleanse in these 10 days yeah Allah make us from those who are successful in our pursuit with our families and our homes and

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our children our teaching Allah make us from those who are successful believers here are hammer I mean, Allah in the capital into him Allah for Allah you love to pardon and forgive sins forgive us and pardon our sins. You are the most forgiving out hammer. I mean, I love making that no, oh, they'll be coming. They'll have me We'll have them all we ask you to protect us from anxiety, fear and grief. Yeah, love. We know that we come in a lot. I mean, a large civil castle, we asked you to protect us from inability and cowardice and laziness. Yeah, a lot. went over the weekend in a W one booklet we ask you to protect us from being those who are stingy and unwilling to share of their

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battle cat and their height with others when they become an unlimited Dania MacArthur region. Although we asked you to protect us from being under the watchful eye of others who are seeking us harm and under the burden of data Allah, Allah letting them know that becoming a human lay unfair, or law protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit us. Yeah, Allah, whenever they're being chemins aware, linea emetic, we ask Allah to protect us from the loss of the favors that you have bestowed what the How will he ethic and that you will change for us the will being that we have into difficulty Allah, Oh Allah maintain now where will being a hammer I mean, where Pooja attended

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qmatic Allah we ask you to protect us from the unexpectedness of your anger against us for our sins your love with me I saw heartache and from anything that angers you Yeah, Allah, Allah may now know the becoming cheramie man I mean, women surely man I'm not a man. Oh Allah, we ask you to protect us from the things that we have done when I leave now I mean, who am I alumna and him from that which we are aware of and that which we are unaware of Allah, Allah may now know they'll be coming either be Janet woman either. Although we asked you to protect us from the punishment of jahannam from the punishment of the graveyard, Allah when we fit net in my hair when my mad from all of the trials

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that we will face in this life and as we enter into death woman surely fitting that in myself in the jail and from the protect us from the fitna. And the test and the trial of the deception of the digital Allahumma amin allow me No, no, they're becoming more karate lafley when he when he will do that. I mean, we ask you a lot to protect us from all of the undesirable and evil morals and deeds from undesirable and evil desires that we may inflict our hearts and from the diseases that are found in society, along making that know that becoming jagdalpur whether Sha was who is about to add that your hammer I mean, we ask you to protect us.

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We ask you to protect us from the distress of any trial that we will face from the lawlessness and the misery and the difficulty of depression. Yeah, Allah from the perversity of difficulties of faith that we are seeking to counter yeah Allah and from having malicious rejoicing enemies who may seem to be friends outwardly Allah, Allah filled in our home now and in our half in our look now what a foreigner, Allah, Allah we ask you to forgive us and to show us mercy and to guide us and to grant us good health and apophenia Allah and to provide for us and increase our sub segments Yeah, Allah. Allah the dilemma for ourselves you know whether the cleaner females of Allah, Allah increase

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our risk and put Baraka and what we have yeah Allah Allah mustard our atina wherever mineral it now Allah conceal our fault and remove from us our fears Yeah, I'm not right I mean, Allah join us in the rink of intervene, without whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah make these days days where we grow into greater love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah Musalia Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed came so late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed come about Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Philomena in the comedian Majeed souhan are become Bill essity I'm Maya seafood wa salam ala mursaleen when hamdulillah here on Bilal amin, also

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Lila Houma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, early wasapi was a limiter Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik. Alessi Ed now Habib

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Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the bufalo be with you, whatever you have Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim to Sleeman kathira. Before I depart in sha Allah, I just wanted to encourage you to continue to do some good as I regularly do for those of you who are with me in the month of Ramadan, I maintain this with you now, may Allah Subhana Allah grant you higher in sha Allah, make you and I from those who are blessed in this life and blessed in the next life along mean, may Allah Subhana Allah grant us ease and success and facility. And one of the ways we can do this in sha Allah as I'm sharing it with you, is to continue

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to be a blessing, a blessing for other people's lives. I have begun a little bit earlier, the best 10 days campaign, and I'm hoping that we can sponsor 10 orphans each and every day, for the first 10 days of the hijjah in sha Allah. These are real children, so pound Allah, who have real difficulties and problems. May Allah protect our homes and our families. Some of their names are there for you. And their locations. Of course, we can't give you the first and last name just due to privacy, but these are their ages in the localities. We've endeavored to make it from across the world from Sera, Lanka, to Lebanon,

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to Yemen, to Palestine and hamdulillah. I've completed 160 Palestinian children have been sponsored and therefore you don't find them in this particular list. And then hamdulillah these children are from Syria, Lanka, Somalia and Lebanon. And Yemen. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah opens all of our hearts to be able to do good for this. May Allah Subhana Allah support you. There's a link for it on

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this particular session, and I'll just share it with you in the chat in sha Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala make it of Baraka and ease for all of us, Allah I mean, while sallallahu wasallam was it what baddeck Allah says in and we're happy now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I hope to see you again in the morning was said Mr. Deacon what I'm not a lie. You're Baraka