Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #17 – One Dip – Hadith #15

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics related to the history and meaning of the dip in Hadith, Jana's life, and Hadith's life. It includes a woman named Sayid who cried and apologizes for being late, and a video of a former Hadith discussing the importance of "will" in relation to the dams and animals. The segment also touches on the impact of COVID-19 on people's lives, including employment and income, and advertises a Christmas party.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh sulla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and fauna on finally my lamp Anna was at nine manjar hammer I mean, ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit from what he told us and increase his knowledge along with Barack and this gathering and make us some of the people at the end of the gathering. They will be taught como MacFarlane la casa de la say it compassionate

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I mean it'll be Halloween. One of my

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favorite Hadith I gave a course about it in New York for

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eight months. And I named the course right after the Hadith which is a named of course the dip.

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The whole course was called the dip. And

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now you know why after I explained the Hadith in sha Allah Tala and the whole the whole course was about Jana and not explaining everything about Jana and everything about the hellfire. What is this hadith Allison's Muslim man and the sub nomadic or the Allah one call? Caller Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you be Anam le dunya mean Ali Nari yarmulke Yama for us both in the Sabra from my call

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them hello Laura I eat the higher on Helmer Rebecca and I even caught fire call love Allah yarby where you'll be ushered in Nursey books and feed duniya mein al Jana for you spoke Sebata and Phil Jana for your call for you call

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them hella ater books uncut * Mara Vika shit that caught fire whole love Allah hiya Rob nama are the books on cut well, to shed that on shit that and

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and I saw the Allah Han he said that for sola Salam said

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that one of the people

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of the inhabitants of *

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who led

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a very luxurious life, a life full of ease and plenty.

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He would be on the Day of Judgment

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dipped one dip

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in the hellfire

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and then he will be told

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or son of Adam,

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have you seen any comfort in your life?

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Did you happen to get any material blessings? Just one dip, taken out and ask that question and this man was one of the most

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spoiled people on Earth.

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The person would answer by Allah, He swears by Allah. Now he remembered Allah by Allah, Oh my Lord.

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I have never

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I have never seen any

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luxury in my life.

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And then

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the person from among the people of Jana

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who had led the most miserable life

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and he will be dipped one dip in Jana, and then you will be asked Have you ever seen any hardship? Have you ever witnessed any stress any difficulty? And he will say yeah, Allah by Allah, my lord. I never did face any hardship or experience any stress.

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Now you know why it's called the dip.

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May Allah make us some of the people who are the second if

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not the only we want to be there for other transfer type

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the Hadith katsu Why was good, obviously, because our topic is Hadith could see right. So why it's called Hadith. Obviously the one who's asking Abdullah Adam is Allah azza wa jal otherwise, it will not be listed under the Hadith. I asked myself the same question. Where does it say call Allah is local Allah. So I said to myself definitely was the one who said the son of Adam is Allah azza wa jal. He's always asking that's why it's listed under the Hadith or consider even Imam Nui, but there are little quotes

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Do you

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this hadith yeah one Subhan Allah. Let's take the first part and Nam Ali dunya and Nam you know the word NEMA we all know my blessing and Nam, Allah was an awful you know, amines like

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the most, the most person who had the easiest this man never had a headache.

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This man had a house in every continent and maybe in every state, this man had the newest cars, the biggest homes the best furniture, the highest paid job or he has no job he owns the the period, the companies he is the richest man, woman, luxury you name it vacations, this man had it all all everything you could think of this man had everything you could think of from happiness and joy in this dunya everything

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everything and num

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plus and num added dunya and num

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one dip

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Have you seen any luxury any good days? Everything is forgotten.

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love Allah nothing Yama I have not seen anything. What is the moral of the of the of this hadith.

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For there is a very important statement in this hadith which is otherwise we will be all in trouble Allah. Allah says salam said he was decreed already from r&r.

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Right he was decreed from Adam not he was destined to be from the hellfire. Obviously, this man is not a believer. Right? Because he had completely forgotten Allah completely involved in dunya and every aspect of dunya No, no EMA? No nothing.

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So the point of this hadith is, first of all, there was a another Hadith or so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We all know the Hadith amaro the ALLAH and he came into the room of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and he saw him

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sitting on the ground, and there's a very

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tiny pillow that is very cheap quality, that it was so cheap that you can see the marks on the face on the noble face of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So what did he do?

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He cried.

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I want to pause here one second. Omar

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and we all know anytime somebody makes a mistake, that's when Allah should I take his head off?

