Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Count Your Blessings

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa The early he will be one and voila.

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Voila. bajo la hora care to my dear sisters hamdulillah we thank Allah Subhana Allah who gives us the opportunity to come here and gather for his sake subpoena lights a huge nanites a huge blessing and suppiler law you don't realize how much we're in need for it until you deprived of it like I know many sisters they travel overseas they miss these lessons soprano law we are very blessed to be able to have this place where we have together for the dhikr of Lhasa Pousada malice panel help us to be on this part in short, and to we meet with him in the evening.

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So there is this doesn't show on my topic that I want to finish about today is about how we need to learn to count our blessings before we call to account for those blessings.

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And I'm going to first of all go through one of the one I just saw one of the the souris you know in the Quran, which Allah who reminds us of how we need to be paying more attention to our blessings, and how every single blessing Allah holds Allah has blessed us with Allah is gonna question about that blessing, but there's no blessing that Allah gives you except that you're accountable for that blessing.

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So this surah I'm going to speak about today, first of all, his suit of tech capital suits at the castle. So Allahu taala, after investment, Allah, He says, I'll have to move to Cabo, I'll have to move to capital.

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And so a lot of data in this verse is saying that this competing with one another, and this trying to do out one another, with the things of this world has made you distracted.

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It made you destructive, it's taking you away from Godzilla from the billions of Allahu taala. And from the declarable ba and from remembering a lot of junk. And that is how this dunya is

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the majority of the people, what is the greatest concern, it's not the earth era. It's not the earth is not striving for the next life. Rather, the greatest concern is who has the most money, who has the best furniture, who has the best house, who has the best car, who has the best marries the best husband. You know, and these days, this is one of the greatest fitting for us. It's one of the greatest tribal spots because in the past you weren't so as as exposed to people lives as we are now. Now, you sit down, you open up you find your images on social media, whether it's Snapchat, whether it's instagram, whether it's Facebook, everyone's got a happy face, everyone's having a

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beautiful life, you know, they would they have been in total love. You know, they drive an awesome car, they have a beautiful house with the best furniture, there's no such thing as struggling with your death and struggling with your bills, and having arguments with your husband, and going through depression. That's all Danny that doesn't exist. There's no such thing as disability, or handicapped people, or people, you know, facing death any moment to Panama. So we're living in an unrealistic world. It's an unrealistic world, it's just an illusion. Our lives have become an illusion, subpoena law. And this is what's making us have a great sense of ungratefulness unfortunately, as well,

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because of this, because we're living in a false sense of reality. We think that everybody out there has got the best life, but it's only me I'm suffering what I had what other people have, and I'm deprived, you know, it's Panama. So this is this is what Yanni but the point here about this surah sisters is an Allahu taala is reminding us that the way of this dunya is people are always trying to outdo each other. Whether it's outdo each other with their businesses, whether it's outdo each other with their money, whether it's outdo each other with the looks like look at Sisters now, you know, they're all competing who can have you know, they get all these crazy things done to themselves. You

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know what amazed Panama like we are so overtaken with trying to outdo each other, it made us distracted from what is the most important thing which should be we should be focused on which is striving for a lot and the next slide because this slide is going this life is coming to an end. So part of our This is what unfortunately, all of these distractions are making us forget about that.

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And so this disease basically of competing and trying to outdo each other, this is

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Exactly the same disease of one of the companions of the two gardens which along mentions in suits a guess with that companion that disbelieving companion says to the believing companion that no epsa or mean command as well as una fara. That barely I am I have more money I have more positions I'm better off than you and therefore I am a higher status the new

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people when they mean a lot opens up the blessings for them. Not only Yanni Not only does a cause them to forget about striving for the earth, but it makes them become proud of themselves. And that's where it becomes dangerous. They become stuck up and we'll get to that we'll come back to that inshallah.

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So a lot of us is L happen to cat or have

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a hobby, you will keep on being like this, in this campaigning with which each other trying to outdo each other until hot desert macabre until you visit the graves. You keep going like that until you reach your grave.

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You know, it's Panama. So it's not until you reach your Gani, you'll keep going like that even until your last moments you'll be you'll be good. If you've got back to a disease now protect us from it. You'll be you keep going like that until the next thing you know you find yourself in your grave.

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And the interesting point we should mention here as well along Tyler, he mentioned zoo in the hobby. He has a say stay there he says you visit the grave because the grave is not the ultimate abode. And that's why sisters you have to be very careful when you speak about someone who's passed away. You should never say he's gone to his final resting place. It's not correct islamically to say that it's against our Peter just said it somebody has gone to the the final resting place because that's not your final resting place. We know that we resurrected from that grave and will be called to account on your piano. So

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we shouldn't use this expression of saying the final resting place because in a way if denying a bath is denying the resurrection on your opinion.

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Okay, so God says Kela sofa Darla moon Verily, you will know. Soon you'll note soon you will know dawn McCullough sofa, darlin Dynamo. Soon, you will know.

