The Greatest Generation #10 Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Amara Dylon was a genius. And when he became the halifa,

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after the death of Bach for the law one, he started so many things to develop a system in the Muslim state. And one of that was the policing system. So he used to go during the night, and check on the people to see if somebody is in need of something. If somebody is doing something wrong, he would stop them. And one night while he was walking, he heard a dialogue between a mother and her daughter.

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And the mother was saying to her daughter, listen,

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please add some water to the milk so that we can sell more, and we can make more money.

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And anyway, Omar cannot see us.

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And then the daughter's response was amazing. She said, Mom,

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if Alma cannot see us,

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the God of Omar can see us.

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And when Omar heard this, he was so impressed. He made a mark on the house. And he went to his sons. And he said, there is a very honest, trustworthy woman. There's a very righteous woman. And I want one of you to marry her.

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Guess what? Who is that woman?

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She married the awesome.

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One of the sons of Amara Viola who is still the question is there was that woman, That woman is the grandmother of armor of Nazis,

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who was

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considered to be the fifth of the whole effort, even though there are four. But because of the Justice and the prosperity that the community saw at his hands, he was called himself the fifth of the whole effect.

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So if the parents are righteous, the children are likely to be righteous. And we learn also that we don't feel people

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are conscious of them.