Yasir Qadhi – Depression – An Islamic Perspective

Yasir Qadhi
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All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek his help, and we seek refuge in the law from the whisperings of our souls in the evils of shavon Verily, whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever he chooses to misguide, none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of our worship other than Allah subhana wa tada and that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger and the most perfect worshiper, Allah subhana wa tada has said in the Quran, yeah you hola Dena Armando taco la haka to otter, wallet, Mouton, Illa, one to Muslim moon. Oh, you who believe be conscious of

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a law and have Taqwa of Allah, as is deserving of a law and do not die except in a state of Islam. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, today's hakuba is going to be about a topic that many considered to be taboo. Many do not wish to talk about it publicly. And it is the topic of depression. Statistics estimate that one in 15 people roughly in this country suffer from depression. And the problem or one of the problems around depression is that and we have seen this especially in the last year or two, because it is taboo to discuss many of our own members who are struggling with depression, don't know where to turn to. They feel uncomfortable going to family and

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friends. Community deems it to be a type of illness that nobody talks about most of the scholars and odema and Imams and chefs and I am one of them. And I tell you from an insider's perspective, most of us are clueless when it comes to how to treat actual depression. In the last few years, and especially in the last few months, I myself have heard of a number of my colleagues and friends across the country, telling me of suicides that are taking place in our own massage communities, Masjid goers, who are we seek Allah's refuge, finding no happiness in this life, no higher purpose. Last week in Canada, a Muslim man

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attacked a number of people in public and First they thought it was one of those terrorist attacks. It turned out he was suffering from clinical depression. And he took a gun. And unfortunately, two people were killed in a dozen injured clinical depression. And his family had no idea that he was going through all of these issues. Therefore, it is essential that we as a community understand, at least to a basic level, what exactly is this concept called depression. And to compound this problem, some people think that depression is a purely spiritual phenomenon. They say that if you have a man, you will never be depressed. They said, If you believe in a law, then you cannot and

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should not go see a psychiatrist that if you see a psychiatrist or a counselor, this is a problem with your own Iman or faith. And unfortunately, they misunderstand some verses in the Quran. such as when Allah says, basically law he talks about Indian oral, very early in the remembrance of Allah to the hearts find tranquility. So they assume if you don't find tranquility, then this means you are not doing the kind of Allah they assume. If you don't find happiness, then this means your Eman is at fault. And unfortunately, when a person struggling with depression is told, the problem is you. This is the worst thing you can say. And rather than help the person in depression, in fact, anyone

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who says this will compound the depression 100 times more and many times scholars or chefs because they have no clue they want to do good. And they say oh, the problem is just you know you you have to turn to Allah. This will make the person suffering from depression even more depressed saying I haven't, I can't It's all my fault. Already. They are blaming themselves. And unfortunately, US people who are not trained those scholars, they will say Oh, it is your fault, you should have more eemaan in Allah subhanho wa Taala whereas the fact of the matter is that depression is a multi disciplinary issue. It's not easily categorized. Yes, it is true. Yes, it is true that some aspects

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of depression can be helped via spirituality via a man. But it is also true that some people no matter how much spirituality they have, they will need to go to a medical practitioner. They will they have maybe certain issues that need to be countered with drugs with prescription drugs. It is also true that some issues are psychological beyond those

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realm of religion beyond the realm of medicine, perhaps a childhood trauma, perhaps the abuse of victim especially of sexual abuse and trauma of childhood that usually needs a counselor, a psychiatrist, a trained person, not just to share not just a medical doctor to give some drugs. Rather, it requires therapy from a licensed therapist. And the bottom line brothers and sisters is that each one of us has a role to play. Sometimes scholars will help sometimes trained counselors will help sometimes medical practitioners will help sometimes family and friends will help. The purpose of this whole book is not to suffer a lot become on the role of the doctor. That's not who I

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am. The purpose is to raise awareness amongst all of us to spot the signs, the symptoms, maybe even in ourselves, maybe in our family and friends, to have a comforting mechanism support mechanism. We as a community, we can handle the last talk about this publicly and help one another publicly. The purpose is to look at this issue of depression and today's hold but more from a religious perspective. But with the caveat that that's because I am coming to you from a scholarly perspective. This doesn't mean that religion is the only cure. But yes, it is true to say for some people, not for all, for some people, religion will be a helping mechanism. Not the only thing you