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Soon you will know when you need when you go to the next life. It means when you go to the next life, that's when you'll know that all of what you were doing was pointless. All of what you were caring about was completely pointless. What was the use of all of that? What benefit? Did it bring you having a better car

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than someone else? Or having better furniture? Where's that furniture now? where's where's that? You know, where's all that you were trying to compete for? Where is all that now what you said that is best for you now on your piano when Allah tala is gonna call you to account for all that you had. So whatever you had, like, the more you had in his dunya the more accountable you become for it. So you will remember that you might wish to have a lot of things. But remember that with every extra blessing you're given, that's greater accountability for you as well on your piano so don't wish for something that might be a greater 12 for you. So Panama you don't know that and definitely we have

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we always know that with with a lot of parents Allah. Allah has chosen for us. We have to believe in our hearts that Allah knows best. Why Santa crochet and what who will fight who Lakhan was and to him boo Shea and what was shabu lecan Verily, you may

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hate something but Allah knows that it's good for you. And verily you may love something along those is bad for you along those that had he given you a thing, it will take you away from a law, it would have taken you away from the part of the earth you know, that's why a lot did not give you that particular thing you wished for. So don't Gunny always, of course no harm in making draw for what you want. But don't be upset if I lost the panda I didn't give it to you because it's a very good reason. And remember that Allah is more loving and more kind to you than your own mother.

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Allah is more loving and more kind to you than your own mother. And just like your mother like when you know when you are your own ask me something most of you got kids. When your kid gets a knife and wants to go and paint an electric PowerPoint, because he wants to have fun playing an electric PowerPoint. Do you let him because he said oh poor thing when you have fun playing an electric PowerPoint or do you take him away because your ma Your mercy. You want to move him away from electric PowerPoint to save him right and and your your key property

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When I mean mom, she doesn't let me play in electric PowerPoint, you know, and you may be stopped crying, feels like he's violent, a Muslim. He's Muslim, he's oppressed because you wouldn't let him play that you PowerPoint. But if you think about it, when you imagine Allah, Allah is the highest example. That's basically what we do. We think that this is good for us. We want to do a one hour drive and give it to us. We start to cry. We think we're oppressed, where, you know, we were deprived. But if we really knew what's behind the veil, we would have known that a loss of hunters protecting us from something we can't see. You know, panels that's what we have to always remind

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ourselves pauma

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So allow data says color so for dollar moon to McCullough. So fatale moon.

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So as a Russian Mullah, he says about these verses, that that's when they'll realize the consequence of that to care for bad consequence of trying to outdo one another for the things that is dunya that Allah is gonna ask them about all of those things that they were competing with. He's gonna ask him about all of that. So if you didn't use it for a law and for the sake of a law and for his obedience saponify it's gonna be a trial for you. And in another generation as well the prophets that are laws what it says about Benny Adam, he says about the son of Adam, that the son of Adam always says Malli Malli my money my money, like we never feel good enough money. It's always about money. It's always

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about positions, you know, and then the prophets that allowed us instead and what is his positions, what is his money, except that which he is like, the point in buying your money and you eat it so it becomes vanished, or you buy clothes with it, and the clothes get worn out? Or you spent it in southern off and so it's kept for you until the Akiyama and the last part of your money is just left for the inheritors. So really the only money you take with you for the athlete is what you put in soda off that's the only thing that saved for you. So if you haven't used what Allah gave you for the assay rod and basically it's a waste all that you were rivaling with each other with was just a

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big waste

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and to something interesting that the store has mentioned as well about these as they said can last sofa Darla moon to Michael so fertile and one that out of the mister this this Automat said why didn't alasa pantalla choose to repeat this Aya twice to emphasize? They said well, Lovell Tyler, I never had the reasons. They said that. The first realization you get is when you go to your grave. That's when you realize that all this competing was just a big waste of time. The second time is on yamapi Yama, boom callus over Dynamo, that's when you realize, Panama. He says he's kind of a Dinah Candela talamona in that he appeared If only you knew, with certain knowledge, you wouldn't have

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been engaging in this. Like if someone really had strong knowledge of big Dane and you know, and had that realization you know, the reality of this world reality this life, then they wouldn't have fallen into this era they wouldn't have fallen into this mistake and this myth misguidance

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but the reality is most of us may lie keep us steadfast. We don't have that Nvidia pain we don't we don't have that real knowledge. We just become we get in a state of flow we get in a state of heedlessness and forgetfulness, and we forget about what is the reality of his life.

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Then Allahu taala his morning us letter agunah jehane that barely you will see a jehane you will see the Hellfire mela protect us like wake up the Hellfire is close

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you know subpanel if you continue this path realize that the Hellfire is close and that the lie here you will certainly see it with your eyes

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and the Messenger of Allah so Allah what it was sent and told us about how the Hellfire would be brought on European Knights very terrifying scene. Imagine that the Hellfire is brought on your piano. And because the huge size of it, it's dragged by 70,000 chains. And each of those 70,000 chains is 70,000 ITAR and only Allah knows how huge others malarkey cup so we have to realize while the Billa and the scary part about the Hellfire, my dear sisters is that it's going to be it's going to be so full in the end that it's going to be like bursting metal detectors.

