Yahya Ibrahim – Common Errors during Hajj

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of the hedge, which is meant to protect against common mistakes made by women during the menstrual cycle. The "vanishing" process is a false intention, and following nuts and words of the prophets is crucial to avoiding false intentions. The speaker advises against these mistakes and suggests waiting until they reach the point of being in the hot tub before starting the hedge. The importance of avoiding certain actions during a call off is also emphasized, and the speaker emphasizes the need to avoid these mistakes and avoid their actions.
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Why do you como Salah Morocco la hora capital

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Alhamdulillah Namah thank you for hosting me once again uncle

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Alhamdulillah Allah in the grace in the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah Allah Allahumma amin Baba come off.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was certainly more bad for the last few minutes and days at hamdulillah. We've been meeting at around this time, speaking about

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trying to achieve a hedge of a lifetime hedge where we return to our families. As the prophets I seldom prophesized as we were first born by our mothers May Allah subhanaw taala make us from those who are gifted and given the blessing of a HUD that is my broad Allahumma Amin. Now we've spoken in detail about some of the main requirements of Hajj and so on and we ended the last two or three sessions speaking about women's issues. And today in this session, we're going to end that discussion with the women's issues in sha Allah and begin looking at some common mistakes that occur whether intentionally or unintentionally by those in hajj and how to fix them. And before the end of

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the week, we will speak about the Zahra

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excuse me, the zyada to the masjid of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to his blessings city and Madina munawwara

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does a menstruating woman need to perform falafel Voila. Now this is an important question we said yesterday that it is essential for a menstruating woman before she departs from Mecca mocha Rama if she is not sure when she will return again, if it is not expedient for her to to return to Mecca, that it would not be possible for her to remain in an extended period of her arm away as a distinct from her husband until she returns again, that even if she's in her state or height and menstrual cycle that she should perform toe off when he father or toe waffles era, which is one of the four out of can four requirements that cannot be left off for the validity of the Hajj, to stand on the

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mountain of autofair, to perform to lawful zalto awfully father, and to be in the state of Traum as is necessary and from where it's necessary. And finally, to make the salary between Safa and Marwa these are the essentials of the hedge. And we said that a lot farther there is no disagreement amongst the four imams that it is an essential rochen of the hedge. So that imagine some of them contemporary as well as the ancient past have said that even if she's in a state of menstrual cycle if she is not able to stay until she arrives to purity, she should make falafel if all the after having a hustler and a will do and tying herself up well makes the tawaf and ask Allah for his

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forgiveness. And Allah is of a fool to Rahim. Now the question is about the second power, which is the law, which is she's done to lawfully father, she's done the essential tawaf of Hajj and now, she's been in Mecca for a few days, then the mentors arrived. And now they're saying we're leaving Mecca and mocha Rama. It is the custom of prophets lie Selim, that we are to do the philosophy of without the farewell toe off to say our final greetings to the Kaaba and ask a lot to return us to it. Again, it is in this case, that we say too often where that is a non essential, it's not one of the four and therefore to do it without taharah. To do it in a state of hiab or new fast menstrual

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cycle or postpartum bleeding would become sinful behavior, and therefore our sisters should not perform it. This is something that would be forgiven for them by Allah. And it is seeing that there is no penalty upon the woman for doing this because the prophets I send them did not mention a penalty for it. When Sophia radi Allahu Allah how Allah had performed falafel a father in their hand, but had not to form too often without and the prophets I seldom said to Alisha, we will wait for you but not for Sophia to wait for her for Paul often with that they departed without it and she did not pay any fee dia or any dem insha Allah. Those are really important issues, and they are

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issues of judgment of the llama. We always take advice from our local scholars and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accompany in our Hajj with the righteous and the pious imams Allahu Ameen.

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Final thing that is important for our sisters which is with regards to the pill, the pill that delays the menstruation and the menstrual bleeding. Now I legend that that you know the Standing Committee in Saudi Arabia and the Imams of different Institute's say that it is permissible It is, it is permissible for a woman to use pills to delay her menstrual cycle at the time of Hajj, if she fears that you might get her period through her calculation of it at a time where it is needed for her to be clean. This can likewise be done wrong in Ramadan, for the fasting days as well. This is the fatawa of the Imams of some of the large federal bodies around the world. Now I do add to this

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from my personal experience leading groups for many years, that there are many sisters who delay taking the pill. Before had you probably say maybe two weeks or one month, you are putting yourself in a great risk of developing spotting and irregular bleeding, which will give you a lack of contentment, a lack of peace of mind throughout the hedge. If you have not adjusted your cycle with these pills at least three months in advance. If you're only doing it a week or two out before you travel, I say to you sister, it is better to use our fifth and the expertise of the local roadmap to identify ways and solutions to alleviate that problem in sha Allah rather than to worry about it

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throughout your time. So as an advice to our sisters take the pill three months out, get your body accustomed to it because when you travel to Mecca, Makoto Rama and to LP jazz, your body under the stress of tawaf the stress of the heat, the change of climate, the change of food, the change of attire and bed, your menstrual cycle in and of itself will not become regular, and it's going to fluctuate, and therefore don't add any more complexity to it in sha Allah. Now let's look at some common mistakes, we can consider that one of the common mistakes a lot of sisters make that as a common mistake. They delay taking that pill, they go to the doctor one week before they head to

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Hajj, and then they don't have a good hedge because of it. One of the mistakes another one of the common mistakes is related to Iran, to the garments that the men wear in particular on the woman wear and the Nia of Iran that is performed. One of the most common mistakes is that people forget to make the NEA or they make the NEA incorrectly and all of a sudden as they are coming to the place of McCart instead of saying let Baker law home Nabila O'Meara or law Baker law home Nabeel Hodge, or le Baker Lahore and rotten Hodge. They make they come diluted, they mix it all up, they add them all together, and it results in them making a false intention and tell BIA, I do remind you that it is

