Giving Charity after Winning Lottery

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The speaker discusses a situation where someone tries to rob a house and use their money, causing damage to the house. They mention a person who wants to buy a G from Allah and donate it to them, but the person is hesitant and suggests they buy it from him instead. The speaker warns that the donation is only for those who have a bad attitude and will harm their chances of winning the lottery.

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As long as not sinful you can't make dua to Allah azza wa jal with something that is sinful because Allah does not Allah is not here to accept you know things that are sinful It's like somebody giving somebody puts their hands as Oh Allah this weekend I'm going to rob this house or Allah put Baraka blessings inside of Allah won plenty of jewelry in the one all the people out there I want to find all the plays you know all the money whatever it is quickly I want I'm gonna get out there without any damage no damage no no damage no damage. No police have to be done. I know Allah wants some done it. I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna donate 10% In your pathway

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la how novella for Telenor you see these boys like running around East London and other places up and down the country right? They make little little boys run around with the powder. Talking about the little powder that make them run around the making some of those Baba G's. The guy made 30 G's 30,000 pounds 30 G's, right? And he says you know I'm gonna I want to take one G to the masjid give it to the Imams and I'm gonna halali time or money. So basically he wipes away all the power from his from his notes, of course and then it takes you to the masjid right gives you the masjid Imams admin golf and PT moms. I picked off on please smiles with all these silver and golden teeth.

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You don't know halali Fie your money by ringing some haram money to the masjid or to the path of Allah and all of a sudden Allah is gonna say to you Oh, I love you now. Thank you for giving me 10% of your haram money are really needed that for the Masjid. You don't have qualify your money through that if anyone sitting here and thinking that you got some haram business or haram plan and you're going to make a halal by making some donation Allah doesn't need that donation from you. In fact you better do Toba to Allah and come clean. I know people who have these weird things in their in their heads I'm gonna donate this you know, once I win the lottery or something I'll just I'll just do

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that. It doesn't work. The entire thing is haram. Even if you donate to you had a bad intention from the beginning. So