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From how many would be would be placed into it now protect us. So that's what I was wanting us what this is from the Wrath of Allah, Allah from his mercy, he warned us about the reality of the fnr. He could have just left us to all become misguided and to go straight into it. But the bottom line for me is Mercy is warning us. Beware, this is what is bear if you're not careful, it's kind of off. So then he says,

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I know your pain when you see that he'll fire. That's when you'll know I know your pain. I know your pain is different from a pain, okay? I mean, just know about something. Like you read the Quran, you knew about it, you read the idea. You knew about it from what the prophet sallallahu has told us, right? But I know your pain is when you actually see it with your eyes.

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Okay, so when it when you see the reality, that's when you'll really know.

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Okay, so then a lot of data, he says, Don't do not Yo man even on a nine, then you will be questioned on that day about a name

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on all of the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah is doing in this world. And the process of the last one it was said, If you read his a Hadith, if you read his Syrah as well, he taught us how to be grateful for even the smallest blessings and that's what we miss today. In this first world,

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we like our problems that we complain about Suppan a lot, as they say the first word problems like I know I'm guilty of it, too. You know, your mobile breaks down, your life has fallen apart. Like that's the kind of problems we have, you know, it's Panama yet, people in third world countries might have to walk you know, 10 kilometers or more to get some water just to drink. And we're complaining about my mobile I've only got I've only got version four. I don't have I don't have six s yet and I can afford this seven. I'm so deprived. You know, that's the kind of problems metal detectors we can play the game now Forgive us, right? Okay, so I want to give you a lot of these

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heads when I read it panel, I'm going to give you a headache to show you how much the prophets that allowed us and taught us to be grateful for even a smallest things and if we start to implement this in our life will lie here you'll see how much more happy you'll be. inshallah so it's a Panama one time

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and imagine this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the chosen

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the best from amongst creation, that one time he came out of his house, and he found obachan Omar outside and he said to obachan Ahmad, what brought you out of your houses? They said well, Lahiya are sold on nothing except hunger. When you are so hungry, none of us have gone through this. I'm definitely sure that nobody in this room has ever gone through severe hunger to the point you can't even sleep. You can't even wrist because you're so hungry. But this is the Messenger of Allah, he went through these kind of hardships. Okay, so he came out and they said, it's only hunger You're so bothered, they don't want to complain, but because he asked, that's what he they said. And then he

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said to them, well, law, he, by the wanting whose hand is my life, nothing brought me outside of my house, except what you outside your house, that it's also the extreme hunger. That's what brought me out of my house. She said Come with me. So they went to one of the unthought on it and thought, you know, done thora Medina, the pious believers in Medina. So he came to one of the and thought, and, you know, he told them that that situation, did you have anything in your house to eat in those times? I had nothing in their houses to eat nothing. Yeah, and, and these, you know, imagine the prophets that along with us, and it's coming to you, you know, and you want to give something, you

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know, as he goes to his wife, there's nothing but she's still saying Manhattan Island, you know, she wants to receive them. You know, it's Panama, like, Don't give anything, don't worry to give anything at that I have for themselves that will deprive themselves. For others. That was a sacrifice of the Sahaba with one ally, Allah him, you know, it's panel. So anyway, the man because he has nothing in the house, he goes, and he and he gets a branch from a date palm, he cuts it date palm branch that has some dates different, like, some fresh, some a bit dry, and that's what he presents. And then he goes, he picks up a knife, and he goes because he has some sheep and then the

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prophets sort of

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I'm sorry, but don't don't slaughter a sheep that has that gives milk because that's a waste, you know because of its shape gives milk, then you will be deprived of the milk. So he's he sort of shifted and he brought up. And so he you know, he This is how he entertained the prophets that a lot of women have a bucket online today 800 illa. They felt they felt, you know, comfortable after that severe hunger. And then the prophet SAW love what he was saying. He turned her back on Amara, and he said, Well, Ma, he led to aloo nunhead and Naveen Yama, Yama will love it, you'll be asked about this name. On your mocha Yama, you'll be asked about this blessing on the Day of Resurrection. And

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he said, cool shade

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and fresh dates, and cold water, you'll be asked about that, you know, don't you find that scary that every single day, there's not a day that goes by except we eat to our satisfaction. In fact, we have such problems in this in the in this first world countries, we're all suffering from over eating subpanel law, you know, so our problems are never about starvation. But we eat our food every single day and we don't even appreciate we don't even think a lot we don't even feel grateful for this situation. We live in beautiful comfort. Like we have a nice cold houses to go back to you know, we have air conditioners, we have haters we have, we have all these luxuries, you know to make

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us feel comfortable. That's why so many people when they go on Hajj, they can't even handle it. It's only a few days. But the ladies are all complaining, oh my god, my mattress is too hot. And what is it that you know, why doesn't the air conditioner work better, and everyone's complaining that can't even handle like, because we are so pampered, we are so pampered that the minute anything becomes a bit hot, it's like we can't even handle it.

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Somehow, but here is the message of a lost and a lot of them telling him that even just to get a date, once a day, you'd be grateful for it. If you get to drink water, like we open our tap just like that we drink water. That's why we take it for granted. We don't even remember to say and how long did it allow me to take a drink of water because what's what's up, I want vanta I want Pepsi, I want water. Even your kids probably they say that like if you say have a drink of water, water.