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always need family, friends, what not, but still, for most people, religion is something that will help them cope with anxiety, with stress with depression, and clinical studies across the world have shown generally speaking, the rule of thumb is that those people who have religion, whether they're Christian, Jewish, Jewish, Muslim, those who are faithful in their traditions, generally speaking, they're able to cope with the stress of life better than those who don't have religion. And this is something that is common sense even you don't need medical surgeries. But still I point out very explicitly, some people that's not the case and religion has nothing to do with their depression and

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they need to be counseled or trained. So today's hope is not intended to diagnose much less treat depressed depression, rather, it is firstly a call for public awareness. And secondly, what does the Quran tell us about anxiety about stress about depression and the hood but is very long. I'll try to finish on time. Michelle, nine points briefly. Number one, the Quran clearly tells us that feeling anxious, feeling worried, stressful, is a part of being human. There's nothing wrong with that. societal problems can and will cause us stress. Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what apadana mo unaka Yogi Posada be my opponent. We know that your heart is in pain because

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of what they say. Think about that. Your heart is in pain because of what people are saying about you. In Surah tilaka half further I look about here enough second Allah Yakumo, meaning. This is a powerful verse that really shows us what depression can lead to. Allah is speaking to the Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasallam. And he is saying it is possible that your anxiety your anguish will cause you to die. I know it sounds very melodramatic. This is the Arabic word bah bah bah means to die because of grief. GABA means to go into depression into such a state that you end your life not suicide, but basically your depression causes you to die. And Allah says in the early mccunn, phase,

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Yato, Sula, la We know you're going down this road, Yasuda law, you're getting too anxious, too worried, don't go down this road, you might die in anguish, but of course our process and why was he so anguish? Why was he grief because the people didn't believe not because of money. Not that I'm saying there's nothing wrong with that. But our process is obviously not going to become depressed because of money. Why was he depressed? Why was he I shouldn't even say the word depressed, I should say he was feeling anguish that is the better phrasing. He was feeling extreme anguish. Why was he feeling anguish? Because his people did not believe that anguish that anxiety. Allah says you might

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end up dying because of that anxiety for the alaka banker enough sector. Alaia kuno, meaning also we learned from the Koran that the mother of Musa Allah subhana wa tada says to her for the dinner who not only cater Karina, hawala, Tyson, we return Moses to his mother so that she could find comfort and stop worrying. Stop worrying. It's normal, nothing wrong with worrying with being anxious with having grief so much. So Allah says about the Prophet Yahoo, that What does Yahoo happened when when his son Yusuf went away? That Allah azza wa jal says, what does it now whom he knows in his eyes became blind because he was worried and cried, the crying the grief was so much his eyes became

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blind. Allah did not criticize him for getting sad.

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Allah did not castigate him for feeling the grief, his son, his beloved son use of went missing, as we know the story, and his love for use have exceeded all bounds and the grief that he felt was so much the anguish that he felt was so much that 12 years later, 15 years later, his own children said, When will you stop blabbering about use of stop it enough and he himself his eyes became blind, and Alon never once criticized him. Why? Because that anguish that grief, it was still within checks. He didn't go beyond to an unhealthy level as we will talk about in shallow data later on, as well mme ra has set up when she fled when she was pregnant, as you know, and Allah told her to leave

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your community. She was alone. She was with child nobody to help her. She didn't know how to deliver a baby all alone. What is going to happen to her? Allah subhanho wa Taala says that for now, I'm in Tati her

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journey, there was a voice that came out Don't worry, don't worry, the comfort is from Allah. Allah is telling. Allah did not say oh my god, you're such a pious lady. You're the best Lady of mankind. How could you worry? No, a lot comforted her not as any, don't worry, we'll take care of you. We'll make sure everything is fine. Look, here's a river. Look, these are the dates. Look, everything is taken care of. In other words, a law is consoling those that have grief. And he's not making them feel guilty for that grief. So we learned from all of this brothers and sisters that feeling anxious, stressful, worried, having what we call somewhat normal or natural depression, this is a

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part of life. Nothing wrong with that you don't have to feel spiritually bad if you're extra anxious or extra worried. The point is that we have to keep it within a healthy boundary and not take it to that level that is unhealthy. The second point out of nine points the second point, what does the origin tell us about how we can battle with depression with extra anxiety and stress? The second point, the knowledge that Allah is watching, and Allah is with us, how do we battle some of the anxiety by comforting ourselves, Allah is with me, and Allah knows what is going on. Allah tells us in the Quran that what our Prophet sallallahu wasallam was in the cave audit era, and Abu Bakar was

