Dont label others as Ramadan Muslims

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What are your thoughts and your opinions? There's a lot of people that turn these people offs upon a lot and I look to the Goddess, and he feels Ramadan, and he starts growing his beard and starts putting his cylinder head on. And you can feel it because a couple of days ago, Man, this guy didn't have a beard. But Ramadan came and you know, he's excited, but people didn't turn them off. I don't like that man. Well, to be honest, man, I've got a bit of a confession to make. I used to be like that. Wallahi Yeah. And in my Dawa, I used to say to people, you know, don't be Ramadan Muslims. Don't be this, that and the other. And I feel like now that that was a very, very big mistake on my

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end, something that I genuinely do regret. Because the reality is, is we're all Muslims. And even if I am a Ramadan Muslim, you know, I'm a Ramadan Muslim, not for you and not for someone else. I'm gonna non muslim for Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's something that's so amazing about Ramadan, that you don't find in theory, you know, like, sometimes when I'll be speaking to people, and they told me, you know, what's amazing about Ramadan? There's something he can't explain, but it's a feeling it's a blessing. Look, it's the greatest month of the year and why would you turn this guy off? Exactly. It's the that Allah subhanaw taala chose. Now I know sometimes the action can come

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across as hypocritical that you know, look at this brother, look at the sister all year round. They're doing you know, this, that and the other and now all of a sudden, the first day of Ramadan, he's pumped yerba, but the prophet does say SallAllahu Sallam you know, don't assist shaitan against your brother or your sister. And even if this person is acting like all of a sudden that their religious right then be a means to turn them off. Because the word of Allah is special. Now what if only special people do want to change and people do get soft people? You know, look, I've seen it man and I'm sure if you do it repeatedly 30 days it becomes a habit. So we ask Allah this person you

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know, is that is that Ramadan Muslim? He starts worshipping Allah and that month for 30 days, it becomes a habit and after Ramadan is finished, he goes you know what I can do this man? Yeah, what about you going Hey, man, you're a Ramadan Muslim will run amok and I'm all you know, picking on him. Sometimes these guys they feel them and you can see it like when they come to the masjid the boys are they show Ramadan Muslim, you're grown up, you got a hat on now. And the gods they're gone. Like he's accepting it, but he can tell that he's really frustrated men. Yeah. And also, like I know for myself, it also reveals that there is a tinge of arrogance.

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For me, there was a tension you know that there was a tinge of arrogance within myself that when you're calling someone else, Ramadan Muslim, what are you saying about yourself? What are you boasting about yourself? That you're so great that