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In some countries, they go

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to get their water go look at the well they have to get the water from it's not even, it's not even clean, it's black, and they happy. They're very happy to have this brown water to drink. They're very happy, you want to take one step from that.

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So this is how the profit so long was that was teaching us to be grateful for even the smallest things. And if we really implemented this in our lives, I'm telling you sisters, we will be so much happier. But we always you know, we're always not appreciating what we have enough. And that's what makes us fall into ungratefulness karma. So the prophets that allamani was sent him. He also told us that, you know, there's so many blessings we're going to be questioned about and I'm going to spend a bit of time on the lesson today, talking about some of these blessings are gonna be questioned about but one of the best things the prophets that a lot of them taught us about as well. He said

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there's two blessings that many people do not pay attention to. Like you don't realize their blessings one of them is health. And one of them is free time.

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You know so many times we don't realize health as they say is absolutely wealth. guys see when you can't when you when the minute you get sick and you realize what is it what is it? What is the value of health, like candy now I just spent on handing out like I just spent like bozo I was asked for over a month. But I spent a week in hospital before that heavy operation come dinner. But you know, the people I shared a ward with, they taught me a lot of lessons. I shared a ward with ladies young ladies who you know, they're suffering from breast cancer. I saw I shared a ward with you know, people with bowel cancer. Like because I was in the surgical Ward you know, so and, and the panel

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like that's when you realize that's when you realize the price of wealth, the price of health. It's not something you you know, hills is not something that you would ever trade for a billion dollars. If someone was to say to you,

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you know, train me when have your eyes even trained me your eyes. Let me show you like we don't realize that we are actually doing is actually way more than doing this. We're actually more than Gilligan is walking on this earth. You know why? Because there's so much to say you

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give me Can I have one of your

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eyes, your eyes for a billion dollars, a billion dollars.

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You wouldn't give your eyes $3 billion, would you? There's no way even a billion dollars you would not keep your eye to shows you just an eye is worth more than a billion dollars. So what about the rest of your body? What about your health?

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Like so many people, I know people kind of come to this lesson, because they can't even walk. They have to stay in a bed. They can't come to a lesson. Maybe they can't even sit up power. So this is we Yeah, we didn't reflect on this because, like, you know, the problem. The reality of this world is being hidden from us. We go on social media, we see all the Healthy People, the happy people, the got everything. You're not seeing all the disabled people that the sick people are dying people, and you don't realize how blessed you truly are that you're able to get out of bed in the morning, you're able to get dressed, you're able to get out and you're able to go to this and that's a huge

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net. That's a huge blessing to Allah.

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health and free time is a huge blessing. But I'm going to move on now I talk about four particular blessings that a lot of God's gonna ask us about on the Day of Resurrection.

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So long as the prophets of Allah I was done. He told us Latin Zulu Katana abdeen Yo, melty Amity had to use an alpha, that a person's foot will not move until they are about four things. There's four particular things that a lot of Dinah is gonna for particular blessings, but a lot of Donna's gonna ask us about on the mocking Yama. The first one is your life and how you spent it.

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And your body and what you did with it, and your knowledge and what you also did with it, and your money, how you earn it and how you spent it. This is what you're gonna be asked about these four blessings you're gonna be asked about.

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let's look at the first best thing first of all, so your your life, your life, the years that you've got to live

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that is a huge blessing, you will be asked about that. And we need to learn to take this is a capital Your life is actually a capital, right? And a lot of you don't realize that

00:27:34 --> 00:28:23

okay, your life is a capital and you need to learn to take this capital and invest it to make a profit for your LVR that's what it basically comes down to investing your capital so that you make a profit for the effort All right, don't waste it if you waste this life, then it's there's nothing left. And allow God reminds us over and over again in the plan but from the A yet, he says as a hustler to Anima holla, buena komagata. What an elaida, two jarwin do you think that we created you with no purpose, and that you wouldn't come back to us? For da da da will not equal hap may Allah be exalted, that he will create you with no purpose. You went he just to live your life aimlessly, you

00:28:23 --> 00:29:05

know, eating, drinking, enjoying yourself and is not an aim from all this creation, like a lot creates all this. seven heavens, the universe, the stars, the planets, everything is in order. Even I was reading recently, look at the sun and the moon, how Allah subhanaw taala has placed them in the universe. So they're almost similar in size. Meanwhile, the moon is 400 times less than the sun. You know, but Allah also brought up 400 times closer to the earth so that when you look at it, the sun is approximately, when you look at it, it's in proportion, but allow you to make this massive, massive man or equipment a massive, massive sun a little tiny, weeny moon, you know, it's kind of

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like everything would have been unbalanced on Earth. So do you think that Allah

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that He did all this design of this world, and the way that we everything works together in your body and in the world, it's all our data. It's all just for no reason, no purpose.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:55

So realize that Allah panda did not give us this life, just to waste our time in it's just to spend our time enjoying ourselves. And we don't, we don't use this capital that Allah has given us to invest for the next life. And instead of doing that, we end up even using this life for maaseiah for disobedience for scenes, living a life away from a law away from his obedience. You know, it's Panama. So

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we have to always remind ourselves that this slide is

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so short, and I'm sure most of you can see how fast the days go, like we are, it's September 2018, we're almost gonna go into 2019 before you know it, and you see your kids growing up so fast to Panama. So, and the next thing you know, sister's life has come to an end and you're

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questioning you about how you spend this life.