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getting very anxious. A Walker was breathing outfit and he couldn't look if they look they're gonna see us Yara Salalah what was that famous phrase in the Quran? Is the ooda sahibi he

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in the law hermana powerful phrase, don't worry, Allah is with us think about that. Don't worry, la doesn't. Allah is with us. This is one of the ways to cope with the mechanism with the stress with the anxiety Allah subhana wa tada is here he is watching he is seeing he knows he is in control. And this is why Yes, it is true that generally speaking, faith helps in depression. As I said, there are exceptions. But generally speaking, faith is a powerful antidote to most types of depression even though it's not always the case. Also in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Taala consoles the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by literally telling him we see what they're doing, fella Yeah, zoom

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kokkola home in La MaMa, you soon Omar you already know. Don't worry out of surah la at what they say we know what they're saying. We see what they're doing. Notice the cause and the effect. Don't worry, we know Don't worry, we see Allah is telling the Prophet so sudden, don't you think that I know what's going on. I'm in control. Fela yasunaga colome in NA La MaMa you tsunami you're an unknown. Whatever happens we console ourselves with the knowledge that Allah is watching and Allah subhana wa tada is in control. The third point brothers and sisters of the ways we battle depression of the ways we take on anxiety, realizing that pain and suffering is a part and parcel of this

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world. This world is not the world of Paradise, this world is the dunia the prelude to paradise. No one in this world shall ever live without pain and suffering. Do you not see when the child is born? The first thing that the child does is does this Christ and our scholars is our cycle. a psychoanalyst of the scholars, they say this is a symptom. This world is not the world of merriment, the child is not born laughing. The child is born crying, realize that whatever pain I am in whatever pain you are in the world, even every person has his or her own demons, anxious issues, worrisome aspects. Nobody is stress free in this world. I swear to you brothers and sisters, if you

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think somebody is living a stress free life, you're deluding yourself. Every single person has anxieties from the richest to the poorest, from the healthiest and the fittest to those who are the sick.

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Every one has their own personal anxieties. This is a part and parcel of this world. Allah says in the Koran that in yourself concurrent

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Muslim Kabbalah who, that if a wound or a calamity afflicts you, then it has afflicted others as well. What till Calla Yamanaka widow has been a nurse. And these are the days we distribute amongst the people. Some days are good, some days are bad, what a powerful verse, Allah is telling the Muslim This was after the Battle of word, that if you're in pain, if you're suffering, realize the others in this case, the verses to the aurash, but it can be made broader, whatever pain You and I are going through, you're not the first human to suffer it. Whatever has happened to you, others have also suffered, what tilaka Yamanaka widow have been a nurse and these are the days we

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distribute some days or this some days or that this is a part of this world, no one shall live a stress free life. Allah says in the Quran, Allah your own, under whom you've toluna if you could, there are many more rotten Omar rotten, don't they see, every year a big calamity or maybe even two happens to them? This is a part of life don't they see? Every year something happens that is indeed a disaster or a catastrophe? Let them think about that and turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The fourth point that Allah reminds us in the Quran is to remember the mercy of Allah. Remember who is a law that our man or him that Kareem the man who is Allah, He cares about you, he loves for you. One

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of the most powerful verses that is specially is comes in handy for those that are struggling with depression. Allah says in the Quran, what I tell people to do on fusa calm, don't kill yourself. Don't think of suicide. What is the next phase powerful in the law? hochanda de Kumara Hema, Allah is the Rahim for you notice, don't kill yourselves. Allah is merciful, not even that He is merciful with you Rahim with you. So notice, life is difficult. You're thinking of Colossus, let me ended. And Allah is saying, don't do it. I'm merciful. I love you, I will take care of you. But it must also be said in the same verse right after there is also a threat. And this is the power of the

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Quran, you have the carrot and the stick within Allah says, But whoever does so out of injustice and transgressing the bounds, that person shall indeed face the tournament. In other words, Allah is telling the person suffering, firstly, the kind, don't do it. I love you, I care about you. Then Allah says, Be careful. That's my life, not yours, I gave it to you. You do not have the right to take your own life. If you take it or the wind will blow your mind, meaning you take it unjustly. We're not talking about an accidental death. When we're talking about somebody who you know went beyond the bounds of love and threatens, don't do that or else you will face the punishment. So the