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Right. Omar cried

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not like anybody cried Omar cried. So my bad okay, Omar. Jamar, why are you crying?

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The solos Excellent. Jamar, why are you crying? What happened? I don't see anything make you cry. So, he said, I'm only weeping. I know that you are more noble in the sight of Allah than Kisara and Caesar and Keiser and the both era Sula, Allah live in luxury. And enjoy this word

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Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said

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are you in Yama? Are you not content that they have this world? And we have the next

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Mr. Tada and Hakuna Lahoma dunya what an F Euro until satisfied that didn't get this dunya and we will get the akhira

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our cried on a sort of sloths I sell them you know you are the most beloved to Allah. And you ask and Allah will tell you hey you gotta take whatever you want. And you still living like this here as well. I said look at the look at this one Allah look at this lesson

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Rasul Allah says Allah was telling us that even though I could have

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lived the most luxurious life ever,

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but I chose the accurate

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and for you, My followers, My true real followers, if you want to be with me, follow the same route.

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Now Allah here when if you see the state that the Muslims are in, if you put all the reasons together, why are we in this state? You will find that one of the main reasons

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Is, is the love of this dunya

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not only the love the adornment of this dunya the depth of love of this dunya

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brother not talking to his brother for years because of some inheritance or some money,

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people fighting and arguing and the families cutting the kinship for something very simple all for dunya matters.

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People are not forgiving each other Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah what happened tu tu tu tu, Salah Salem tourists. You know when Rasulillah Salam, he's being praised.

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You know, Allah praises a clap

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his pages o'clock he had the best Allah. Allah Allah who can have him the best of luck.

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And he told us about the dunya one time listen to this hadith one time Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was walking with the Sahaba and as usual he is though stuff. He's the real teacher. He is the the chef of the yoke. So he passed by a dead a dead one eared goat.

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And one eat goat is considered defective goat. Okay, and it's dead.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Sahaba sitting like this, let's assume and the goat is here. That so he looked at the goat and he said

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who would like to buy this goat?

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Who would like to buy this goat for one drum?

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One drum.

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So Rasul Allah, why would we want to buy a dead goat? It's worthless. What are we going to do with it? It's dead. Right? It's a mater not even Halal to eat right?

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Soon as I sell them said, Would you like to have it for free? They said no error. So Allah.

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He asked them three times, and they kept on saying no, you're Rasul Allah.

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And then that then they said, Yes, well, Allah by Allah, if it was alive,

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it would have a defect, as it only has one ear. Why would we buy it when it's dead? Why would we take it when it's dead? And if even if it's alive, we will not take it because it's one ear. It's a defective, it's very well known. Nobody buys this. Right? Nobody buys this.

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Now listen, now here's the lesson.

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So Allah says salam said, By Allah,

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this word, the whole dunya is less in the sight of Allah than this goat in your sight.

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This whole dunya that we're fighting for.

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And we wake up dunya we sleep dunya we wake up dollar we sleep dollar

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is not worth in the sight of Allah. More than this in your eyes. You're fighting. Nobody wants to buy it. So yeah, one when we see there's a fairy there Canada dunya Akira and Allah azza wa jal thought, well, he hasn't have any laser if certainly hasn't have any you were at a Sharif and in the dunya dunya, la creme Allah and the robber essity Subhana. So when Allah give the dunya to someone, and we start envying him and being jealous of him, if something that Allah to Allah, this is not worth anything, so this is not a shot off. This is not an honor, when he gives it to somebody, keep in mind this beautiful hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu. What did he say? He said, in Allah, Allah

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gives the dunya to the one he loves, and to the one he does not love. But he only gives the Eman and the akhirah to the ones you love.

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So the dunya if someone had a lot of dunya matters hamdulillah it could be a good sign. And it could be a bad side not necessarily that everybody who's reached He is Allah loves him. Remember the example I gave you a guy had four liquor store. You know, he had five said Allah chef, if Allah doesn't love me, he wouldn't give me five, five liquor stores now. This is not a sign of love.

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Subhan Allah, so

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it could be bad or it could be good. But when someone is

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constantly striving to worship Allah azza wa jal that's a very good sign that Allah loves that person. This person has left and right. So yeah, when the point before we move to the other person, the point is

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another Hadith will make it very clear

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not imagine, imagine that. I'm not gonna tell you an ocean of water and just imagine that this Masjid only this Masjid this area only is full of water to the top full of water. Okay. And

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so allah sallallahu wasallam he said, this whole word in comparison to the akhira is like you put your hand in the ocean, and you took it out how much you got out?