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That's why I have some abasi. Right when the law he used to say, his son of Adam, you have just like a number of days, you your body or your self, your life is just like a number of days. If one day passes by part of you also passes away within

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just one day passes by part of you, your self actually passes away.

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until eventually you pass away, until eventually the time comes when you pass away.

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And that's what also he used to say to that there's no day in which the sun comes up, except that day calls out and says, oh, son of Adam, is a new creation, and I'm a witness to your deeds. So make use of me for I will not return until you're my piano. So every day that comes, we have to try to fit it with our metal solid hats with the righteous deeds, because every single one of these days will come as a witness for us in your pianos kind of Amen. I hope us give us but our pain our lives and help us to you know, invest for our effort always pay attention. May our main focus to invest for the earth Dr. Sharma.

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So this is the first of these, this is the first of these big things that Allahu Allah is going to question us about. And then we come to the second of these.

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Which is how along with Donna is going to ask us about our body,

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our body and what we did with our body. Our data, he says in his book, he says in the Quran, in a semi wild Bizarro world.

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kulula Kana unfamous fula that Verily, the sights and the hearing and the hearts, all of that will be questioned.

00:32:35 --> 00:33:13

So your heart will be questioned, you know, Allah, remember, he's always looking at our hearts. How do we respond to different situations? Allah May Allah protect us from Allah forgive us, he sees the great ungratefulness that comes in our hearts. He sees that like you might be to hide it from others, but Allah sees that and that's why even if we find that coming out, we should set a stop for the law and ask the Lord to take it out of our heart. You know, it's Panama, but Allah is gonna question us about our app. Peter is going to ask these kind of questions about our belief in him. alto heat our singling out a lot of learning in worship and believing in Him alone. So is that heart

00:33:14 --> 00:33:18

full of love for law? And for the Messenger of Allah so Allah what a sin

00:33:19 --> 00:33:20


00:33:21 --> 00:34:00

Oh, is that heart full of love for others besides a lot? Well, you are you're concerned more about the people and about others besides a woman to protect us. And then your you know, your ears we question that person's ears we question What did you listen to? How do you use those ears a lot gave you this huge blessing of ears. How did you use this blessing? Did you listen you know to things that a lot obeyed like it isn't to gossip all the time. It isn't to music. It isn't to backbiting like that's how you use these ears. You're not scared that at that moment when you're you're engaging those ease Allah blessed you with that allow could you * that hearing away from you

00:34:00 --> 00:34:42

power if Allah once he can remove that blessing at any moment, we should be scared. Same thing with our eyes. You know now AI is our you know, eyes get tested very much these days that we like with the internet. It's, it's Yes, it can be used as much good. But people may protect us use it also as much evil there's so much evil on there. If you're really looking for it. It is a slippery slope that leads straight to the good Johanna Wilder Bella, definitely it leads straight to the Johanna a slippery slope because once a person gets himself used to it, they don't know how to get out of it. And I it's just dragging him down to his toilet melt protect us. So now this is a big feat now and

00:34:42 --> 00:34:55

especially I'd say more for men than women, much more for men than women and we see so many they're falling into this it's very clear that they they become addicted, for example to * now protect us.

00:34:56 --> 00:35:00

And so this is the diseases and we have to realize that everything you're doing

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

SAS has an effect on the house. Everything your eye looks at everything your ear listens to, it has an effect on your hearts. So you can see how the sins easily build up on the heart. And over time if someone's not paying attention today, they're not asking a lot of forgiveness. If they're not trying to stay away and God this site, from her arm and God they ease from her arm. Over time, the heart gets blackness in it until it could reach the stage where they no longer care about the halal and haram anymore. There are plenty of people going down that path these days will protect us where they become so desensitized. They don't even they don't even feel the difference between halal and haram.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:58

I don't need any care if they eat the Hara. Or they look at the Haram didn't care. You know Yanni, when they see henna and Haram, it's like it's the same. They don't even care about any Muslims. They can't distinguish that that shows there's a sickness in the heart.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:17

So we have to realize that the eyes will be questioned. Imagine the embarrassment. You come on your pm and I lost this to you. I'll do my slaves. I gave you these eyes while so many others were deprived. So many others are not even these lawyers. What did you do with those eyes?

00:36:18 --> 00:36:59

Imagine the embarrassment because nothing is hidden from a law. A law comes along with recorded everything you do. So we imagine the embarrassment. You know, when your book is opened? You don't get this on this day. You looked at that site. You don't get that man with lost. You looked at Danny, whatever you looked at that those haraam thingies was this look at how embarrassing in front of a wall that he blessed you with that and that's what you were doing and you can't hide from Allah, Yanni. So it's a very embarrassing moment. And we have to realize that a lot gonna ask us about everything, every part of our bodies, that whatever we deal with, the last part is going to

00:36:59 --> 00:37:39

question us about even even the scary part is, a person's body will bear witness against them, like especially the puffer fish, the disbelievers, their body will actually speak against them because you won't have control of yourself on the Day of Resurrection, you won't have control of yourself. So even if a person wants to hide what they've been doing, they'll find their hands and their legs start to testify against them but Allah will allow the hands and feet to actually speak and testify against him. But I lost this and young enough to have him on the day when we will seal their mouth. What to can nibble at him what touched you had to

00:37:40 --> 00:37:41

be my camera

00:37:42 --> 00:37:49

that they hands and they fake will be allowed to speak? And I was saying where they used to go?