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Orion has the carrot and the stick and first is the carrot. First is the mercy Allah is telling us Don't do it. Allah subhana wa Taala loves you. The fifth point brothers and sisters is how we battled depression in the Koran is belief in other belief in predestination. It is an immense relief to us to believe in other when you believe in other the world becomes much easier to live. When you believe in Qatar Subhan Allah Your heart is content. Allah subhana wa to Allah says in the Quran, Li Kayla has an O Allah Fatah calm so that you don't be worried about what you didn't get. So that you don't be worried about what you didn't get. What you didn't get wasn't meant for you as the profits

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are some set to even abus No, my dear nephew, no, my dear son, know that whatever you did not get was not meant for you. And whatever happened to you could never have been averted. The pen has been lifted and the ink has dried. Whatever happens is the other of Allah. Allah tells us the hypocrites in the Koran those hypocrites after the Battle of words, were saying, oh, if they stayed at home, then they wouldn't have been killed. Allah says in the Koran that if they stayed at home and their death had been written for them, they would have left their houses and they would have met death on the battlefield. You cannot change the other of a law. You cannot turn around what has already

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happened. It was Destin it was pre decreed and it was something Allah had willed. We use other memorize this phrase, we use color, to console ourselves about the past and not to justify the future. We use other to console about the past and not to justify the future. The profitsystem said that when are the Met Moosa when Moosa met Adam Musa, and afterwards he met Adam, and he could treated criticize Adam, and he said, Oh, our Father Adam, why did you eat of the tree? And why did you get expelled from Jenna so that we are now living on this earth? And Adam said, Oh, my son, don't you know that Allah had written 50,000 years before he created

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told me that we would live in this earth. So how can you criticize me for something Allah had pre determined and decreed and the Prophet system said, it's for hedger Adam, Adam, who said that Musa one the argument against Adam Moosa. Sorry, Adam. One the argument against Musa, the one the argument against Musa Adam did not justify the sin via cutter, He justified the calamity of coming down to this earth. And he said, It's not my fault Allah predestined that mankind would be on this earth. How can you criticize me about something Allah had predestined, the past is the past, it was predestined, it was a loss. Other you could not have changed it because it was already written in

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stone. So find comfort in that. And this leads me to the next point, which is, yes, and the other also leads us to what we call an Arabic cleaner, and cleaner means contentment. Be happy with what you have, don't always be greedy for what you don't have. true happiness is the happiness of the heart, not the happiness of belongings, always look at those who are above you in religion, but lower than you in this world. Always look at those above you in religion, but lower than you in this world. Whatever you don't have, there are people that have less than you, whatever you're struggling with. There are people that are struggling with much more than you. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, Whoever wakes up amongst you

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safe in his household, he has his food for the day, and his health is good, then it is as if this whole world has been given to him. And he has everything he needs. The three basic needs of this life. You're waking up breathing, eating, you have your food, and there's no bombs dropping on you, you're safe. That's it, you are living a good life. It is as if the whole world has been given to you. What more do you want the quality of food, you have food, the size of the house, you have a house, whoever wakes up amongst you safe in his household, which means no Civil War, no what not going on, he has his food for the day, and he has his health he's living what not, then it is as if

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the whole world has been given to him, and he has everything he needs. Be content with what you have, and don't always aim for more and more and more. The seventh point brothers and sisters is the realization that anxiety and stress grief and depression is sometimes a tactic of shavon sometimes it is from shavon shavon once your depression to become so much that you stop living a normal life, you don't have a relationship with a lot. So realize this is not even from you. This could be coming from shaytaan it's not coming from within it's a * shaped bond and that will help you overcome because when you know it's not your fault, when you know it is the enemy of Allah and the

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enemy of Adam and the enemy of mankind. shavon is an enemy to you. Allah says so take him as your enemy know that one of the tactics of shaitaan is depression. Allah says in the Quran that in the Manage woman ishay Bonnie the yes una Latina Amma know those secret gatherings The hipparcos are doing it is from shavon. And shavon wants you to be stressed out, he doesn't he wants you to be anxious. He wants you to have that depression. So depression could be in some occasions, not every time in some occasions. Depression is coming 100% from shavon, not from you. He's using it as a technique to divert you from your world from your deen from your dunya so that you don't live a