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Nothing. If it's if it's only in this room, it will be not considered anything. How about that, that drop compared to the ocean to the whole ocean? This is what the dunya compared to the Acura type who would hit was a complete mind.

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sell his Acura for dystonia who?

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Who can consider himself a smart shrewd, bright person who sells the Acura for dystonia?

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I gave this example before it will clarify

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have the word

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number the check $50 million check.

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I'm gonna give it to you. Remind me after $50 million but it says the caching date is March 1 2020.

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You are now don't have a penny

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you have so many problems builds

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even though you're not married, your wife is giving you such a hard time every day.

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All these issues

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you have so many issues and I came and gave you a check for $50 million and the date is March 1 2020.

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So you have one month

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does it bother you how this month how are you going to live this month

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does it bother you? Are people going to call you in this month? They're gonna make fun of you they're gonna say oh look at this Muslim now

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30 days I'll show you you're gonna be my best friend

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30 days it's okay I can manage with some some bread and others is the in 30 days $50 million houses cars you name it. Just be patient.

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They soon

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I'm gonna have all my problems solved this money

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this is our This is Our Story.

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Keep your eye keep your eyes on the price. The price is Jana is that $50 million.

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It's way more than $50 million. Anytime you're going through any kind of hardship close your eyes and remember the price.

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The price is Janna. Only a few days. Only a few months maybe with only a few minutes maybe Allahu Allah. Just be patient. This whole 60 7080 years one dip the other guy

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Diabetes, crippled, blind.

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The most miserable daddy said the most miserable no house. No house, no mortgage, no nothing. No car. No job. No nothing kids died. You name it the most miserable person on earth. But his heart is always Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah content

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one dip in gender.

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Have you ever seen any misery? What misery? What does the word misery mean? I don't know what misery you're talking about. No misery gone. This is one dip in genuine dip from our burlock hearty Deena if you have a brother

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stay there forever. And the other one one dip. All the people are going through you see Muslims going through so much haram to acquire more properties and more this and more that and Allah is telling us one dip is going to make you forget all that. When dip in *

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is going to make you forget all this that you are you disobeyed me to own it. You went through riba to own it. You You fought with your parents to own it. You disconnected yourself from the messenger.

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to own it.

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One dip is gonna make you forget all that. When the How about ladies ENFP

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they do Khun Fe the Root

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Chakra in honey no of us.

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we call in cannula yo Jonah his

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Tina, the welcome Nisha in Salina who keytab federal welcome

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Fernan as either come in either

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let me see if you want to second

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Acaba, you know when Musa Lindstrom and his

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wife Carla Musa Khalifa who the Abraha Abla, measure mal Bahraini, I'm the hook over here.

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They're gonna stay there for a very long time. If one one dip made you forget all the luxury. Now this is

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this is the guy who was very, he was living a very luxurious life. How about the guy

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who was disobeying Allah azza wa jal, and his life is already miserable here.

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So he lost the dunya and akhira

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Subhan Allah. So if you want to summarize all this, it will be

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it's worth it.

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What is our home be Masaba agenda.

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Just, if you look at the agenda, it's always Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub

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man as much as you can. It's a very short period of time very short. Very short. We have very limited time. Anytime you have an opportunity to help to, to to donate to participate in a good action. Jump on a thrush Allah hiya rush

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or build your own. Ya Allah bring me back Lolly Amara Salia and FEMA attract you Allah bring me back can too late.

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May Allah make the Jana our main concern. May Allah subhanho wa Taala just like He gathered us here, gather us in different doses Allah may Allah subhanaw taala bless all our parents and our spouses and protect all our children from any harm. This is a very, very blessed night the night of Juma so I'm going to make a DUA and say I mean from the bottom of your heart Lama Finland I don't know where sloughing off a marina with a bit awkward Domina once called mill caffeine, Rob bene hablan. I mean, as far as you know, whether he Tina Kurata. But Jan Takeda Imam, Allah Hum, I didn't know how

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Kiba were in Philadelphia and was Augustina alarm Alem one and then we'll start off you know, if equally McCann along Metacritic well enough a scene with Phil Hynde, with the Bangladesh with equally McCann era Bill Alameen Yeah, Al Hamra in India, a criminal act Romania Allah, your bill Alameen is Kolomna La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, Allah mattone beside the hottie, I'm only now Yara but alanine are some Allah and the b&m. hamadryad early he will sabotage me make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and please come to Fraser and Jamar tomorrow at 630 Baraka Luffy calm Subhana Colombard Hemric. There should be

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a stockbroker on a topic

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