00:37:50 --> 00:37:55

Did they used to did your hands and you're like, Where did you used to take your body? Did you take you

00:37:58 --> 00:37:59

take your body to

00:38:01 --> 00:38:42

to the gatherings of knowledge children to the gatherings of Quran and dhikr of Allah or Jesus to take your body to the heart on places. Like I've heard some very shocking stories that I do his sisters all the time and their problems. I hear shocking stories man protect us, especially posttest is going through problems that there have been you know, metal detectors installed these housings, like you could find and then protect us he's gonna be looks so good on the outside. But then you find out he goes to clubs and stuff like that behind the scenes. So you know, it's panela like so Allah knows you can hide from the people but Alon knows what you're doing your secret life. And you

00:38:42 --> 00:38:47

can't hide them a lot. These things will be Yani, you find your body testify against you on that day.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:11

So this is something you have taken into consideration My dear sisters, we have to realize we have to ask ourselves what do we used to use our body for? You know our tongue as well? What do you use you use this time for some people kind of move their tongue some people can't even speak so what did you use your tongue for? Did you use it for gossipy? Did you use to hurt people with your tongue?

00:39:12 --> 00:39:30

Did you use to help people to call cause pain other people's heart from this time? Or did you use it to try to bring comfort to other people's heart and try to keep people up with your tongue and to do the proper law with your tongue and to recite the Quran and just say soprano law what how did he laugh when they

00:39:31 --> 00:39:40

much as you can, don't sit in silence my distance. Silence is not from the Sunnah. Size is not from the sooner you know anything.

00:39:41 --> 00:39:59

You start to think too much. And then straight on comes to you. And then you start thinking about your past all the things that makes you hurt from the past. You start worrying about the future, all the things that might happen and all the catastrophes that might happen is senior in science, my dear sisters sit there and say

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

from raw stuff from raw stuff for a lot, try to use this tongue. So then surely come on European Yama, we starting to put in your scales something heavy for your scales in sha Allah and this will benefit you too because when you say stuff and a lot is there a lace from every hardship like I suffered a lot is a way to get relief from your problems. You have problems st has suffered along the way out from those problems. So don't just sit there thinking about your problems. Say I suffered a lot of stuff for the last show that alone will bring you out that problem through the through the virtue of your saying stuff, blah, blah.

00:40:39 --> 00:41:17

Okay, then we come to the third thing that a lot of time is gonna ask us about on your Akiyama and that is your knowledge. What do you do with this knowledge? Like we find the majority of people are not interested in seeking knowledge of their Deen like a local assistance with a warm yah, yah, yah, yah, Mona wha Ramadan hated dunya wahoo monad as he wants to move off in doing that they know all about the things in this world. But when it comes to the algebra, they are very like heedless. Like sapan Allah we have, we are so blessed in Sydney.

00:41:18 --> 00:42:00

Well, lucky sisters, we are so blessed in Sydney, we have so many classes available. But go look at those classes, you'll find that very, very young, hardly anybody comes. I have sisters talking to me from Canada. They can't believe what we have here. And I have people on the internet every time I put a lesson up, they said, Oh, can you please record it? I can't always record my lessons. It's hard for me to always record it. I can't, you know, you have to also sometimes edit things. But you know, people are deprived. But I have what we have, like many countries, you can't come together as sisters and have a class like this, you know, some countries as you know, they don't even have a

00:42:00 --> 00:42:34

place in MSG for the sisters. You know, like say Pakistan, India. I know they don't have any place like you can't even go to the masjid to pray, are you going to men's men's area does nothing for the women. So we we didn't realize what we have in Australia, like I've never gone? And how did I get astray? I've never gone to one mosque that I didn't have a sister section, you know, that I could pray him? And how did he know? You know, in a Sydney I don't know about other places. I've always been living in Sydney. So that's why we hear people, you know, complaining on the internet, we have no idea like, that's why I find that the the sisters here in general are more settled down. I find

00:42:34 --> 00:43:12

in Sydney because we don't we haven't had to go through all these hardships. But those sisters who've gone through that you can find them that they're going like it's disturbing them in the day. Now. It's grown to a level where it's disturbing them in their day because they've been shut out too long from everything. So it's causing problems, but perfectible things, and we have so many lessons available. But how many people take advantage of those lessons? You know, in the meantime, if we open up something about how to make money, if we if I was to make a lesson about how can I make money? or How can I open a business? or How can I you know, anything to do with how can I make my

00:43:12 --> 00:43:40

child smart? I tell you if I made a lesson about how to make your child smart, how to make your child into an engineer or a doctor or I don't know what you find it's gonna be full. And people becoming you've never seen their faces before. Panama, isn't it the truth? You know, I remember there was a special in green a car, he joke house or something. I don't even know the shop. But they said the line was going down the street.