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important that we follow the nuts the wording of the prophets, I send them and we say let Baker Allahumma Bella Mara if we are doing better before we go to Hajj and not mention Hajj, or else you are now necessary to remain in a state of Iran until the Hajj insha. Allah, it might if somebody passes this station, just say you fell asleep on the plane, you fell asleep on the bus Subhanallah you took one of those anti nausea pills and you are drowsy you did not wake up in time before you were flying over them you caught to say that tells via what is it that you should do you have one of two instances, either you go back to them you caught to the station where you should not have

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crossed and make your television again and start fresh. Or to you must offer a sacrifice a dem a blood sacrifice of a sheep in muckety muck aroma and feed all of its me to the poor. You cannot ingest any of it you can not share it with your friends must be all to the poor. And this is whether you're in the air or in the sea or by land, in any case in any shape, way or form. If you pass them you've caught one of the other errors is the error of pull off. And one of the things that you will see a lot of people do they are some kind of law excited and in love of the house of Allah. And this is a sign of a man woman you have Lim sha Allah He fitting the hamming Tuckwell kulu that when they

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have a fondness of that which Allah has made an honorable thing it is because of the piety of their heart. One of the common errors is that people start the law from the moment they enter the hot tub and therefore they might be on the backside of the cabinet not facing the Blackstone but it's as if they have already intended there for a while and they have begun their toe off from they're not entirely beginning, which is an obligatory act from where the black stone is. So delay yourself until you get to the Blackstone even if you are on the other side even if you missed the Blackstone go all the way around. Don't count it as one and begin it there. second mistake that you see is that

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Do tawaf through the hatred of his marine. Or they come through a portions of the cabin, which should be left out of tawaf, because it will make your life invalid. So don't go through the hedgerow of his Marine, or as you're making koloff. You see, they open the door for the hatred of Israel, and you go inside and you, you know, you do your Salah, and then you go back around the other way, and you continue with the philosophy as if it is one No, that don't count that as a circuit. Number two, number three, another mistake that you see is that people do the run the quick step of running during all seven circuits, it's only during the first three circuits around the

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cabinet, it is only during the first three, and it is fourth off will do for the tawaf of arrival, that it is to be done. Number four, it is fighting and struggling and battling with other believers to come near to the black stone, which means that you are hating or pushing or shoving or pulling apart. Other believers such an act which are injurious to the Muslims, and to yourself are not permissible and reprehensible. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to open heart to this reality alone. I mean, another one is that when people come to make their to laugh at the Blackstone, they chant out things that are not legislated by the prophets. I send them all of a sudden you'll see

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people say Bismillah, Allahu akbar wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Anna, and they make this long invocation of the Blackstone, rather than a law of Kabbalah, as was taught by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was said, another mistake that is done in CO off common mistake is that people touch all four corners of the cab, or touch the hedgerow the semi circle of easement in during their call off. And we know that the prophets I seldom did not touch any part of the cabinet except the black stone and the Yemeni corner as a part of his tail off in terms of a bad. So when you're in your full life, don't touch and hold on to the walls of the cabinet. When you're in college. That's something

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at a different time. In philosophy, if you're going to make the love it is an act of worship that should model that behavior of the prophets. I seldom, he only approached the Blackstone and the Yemeni corner, so stay away from the other places. One of the reasons for that is that the walls of the cabinet are heavily perfumed, and they add perfume to it. And when you're in a harem, you're going to be putting that perfume intentionally on yourself, and could be something that is not done well. Another one of the mistakes that we commonly see May Allah Subhana Allah expiate our sins and accept from us our shortcomings, as being acts of sinfulness and forgetfulness that he forgives for

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us is making specific formulations and supplications that are meant and not mentioned by the prophets. I send them by making them specific for places that he did not make specific Salalah hardy or send them. So the only things that we know that were made specific by the prophets, I sell them in tawaf was between the Yemeni corner and the Blackstone, he would say robina attina dunia has an awful lot. He has entered town, Athena, Ben.

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He would say that between the Yemeni corner and the Blackstone, at the Blackstone, he would say Allahu Akbar, right. So these are the four narrations from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, do not you are welcome to make other invocations, other do other praise of a law. But don't make it obligatory that every time I come to this area, I have to say this, I have to make durood in this place, because this wasn't legislated by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Another number seven is raising your voice so loud that it disturbs others in Polish. And this is something common where you have that you know loud voice, there are bene and other people Rob bene and it's as if

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they have no care for the worship of others. Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Well hold min Celtic, lower your voice, especially when it comes to the activity bar that

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is not something that is desirable except in necessity. So it is something we should lower our voices in sha Allah, they shouldn't be microphones that are elevated, that makes a rambling noise for other people trying to worship Allah Subhana who went to China, and number eight, and we end with this in sha Allah, that people begin to struggle and fight and compete with one another at the macom of Ibrahim, the goal the the copper in case footprint of Ibrahim, it's almost as if they treated like the Blackstone in alila here in LA arogya own and there is nothing in the center of the prophets lie Selim that has made any recommendation for this inshallah tomorrow we will continue

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with a few more errors that are

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related to the salary that are related to the haircutting related to the day of our offer and others insha Allah, that Allah subhana wa Taala may assist us in doing that which is closest to the sooner of our interview Mohammed sigh Selim, for he said to us, who do Andaman Sea kokoon sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says inauthentic ad. Take and acquire your rights of pilgrimage from my behavior and attitude and habit, subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah allow us to stop where he stopped and begin where he began. Subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam, which is a common law head once again to our ITV network, brothers and sisters in South Africa, for hosting me for another discussion with Mr. de

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como Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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