Common Mistakes During Ramadan #18 – Not Brushing Teeth With Siwaak

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Welcome to a new episode of our series, common mistakes and donavon.

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Among the cons text that I've seen people doing during the month of Ramadan, they think that they

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should, or their mouth the smell of their mouth is not pleasant. Let's just put it that way. Why? Because they feel that they cannot brush their teeth or make them see walk. Why? Because it may be sallallahu Sallam said that, you know, the smell of the mouth of fasting person is more beloved to Allah than musk. That doesn't mean that this smell that comes in the mouth because of the dryness and the empty stomach is something pleasant Allah No, the Hadith is telling me telling you don't be disturbed by that smell. Don't let that's not the reason for you not to fast. You know, because this is something even if it's not the most pleasant thing for you to experience, it is still something I

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lost my dad I will honor and respect and love coming out of you because of the fasting not because of the smell itself. That's why let me rahimullah said in the old days, you're allowed to do the swag to see what is you know what I call it, the organic toothbrush, you know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to use the root of that rock It's a type of tree that is very soft and bring bring very pleasant smell. And if you search it, there's a lot of talk about how beneficial it is. In modern days, people did not good research about them. They even make a toothpaste out of them these days. But the point is, you're allowed to make the smock in Nabhi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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basically, said Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty Allah Amato Misaki in the coulis Allah wouldn't be hard for them, I would ask them to brush their teeth with that celiac before each and every Salah white smell good. And in evisa salam did not differentiate between Ravana other than Ramadan. in Ibiza Salam used to use Shahrukh all the time sellers have never reported the during Ramadan, not allowed or some said after law are not allowed but before the horrid Salah all these, you know

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no base for that actually, or no proof no evidence to support such claim you are allowed to brush your teeth, you're allowed to rent your mouth with mouthwash, you're allowed to use the sidewalk you know what is not allowed to basically chewing gum or you know, to consume something just to submit to change that the smell of your mouth or to do a spray in your mouth. And that's what may not be allowed. But to brush your teeth as long as you don't swallow the toothpaste which is I hope not you know it will be permissible for you to do so. Another thing also, people might not know that they leave

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rinsing the mouth and blowing their nose and they will not do or they when they do that they do it in a very little amount of water. No you're allowed to basically rinse your mouth to blow your nose put the water in and blow it out clean yourself or you know put water in your mouth and freshening up that's allowed during fasting what's not allowed them to be so solemn said that you're not allowed to

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verbally Philistine sharp in the antigonus line. Don't exaggerate in pulling the water all the way in your nose or earn basically your rent your mouth and you saw Garver because there is might be a possibility for the water to come inside your throat and that something you want to avoid. Even by the way if it happened by accident, you're fasting so good, but you should not do that because you don't want this accident to happen. But tracing itself blowing nose, taking a shower to freshen up to be smelling good during fasting all this are allowed as long as you protect yourself from consuming water. May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, or does Aquila hiren was Santa

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