00:43:41 --> 00:44:23

I said you made it happen to me in my lessons that it was down the street people lining up to kind of heat because of a loss of pantalla. You know, when it comes to a special like how much were you hoping to save? You know, like, wow, you got a job for free? I don't know we don't. And when we get in here is something better than everything in this dunya we're lucky when we offering these lessons, we're giving people something better, and everything is doing Yeah, but people do not appreciate it. To them. It's less than a hijab. That's the sad part, isn't it? It's worth it. Like sitting here for an hour to most people is worth less than just to get a job for free. Well hold on

00:44:23 --> 00:44:59

upward to 11. So this shows the priority. So you know a lot of questions about our knowledge. Did you guys seek knowledge of your deen? Or you just always focused on seeking knowledge of your dunya? And then when you've got that knowledge would you do with that knowledge? Did you share that knowledge with others? Did you try and do dour? Did you try and open up people's hearts with that knowledge? You know try to bring knowledge try to awaken the hearts with that knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala is gonna ask us about these noise. Did you act upon this knowledge yourself? You know, we can't just go and preach to others and we don't act upon it ourselves.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

You know, the most successful in the dollar is the one who puts it into action first, like so many mounted mountains diktat from that, you know,

00:45:09 --> 00:45:47

but realize the strongest message is from the people who ensure they try their best to implement in their lives, you know, so, like, you know, the, the, you know, the catastrophic effect it has on you, when someone who's been known for spreading knowledge man, or keep us firm and steadfast, you know, when we hear these, these big shocking stories about, for example, they're involved with girls, or God knows what you know, or ripping off people with their money, stuff like that, when it comes out, it shapes a lot of people in their faith, because you imagine this person with all this knowledge that they were practicing that knowledge, but then you find out how to take off that

00:45:47 --> 00:46:09

actually, they're very corrupt. And maybe they're using the deen just to, you know, to rip people off and to, you know, get girls a while, you know, um, it's very scary. But you know, but that that's the scary part about this night. It has, you know, that night again, like we did before, the every blessing Allah gives you there's also accountability, your accountability is gonna be more.

00:46:11 --> 00:46:52

But that's why a lot, a lot of data also recommends us and optimizes, yeah, Dena, analog, limiter, una melacha. Why do you said, if you don't do Cavalia mceldowney, in de la De Anza, Paulo meloetta, fiber is mostly tested to a law that you say what you don't do. So that's why when you whenever you say you try your best to ask a lot to help you to implement it. And ultimately, the more you try to implement it, the more people see you acting upon your word, you need to be a person of you know, you need to be a person of action, not just a person of words. That's why the prophets are loving us and had the greatest effect on the hearts. Why did all the crisis people to him become Muslim and

00:46:52 --> 00:47:10

believe, and why he has such an effect on their hearts because he was a man who walked the talk. He walked the dog the talk, it wasn't just a man of words. I mean, what shows you that is when he left this life, so the long one it was set out.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:54

All his wives, his close companions, they stayed there were there were the highest level in believers praying at night, fasting by day, giving support for the sake of Allah. They never gave up on that part of sacrifice. If they thought that the message of a law was just, you know, a matter of worth not a matter of action, the minute he passed away that we've just gone back and they would have said, Oh, he's gone now. He's just doing what we want now. But the fact that you see the impact he had on them, that he because of how much he was a man of action, that shook their hearts to the level that they tried to, you know, live that high level that he lived. So this is very important.

00:47:54 --> 00:47:55


00:47:58 --> 00:47:59


00:48:01 --> 00:48:03

just before I finish this point,

00:48:04 --> 00:48:51

did the one thing that Allahu Allah, Allah never commanded the prophets that are longer than to ask for anything from this dunya nothing. He never told him to ask for anything from this dunya from this world, except for one thing, there's only one thing he told him to ask from the things of this world. And that is what rugby Sydney and Matt say, My Lord increased me in knowledge. Because knowledge of the day, it can only increase a person in every good, it opens the door to every good. Pamela. So that's why my D sisters realized that I always try to stay on this path. People always asking me I feel doubtfully. My religion right now. I'm having a lot of, you know, I'm feeling weak.

00:48:51 --> 00:49:00

I asked him Do you go to lessons? Do you go and seek knowledge about your religion? They told me No. I said, Well discipline a lot. This is step one. This is a very important step.

00:49:02 --> 00:49:27

I always say the difference between the sisters who constantly stick to lifting even it's hard for them. You know, you've got to make time to make it a priority. You know, they've got kids I've got my show. Not to brag a lot. One of my students she's been with me for I think almost 10 years she has now to Braga law. She's going for her 10th child. Don't tell me you haven't got time for in

00:49:28 --> 00:50:00

the panel if you really want to, if if you really work from your heart alone, we'll find a way for you. That's that's the reality. And a lot says Boyle Halle esto Latina, Yala Mona will lead in Allah, Allah mode are those who have knowledge the same as those who don't have knowledge, they're not the same, your life will not be the same. It's a different effect. When you seek knowledge. It opens up every favor for you in this life. But if you don't have that, then don't expect too much. It's Panama. So then, moving on quickly, I'm going to finish off

00:50:01 --> 00:50:05

Then we come to the last of these things, which a lot of data is gonna ask us about.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:19

And that is your money. A lot of data is gonna ask us about our wealth, about how did you make this money? How did you earn this money? And what do you think? What did you spend your money on?

