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The importance of being a good person is emphasized in the prophets of the Lord, where individuals are given gifts to protect them from evil situations. Easter is a gift given to individuals by the prophets, and individuals may not always be aware of the gifts they receive. The concept of Easter is also discussed, with speakers highlighting the physical and spiritual aspects of the word " Archival" and mentioning a person named Pamela who will be handing the hand of Islam to someone named Pamela. The importance of honoring the Prophet Muhammad sallahu and the salarized name of the military is emphasized, along with a federal law that grants salarization for veterans. Viewers are encouraged to practice the royalty on their own.

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Santa Monica Monica with ally Wallach and Hamza del Salatu was Salam. ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allah who on the heels of the he was in the destiny medical theater. So Pamela we're in our final morning session. And we've been studying and hamdulillah three different

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morning reflections from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I thought I would end with

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obviously this will know what but the two that we would share. One is from the beginning of illimitable hottie and one is from the end of the very final hadith of a woman Biharis out so here,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's quoted in the other student, other hadith of Mr. Muslim.

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That he would say, in his mornings, will be kalimat

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excuse me, along with the becoming a book, or a law I asked protection from you from miserliness from being stingy, from being one who is a taker rather than a giver. When Ken said, no one who is unambitious, it's usually translated as lazy. But castle is not just simply that you're sluggish amazing is that you have no ambition in life, there's nothing that you have as a goal. Where are the bigger I mean, a collaborative region, I ask you all a lot to protect me from being overwhelmed by other people, meaning that I owe people money. We'll call her a Dane or to be put under the threat of debt. And these four out of the prophets I sell them they come in different ways in different

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kind of formulas. But all four are present in all of that. So hey, narrations, so I wanted to speak about

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first and boy

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about Healed person is one of the lowest estimations of a model.

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In our Deen, there was a teaching subject that was called Moodle a meaning shibori. So when you would go in you would study the deen you were asked to learn how to be a proper men. And the difference between being a man and a male is a huge difference in the world. And it's about your attitude, your way of life, how you see the world. And it was about how you were taught and brought up. I was mentioning on the bus to one of our brothers, that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has also narrated, and

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he says to us to raise our children, and to teach them how to swim. And they said, Oh, yeah, you know, it's teaching them how to swim. I said, but that's not what the prophet means. And I said, it's not about water, you have to look at it in the context of the Prophet lived in the desert, and there's no water around them. And the Prophet is saying to his Sahaba, prepare your children for the things that they will be uncomfortable with, for the things that are not common. don't prepare them for what is the usual. So he says, Yes, teach them how to ride a horse, and teach them how to defend themselves. But then he says, Why limosa Baja, teach them to swim, that even if you're in the middle

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of the desert, you need to have the capability and the tools to go past what is the conventional. And therefore the prophets, I seldom he would speak about a book, animal castle has been intertwined, speaks about these two things together. And that word of mouth when they speak of a wise a prophet speaking with someone without ambition, and someone who is stingy, miserly, because the two are very similar personality types. One is, I'm just going to accept whatever is happening to me in life, I'm not going to have any targets, I'm not going to have any plans, I'm not going to have any goals, I'm going to let others drive my success or lack of, and the other is what I'm not

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going to spend on it. I'm not going to invest myself in anything, I'm not going to invest myself in anyone, I'm only going to take what people give, I'm only going to be a taker, rather than a giver.

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And therefore, when someone sets their sights on those two things, where they become a person who has ambition, and that immediately makes them you know, that go getting personality, it means that they will have to rely on others and they learn very quickly. For that to happen and others to allow me to rely on them, they must be able to find reciprocation, and that I must be a support of others. And therefore that's part of the drama of the prophets I send them it's as if the Prophet is saying all along that people rely on my wealth that people rely on my energy let people rely on my judgment.

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My strength, let people rely on my knowledge, I don't want to be the healer that what I have is only for me and I'm the only one that benefits. I want everyone around me that I become a point source in their life for higher in their life. And therefore the opposite of book is encourage them to be a person who is generous, the prophets of the Lord, he was setting and people will come out of the desert, and they would like try to test him, you you say you're a prophet of Allah. So you name him I'll talk a lot if you're the Messenger of God will give me what God has given you. What is God giving you give me from what God has given you. And the prophets, I sell them held that man by the

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hand, and he walked him to his own home, and he opened the door. And he said, Take whatever you want. Anything in there belongs to you take whatever you want, for the Hello Roger. And the men entered and took everything,

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every single thing

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and walked out.