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comfortable life. This is a part of the tactic of shaytaan and knowing this helps us overcome depression. The eighth and ninth point I know time is coming limited very quickly. The eighth point brothers and sisters, it is to some extent normal to feel anxious to feel grief to feel worried about the problems of this world such as the reality of this world. Muslims should try to channel that anxiety and lead themselves to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala prayer and do our and Vicar will always help regardless of what the problem is. Our issue says whenever our profit center was worried he would rush to stand up in Salah. He was worried he was worried. That's why whenever he

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was worried he would rush to stand up in Salah. He said to be learned, obey Allah give the karma so that I can find the comfort in the Salah. And he said to the Sahaba Allah has made the piece of my heart in the Salah. The peace of the heart comes from the Salah. And yes it is true that Allah says in a loss deker one finds the heart to be tranquil it is true. And one of the greatest mechanisms to battle depression is da da da opens up a communication with Allah subhana wa Tada. You can beg and plead. You can complain to Allah. There's no problem in that complain to Allah. Allah Allah look at my situation of Allah. You see how difficult this is? Oh Allah I know you know, no problem to

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complain to Allah. You don't complain about Allah. Allah. You complain to Allah when the children are Yaqoob criticize their father and they said

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When will you stop blabbering about use of what did Jakob say? Or the in a school bus he was neither la my blabbering is not for you. I am complaining to Allah my grief is in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Raise your hands up to Allah and open your heart. The best conversation you will ever have is with Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up with a lot and explain your problems. Tell him and explain to him and you can even say like the Prophet said, Yeah, Rob, you see the problem I'm in in nema suniel bull will enter hamara Haman and you are the Most Merciful of those who have mercy. Yeah rob you see my situation. You can pray like the Prophet Yunus prayed from the heart of the belly, that when are

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the few guru Murthy Allah Allah hi lentil soup Anika in the consuming of volume in these are all do as the prophets made when they were anxious when they were under stress and they made to our to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the ninth and final point brothers and sisters and of course, much more can be said but as usual, time is always limited for these hobas the ninth and final point for this whole realize that the future is always for the believer. Victory is always written for the believer, if not in this world, then definitely in the next world. Allah says in the Quran after the defeat of the Muslims walked back feeling very depressed very down. And Allah said to them what not

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to he know what does I know what untold are alone in quantum meaning? Don't feel weak? And don't feel sad? You shall be the winners if you have even so it is true brothers and sisters that Eman isn't the only solution to depression. And I say this at least 10 times in today's world. But it is also true that generally speaking good family, good community, good friends, and most importantly good man they help sometimes they don't solve sometimes you need to go beyond this. Sometimes you need therapy, sometimes you need medication, but never never will a man harm you never will that get in the way of you and curing any problem. There is no question that all of these points that we

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mentioned will help a person and in many cases not all, in many cases solve anxiety and depression and sometimes people have to go beyond that. And that is where the trained therapists need to come in. May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who listen to the Quran and follow it to the best of our abilities botica label Khurana all the wonderful anyway y'all come see him he declared Hakeem otomatis marone was tough with a lot of the muddy water come What is assuming we could have the manifesto food in water for Rahim if the brothers can squeeze up so that we can get everybody inside

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Alhamdulillah Hilda Haddon ahead of Samad, Aladdin, Amelia, Willa mula, wollombi, akula, Khufu and wabarakatuh.

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I am obviously no psychiatrist or psychologist yet, because many of us will probably not hear this from other sources. I have just quickly looked up some authentic websites to remind all of us as a novice, and I'm not an expert, what are some of the symptoms of depression, and the purpose is public awareness, not for me to prescribe anything to the store in my area of expertise, just so that we be aware, in case we have a family member, maybe ourselves so that we know what are some of the common symptoms and there's no one telltale sign. But if you have three, four or five of these, or you know a family member that does, it is definitely time to seek help to go beyond to go to

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those who know, first and foremost, always feeling empty, always feeling sad, not being happy at what most other people would deem to be an occasion of happiness. Secondly, feeling guilty about life, losing interest in all pleasurable things being withdrawn. You used to be active or somebody used to be very social, and all of a sudden, they become very quiet, they become very secluded, they don't do much. Thirdly, blaming yourself for everything, or blaming the world for everything. And always feeling that life is unfair. No matter what happens, you always feel down, you're concentrating on the negative rather than the positive. Fourthly, to feel worthless, useless, to

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feel that maybe I shouldn't be here, the world would be better if I were not here. And this is clearly from shaytaan. It is not something that comes from the religion, the world is always a better place with you if you strive to make it a better place. But this feeling of worthlessness there's no point there's no reason maybe the world would be better if I just left this place. And this leads me to my final and most important sign constantly thinking of leaving this world in a morbid manner thinking of death or with a bit of that in a morbid manner. Why do I say morbid? You can think of death in a positive manner. You should think of death in a positive meaning. Okay,

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we're about to die. All of us.

