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Early Mohammed come about Dr. Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim allama, Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in commercial name, Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim, along abetik Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed income about borrowing or earlier Haemophilia lemina in Academy doomadgee along Mosul, Yamaha marihuana early Mohammed in comas Allah tala Ibrahim Ibrahim alarm abetik Allah Mohamed Abu Mohammed income abakada Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Hema Filomena NACA Hamid Majeed alomost Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in canasa late Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim FLIR lemina in muddy

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Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed II wanna early Mohammed in comas on late on Ibrahimovic early Rahim Allah Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed in kabarak tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Avila let me know in Dhaka Hamid Maddy.

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In these plus 10 days We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to illuminate our hearts with his words, to release our distress, to grant us elevation in our spirit with the message of the Quran to cleanse us from our errors and to remove impurities from our heart, to increase our love for him Subhana Allah to Allah through our wisdom that we gather from the Quran, we pray that Allah Subhana without acuerdos with alpha and alvine heals us with it heals us internally and externally by it's about okay a lot. We ask Allah to make us from those who are endearing and in in loved by our families and our colleagues and our workplace. We ask this love to be because of the love that you put in the

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hearts of mankind for us a lot. We ask you your hammer I mean to protect us from sin and folly and evil practice Yeah, a lot. from Ben avernum net info center we're in London Finland are handling gold and amino mineral cassadine Oh Allah we've wronged ourselves considerably. We ask you to forgive us to show us mercy and to allow us to be from those who are pardoned and if you don't forgive us yeah, Allah we will always remain as losers detached from you. Yeah, Allah protect us from detachment from you. Yeah, Allah protect us from loving the dunya more than we love our fellow Yeah, Allah protect us from seeking to fulfill our worldly desires at the expense of our spiritual

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state and our outfit Alia Allah, we asked you out to I mean, to open for us the avenues and gateways to all good to increase our risk and our blessing in our homes. Yeah, a lot. We asked you to give us Sabra when we are tested in life yet Allah to grant us ease and kindness when we are in a state of anger and power and authority over others out of luck. We asked for your hammer I mean, to forgive us our trespasses and to lead us to an increase in knowledge that moves us away from lala land and into hidayah. Allah, we ask you about the sacredness of this month of the hijjah and as we enter it, that you open our hearts to the weak and the needy, we ask Allah as those who are needy before you

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went and honey you want to handle for Allah, you were the one without need and we are the ones who are immediate Allah, we ask you your hammer I mean to strengthen us with the strength that you can provide, and allow us to have ability and movement because it is only through you Yeah, Allah La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in decontaminant volley mean I acknowledged my mistake there is none that I turn to in worship but you will Allah forgive us y'all tomorrow I mean, except that will repentance and topia Allah except for Masha Allah I will do I know we're a bad and now we're deeds Yeah, Allah, make us from those who are praiseworthy in this dunya and Allah make us from those who

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are more see me than what clean and McCullough seen. And Mina said the Luna Wallonia Allah, we ask Allah to increase this in beneficial knowledge, to protect us from knowledge that is in practice, yet Allah to protect us from the illnesses and sicknesses of the heart of envy and anger s and arrogance and pride yet Allah protect us from seeking to show off and to claim that which we have not produced yet Allah, we asked you to invite us once again to your sacred house to allow us to facilitate the embryo Allah, to allow us to be carried to the hygiene of Allah, we ask you to grant a shade on the Day of Judgment beneath your arshia Allah, we ask you to improve our habits and our

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behavior in dealing with each other yet Allah to reward our spouses with the best reward and allow them and us to struggle for the betterment of our families. Yeah, Allah. We ask you your hammer. I mean to join us at

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Our families in gender to Philadelphia have lot to make us from those who are able to assist each other as families physically and emotionally and spiritually Allah, that we become good parents and that our children become the best of children to us how Allah, Allah save our children from the negative impact of making mistakes in their lives. Yeah, Allah allow us to assist them to rectify and redeem themselves when they have fallen. Yeah, Allah allow us to protect our family from evil and calamities and envy years in the shale teen of men and jinya Allah, Allah protect our children from harm from harming themselves and illnesses yet Allah protect us and them from disbelief and