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And he's like waiting was what's the Prophet gonna say? So wisely. The Prophet smiled at me. And he said, If I had more, I would give you some of my holiness. The men went back to his tribe, and he said, s Li mu, enter into Islam, for a net Mohammed, Mohammed will give because he has a lord who made him feel that he doesn't need to feel poverty, he's not scared. No one gives like that unless they know that there's someone else who will provide someone else who will work in their life. And therefore the opposite of booklet is caught on and never will anybody be generous and giving upon others except a lot returns it.

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And fearful and fearful and fearful. The greatest but okay you will have in your life is not in what you hold. It is what you spend in the Hadith in Bukhari, Sharia law and

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she said that the Prophet was gifted, you know, someone had slaughtered a sheep or a goat, and they gifted it to the prophets. I said him it's in the times of hunger, everyone's hungry. So the prophets I send them ordered me to cut it up. And he would come and he would say, give me more of it and I would take some and give take some and give take some and he would give, give, give give. And then finally he says manda homina, what's left? And it's as if he was a bit disappointed she said, Let me have a cat for halal salon nothing's left except that shoulder PCM or messenger Allah. He said Kela Belka yet Kula in Latvia. Ha ha you're wrong. Everything remained except the shoulder

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piece you and I are going to eat because once you consume it, it stops with you doesn't go past you. So the prophets I sell them even in his day. And he is Edgewood, a nurse, the most generous of people he would say oh law protect me from ever having the thought of miserliness of holding on that I can't part with my wealth and higher and lower law protects me from lack of ambition, over law make this something that is a part of my disposition. lemania over the weekend Minute Book, will castle in one rewire minute book when jokin or Lord protect me in another narration from stinginess, miserliness and cowardice, and that was that they said this is another one of the words of the

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prophets. I said them would ask a lot to protect them for each and every morning, because cowardice is the thing that makes you miserly. And is the thing that makes you unambitious? Oh, no, no, I can't go with that. But if I if I invest my money, I'm gonna lose it. No, no, no, I can't I can't venture. It's not because I've thought it through. And I'm just going to hold on. I know I can't travel I can't I'm afraid of poverty, I'm afraid of what will happen Oh, no, I can't have another child if I have another child. So panela where are we going to meet? Where are we going to find our income? Where are we going to how are we going to raise our family, our homes to small our this our

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and therefore that calculating persona returns back to that very simple word which is cowardice. A person is afraid. They're afraid of being tested in life. And the moment a person is afraid of a test, that is the test that Allah Subhana Allah gives them in their life. When you look throughout the Quran, what did Pharaoh fear the most his kingdom is going to be taken loss what happens to him? Taking a loss, the profits I sell him Did he fear for a kingdom that he feared for his authority know how law law gives him more? The moment you're afraid and you say no, you try to prevent everything. Well, this is your test in life. That's going to be your test in life. musala your salon

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he's asked who has the most arches me? Allah says no, let me show you there's a guy named Heather is not even a prophet of Allah. And I've given him in some aspects of knowledge. What you don't know

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moves out humbles himself as a student and wanders the earth. The second

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is the very last handy observation body where he says and I mentioned it in passing previously, Kenny Matan two words that are choppy that aren't even nice and happy for attorney Elisa Habiba, Nila man, two words that are beloved by the ever Merciful light upon the tongue to be said, and that are heavy in the scales on the Day of Judgment. So Hannah law will be handy Subhana line are the sayings of Hannah law live will be handy. There's a narration inside a Muslim just that word. So Pamela handy, it's what you say in your sujood it's one of the things we seem to do. So either you say so Panama, Panama, Panama, or say some kind of law will be handed some kind of law behind it,

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some kind of law will be handed, it is the most perfect way of making the speech.