00:50:20 --> 00:50:56

Okay? And a lot Toscana in the Quran and nanawall, Bellona, Xena to hire to dunya that my wealth and children, they are the documents of this world that everybody wishes for those those things in particular, everybody wants, everybody wants positions and money and wealth, and everybody wants children, it's just something can be normal. But we have to realize as well that these things can we did test, you know, whenever a lot gives you something realized when Allah gives you a blessing, that Allah is also testing you with that blessing.

00:50:58 --> 00:50:58


00:51:00 --> 00:51:13

so a lot of guys gonna ask us about how we got that money? Did you get that money through cheating and oppressing others, like, it's sad that a lot of people now the data is only for the messages.

00:51:14 --> 00:51:25

What I mean by that is, they come to the pray, they pray in the masjid. But then they go to the business. And they rip off tables and brothers and sisters.

00:51:26 --> 00:52:06

They rip them off, they cheat them to get money, you know, and you find even some businesses try to compete with each other. And if one of them is better, don't try to do something, Tom, because they jealous. They don't want the other ones business to be better than their business. So they try to cause harm. Maybe they even just speaking badly, they want to put that business down. So no, it'll go to them. You know, but besides that, they try to sometimes steal the secrets. I've heard terrible stories of Muslims where, you know, one of them will try to learn the secrets of that business. Then they go, they take those secrets, they they go and they make their own business they pick up like, a

00:52:06 --> 00:52:51

lot of a lot of things like this, you know, a lot of gonna ask us about how we got our money. How did you get that money through cheating, through, you know, deception, through fraud, through lying through rebar through interest, like, I love going to ask us about how we bought this money. If it's not, hello, you, you were selling her on things like it's sad, you know, I remember we can handle up the things a bit better now. And especially this area, you can get some parents, there's so happy when his son is a drug dealer and gets the money to buy their house or to send them to Hutch. They just happy with the money. They proud. Oh, look at my son, I've got lots of money from my son. But

00:52:51 --> 00:52:53

when he would have just done get the money from

00:52:54 --> 00:53:15

you scare from a law that the lives that his son is destroying through selling drugs. That's what you should be scared about. That you're taking the money from this man who is destroying people's lives for those drugs? What a hold on afterwards. So a lot of gonna ask us about our money. And then

00:53:16 --> 00:53:21

what you do with that money? I'll give me the blessing of money. How did you spend that money?

00:53:22 --> 00:54:09

That did you spend it to earn the pleasure of a lot, you know, to to, to spend your money, for soda for charity for orphanages, for wells for ongoing charities, like allama Berek. A lot of you probably saw my Facebook page I put up you know, Ali Ben ads mehtab except his deeds. I mean, it's a Panama his put his money towards building villages, and wills and tuberculosis spreading Islam spreading the dollar, like have you know, about to take this in 36 different villages now accepted Islam. And you know, they're providing hospitals. And so this is an ongoing charity for him married male accepted for him and Bella helped us and show it to leave his life with many ongoing charities

00:54:09 --> 00:54:53

for us that will benefit us because, as you know, I mean, if I'm going to listen now, as you know, my dear sisters, we're not going to take anything from this dunya except for three things, except for three things. Okay, so what is it, the start up of jatiya the ongoing charity, and the and the and the knowledge, the knowledge that you you shared, and then one of them silence the righteous child that may draw out for you, the righteous child that may draw for you. So focus on also bring up your children to be up on the straight path. They are also a blessing Have you questioned about you're not going to be asked what kind of proficiency do your son or daughter become? That's not who

00:54:53 --> 00:54:58

cares on your PMR you're not going to care? Was your son a doctor or he was a

00:54:59 --> 00:54:59


00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

Which collector? Well, luckily, you're not gonna care. What you're going to care about at that moment was my one was my son and my daughter was doing solid, with a righteous child that when they make draft for me, I raise in ranks in the journal, that's what you're going to be caring about on numa piano. So don't fall into this mindset that people are falling into these days to sickness, competing, you know, whose son is better than who, who's who's smarter than who, who got the higher test and who I mean all on the stand, you're not going to care about that in your house. So we'll leave it there, my dear sisters, that there's a lot more to say on this subject. But all I want to

00:55:37 --> 00:56:24

the end result of this whole lesson to sum it up, is to always remember to count your blessings, start to pay more attention to your blessings. And also, remember that every blessing that you have in your life, whether it's in your body, or your house, or your your children, your family, all of that you'd be questioned about somehow law and with every extra blessing we have, we become more and more accountable to a loss of hunter Allah. I asked a lot about the Allah to make us have grateful hearts for everything that is bestowed upon us. And I asked the level to Allah to help us to use our blessings, to strive for his sake. And I asked him to help us to earn a Jana and to unite us all in

00:56:24 --> 00:56:44

genital Dalston. Allah with the prophets and messengers, and we deceived the pain, the truthful believers and asylee here and a shoe had that well, all the hair that was stopped for a while you will at home was a panic a lot more will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa and a stuffy Luca was to bunich

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