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ICNA National Dawah Academy


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the curriculum for the upcoming class on Islam, which aims to teach the concept of Islam and the importance of understanding the names and attributes of Islam. The curriculum will cover the names and attributes of Islam, and the goal is to teach the concept of the God. The speaker also mentions a book called " Know Your Lord" and plans to teach the concept of the Lord's children.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah watershed who Allah ilaha illallah wa Debu luxury color was shadow unknown Mohammed and Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa as well as the Omaha marine wildlife Manitoba home BSN Dean

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pulled her the CBD adoro il Allah, Allah basura.

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This is, you know, the chapter of Dawa chapter use of, and I call it the chatter of dry because that really is done through the character.

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You know, enough talk enough, you know if you can talk to the talk, then walk the walk.

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But that verse, which is really the the slogan of should be the slogan of every person who wishes to give Dawa to Islam, they say, oh, Muhammad, this is my way of giving Tao, a doe Allah Allah, either bossy Euro, Allah basura.

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Having clear insight,

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crystal clear insight regarding what I'm calling you to.

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Insight means here that I believe it.

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I'm not calling you to something, I doubt I believe it. I love it. And I'm very good. In conveying to you.

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Anna, the Prophet said, Anna, I will monitor Annie. And anyone who wishes to follow my foot steps in giving Tao

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we live in the West in America.

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And America is a very unique community, because

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originally, the foundation was Christian. And then some Judaism was there. And then now we have all these other

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groups, religious groups, Hindus and all these others. But still, the blue dominant,

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you know, wave is Christianity. And atheism, I think there is a battle between them there who's going to talk and who's not going to talk that's relevant to me, but in my opinion, one day atheism will

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pass or supersede

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Christianity, unfortunately, because of the Illumina has because of the school curriculum, the school curriculum is a good source of atheism in the United States of America. Now, but until this happens, we're dealing with blue dominant Christian community. Maybe also if you're gonna find some Christian, some atheists who used to be Christians. And the reason why they are atheists because Christianity did not meet the expectation spiritually and they were looking for something else and they couldn't find it. So they decided to become

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Molina atheists. That the point I'm trying to make here we have a scenario that happened during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The prophet had at one time he wanted to send someone to Yemen, which used to be abroad dominant Christian, slash Jews, also they used to live there. Hmm, some of the

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negativity, the prophet decided to invoice send more admirable and he said to him in architetti, Holman Allah kita, the place where you're going to is Christian and those so let be the first thing that you call them to is the heat

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is they'll eat.

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Annual Wahidullah. There is a weird thing by the way. Of course the common and famous Hadith wording of this hadith is the Hakuna Matata Houma la isla ilaha illallah by

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam and this is where the significance of the class inshallah looking forward to teaching which is the names and the attributes of Allah

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loss of Hannah Horta, Christian and Jews, they believe in a God, he need to understand that if you go and talk to them or God, they believe in a God. But what is the issue? The concept is distorted.

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The concept of the God is the story. Who is God? Like some Muslim sects, you know, we have some Muslim sects who believe God is Allah is everywhere. Allah can be part of His creation, like the Christian theology, I mean, we have some Muslims who propagate stuff like that which is not founded. So, the only way for you to

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correct and rectify the concept of Allah, the concept of the God, Allah subhanaw taala, in the minds of Christians, in the minds of Jews, is

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master mastering and perfecting the names and the attributes of Allah. And then you think that I'm going to be explaining names and attributes? No, I'm actually going to spend almost half of the curriculum on how to understand yourself, the names and the beautiful, how can you yourself, explain the names and I'm going to teach you how to understand the names and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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The curriculum is going to be very simple and

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to cover that atheists side.

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You know, when when people explain to hate,

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you know, the people who follow the Quran and Sunnah not the people who want to follow their own heretical

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Because the people who you know that grave worshipers every day they want to seek out hate like the Arab that like the big Arabs, which is what Tao hate is only a Ruby that you believe Allah created me, that's it. But that will give it to someone else, you can give the attributes of Allah Otto to your shifter, the car for your engraved purchaser, you can call that when you explain the heat, there are three ways to go about it three ways.

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Number one, that famous approach the three,

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though, hey, we are Lulu here, and asthma or SIFAT. So this is by the second what's the one I adopt in my writing? Is il l MI, l Amily. That you combine the lordship with the names and the attributes, and you call this though hadal recognition that the knowledge of Allah Who is Allah, and then Lulu, here is one time.

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In this class, I'm going to adopt this because I want to cover the area of the atheist, where you begin with proving that Allah exist to

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he is the low three, no one is like him that needs the attributes, and then you worship him. We're not going to go so much into the worship here because we want them to accept this first we want them to accept Allah exist. And that would apply only to an atheist because a Christian and Jew knows that Allah exists. Now, a Christian and Jew Come let's talk about the Lord children. Let's talk about the names and the attributes of Allah. This is the curriculum and brief in sha Allah. I'm very much looking forward the ideas to this I have a book called Know your Lord. That's where I'm going to be teaching the curriculum from insha Allah