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What does the word sapan means it comes from the concept of limitlessness. And therefore, when you ask Arabic people about an ocean, or swimming, they say mesbah It's a place of swimming. It's not that it's a place of swimming, it's a place where I don't avoid what's under me. So think of it in the ocean, the Arabs are traveling over the sea, to Panama, I'd have to go into this limitless space. That's where the word for swimming saber comes from. So it links to the beginning of what I was saying to you earlier. The prophets I send them in saying, teach your children to be prepared for the limitless tests of life.

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The swimming in the fitness of the world to keep afloat where others drown in the dunya. Right, it has the spiritual and also the physical reality Salahuddin. So when you say Subhan, Allah, you're saying a law's completeness is in its limitlessness that is unable to be appreciated by anyone except himself. So when Allah

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Subhana Allah when you say Subhan Allah, it's not just glory is a law. It's a laws glory remains when everyone else is, is removed. A laws honor remains when everyone else is removed. If people don't pray, it doesn't take away from his honor and glory. If people pray, it doesn't increase his honor and his glory, he is complete and infinite in his supremacy in his beauty in his blessedness I you know, when you hold when you behold something beautiful, one of the first expression is a is a law. Wow, look at that. Why do you say some kind of law? Why is that a natural reaction for Muslims? Really, if you understand what the word Subhanallah means, what you're saying, and what people have

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handed down to you as a part of our culture, is you say Subhana Allah, look how beautiful that is. It's a shame that's going to be eventually ruin, but Allah will never come to ruin that mountain scape. One day will be destroyed, but a lot will never be destroyed. That beautiful baby boy subpanel is so beautiful.

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Then he becomes a teenager.

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There's always that change.

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That the beauty is for none but Allah subhanaw taala in its completeness. So Pamela will be handing the hand of Allah subhana wa tada that Ethernet and notic the Prophet would say, Oh Allah, I can I do not contain the words that can praise you enough. And to come up, I think you are the one who has praised yourself in a sufficient way. So I only say Oh Allah, what you've asked me to say Subhana Allah will be handy is one of the instructions given to the Prophet Mohammed, Salah Lysa. Now these are really my Muslim, the one who says to Pamela what behind the 100 times in their day, meaning begins it in their morning until their end of day their sins are forgiven, even if they covered the

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ocean will fit onto them. boohoo their sins are forgiven. Even if they were like any that things that could cover the surface of the ocean. It's limitless. And therefore Suppan and the ocean come together again, Allah telling you look at this ocean, whatever you have done in your life, I'm willing and able to accept it, accept you if you return to me some kind of home with some kind of law what behind the Subhana Allah, Allah Holly. He is the majestic in his supremacy subhana wa Tada. Third, and finally we end with the sada upon the profits of Obama, he returned them.

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The profits on the line while he was a lems solo art are a process of telopea It's a way of raising up you're a man of recovering from error of making mention of the profits.

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Letting your moments of joy and fear. I knew it's something that becomes a part of your life. And it's not something that has to be vocal. It's not something that people have to hear you say, but it's something we're in every part of your day in every cycle. It is something that is

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that does not leave your heart. And I want to leave you with this simple understanding of it. The Salah you just prayed is invalid if you didn't make this honor upon the Prophet Isaiah. Like you can stand here and read the whole whole and and make all your Roku and all your sujood but it won't be valid until you come to it ending and say Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out so late la Rahim Allah Allah Brahim long Roberta column and many more Allah Allah Mohammed Al Khaimah Baraka Ibrahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah me in Dhaka Hamid de Mogi.

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Even the prayer that doesn't have Roku and sujood. So lots of janaza Scott no prostrations, no bowing in it, you'd say all maybe it's a special prayer even that prayer. Once you've read the Fatiha after the second year, the Imam says Allahu Akbar again now you're standing, you have to say you're slow down upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Nestle and at that Villa Salatin lnav we have in the poems of Aveda, there is no sada without solder upon the profits of icing. So that is enough honor for you and I and mentioned to keep mention of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam metal awesome panel to Allah. Protect us with our love for the prophets

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I send them and protect us with our seeking near miss to law through reflecting upon the life and practicing the tradition of our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. colocado how there was a federal law the mighty welcome first a pharaoh in that one will afford Rahim on salinda whom our salimos Allah is even Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was said I want equal affirmative ly