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from the haraam actions and from sinful wayward friends out of law. We ask Allah to reunite us in our entire lineage in genital for those who that whenever you mohammedia Allah, we ask for your hammer Rimini, Allah of him, to make us from those who are granted forgiveness and grant our parents forgiveness, yeah, Allah. Allah forgive our parents for they have struggled when they wanted to raise us yeah, Allah, allow us to fulfill our dealings with with them in equity without sinfulness in our disobedience to them, Allah, Allah elevate the ranks of our parents, our brothers and our sisters, our elders in the entire omo mohammedia Allah, Allah save us from the trials Allah make us

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from those who are blessed and look forward to the day that we will return to you yeah, Allah a day that we have fulfilled our prayers and have shown love to those who are around us. Yeah, Allah, Allah you are the one alone who opens hearts and removes feebleness and weakness from them you know Allah, Yoruba strength in our stands and make our feet firm and the difficulties that we face in my field Allah, Allah strengthen us by the ability to stand before you in the night and worship Allah Allah. Allah allow us not to be weakened by lewd desires yet Allah Allah lift from us our fear and insecurity with the forehead and your protection yet Allah extinguished from us in our records our

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Cinzia Allah allow us to overcome our sinful impulses Yeah, Allah make our charity a reason for the extinguishing of our errors in your angry Allah brighten our faces yet Allah bright in our children's faces with the nor of the hora Ania Allah yeah Nora similarity well out of all Allah you are the light of the heavens and the earth we ask you of your life to Allah. Allah whom I know what hoodoo better overlap with light in our hearts well we're not we're Oh Lana. We're upside in our asthma in a law put light in our mind in our sight in our hearing it Allah Allah put light all around us Allah much I led an aura alarm which I thought I don't want out with that done an auto and

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a man in our and chiming in in an auto Amina mmm you know i mean hopefully then more or less around us with light the light of your protection Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to send your complete salutations and greetings upon whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family and companions Allah, Allah we turn to you seeking near miss to our prophets, I send them in loving his son that traditionelle Allah, Allah put love in our hearts for I wouldn't be useful Allahu alayhi wa sallam, because from those who follow him in his way in a way that is not

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sinful, yet Allah increases in our love for his sunette in his habitat Allah makers for those who are able to seek forgiveness before I will return to Allah, Allah what he's looking at though with him. koblin Murthy out how do I mean? Allah may now lead the cricket worship cricket was nearby. That's all we ask you to assist us to remember you well remember you often and to worship you as you deserve to be worshipped to Allah We will never be able to praise you as you deserve to be worshipped and praise Allah, but lead us to praising you for I mean, we call one to none but you hear Allah we call you with your most blessed names and your most beautiful attributes and

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descriptions. Allah God Amen. Leon Rahim Maria Ali urea, Kareem, Maria Avi Maria many Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Malik and wikia they'll jewellery will crop. We ask you your how you are you we are 100 we have a nun to show us your fever in these blessings 10 days and to open to us the doors of all good yeah a lot. We supplicate to you and with you with the answer Yeah, Allah we ask you and with you alone is the answer. Yeah, Allah, we turn to you and we find protection with you only Allah we seek and vow to worship you alone. Yeah, Allah give us ability and strength to worship you until the very end. Yeah, I mean, also Lila Hama wa sallam was it robotic LSAT, no heavy winner whenever you

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know Muhammad Sallallahu It was good buffalo we were there. I have Allah make the profits. I sell them the medicine of our hearts and the healing. And the cure that we take through is sooner and traditionally I mean, were aware and then hamdulillah you're up there hi Lamine also lillahi wa Sallim wa barik Ls et now heavy. We're on Amina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. salamati warahmatullah