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Let's live a productive life. Let me get ready to meet a law. That's a positive outlook. Look, nobody lives forever. And I need to prepare, have investments for my children leave a good legacy, meet a law, that's a regular thing you should think about that. But to always be obsessed with death, and think about dying and think about killing yourself and suicide and these types of thoughts. This is definitely not healthy. And this is a telltale one of the most important signs of depression is that a person or with a biller, he is just always thinking and imagining how or she about how to leave this world and what not. And that's not something that is healthy. As I said, we

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should not conflate Islamic thinking of death means that you become productive, you don't live depressed, you become Oh, you know what, Allah knows how many years I have left, I better make the best of it. That's something else that's good. But then depression means what if I die today, let me think I'm gonna die. No, we don't go down that route. That's depression, that is something that is very, very problematic. These are some of the generic signs. Obviously, there are many more signs than these. If you or anybody you know, feel some or all of these, then please do not feel shy to ask for help go to community, to family, to friends, I am here for you, to the best of my knowledge,

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whatever I'm able to help. Please come to me confide in me. This is a part of the legacy that under the prophetic legacy that has been entrusted to all of us communities as well need to become more open about talking about these topics, they should not be taboo, and we should find help and comfort and others family and friends, community and of course, licensed therapists and psychologists, we have to stop trivializing this field. There are people that have trained for decades, they're basing their research on 1000s and 1000s of people, they help psychiatrists, doctors, they know much more than the average person, don't feel that you're doing something wrong or an Islamic if you need help

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from a trained therapist, family, friends, faith therapy, all of this put together helps. And brothers and sisters, the final point for this whole book, realize that, as I said, this world is a world of anxiety and pain. It is only in the era where all pain and anxiety will stop. And that is why the ACA is called darussalam the abode of no pain and that is why when the people agenda enter agenda, what is the first thing they will say according to the Quran, Alhamdulillah Hilah. The Hub has an All Praise be to Allah. Finally, we will never worry that is in this world. All of us worry, I worry, I'm under stress, you're under stress might be different. But we're all under stress. We

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take that stress, we channel it so that we still live productive lives despite the stress and we try our best to earn a lot of blessings and reward so that insha Allah who tada The day will come when we enter agenda, and we could be amongst those people to say Alhamdulillah From now on, there shall be no stress and no grief. May Allah make us amongst them alone in NIDA and for Aminu, Allahu Allah did that and if you had to meet him and he does a fortune 100 Manila for Raja whether Dana in la cabeza de la Ilaha. feta, when I see Ron Illa yourself the ultimate Filipina What if one in a Latina Sarah who never been a man what a teacher I feel, even as a Latina, Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim

00:33:17 --> 00:33:58

Allah Marisa Islam our Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Alabama and Adana. Our other Islamic Muslim in Abu Dhabi nuptse, which alerted me to her feet LBD Yakubu Aziz rebels a law in the law to be embedded within the Malacca the Buddha was a lesser known engineer who will insert for color as an animal in the law homiletical to soluna nebby Yeah, you already know amanu sallu either he will send him with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik well under him optical silica Mohammed while he was ibH marine robots a lot in Nevada. Yeah, I'm wondering what you're signing up for. When

00:34:00 --> 00:34:07

you're ready to commit Allah come to the Quran Kuru Kuru. Come watch guru here's what are they called La Kabbalah Timisoara.

Depression is a serious matter which people tend to overlook and not take it the way it should be taken. If someone fears or actually has depression, how can one deal with it? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers these very questions in the most motivating manner.

The powerful and crisp lecture looks to creating public awareness about depression and actually recognizing it as a health menace that needs addressing. He delves deeper into what the Noble Qur’an has to say about anxiety, stress and depression, thus, enlightening us with the numerous beautiful ways to battle this problem.

Citing instances of depression from the lives of Prophet Yaqub AS and Prophet Musa AS, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi makes us gather insight on how Qadr is paramount in our lives and hence, we should not hold ourselves in guilt for what was predestined.

May Allah inspire us to obtain comfort and His infinite Mercy in doing so, Aameen.

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